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Sunday Selfie Hop


It’s time to HOP with The Cat On My Head.    Thanks to our hosts the Kitties Blue for hosting this fun chance to share a selfie of ourselves with the blogosphere.   If you’d like to join in, click the badge above and link up with us!

Mom helped me find a FLASHBACK Selfie this Sunday because she’s been so busy this week with all kinds of things that she didn’t have a chance to take a NEW photo of me.    So let’s see what we can come up with Mom – something from this same day in the years since I’ve been here!!!


Well this little gem was from September 30, 2017 – a few short months after I arrived at my FOREVER HOME.   I had beaten the poor red cube Angel Sammy left for me to SCRAPS and passed out from exhaustion more than likely.    That white blob is what is left of the white mouse Angel Sammy left for me – but I had torn into bits and Mom used an old cut up handkerchief of Dad’s to “repair” it as best she could.   YES we saved the rag mouse with a box of Angel Sammy things……and believe it or not, we even have the raggedy old red cube (Mom has it in her closet).

We have used this photo as a Selfie before too – because I found it in our files!   Here’s the jazzed up version:

And if you click this mini-me photo you will see the puzzle which MANY of you did back in 2017 – I bet you can beat your time!!!!!

I’m watching you!!!!!    Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Sunday!   Time to Hop!    This is the Hop where we show ourselves off with a simple selfie.    If you’d like to join in – click the badge above and link up with the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head.

If my Mom hasn’t taken any recent photos of me (like this week) my usual selfie on Sunday is a FLASHBACK to this same timeframe since I came to live here in 2017.    Like I said, Mom didn’t nab any new photos so here we go back in time to see what I can come up with!!

This one was from July 23, 2017 so four months after I came to live here.   Obviously I was really getting well acquainted with that poor “tent” and a piece of ribbon.   Funny the things that can grab a kitten’s attention huh?????    


Now if you were hoping I’d do a puzzle for you this Sunday – guess what – I hadn’t done a puzzle of this one back in 2017 but I just did one and I wish you luck figuring it out!

Click on this MINI-ME and it will take you to the puzzle!!!  Good Luck!


Hugs and Happy Sunday,


Sundays Selfie Hopping


Hello friends…..it’s Sunday and time to HOP with Kitties Blue again.     We all get together on Sundays at “their” place and do selfies then visit each other to see how FINE we all look!    If you click their badge above you can go there, enter your link, and join in.

I’m continuing my series of FLASHBACK selfies this week………………….this was from exactly (or within a day or so) of LAST YEAR at this time – I really don’t look any different do I ??    Which reminds me – my Mom says she would absolutely LOVE to have been able to have a “baby” photo of me but when I was taken from wherever I was to the shelter and Mom and Dad saw me and adopted me I was already 11 months old.    Oh well.    I was YOUNG anyway!

This was my Sunday Selfie of January 14, 2018 which is the CLOSEST one we have to one year from today.  

My goodness – I do look stripey and fluffy don’t I????

If you’re REALLY a glutton for punishment, I did a jigsaw of this photo…………seems to me it might be a little bit challenging just because of the patterns but YOU are all smarties and I’m SURE it won’t take you ANY TIME AT ALL to do the puzzle if you wanna!    Just click the MINI ME below and it will take you to Jigsaw Planet ASAP!

We have snow!    I’m staying inside like the intelligent cat that I am…..and my Mom and Dad are thankful that I’ve not screeched at the front door to be let “OWWAAA”.    I know all about COZY!  

Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfie Hop


Here we are again on a Sunday joining in the Selfie fun at The Cat On My Head.    It’s easy too – just load up your selfie and add it to the collection at the Hop – you can get there by clicking the badge above and using the LINKY tool.

Mom “had her way with me” in a photo of me sitting on the landing between stairs……I was stopping long enough to let my Mom and Dad’s friends who were visiting last Sunday to snap a picture of me.    We aren’t sure WHY my left eye looks funny but it could have been the filter Mom used from Lunapic.   Rest assured my eye is FINE but believe me, Mom checked it out when she was the photo.   Moms are like that – they worry!

Here’s the BEFORE and AFTER……………and of course a jigsaw puzzle if you are so inclined!!!

(Photo by Mom’s friend Dianna from the blog THESE DAYS OF MINE)

Then Mom added her artsy stuff and THIS is how that turned out:

I look like a real TIGER don’t I ?????    And here’s the jigsaw I promised!

 Just click this “MINI ME” and good luck with the puzzle!!

Today we also celebrate Veterans Day……….a day of remembrance………….traditionally we particularly honor my Grandad – my Mom’s Dad – who was a career Air Force officer and went to the Rainbow Bridge many years ago.    My Mom has his old footlocker which he hauled around the world with him wherever he was stationed even before he married my Mom’s wife or had kids.   It’s full of mementos of his military life.     We absolutely thank him and all the other Veterans around the world for their service to their country.    Where would we be without their dedication?    Mom always answers that questions with “trust me – we don’t want to know the answer to that”……………….

Sending you hugs to the Rainbow Bridge Grandad……..from me and Momma

Happy Sunday  

Hugs, Teddy the Tiger