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Sunday Selfie Hop


Time to show ourselves off a bit! Actually this week being the last Selfie before Christmas I’m going to post my Selfie photo from LAST Christmas.    It has one of my favorite toys in it – a big BACON toy with a Santa hat on it that rustles when I squeeze it – I really loved it last year and carried it all over the house with me for weeks after the holiday.    Funny how sometimes just one thing is all of a sudden THE BEST THING.     I have presents in my stocking hanging from the mantel and a few under the tree this year and I can’t WAIT to open them on Christmas morning!

If you’d like to join in the Selfie Blog Hop – just click the badge above and go to The Cat On My Head and link up with us.   

I imagine next Sunday everyone will be showing photos of themselves with their favorite toys Santa brought them.   I’ll probably do the same.    


Since I’m the King of Bacon I guess you know why I loved this toy so much when I got it last year!!!

And I did a puzzle from this photo last year – here it is:

Click here for the Christmas puzzle!   

Merry Christmas from me and Angel Sammy too!!   Love, Teddy


Sunday Selfie


Happy Sunday!    The last Sunday before Christmas is here and we’re going to be hopping with everyone else to show off our Christmas Selfie.   Want to join in?  Click on the badge above and do it!    Our hosts, The Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head host this great hop every week.   Total FUN!

Before I show you my selfie for this Sunday I want to just say a little word about my friends The Kitties Blue.    Most particularly the youngest of the kitty crew, little Sawyer.    He needs lots of purrs and POTP because he has a seizure disorder AND had a whopper of a seizure this past week – had to stay in the emergency hospital overnight.   He’s now on three medications to try and keep his seizures under control.   See why I’m asking you all to keep him in your prayers?    He’s just a little guy and we hope no more seizures for him if we all just keep him in our prayers.

Now – onward to my selfie.    Mom seemed to think it was pretty cute that I was snoozing under the tree……………I happen to love it under there – it’s quiet and cozy and – well – nobody else but ME can possibly get under there so it’s private too!    Here I am:

My head on Dad’s train railroad track.   Snoozing away.   Mom did a little Lunapic magic to this photo though and then Christmasized it.    Here’s how THAT turned out:

Mom added Lunapic’s “SPACE” filter then Pizapped a Christmas frame around it and I think it looks dreamy – you can almost hear me snoozing away.

If you’re up for a puzzle, Mom made this for you!

Just click on this mini-me and have fun with the puzzle!!


Happy Christmas to All and to All a GOODNIGHT!

Love, Teddy

Here Comes Santa Paws…..


(sung to tune of “Oh What A Beautiful Morning”)

(((Sam clears throat)))

“Oh what a beautiful moooooooooorning,

Oh what a beautiful day…..

I’ve got a wonderful feeeeeeeling,

Santa is coming today!!!!”

Me in a Santa Hat......

Santa Claws? No, it’s ME silly!

Happy Christmas Eve Day everybody!   Well, even though it’s hours to go before he gets HERE to Virginia, I guess he’s already started stopping at some places on the globe to do his thing. 

Be warned boys and girls of all animal types, it’s too late to make a switch from “NAUGHTY” to “NICE” so whatever you were, you still are!  You’ll find out Christmas morning I suppose if you’re unsure WHICH list you were on.

Me?  I’m on the NICE list…….I may have been on the NAUGHTY list a few times in my many years but not now.  No doubt about it. 

I had fun over the weekend reading everybody’s Christmas blogs – talking about the true meaning of Christmas, family or friends who are coming to our houses to share in our holiday cheer, presents under the tree (or hidden in closets by our peeps who think we don’t know they are there….hahaha) and now here we are.  Christmas Eve Day. 

I’ve said it a bunch of times lately – and I’ve meant it every single time I’ve said it – but now that it’s really HERE, I want to say it again!!  Thanks for being my friends……..thanks for visiting me here every day………and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.  Remember no Tuesday Teaser on Christmas Day but we’ll see you again on Wednesday! 




Your Pal Sammy

Sam Red Christmas Bow

A temporary bow…..I’ll have some pix of me in Christmas garb when I see you here on my bloggy Wednesday!!

Happy Holiday Friday


Hi Peeps……………like a lot of you this year, we’re saving on postage by not mailing out Christmas cards to all of our bloggy buddies – we have so many friends – and I’m ever so grateful to know all of you.

Instead of a card in the mail, I’d like to give each of you a “virtual” Christmas card from me and my Mom and Dad………it’s absolutely from our hearts! 


I am so happy to have you all as friends……..so I’m wishing you and yours a COZY holiday…..full of good food and treats, and lots of love.

Big Holiday Hugs All Around!


Tuesday Teaser


Here we go again!    So many people asked me if I’d be skipping the Tuesday Teaser through the holidays – HUH?  No way!  What’s a week without a Teaser – right?

So here we go………this week’s consists of TWO photos (for the price of one….. 😀 😀 😀 ).  Actually they are quite different from each other but taken in the same place.  So take a look – bigify to see detail – gimme your best shot and tomorrow I’ll let you know who gets the prize:

Mystery Photo 94
Now, onward to other things………you may have seen that I got “Christmasized” by my good friends Mollie and Alfie – I love the way I look riding in the sleigh.  Next time Santa Paws has an opening for a sleigh-riding companion elf, I’m applying for the position!

Dashing thru the snow....in a one cat open sleigh....'ore the fields we go, meowing all the way!!!!

Dashing thru the snow….in a one cat open sleigh….’ore the fields we go, meowing all the way!!!!

Let me know your guesses for the Teaser – and no cheating you bad boys and girls – remember, SANTA IS WATCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holiday Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