Teaser Tuesday Christmas Edition



Priorities you know – first comment then celebrate Christmas Eve Day.     Let’s make sure all is well outside our classroom and on the school grounds first though with our fabulous and festive Security Team Miss Clowie and her Minions!

“All is secure Professors – You can start class now!”

Excellent.    A big thanks to our Security Team for making sure we can have our class in peace and quiet (well – peace anyway).

You all look so festive today!     I see several of you have worn Christmas costumes for the occasion – Stand up and take a bow!

Trouble you look ready to have visions of sugarplums tonight!

Cupcake you look adorable as always – Santa will leave you lots of goodies!

Noelle you look pretty as a Christmas picture!

Raz are you looking up to see if Santa and his sled are flying around??

SammyP you make a terrific toy soldier to guard Santa’s toy sack!

And I see Pipo, Dalton and Benji are here together from home and you’re all gussied up for the holidays too!!!

And I also see those of you who arrived LAST week for PRE-CHRISTMAS class and are wearing your costumes again……………………you all look AMAZING and ready to impress Santa Paws when he visits us all tonight!

Now I know you’re all anxious to see the Teaser photo for today – let me show you the rules AND the SPECIAL BADGES up for grabs today !!!

Good luck snagging one of these babies – of course next week we’ll probably have some NEW YEARS special badges – we like to keep you WANTING to win!!!

So are you ready for the Teaser photo today?????

Since we gave our Security Guard ANOTHER day off -I’m gonna show you the TEASER photo for today!

Here it is – in all it’s Christmas glory – where was this photo taken?   Tomorrow in Tell All Class we will let you know who wins special badges!     Let’s get the cheer team in to do their Christmas CHEER!

HO HO HO and Happy Christmas
We’re right here with you so you don’t have to miss us
We think this photo is mighty cool
When you do your guessing remember the rules!
Tomorrow we’ll see who’s wrong and who’s right
But no matter what SANTA IS COMING TONIGHT!!!!!

That’s right girls – Santa will be sliding down chimneys all over the world tonight…………..if if you don’t have a chimney, his MAGIC will get him in to leave presents under your tree and hopefully something other than coal in your stocking!

Well I’ve been good except for that minor incident when I climbed the tree!

Yes Barney we know you just HAD to get up in that tree to check the lights right?  I’m sure Santa knows that wasn’t being NAUGHTY – it was being HELPFUL!

Now who’s up for Christmas Eve Lunch?     Tomorrow at Tell All we’ll try to make it a short class to announce the winners………………then because we’re giving Miss Dingleberry and her staff the day off, you will all be able to hop on the bus and get home in time for lunch with your family !!!!

The cafeteria staff and I wish you all a Merry Christmas!   We won’t be here tomorrow so EAT UP today and enjoy Christmas Lunch with your families tomorrow after the Tell All.    HO HO HO!

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See you tomorrow students!   GOOD LUCK WITH THE TEASER!!!!

Happy Christmas Eve!    Your Professors

Christmas Selfie Hop


Ho Ho Ho…….it’s The Cat On My Head’s Pre-Christmas Selfie Sunday!

That’s right – time to HOP on board The Cat on My Head’s blog hop by clicking on the above badge and linking up.    It’s the last Selfie Sunday before Christmas so of course I HAD to ham it up a bit for my selfie today.    Actually I was lucky enough to have Mom think I’d been SO GOOD this Christmas so far that I could have JUST ONE of my presents to open.     This one is from a dear friend and it’s a big bacon crinkly kick toy and I ADORE IT.    I especially like the feathers on one end but that’s another story.    Anyway, Mom took a photo of me having fun with it and thought she could “Christmasize” the photo for today’s Hop.

Here it is……………….and we also made a puzzle out of it which you’ll see after the BIG photo.

Yes I have my lasers on…………who wouldn’t have lasers on when they’re having a fabulous time with a brand new toy right?     Thanks to our buddies at The Cat On My Head for carrying on with this fun Hop every Sunday for ages and ages.   We never tire of seeing our friends in the Hop on Sundays.   It’s a tradition and one we hope will be around for years to come!!

Here’s the puzzle if you’re so inclined:

Just Click the MINI-ME photo and have fun with the puzzle!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from me and my family to you and yours!

Love, Teddy

Bakin’ With Bacon And A Guest!


Greetings Bacon Fans!   My Guest Chef Pal Raz is back and he brought us a FABULOUS Holiday Recipe!

I asked Chef Raz if he would help me with this one – it’s a bit of a project but oh boy will this ever decorate the Holiday table nicely………………..and we thank him for sending the recipe to me since he knows how much I love making ANYTHING with bacon!

What is the treat of the day for your holiday enjoyment?????   Check this out!

A Bacon Christmas Tree!


3 pounds of bacon..thin sliced

1-2 cups of Vanilla OR Maple frosting a.k.a glue and garnish.  You can also go in a savory direction and use Cream Cheese as the glue, with all kinds of other edible decorations! 🙂

..add any edible treats for decorating that you like..(you can put M&Ms as Christmas balls?!)

A mini muffin tin to cook up the bacon balls.


Cut the raw bacon strips equally in half, and place each slice into the muffin tin in a ball shape.

Bake them at 350 for approx. 20 minutes, or until the bacon balls are crispy, and golden.

Remove them from the pan and let them cool.

Form your base with a circle of bacon balls, and start building up, using a dab of frosting for the “glue” that will hold each layer together.

Decorate the tree however you’d like!

Let it dry for about a hour before serving.

