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Sunday Selfie Hop


Time to show ourselves off a bit! Actually this week being the last Selfie before Christmas I’m going to post my Selfie photo from LAST Christmas.    It has one of my favorite toys in it – a big BACON toy with a Santa hat on it that rustles when I squeeze it – I really loved it last year and carried it all over the house with me for weeks after the holiday.    Funny how sometimes just one thing is all of a sudden THE BEST THING.     I have presents in my stocking hanging from the mantel and a few under the tree this year and I can’t WAIT to open them on Christmas morning!

If you’d like to join in the Selfie Blog Hop – just click the badge above and go to The Cat On My Head and link up with us.   

I imagine next Sunday everyone will be showing photos of themselves with their favorite toys Santa brought them.   I’ll probably do the same.    


Since I’m the King of Bacon I guess you know why I loved this toy so much when I got it last year!!!

And I did a puzzle from this photo last year – here it is:

Click here for the Christmas puzzle!   

Merry Christmas from me and Angel Sammy too!!   Love, Teddy


Sunday Selfie Hop


It’s time to HOP with The Cat On My Head.    Thanks to our hosts the Kitties Blue for hosting this fun chance to share a selfie of ourselves with the blogosphere.   If you’d like to join in, click the badge above and link up with us!

Mom helped me find a FLASHBACK Selfie this Sunday because she’s been so busy this week with all kinds of things that she didn’t have a chance to take a NEW photo of me.    So let’s see what we can come up with Mom – something from this same day in the years since I’ve been here!!!


Well this little gem was from September 30, 2017 – a few short months after I arrived at my FOREVER HOME.   I had beaten the poor red cube Angel Sammy left for me to SCRAPS and passed out from exhaustion more than likely.    That white blob is what is left of the white mouse Angel Sammy left for me – but I had torn into bits and Mom used an old cut up handkerchief of Dad’s to “repair” it as best she could.   YES we saved the rag mouse with a box of Angel Sammy things……and believe it or not, we even have the raggedy old red cube (Mom has it in her closet).

We have used this photo as a Selfie before too – because I found it in our files!   Here’s the jazzed up version:

And if you click this mini-me photo you will see the puzzle which MANY of you did back in 2017 – I bet you can beat your time!!!!!

I’m watching you!!!!!    Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


YAY FOR SUNDAY – the day we all get to post a photo of US being US in the form of a “Selfie”…………….are you ready?   If you are and want to join in the Hop, click the badge above and fill out the LINKY FORM and you’re IN!    A big thanks as always to The Cat On My Head for hosting this fun hop – we love seeing everyone in their “Sunday Best” !!

It’s FLASHBACK SELFIE for this ginger boy – I look back in our photo files to this same time in the past and post whatever I was doing at the time in the way of a “selfie”.     Let’s see what I can find for today…………………..

WHOA!    This gives me a headache it’s so very bright but I have to admit, I like the colors and shapes a lot…………………………it was one Mom took of me on March 10, 2018 – just two years ago.   This is liable to be a whopper of a puzzle though.    Maybe puzzlers like a REAL CHALLENGE once in a while?    Do you?   If so – GOOD LUCK!

Click this MINI-ME for the puzzle – when we did the puzzle in March 2018 it was 143 pieces and most people did it in under 40 minutes – I’ve made it 99 pieces this time around so I bet you have WAY BETTER TIMES!!!

Good Luck!   

Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Sunday!   The very last Sunday of the year 2019 too.    Mom did take some new photos of me this week but guess what – they were “on my back” photos when I was napping.   She seems to be fixated on those poses.   Looks like we’ll be flashing back for our selfie today.     If you’d like to join in the fun – go for it – just click on the badge above and link up to The Cat On My Head and you’ll be showing off like WE are!

I looked through the photo files for a photo of me taken as close to exactly a year or maybe two years before today.    Let’s see what I found shall we????

YAY!   This one was from December 31, 2017 – I was having my first New Year’s Eve with my Mom and Dad.   Adopted in February of 2017 and just look at me – made myself right at home huh?   I even did this card from me to everyone then so why change a good thing huh?    I wish you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR again for the year 2020!

If you would like a puzzle of this one – here you go!

click my little MINI-ME photo and you’ll get your puzzle!   I changed it from its’ originally done 168 pieces to 99 so it might be easier!   ENJOY

Party Hearty on NYEve but be careful !  Love Teddy


Sunday Selfie Hop


Hello and Happy Sunday!    Ready to Hop?    Good!    All we do is share selfies with each other on the Hop and you can join us by clicking the badge of our Hosts – Kitties Blue – and linking up!

I’ve been posting FLASHBACK Selfies for a long time now and I’m doing the same today.

So this is the Selfie I posted on May 19, 2018 – just one year ago – looks like I was well on my way to HUGE at that point doesn’t it?   I must have been “mid-bath” when Mom snapped this one!   I have no idea what she did to get this effect but chances are it was a LUNAPIC art effect of some kind!

As usual, we did a puzzle for you puzzlers – HAVE FUN and HAVE A HAPPY SUNDAY!



Hugs, Teddy