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Teaser Tell All and More


Time to Get The Scoop!

Hello Students – I hope by now you have managed to gain at least five or six pounds from all the food and treats you got for the holidays AND you’ve picked out your favorite “NEW TOY” that Santa Paws brought to you – because if all of that is true – then you’re probably ready to SIT STILL in class today while we tell you who won what for Teaser this week!

Too much food here…..can’t keep my eyes open!

I think someone slipped some caffeine in my kibble!

First we’ll begin by telling you WHO was our FIRST COMMENTER……………..but wait – that FIRST COMMENTER was also our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!    That’s right – a double win!   How cool is that and what a good way to start of the PRE-NEW YEARS EVE celebrations.   Wanna know who it was??   Do ya?   OK!

I was FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of Dec. 26, 2017!

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of Dec. 26, 2017!

Miss Csilla – these are for YOU!   

It was an interesting Teaser day – we waited and waited and wondered if anyone was up early on the day after Christmas – or whether it would be a long time before someone commented – it was SEVERAL minutes indeed but Miss Csilla was here and then others woke up and arrived and before you knew it, the guesses were flying.    But Miss Csilla was FIRST!

It was NOT a Guest Teaser photo – Mom posted it – and we wondered if most would think it was European – some little snowy village………but in fact, it WAS taken in Vail, Colorado!    Some gorgeous place isn’t it???   Know what else?   SEVERAL of you knew it where it was……….here’s the photo again:

The other Teaser Guessers who guessed Vail, Colorado will get one of these:

I guessed RIGHT on the Christmas Teaser of Dec. 26, 2017!

And if you were WRONG with your guess but still gave it a try – this special Christmas Greenie is for you!

I was wrong with my Guess on the Christmas Teaser of Dec. 26, 2017 but at least I TRIED!

The Cheer Squad wants to honor the Double Winner with a cheer………………go girls go!

Miss Csilla you surely did it up right!
Seeing TWO badges for you is quite a grand sight!
You were fast on the draw and commented so fast!
Then you popped back with your guess – such a blast!
You new it was Vail in a resort oh so pretty
While we thought there would be guesses of some European city!
Congratulations to you from the cheer team at school
The Professors now know you’re not easy to fool!!
Rippy Tippy Too

Of course next week we’ll be starting a new year of Teasers……………Our BIG SURPRISE for you students of geography is that we will have class in a brand new school!    Miss Dingleberry and all the gang are going to still be with us there………..we will just have a “new look”.    Swell huh?

In addition to new surroundings, we will have – YET AGAIN – new badges.    New year – new badges.   The Graphics Department around here is exhausted because we’ve kept them designing and producing new badges on OVERTIME but we like to keep things new and interesting AND besides, new badges means you can add even more great BLING to your collection at home!    So make sure and keep on studying!

Studying?   What’s that? 

Well that’s why YOU are wearing the DUNCE CAP!    You obviously do not know what studying is!

We will see you next week Class…..we hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy


This is Pam, the Professor’s Mom – I wanted to share something with you all – some of you who are Cat Scouts saw this on the Scouts site before Christmas but others probably haven’t and it’s just so special to ME I wanted to show it to you.    Sammy was a Cat Scouts for several years and was the Troop Leader of the WILDCATS Troop – he (and I !) had a great time being involved with Scouts and when he became an Angel on Dec. 2, 2016 it was a sad time at Scouts AND for us as well.    He still visits Cat Scouts – as an Angel Scout – but when we went by Scouts on Christmas Day, we saw his picture on the front page along with an invitation to follow a link to see him telling a Christmas story – it led to a You Tube creation that the “Denmaster” of Cat Scouts (who runs the site and is the leader) Karen Nichols, had done in Sammy’s honor.    It is grand…….it’s fun……’s sweet…….but it made me cry as I “heard” my boy Sammy talking and telling a hilarious story.    It’s fun to see………I’m providing the link here if you’d like to hear and see it too.    My thanks to all Cat Scouts Moms who have sent me a note to tell me they loved it.   I wish I could take credit for it but the credit is Denmaster’s – her idea – and a TOTAL surprise to us!     Please enjoy………..and Merry Christmas Week!


Love, Pam


Teaser Tuesday Day After Christmas Style!


Where is everyone?  Oh yeah – they are probably COMMENTING!!!!!   

Don’t forget to comment because you might be first and win this!

We’ll announce winners tomorrow!!

Hello Class!   I hope all of you had an AMAZING Christmas and that Santa was very good to you just as you have been so very GOOD to everyone around you all year long right?   RIGHT?  Speak up a little!!!


OK – that was plenty loud.   I hear that………..I think the entire schoolhouse heard that.   Anyway, where was I  – oh yes – Teddy and I hope you had a wonderful holiday with family, friends and FOOD.

For today remember that you must include all the pertinent information in your guess in order to win a badge………you must tell me what town/village/city AND what country (if not in the USA) or what state (if in the USA) the photo was taken OK.   As always we ask that you not use some kind of computer program to load the photo in and let it answer the question of where it is – heck that’s no fun – it’s more fun if you LOOK and FIGURE IT OUT!    OK

Now remember I have some SPECIAL CHRISTMAS badges up for grabs today and let me show you what a grand job our Graphics Department at Ding Dong School has done.   If you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER today here’s the one you win:

And if you are RIGHT with your guess but not FIRST to be right you get this one:

And for those of you who are NOT right with your guess – you get a special Christmas Greenie!

So get to studying as soon as we pop the photo on the blackboard and you just might win a little BLING for your collection of Teaser BLING!

How about we bring in our little Cheerleading Team for a bit of Christmas cheer???

We hope Santa brought you lots of stuff!
If not, let us know cuz we can get pretty rough!
We’ll hop on a sleigh and visit the Pole
We’ll have a little talk with him and heads will roll!
Now get to work and figure out the Teaser
Cuz Binky says if you’re right she might let you squeeze her!

Good job ladies!   Excellent!   Glad to see the Christmas spirit is lasting into the DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS too!

OK Mr. Security Guard – bring us the challenge of the week would you please???

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

OK class – give it your best shot and tomorrow we will let you know how you did and WHO wins what!

I foresee SOMEONE getting this one RIGHT !!

No kidding!   I’m sure SOMEONE will……….maybe several someones.


Miss Dingleberry and her cafeteria staff has some snacks for you today……….not Christmas stuff because it’s “Christmas Plus One” and we figure you’re all turkey’d out by now so she just has some light eats for us all.

Roast beef, ham!

Chicken salad, tuna salad, shrimp salad!


Hot chocolate bar

Enjoy your food then go outside and freeze your “WHATSIS” off while you play on the playground equipment………………..then tomorrow we’ll hand out the AWARDS for your hard work and effort at the Teaser today!!

Thanks Professors and Miss D !  See you tomorrow……

Merry Christmas PLUS ONE from the Professors……..!


Christmas Day Pre-Teaser!


Merry Christmas From All The Ding Dongs at Ding Dong School!

Merry Christmas and SIT DOWN !

The Professors are Ready to Start Class!

Yes everyone we are ready but we first want to say that we hope Santa Paws was very good to all you good boys and girls and brought you everything you wanted for Christmas.   All you BAD boys and girls – I hope you have a real fireplace in your house because all that coal will come in handy this winter!

We are here BRIEFLY (after all who wants to read a blog on Christmas morning right?) to remind you tomorrow we WILL have a Teaser for you and we WILL have special Christmas badges for you to win even though it will be the DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS!

Rules for Teaser?   You know ’em but there may be some new students who need a refresher course!

  1. You have to include both the city/village/town name AND the State (if in USA) or Country (if not in the USA) where the photo was taken that you will see here tomorrow!
  2. Please don’t use a computer program or Google Image Search to figure out where the photo was taken – just do your best guess without help!    We know you’re all smart as can be and can do it without that kind of help right?  Right!

I promised you a SHORT class today and I mean it BUT I do want the Cheerleading Team to give you a little Christmas CHEER (literally)!

We three cuties of Teaserdom are….
Traveling to school from near and far
Just to cheer and bend your ear
We traveled by sleigh and not car…….
Have fun at home and eat lots of good food
If we said BAH HUMBUG that would be really rude!
So we’ll just say that we love you and that would be true.
Whether you’ve been GOOD or BAD we care about YOU!!!


Well done girls!   We all wish you a Merry Christmas too…………now go home and enjoy the rest of your day but be sure and be BACK tomorrow to cheer for the TEASER OK?

