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Teaser Tell All for New Years


Well Clowie and Company say we’re GOOD TO GO so let’s GO!

Today is the last Teaser Tell All of the year…………………we plan on keeping Teaser going into the new year and we hope you plan on playing along with us.    In the meantime – let’s talk about YESTERDAY shall we??????

“Yes – let’s talk about it – then party!!”

Well we’re not going to have a big party today students – that’s for you to have at home on New Year’s Eve.    You sure look READY though!    

We should start today by telling you WHO our FIRST COMMENTER WAS – or in this case who our FIRST COMMENTERS WERE since we had two within the first sixty seconds.   





Timmy and Ingrid


and each of you gets one of these:

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the final Teaser post of 2020!

THEN we moved on to the MAIN EVENT – the Teaser photo!     Our Graphics Department picked it out and it was a colorful one for sure…..

Let’s review a little by showing you what yesterday’s Teaser photo was:

Lots of you thought it looked like something made out of LEGOS (we agree!)…………or Maybe Mr. Roger’s neighborhood (we agree with that too!)………………but instead, this is a really vibrantly colored (maybe enhanced by the photographer????) town in Iceland – to be specific – it’s Reykjavik which is the capital city of Iceland. 






and here is your special badge – the last one of these for the year 2020!

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Final Teaser Post of 2020!! YAY FOR ME!

If you also guessed correctly on this Teaser, you get a badge too – a RIGHT BUT NOT FIRST badge:

I was RIGHT with my guess on the Final Teaser Post of 2020 but I wasn’t first! Darn!

And of course if you were WRONG with your guess you get a badge too……………………………..

I guessed on the final Teaser of 2020 but I was WRONG. Just plain WRONG! At least I tried!



No of course not – if you had studied harder you would have won something……………..let this be a lesson to you!!!!!

Cheer Team?    We need you to CHEER THINGS UP please:

Sorry gang but not everyone can win
But not winning a badge is NOT a sin!
If you tried then that’s what matters
Don’t let not winning cause your mood to shatter!
Our TWO First Commenters on the FINAL TEASER
Were two frequent winners – both real crowd pleasers
Timmy and Ingrid came through as quick
Good for them – they’re really slick!
Then we waited to see who’d guess right
It was mighty close but she won without a fight!
Jackie got the award for figuring it out
But you ALL were good so no reason to pout!
Let’s ring in the new year and promise to study for class
Your Cheer Team will promise to bring back the SASS !!!!!!

Alright ladies – you’ve done yourselves proud this year – The Grumpy Cat Cafe says you always behave yourselves when you’re there after hours partying so we can’t complain about that!

Now who’s UP for heading to the cafeteria for our final meal of 2020?     

“Are they serving champagne??????”

Hello Students!   Welcome to the final meal at the Cafeteria this year.   We hope you enjoy it – and we’ll see you in 2021 !!

Make sure and take a fortune cookie when you leave – it may give you a hint of what to expect in the new year OR it might just plain taste good.   HAHAHA


Bakin’ With Bacon for the Holiday


How About Something For New Year’s Morning Breakfast?????

This is a pretty yummy recipe – it has a little bit of bourbon in it but I’m sure it’s just as good without it.    Still, after a long night waiting for the New Year to arrive, maybe a little bourbon is “just the thing” !!!!      This does NOT have bacon in it but you won’t even notice that.    It’s just so darn tasty.

Bread pudding is essentially just cubed bread mixed with whole milk (or cream) and eggs and baked in a casserole dish – it can be made sweet or savory and requires little technical skill in the kitchen. If you can make French toast, you can make bread pudding!    This recipe calls for brioche in this recipe because it’s eggy and buttery, amping up the richness of the pudding. If you can’t find brioche, a good quality white or even multigrain bread will work, but don’t use sourdough here. The sour quality won’t match well with the other flavors.  The raisins are soaked in bourbon (or whiskey) overnight to plump them up and infuse them with boozy, warm flavor and aroma. If you want to omit the bourbon, you certainly can, but I would recommend zapping the raisins in the microwave with some water for a few seconds to achieve a similar juicy effect. I’ve added walnuts for crunch, which adds a nice textural contrast – you can use pecans or even chopped almonds if you’d like.

