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Friendly Friday Fill-Ins


WOO HOO it’s FRIDAY!     The Blog Hop for today is Friendly Fill-Ins and our co-hosts, 15andMeowing and Four-Legged Furballs have provided us with FOUR sentences (two each) full of holes and we must fill those holes in.   Yep – that’s how it works.     It’s a great way to get to know more about your friends or make new ones – just click the badge above and go to 15andMeowing and link up with us.

Here are this week’s sentences and this week Mom and I BOTH filled in – – – her answers are RED and mine are BLUE…………

1. I could use some suggestions for how to climb a tree.   (Note:  Sometimes I chase something in my backyard like a chipmunk or a squirrel for instance and when they run UP a tree to get away, I can go about two feet up then plop back down on the ground…..not very graceful!)
2. I never refuse chocolate chip cookies.
3. I hope my freedom never changes. (Note:  I am lucky to go outside on a leash/harness and since I love outside so much, I’m hoping to always be able to spend some of my day out in the fresh air with Mom or Dad)
4. I would rate my happiness level a 10 out of 10.   (Note:  I feel blessed to be almost 72 and in reasonable shape – and to have a sweet husband and the most adorable cat EVER…..)
OK Mom…….I think we did pretty darn good.    As for me and tree climbing – it’s OK that I can’t go up further than 2 feet really because I’m afraid once I  would get up a tree, I couldn’t get back down again.    You told me once Angel Sammy did that – up he went but he couldn’t get down and Dad had to pry him off a tree up high, tuck him in his coat, and climb back down.    I’m afraid Dad wouldn’t be able to handle that these days.     That incident was 20 years ago when Sammy was a little baby!    EEEEK!    I’m happy to have four feet on the ground.

Happy Friday!

Hugs, Teddy and Mom

Friendly Friday Fill-Ins


Whoopeee!   Time to share stuff about ourselves with the Friendly Fill-Ins with our co-hostesses, Four-Legged Furballs and 15andMeowing.    Each week we get two sentences from each of them with plenty of blanks to fill in however we want.   End result is we learn stuff about each other…….FUN……….if you want to join in – click the badge above and link up!

Here are this week’s sentences………..and guess what – I’m going to do the filling in this week NOT my Mom!   WOO HOO LET’S GO…………my fill-in words are in RED.

1. 2017 was a very good year.   (I got to leave the shelter with my NEW adopted Mom and Dad!)
2. There is nothing quite like being outside and napping in the leaves while Mom or Dad keep an eye on me.
3. If I had a talk show, I would want to interview The Lion King so I could ask him what I have to do to grow a mane like his!.
4. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my Mom and Dad (especially my Mom!).
There you have it!   From me to all of you……………and probably next week I’ll turn it back over to Mom because I think SHE does a way better job than I do!    YAY MOM!   Speaking of Mom, this is the last Friendly Fill-In Friday so I’d like to wish ALL MOMS who are reading the blog a SUPER HAPPY MOM’S DAY on Sunday!   Moms are very VERY special.    This is a flashback card I did for Mom on my first Mother’s Day with her……Sammy was already an Angel then.

Love, Teddy


Friendly Fill-Ins


Hello and Happy Post-Christmas Friday!    We’re well on our way to the beginning of a brand new year too.   How weird does that sound – 2019 – good grief…..my Mom says just thinking about 2019 makes her feel OLD(er).

So no doubt you all know by now what Friendly Fill-Ins are all about right?   Each week our co-hosts, Four-Legged Furballs and 15andmeowing give us two sentences each with blanks and we just fill in the blanks!   Easy?   Yep – it is easy and it’s fun too.   If you click the badge above you can join in that fun – just fill out the LINKY FORM and you can join in with your fill-ins.

Here are this week’s sentences and Mom and I both did blanks this time.   My fill-ins are BLUE and hers are GREEN!