The Cafeteria Crew is off today – but I have a LITTLE snack anyway!

Christmas Cocoa

AND Christmas Donuts!

Tune in Tomorrow for Teaser (at a surprise time remember!)

Hugs, Professors Sammy and Teddy!!



Christmas Eve Selfie


Happy Christmas Eve!

Time for a Christmas Eve Selfie with The Cat On My Head on their wonderful selfie blog hop which they do EVERY Sunday.    Have you joined up yet?  You should……….just click their badge, go there and enter your blog link – then we can Hop over to see your magnificent selfie along with all the others.

My selfie today is another Lunapic creation – Mom made it snowy looking AND added a snow border so I’m stuck in an ice cube!   Well, not really but I do look like I might be a bit cold!

We are all ready for Santa Paws to come tonight…………..I know I’m on his NICE list – I’ve been ever so good since I came to live here last February so I am sure that Santa will bring me some fun things.   I know I’ll never forget my very first Christmas here………..and I hope that yours is special too.    Thank you for being our friend and following our fun as we travel through life together – just me and my Mom and Dad and the memory of a very sweet Angel – Sammy.

Here’s the BEFORE and AFTER shots of yours truly that Mom and I did for today’s Christmas Eve Selfie…….

Merry Christmas Eve Dear Friends

From All Of Us To All Of You….with love


Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Yes – we are Thankful!   

First of all thanks to Brian for being our host every single week…………everyone seems to have a lot to share so it’s a great Blog Hop and gives us a chance to say how thankful we are OUT LOUD.   My Mom and Dad were talking about how thankful they are to have ME here this Christmas since last Christmas they were so very sad because Angel Sammy had just gone to the Bridge on December 2 last year.   This year they have ME and I am keeping them ship shape around here.    I play a whole lot with my Mom – she’s the best toy I have (hahaha).

I’m also thankful that we are starting a new and FUN Photo Challenge every week on Thursday with Angel Sammy.    Last week he gave everyone a photo to write a poem about and today we’ll see what you all were able to do with the photo which was rather unusual!    Many of you knew what kind of clouds are in the photo – they are MAMMATUS clouds!    Angel Sammy just thought they might spur everyone’s imagination and perhaps even some of you who haven’t written a poem before MIGHT write one about this unusual sky.

I received Angel Sammy’s poem bright and early this morning so apparently the wi-fi connection at the Bridge is still in fine shape even though this is a busy time of the year not just for US but for Angels too!   Here’s what he sent to us……………..


Greetings from the Bridge my friends!

I am hoping that all of you who have been such loyal poets throughout our several trips through the alphabet on Thursdays will stick with me on this NEWEST challenge – it may be harder or maybe you will find it easier – but it WILL be fun.    Someone asked me if you could use ANY photo if you couldn’t come up with a poem about the one I give you each week.    I’m hoping that you will use MY photo……………..if we find that people just are at a loss as to what to write, we’ll change the rules but let’s all give this a try first shall we???    The deal is to study the photo I give you and come up with a poem about what feelings you get from looking at the photo, or what it LOOKS like, or makes you think about, etc.    I’ll try and give you interesting photos I promise.   Remember that poems can be short or long, can rhyme or not rhyme – the fun part is just letting your imagination FREE……………

“Santa’s Beard”

By Angel Sammy Kimmell, Dec. 14, 2017

What I see is Santa’s beard

Maybe you think that’s just plain weird

His beard is just like that – or so I’ve been told

It’s white, soft,  and long because Santa is old!

His beard is fluffy and soft and oh so clear

I bet he visits at night to watch us – to listen and hear……

How else could he know if we’re naughty or nice?

He needs to know for sure so he checks his list twice!

I’m sure that this photo was not meant to be viewed

If his elves who do the list knew, there’ be quite a feud!

If one night you are simply unable to sleep

Out into your yard in your robe you should creep

If it’s just before Christmas and you look up in the sky

You might see his beard as he leans down to spy!

Run back to your bed, and close your eyes real tight

So he will for sure know you’re GOOD and he’ll come Christmas night!



HAHA – that was fun.    Now it’s YOUR turn……………..if you wrote a poem about the photo, please tell us you did in our comments – you can give us your blog link to your poem OR even write your poem in the comments.   We hope you had fun with this because I sure did.    

Are you ready for NEXT Thursday’s inspirational photo????    This is the photo we will write a poem about NEXT Thursday………..I hope you will join me again……….poetry is FUN!

Now that ought to spur your imagination!!!    I will look forward to seeing you all NEXT week – the Thursday before Christmas……………….and speaking of Christmas, here’s a Christmas card from me at the Bridge to all of you!   


Love to all of you, Angel Sammy

‘Tis I ! Angel Sammy, zeeee French poet!!!


So we will both see you next week – give poetry a try – I know it would make Angel Sammy very proud of you if you do!

Hugs, Teddy

Sunday Selfies


Time To Hop!

It’s Sunday and time for The Cat On My Head’s pawsome “Parade of Selfies” blog hop.   Wanna have fun showing yourself off with us?   Just click on their badge above and fill out the EASY LINKY form and you’re strutting your stuff like the rest of us!

This week Mom used Lunapic again and the “REDS” Art Effect and man oh man am I popping on this one or WHAT?!    Not exactly Christmassy but you have to admit – I look like a TIGER with my stripes huh?   I’m showing you the “original” photo too – I was helping Mom change the sheets this week……well, I was sort of just guarding the mattress while she laundered the mattress pad and sheets but that’s the general idea.

This was Mom’s original photo


You should join in on the Selfie Hop – sure is an easy way to visit all your buddies on Sundays!    We thank The Cat On My Head for being our hosts every week – there is quite a long list of “Hoppers” but there’s always room for MORE MORE MORE so join us??

Guess what ELSE??   We got SNOW yesterday for the first time this season – YES – maybe not a HUGE amount but perhaps 3-4 inches – Mom took these early on in the snow but we got more after this…………we think it looks pretty when it just “sits on the limbs” of the trees………..

My thanks again to Marvelous’s talented Mom Miss Barb for my holiday graphic!

Sunday Hugs, Teddy

Friendly Fill-Ins


Fill-In Funzies!

It’s that day of the week for the HOP we love so much – and it’s co-hosted by our friends 15andMeowing and McGuffy’s Reader.    In fact, if you feel like hopping aboard this Blog Hop, just click McGuffy’s badge above then sign up on the LINKY form!   Easy – go for it and share your thoughts with the rest of us Hoppers.   Every week both of those blogs give us a list of four (two from each) sentences with blanks – and we have to fill in the blanks……this week’s four sentences are below – AND, I let my Mom fill them in this week!   Her fill-ins are in CHRISTMAS RED!


1. The best part of last week was finally starting my Christmas shopping – I’m later than usual this year for some reason!

2. The worst part of last week was not finding all the stuff I wanted to get for gifts on my first time “out” – that means more shopping next week……

3. Closet cleaning and kitchen cabinet clearing out is a Winter project that I will be working on.

4. A holiday gift that I always buy for someone is Christmas socks – that’s right – it’s just a personal tradition to give socks to SOMEONE on my Christmas list!
YAY!   Thanks Mom – I couldn’t figure out how to answer ANY of those questions – this is my very FIRST Christmas so I guess I’m having to learn about family traditions and stuff so I’m afraid I’m not good with Christmas questions.  All I know is that I’ve been very GOOD so no doubt I’m on Santa’s NICE list.
Actually I already got an early present from Santa – he dropped it off yesterday and asked Mom and Dad if they wouldn’t mind being his “Virginia Elves” and putting it together because they were SO busy at the North Pole right now.   Mom and Dad said “of course” and they thought it might take several days to put it together but it didn’t – it took an hour!    So I got to have it EARLY (Santa told them I could have it early if they finished it early).    Here it is:
Pawsome huh?    Well, know what?   So far I haven’t gone near it.   I want some time to get used to it being in my basement.   I’m a BIG BOY too and I’m not sure I’ll really FIT on that thing.   It’s six feet tall and the “condos” are nice sized – that big one I can definitely fit in and the perches I can put my buns on and stare out the windows but so far, even with the temptation of following the Red Dot, or snarfing up some treats on one of the platforms – I’m keeping my distance.    Mom and Dad have said that I just have to get used to SEEING it there before I’ll use it.    I’m not so sure…………I kinda like the hanging mouses and the rope……..guess I’ll just have to be brave and give it a whirl!     I don’t want Santa Paws to be disappointed in me since he brought it to me.
Have you done your “WISH LIST” for Santa?   Time’s almost up – you all better do a list – and make sure you stay on the NICE LIST too unless you want to get a bag of coal (Mom told me that’s what BAD kitties get but that’s silly…….coal????????).
See you tomorrow for BAKIN’ WITH BACON (Christmas Version)……………woo hoo!!

Christmas Sunday Selfie Blog Hop


Merry Christmas!

We’re joining The Cat On My Head’s awesome Christmas morning blog hop today………………we hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday………….wherever you may be and whatever you are celebrating be it Christmas, Chanukkah or any other holiday.    The important thing is LOVE.


Visit The Cat On My Head by clicking the badge – you can join the Hop with their Linky tool or just visit everyone this wonderful holiday morning!

Loads of Love,

Angel Sammy

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Tuesday Teaser


Good Morning Class!

Today is our “Christmas Teaser” Geography test so I do hope you have your magnifying glasses, maps, brochures, globes, computers, IPhones and whatever else you’ve got available to help you figure this out because (drum roll please) I have SPECIAL CHRISTMAS BADGES for you this week!


YES, it’s true – we have badges for tomorrow’s Teaser just for this particular Teaser then it’s back to the “regular” ones.   SO, I think we should get on with the show right?????



Let’s go ahead and start this off with a bang (or a whimper or a scream or something like that) with our little pal, SuzieQ!!

Jingle Bells Garbage smells Santa better be good Like he knows he should Bring me some stuff Don't make me get rough You'd better make me happy Santa make it snappy! I worked hard all year Now Christmas is here Don't disappoint Or I'll visit that North Pole joint I'll tell Mrs. Claus That you've got grabby paws!!

Jingle Bells
Garbage smells
Santa better be good
Like he knows he should
Bring me some stuff
Don’t make me get rough
You’d better make me happy
Santa make it snappy!
I worked hard all year
Now Christmas is here
Don’t disappoint
Or I’ll visit that North Pole joint
I’ll tell Mrs. Claus
That you’ve got grabby paws!!

Only our Suzie would dare threaten Santa!    Good luck Suzie!

Now let me remind you that in order to WIN today you must tell me what TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE the Teaser photo was taken in AND what State (if USA) or Country the photo was taken in……… it?  Town and Country or State OR you won’t win!  

Here are the NEW badges you will win if you are lucky enough to be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, A RIGHT GUESSER WHO ISN’T FIRST, OR EVEN IF YOU LOSE OR GUESS INCORRECTLY!







Let’s bring in Mr. Silver Briefcase with today’s TEASER PHOTO CHALLENGE!

MERRY CHRISTMAS PROFESSOR and I hope all your students have a good Christmas too.  I'm hoping for a locksmith to get this danged briefcase off my arm so I can eat my turkey dinner peacefully!

MERRY CHRISTMAS PROFESSOR and I hope all your students have a good Christmas too. I’m hoping for a locksmith to get this danged briefcase off my arm so I can eat my turkey dinner peacefully!


WHERE WAS THIS TAKEN??????????????????????

Tomorrow we’ll have our TELL ALL and award prizes – will you be winning something or will there be TEARS in your house??????  

See you then!


Dory’s 25 Days of Christmas Hop!




We’re having fun with Dory’s celebration of the month of December with everyone sharing how they celebrate Christmas!   TODAY is my day – December 18th – and while I’m no longer HERE to celebrate Christmas with my Mom and Dad now that I’ve gone to the Rainbow Bridge, they are carrying on all the traditions we had as a family for my 17 years with them!

Christmas morning......

Always have our tree set up in the library!

Always have Dad's train going round and round and I always snoopervise it!

Always have Dad’s train going round and round and I always snoopervise it!

Sam Under Christmas Tree

Always I’m in the middle of EVERYTHING!

Always trying out the boxes!

Always trying out the boxes!

Always hang our cards around the doorway.

Always hang our cards around the doorway.

So even though I’m now over the Rainbow Bridge and won’t be keeping Mom and Dad company in purrrrson this year, I will BE there…….watching……and giving them special Angel Love because they really do miss me like crazy.    Some traditions just MUST go on and I highly approve of that!!!!

Thank you Dory for having this fabulous whole month full of Christmas fun and sharing…………………we are so glad to be a part of it and wish EVERYONE:



Love, Angel Sammy

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