Really, the only way to screw this recipe up is if you don’t allow the bread to fully soak up the custard mixture. You want the bread to drink in your custard so it’s creamy and soft – if it looks like you don’t have enough custard, just whisk together some more milk and another egg and add it to the bowl a bit at a time. You don’t want the mixture to be soupy, but you definitely don’t want it to be dry.

This bread pudding doesn’t need to be served with a sauce, but you could drizzle it with warmed maple syrup at breakfast or a caramel or vanilla sauce after dinner. I like it just scooped warm out of the casserole dish and paired with strong coffee or, in the evening, a tiny nip of bourbon. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Bourbon Bread Pudding With Raisins and Walnuts


  • ½ cup raisins
  • ½ cup bourbon plus 1 Tbsp, divided
  • 3 cups whole milk
  • 3 Tbsp butter, melted
  • eggs, beaten
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 loaf brioche, cubed
  • ¾ cup chopped walnuts

|Preparation | In a small bowl, mix raisins and ½ cup bourbon. Allow to sit for a few hours or overnight. When ready to make the bread pudding, drain most of the bourbon from the raisins, leaving just a bit in the bowl.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Generously butter a 9-by-13-inch baking dish and set aside. In a large bowl, mix the milk, butter, eggs, brown sugar, cinnamon and 1 Tbsp bourbon until well blended. Add bread cubes and mix gently, coating the bread evenly with the custard, then gently stir in raisins and walnuts. Pour the bread pudding into your prepared pan and bake until the top is golden and crisp, 40 to 50 minutes. Allow to cool for 15 to 20 minutes before serving.

YUM?   You betcha………………an eye opener on New Year’s morning too………………………….OR you can always crawl back in bed after you eat and dream of bourbon bread pudding!!!!

Enjoy this one – Mom said she’d like to have it for dessert!   HAHA

Hugs, Your King

Friendly Fill-Ins on Friday



Neither rain, nor snow, nor Christmas Day will keep Friendly Fill-Ins from happening……………and if you want to join us – just click the badge above and LINK UP.    We have two co-hosts as you see and each of them provides two sentences with blanks for us to fill.    Fun!

Mom and I split the sentences – Mom’s words are in RED and mine are in GREEN.


1. The best gift I have ever given is the one that gave the receiver joy because I had “listened” when they said what they were hoping for!.
2. Last night, I enjoyed driving in downtown Warrenton, and around various neighborhoods with my husband looking at Christmas lights while listening to Christmas music.
3. Sitting on the front porch while it pours rain brings me joy today.
4. My favorite holiday memory is my first Christmas here – I’d never seen a TREE inside before – I knew about outside trees but inside and with lights?   WOW!.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas celebration!

Teddy and Mom Pam

Thankful and Poetic Thursday


The Thankful Blog Hop is hosted by our friend Brian at Brians Home Blog – if you’d like to join in the fun of being THANKFUL together, just click the badge above and link up. This time of year EVERYONE thinks about all the things they’re thankful for right? Well, they also think about the weather on Christmas Eve and hoping Santa Claus doesn’t run into any major storms on his rounds too. My other thankfuls include that we just might have a white Christmas with some rain and/or snow on Christmas Day. I won’t go out in the snow for sure but it would be kind of pretty to be home on a snowy day enjoying whatever Santa Claws brought me! Also very thankful that my Mom and Dad continue to keep healthy.

We also have Angel Sammy’s Poetic Thursday poem for you as well. It’s Christmas Eve and the photo he gave all of us to use for today’s poem is definitely Christmas Eve material!     Here’s his email to me:


Happy Christmas Eve Friends!

What a perfect day to share some poetry.    I hope you wrote a poem for the photo I gave you last Thursday.    It’s a cute photo and certainly has a flavor of Christmas Eve.   If you wrote a poem let us all know in comments………we can’t wait to read your work!!     

Here’s the photo I gave you last week, followed by my poem……………………..then followed by a NEW photo for you to use to write a poem for NEXT Thursday which will be New Year’s Eve!


Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell      ©December 23, 2020

Trying to stay awake by reading a book

Wanting to be awake to catch a quick look!

Mom says he won’t come if he knows you’re awake

But we had no idea just how long it would take

When morning arrives and little eyes fly open

Seeing all our new toys – all the things we were hopin’ !

Cookies and milk are gone so we’re glad he had his snack

But we sure wanted to see him go up the chimney with his empty sack!