1. On New Year’s Eve, I hope the fireworks are ABSENT – I don’t like that noise!

2. A goal that I have for 2019 is exercise more, eat less, enjoy my life as much as possible.
3. If I had to choose a guide word for 2019, it would be PEACE – yes, even us animals hope for it.
4. New beginnings are important – I try to make every single morning a new beginning.
OK Mom – we did it!   We filled in for the LAST time in 2018!    We’re a good fill-in team aren’t we.    We are also glad our co-hosts have this great Friday activity because it’s lots of fun and lets us express ourselves to the WORLD (well – maybe not the whole world but everyone who follows this HOP!).
A big thank you to our friends Miss Ellen from 15andMeowing and Miss Lorianne from Four-Legged Furballs for hosting a fun “getting to know you” Hop every week.
AND Mom, Dad and I wish all of you a VERY VERY PAWSOME and Happy Year Year!

Love, Teddy


Friendly Fill-Ins on Friday!


It’s Friday and time for us to fill-in some blanks!    The sentences are given to us every week by our co-hosts, Four-Legged Furballs and 15andMeowing.   If you click the badge above, you will go to 15andMeowing and you can join in the hop if you’d like to.   Each of our co-hosts provides two sentences and they are ALWAYS fun to fill-in!

This week Mom and I BOTH filled in – her fill-ins are in GREEN and mine are in RED!


1. I refuse to shop in a Mall – I prefer going into little shops to do my shopping – I know a Mall is MUCH more convenient but I really enjoy my “small town” shopping a LOT more!.
2. A store I wouldn’t mind being trapped in overnight is a bedding store – just think of all those comfy spots to snooze in!!!! 

3. I’m dreaming of turkey and “fixins” again for Christmas dinner – yes I know we just did that for Thanksgiving but I go through it ALL again for Christmas.

4. I wouldn’t touch getting in a pet carrier with a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole.  (I like being on my harness and leash WAY better if I have to go somewhere!)

There you have it.   Mom and I both filling in on a Friday.    I know this weekend we will be busy around my house.   Mom says it’s time to “Christmasize” the house and front porch.   I like having a Christmas tree and my stocking will be on the mantle along with Mom and Dad’s.    Santa Paws will visit me this year – it will only be my SECOND Christmas here in my forever home.   LUCKY ME!

Ho Ho Ho

Love, Teddy Claws

Friendly Fill-Ins


Hello Everybody!   Time to fill-in the blanks with our friends.   This is a great Hop co-hosted by 15andMeowing and Four-Legged Furballs every single Friday.   Just four sentences with some “holes” in them for us to fill-in and when we fill-in we are telling the world more about ourselves.   If you’d like to HOP on board and HOP with us, just click the badge above which will take you to 15andMeowing then fill in the LINKY form with your blog link and you’ll be “one of us” !!

Here are this week’s sentences – two from 15andMeowing and two from Four-Legged Furballs.   Mom and I took turns this week filling in the blanks.   If it’s in BLUE it’s from ME…….if it’s GREEN it’s from Mom.

1. My favorite font is GYPSY CURSE – especially at Halloween time!.

2. October is perfect for hot cider, sweaters, beautiful leaves, and taking a little vacation.

3. Where I live, there are lots of dogs and I hear them barking all around the neighborhood – if there are kitties I don’t know about it because they don’t bark (much!).

4. I feel very FRISKY this time of year.

There you have it.   Filled in sentences from me and Mom.    As for my #4 answer, my Mom has observed not just with ME but with Angel Sammy and other kitties she’s had that when the weather begins to cool down, we get a little crazy.   We’ll chase falling leaves, or roll around in the grass, or want to stay out longer (if we’re on harness/leash of course), or whine extra loud and long when we HAVE to go back inside.    It’s just so nice to be in the fresh air instead of in the heat and humidity.    One of the times I went out today my Dad took me and he brought a book and a glass of iced tea with him.  He sat in his chair and propped his feet up on a little plastic side table and while he read, I found my favorite spot in the leaves to lie down and watch the birds, squirrels, and chase the little noises I hear UNDER the leaves.   I’m just SURE there’s something UNDER all those layers of leaves that NEEDS MY ATTENTION.    Dad says I’m imagining things.   Either way, it sure is fun.
Now is everyone ready for the weekend?    We are!!

Happy Birthday to my Dad and Happy Friday to all of you………

Love, Teddy