Then place that glorious tree on the table and let everyone chop it down!


Like we said, you can stick candy stars on or cover it with colored sprinkles – or whatever strikes your fancy or of course it looks perfectly elegant plain!!     One thing is for sure – It’s delicious.  How can it miss with all that bacon????    What a centerpiece it would make but you could also attack it and eat chunks of it with your scrambled eggs and toast.    HAHAHA

Raz – this was a fabulous idea and I sure do appreciate you not only sending in the recipe but joining me in the castle kitchen for this PRE-CHRISTMAS recipe fun.    Do you think your Mom will make one of these for you and your sisters Allie and Noelle?    I have a feeling my Mom is going to be too busy making OTHER STUFF but I sure am going to put a buzz in her ear – after all – what better gift to give THE KING OF BACON than to whip one of these trees up for him for Christmas!!

To all my “Bakin’ With Bacon And The King” post fans – HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Christmas hugs from me and my guest Raz from Friends Furever!

Fill-Ins on Friday


Happy Friday!    Here we are with our “fill-in-the-blanks” fun which is a co-hosted blog hop courtesy of 15andmeowing and Four-Legged Furballs.    We get four sentences and all we have to do is fill in the blanks.   Fun AND we find out new stuff about each other!    Today’s Hop is of course all about Christmas so let’s get to filling in Mom!     Mom and I usually “share” filling in duties.   Oh by the way if you want to Hop with us?   Just click the badge above and it will take you where you can link up.

Here are today’s four sentences – two from each of our hosts – my Mom’s words are in GREEN and mine are in RED:

1. My holiday plans include spending as much time as possible lying under the tree – I know it will disappear by new year!.

2. I can’t wait to see Teddy (shhhh…I got him a SWEATER!) open  his/her gift from me.

3. All I want for Christmas is to watch Mom and Dad open their gifts – I will collect the tissue paper!.
4. Having friends over and enjoying their company is the best way to spread holiday cheer.

We will be having friends here on Christmas Day and I really like being around them a lot so it will be fun to have them here.   We are going to have a fire in the fireplace, Christmas music and movies, and Mom is making a Honeybaked ham and trimmings.    It will be a warm and happy day……….and I will be spending my THIRD Christmas in my FOREVER HOME which is gift enough for me!!!
Since this is the last Fill-In before Christmas, I want to say MEOWY CHRISTMAS to all of you and I hope your holiday is full of happy moments, lots of love and of course GREAT PRESENTS AND TREATS!!!

Love, Teddy

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Happy Thankful and Poetic Thursday!    First up is always thankfuls – after all, we should be thankful every day of the week but when Thursday rolls around we SHARE thankfuls.  This is a great hop hosted by our friend Brian at his blog – and if you want to join us just click his badge above and link up.   Today I am thankful that our stupid internet came back on JUST IN TIME for me to be at Cat Scouts for a class!   Sounds silly I know but I don’t like to miss classes when we have them.   I’m a good Cat Scout!    I’m also thankful that we’ve had snow in our forecast two times the past week and only got a TEENY bit which melted almost immediately – now that’s something to be thankful for!

I’m also thankful that Angel Sammy’s poem arrived in time for me to share it with you as we usually do on Thursdays.


Greetings poets!   I got out from behind my poetic podium to dress up for the holiday!

Let’s share some poetry shall we?    We get together once a week and share a poem that we’ve had a whole week to write – based on a photo I give you to use as inspiration for your poem.   You all are wonderful poets – the poems you come up with are great and if you’ve never tried writing one before – TRY.   We have such fun sharing our poems here and it’s even more fun when you write a poem from a photo.    At least I think so!    Here’s the photo I gave you LAST week to use for your poem.  I thought this photo was PERFECT for this time of year.   Millions of people are carrying millions of bags/boxes/containers of gifts around this time of year – Christmas is a week from today so this photo seemed like GOOD inspiration for this week’s poem.   Here’s mine:

“Can We Go Home Now?”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©December 18, 2019

Hours and hours on my feet

Mall benches full so I can’t have a seat

Lines long at restaurants so I can’t even eat!

A motorized cart would sure be a treat…..

The bakery is full of people or I’d get something sweet.

I guess I’ll give my Uber driver an email and a tweet

Then go home and rest because I am well and truly BEAT!


HAHA……a shorty poem but different and I imagine I’m channeling a whole lot of people’s feelings and thoughts about now.   The stores are packed with people doing what people do this time of year.   My Mom was not one of them – she did everything online.   My Dad sadly went to shops in our town and stood in many a line and made many a complaint when he came home.    He was my inspiration this week!!!    

Here’s the poem I found for us for next week.    I imagine everyone will be recovering from Christmas dinner and fun by this time next Thursday…………I know that’s what my Mom, Dad, and Teddy will be doing.   

Seems like a good post-Christmas, pre-New Year photo to me.    See what you can do with it as your inspiration for a poem to share with us next Thursday!   Meanwhile, if you wrote a poem for today based on the poor guy with 1000 bags photo from last week, let us know your link so we can read it!!   We want to see what you thought about when you saw the photo.    I hope you will be here next week even if you don’t write a poem – just to say hi…………………

Until we meet here again – Merry Christmas my friends……..from the Rainbow Bridge!   

Love, Angel Sammy


Thank you Angel Sammy – I wish you could be here with me for Christmas…….we’d have a time!    Mom says you loved being under the Christmas tree – so do I.    We could snuggle and have naps together there…………….if only you were here.

Hugs, Teddy