Oh the magic of Christmas when you’re a kid.   This photo is absolutely adorable too – Santa’s rosy cheeks……..the kids warm and cozy by the fire waiting – waiting.    This scene is liable to be acted out for real all over the world tonight.    We hope that the magic of Christmas lasts forever and ever.

Here’s next week’s photo…………..I suppose you might have guessed what sort of theme I’d choose since it’s New Year’s Eve??

Having a blast……………………but how about tomorrow morning??????????   My Mom and Dad haven’t been to New Year’s Eve party in like forever and ever – that might be a good thing – I wouldn’t want them to be caught on film like these two but I have to admit – they look like they’re having fun!

Think about the photo and next week share your poem using this cute photo as inspiration……………..until then…………………….



Love – Angel Sammy


Thank you Angel Sammy……..I think this was your last Christmas portrait before you left for the Bridge………………….We all miss you………….

Love, Teddy

Teaser Tell All For Christmas


Wait – What?  Maybe Santa is doing a practice run for tomorrow night???

Here we are! Ready to give you the details on who won what for the Christmas Teaser this year.    First of all we thank Clowie and company for once again checking the grounds and determining we were AOK to go today.    

Now we’ll get down to business – who knocked it out of the park on Teaser and who hit a foul ball.   HAHAHAHA

“We are so excited!!!!!!!”   

Let’s find out first who was our FIRST COMMENTER………………..we only had ONE – the Cheer Team will be so happy.   They’re on a ski vacation but phoned in their cheer for today – they missed yesterday though because they were on the slopes all day.

Our First Commenter was:   

Da Phenny and Da Nelly and Da Mom!

“WOOT WOOT!!!!!”

Here is your badge you FAST Weims and Mom

We were the FIRST COMMENTERS on the Christmas 2020 Teaser post! Santa will be extra good to us this year!!

As you remember, our Teaser photo was from our Graphics Department and the object of the search for a photo for yesterday was to find THE MOST PAWSOME CHRISTMAS LIGHT DISPLAY!    We think she did a good job – here’s the photo:

This is a photo of “It’s A Small World” at Disneyland, California!

That windy “road” is actually a canal and this ride at Disneyland is one you take in a “floating car” – in fact if you look on the far right side of this photo you can almost make out the back of one of the floating cars full of people admiring the light display!     Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida both know how to do it up right for the holidays or any day!

“Can we take a field trip there some day?  Pwetty Pweeze????”

Well getting that one through the school budget would be a miracle!    Let’s move in to WHO was the lucky ducky who guessed the Teaser photo first!

First Right Was:  TIMMY TOMCAT!


Here’s your badge Timmy !

Oh me oh my I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the CHRISTMAS 2020 Teaser Photo! YAY FOR ME!


Now if you ALSO guessed Disneyland, California, you get a badge too!!!!!   This one:

I guessed the Christmas TEASER photo RIGHT but I wasn’t the First Right Guesser. Well – I was close!

And those of you who guessed but were WRONG……….you get a Christmas Greenie:

I tried to guess the Christmas 2020 Teaser right but I FAILED! At least I tried!

WAY TO GO CLASS!  We’re proud of you!

“Pardon me if I pout…..I haven’t won a badge YET!!!!”

Let’s see if the Cheer Team can cheer everyone up – they transmitted their Cheer from the ski joint where they’re staying until after Christmas…………………

Yesterday we went skiing
Today from all this snow we’re fleeing
It’s been so cold our lips turned blue
Which is certainly not a flattering hue!
FIRST COMMENTER were Miss Katty and the Weims
The Weims hope Santa hasn’t seen all their crimes!
Our First Right Guesser was our old friend Timmy
He’s a frequent flyer jumpin’ jimimy!
We wish Merry Christmas to one and all
Enjoy your holiday and have a ball!

Well class that’s the final Teaser before Santa Claus comes – we hope he brings all of you whatever your heart desires………………………….and right now we’re going to bring you a good lunch in the cafeteria then you can hop on the bus and head home until next Tuesday when we’ll meet again!

Ho Ho Ho – Merry Christmas Kiddies!

For Lunch Today:

“Now children –  remember Santa Claus is watching you and there’s still time for you to get on the NAUGHTY list so WATCH OUT!!”

Merry Christmas To All and may all your Holiday Dreams Come True!!!

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy