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Sunday Selfie Hop


Wow……the Sunday after Christmas and we’re all still FULL of Christmas dinner around here.    I think we’re in for a LAZY DAY.    Our hosts at The Cat On My Head will understand I’m sure that we simply didn’t drag the camera out in time to capture yours truly unwrapping (or eating) presents………we resorted to a Christmassy selfie but not one from yesterday!    In fact it’s from Christmas 2019……..     If you’d like to join in the selfie fun – click the badge above and find the link!!

How about this flashback?   Of course I’m having some fun with my bacon toy a dear friend sent to me (you know who you are) and have my eyes on LASER HIGH BEAMS – you probably even remember this one but I think anything involving bacon and ME deserves a replay.    I even made a puzzle of it JUST FOR YOU!

I hope your Christmas was wonderful – mine sure was!




Merry Christmas (With Bacon)


Merry Christmas from the royal kitchen

The aroma of bacon gets your nose to itchin’ !

The kiddies and their new toys can take a break

While Mom serves up breakfast with the bacon she’ll make

From my castle to yours we send our wishes

That Mom gets a break and the kids do the dishes !!



Friendly Fill-Ins on Friday


Friday means fill-in fun!   Our co-hosts give us four sentences with blanks in them that WE have to fill.    The fun of doing this is that when we read everyone’s sentences we find out more about them.    If you’d like to give it a try, click the badge above and look for the spot to link up.

Here are the sentences we have for THIS week – two from each co-host and this week Mom did 1, 2, and 3 and I did the LAST one, #4 !!    My words are in GREEN and hers are in Christmas RED!


1. Peace, happiness, and HEALTH are my Christmas wish for you.
2. I still need to thaw my turkey by Christmas.
3. ‘Twas the night before Christmas and we expect RAIN for Christmas – NO SNOW!.
4. If I were Santa, I would want someone to leave me a plate full of treats sprinkled with catnip on Christmas Eve.

See?  We’re in the Christmas spirit here for sure.    ESPECIALLY on Christmas Eve when the excitement of being a child magically fills hearts.    Mom says she always feels like a little girl at Christmas time – Dad is Mr. Cool and never gets excited (except maybe when he and Mom are headed to Maine for vacation….), and me – well – I get excited when someone says “OUT TEDDY ??”.     Even though we’re all different, we’re the same in one thing which is:


Christmas Hugs, Teddy

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Happy Thursday everyone and the chance we have –  thanks to our host Brian – to share what we are thankful for in this Hop.    Click his badge above to join in the Hop if you’d like to share YOUR thankfuls with everyone.     Brian gives us this venue to share and focus on the things that we are thankful for in our lives.   Speaking them out loud makes us become more aware of how lucky we are.    I’m EXTREMELY thankful that I live with my Mom and Dad in comfort and warmth with plenty of food to eat and warm spots to sleep and all the love I could possibly have from them.    Being adopted was the best thing that ever happened to me.    Mom and Dad tell me that even though Christmas time was sad for them as they said goodbye to Angel Sammy in December of 2016, they are now really able to think about him and all the joy he brought to them through almost 17 years rather than those last painful and sad months before he left.   That’s a GIFT.

Now – I’m also thankful today that Angel Sammy is actually still in our lives in one way which is sharing his poetry with us once a week – which he writes from the Bridge and sends to me to share with you on Thursdays!    Ready?


Happy Poetic Thursday Before Christmas!

That’s right – all of you by now are thinking about Santa Paws and how he will be visiting you soon – have you been naughty?  Have you been nice?   Well, let’s hope it’s the LATTER and not the FORMER!    We’re here today to share some poetry and it probably has a Christmas flavor to it because of the photo I gave you last week for this week’s poem.    Here’s the photo and my poem follows!

“A Christmas Lesson Learned”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©December 22, 2021

“Wasn’t I a very good girl this whole long year through?

Didn’t I write you a long list of things I wanted and sent it to you?

Yes I have a room full of toys and dolls and beautiful clothes

But my friends have things that I don’t have but deserve – heaven knows!

When I asked my Mom and Dad why Santa hadn’t read my letter

They sat me down and told me a story that made me feel much better.

They reminded me that I was a very lucky girl to have a wonderful life

When all around us many children live in poverty, pain and strife

They barely have enough to eat and they certainly don’t have toys

It made my heart ache ever so much for all those girls and boys

The empty box under the Christmas tree was put there for a reason

It was to remind me how so many have so little in this holiday season.

I felt so sad until I thought of a way that I might help a few

I had so many toys in my room – some older and some brand new

I told my parents I’d fill my empty box with toys, and more boxes I would find

So I could give the kids who had so little some fun at Christmastime.

We bundled up loads of toys and off to the shelter we went

It was the most wonderful Christmas Day that we had ever spent!

I know I’m just a little girl and am lucky for the life I’m living

But the REAL spirit of Christmas I learned was that LOVE is in the GIVING…”


That photo brought so many things to mind that it was difficult for me to choose just ONE theme for my poem this week.   I bet you felt the same.   I’m anxious to see your poetry so be sure and tell me in comments if you wrote one AND give us your link to it so we can read it !!     

AND – here’s your photo challenge for next week!!   

Not so sure these people chose a good spot for their home…….but let’s see what we can do poetically to express our feelings about this one shall we?????

Mostly I want to take a minute to thank all of you who either visit Poetry Thursday to read a poem here OR have tried your hand at poetry and actually participate yourself in writing.   It’s a wonderful way to share your feelings – impressions – thoughts – based on the photos you see.   We all FEEL things when we see a photo – poetry lets us express those feelings in a fun way.

Now – I want you all to know that all of us Angels at Rainbow Bridge wish all of you – our family and friends who we had to leave behind – a most wonderful and joyous holiday.    We are always with you – you may not always feel us there but we ARE there.    Watching over you forever until one day when we’re all together again.

I send you all a Christmas hug !

Love from ME to YOU (photo from Dec. 2016)



Gosh Angel Sammy……that was a smashing poem and sure made us all think about what a GIFT really is and what it can mean to someone else.    I will miss you at Christmas but I lie under the Christmas tree every night – – – just like you did – – – and dream about you.    Happy Christmas at the Bridge!

Hugs, Teddy



Tell All Class at Christmas


I see the ginger triplets are here this morning – Homer, Holly and Hobo.    Thanks for giving us some free Christmas cheer today gang!     WELCOME TO TELL ALL for CHRISTMAS everyone!

“Roger – no drinking in class!”

What a great Teaser we had yesterday.    It certainly DID give some of you “pause” before you guessed……………….you’ll see what we mean in a little while.   FIRST though, let’s talk about our FIRST COMMENTERS – we had FOUR of them.    YEP – FOUR!

Drumroll pleeeeeeze……..


All of you get a copy of this Christmas First Commenter badge of your VERY OWN:

I was one of FOUR (yes I said FOUR) FIRST COMMENTERS on the Christmas Teaser post of December 21, 2021 !!

Now we’ll give you the scoop on the Teaser photo from yesterday.    Here it is again:

This is the Christmas celebration in BETHLEHEM, ISRAEL (six miles from Jerusalem)

Bethlehem is not “part” of Jerusalem…..some people think it is but it isn’t.    This is quite a special place to celebrate Christmas though as you can plainly see in the photo!

There is ANOTHER Bethlehem located in Pennsylvania which is well known as a Christmas destination thanks to its’ name.    There are many Bethlehems but the PA one and the Israel one are the biggies.

SO who guessed this FIRST?    Let’s have a drum roll then we’ll tell you!

(WOW – a Double drumroll)


(obviously this crowd is from somewhere SOUTH!!)

And here is your badge Miss Ingrid:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Christmas Teaser post of December 21, 2021 !!!

If you guessed correctly but weren’t FIRST then you get one of these!

I guessed RIGHT on the Christmas Teaser of December 21, 2021 BUT I was not FIRST!!

Were you WRONG?  Well you still get a Christmas badge……………….one of these:

Phooey! I guessed WRONG on the Christmas Teaser of December 21, 2021.

That was a goodie!    What a FUN couple of Christmas celebrations we had this week right students?    Tuesday Teaser and Tell All at Christmas time are extra fun and festive – all of you in costumes help make that even more true!    Our CHEER TEAM has a Christmas greeting for all of you THEN they have a cheer for today.

Yesterday we went skiing
Today from all this snow we’re fleeing
It’s been so cold our lips turned blue
Which is certainly not a flattering hue!
FIRST COMMENTERs were Sharon, Ingrid, Charles and Frank
But there’s no prize money to take to the bank!
Miss Ingrid was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER
She’s smarter than either of our Professors.
We wish Merry Christmas to one and all
Enjoy your holiday and have a ball!

Thanks Girls……Hope Santa is good to you!

“My tummy is growling – can we eat now???”

Yes indeed we can.   Let’s head to the cafeteria and enjoy our last meal at school before Christmas shall we?????

“Move it!  Single file!  No shoving!”

Gosh it’s good to see good old Sarge patrolling the hallways…………..he usually works in the Detention Hall.    Good spot for him.

“Hello Students!  We hope you enjoy your Christmas meal today….!”


ENJOY!  See you all next week!

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy