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Beautiful Bacon!


Greetings Fellow Baconians!   Let’s Do Some Bacon!

Remember to present the above decree to your human should they feel they need not provide you with an adequate supply of bacon on BACON SATURDAY!   Those of you who are not CATS, please feel free to mark through the word CAT and substitute whatever species you are – you have my royal permission!

I received a NEW item for our bacon repertoire from the beautiful Katie Isabella who knew???? This looks DELISH!

Oh yeah!  

Other items on today’s agenda include these snackables:



Bacon just goes with EVERYTHING…………….and I do mean everything.   Doesn’t matter WHICH meal of the day or if it’s a snack even – it’s just tasty stuff 24/7.   I should know – I’m the KING OF BACON thanks to my brother Angel Sammy who passed the crown on to me when he left for the Bridge.    Too bad we couldn’t be CO-KINGS together before he left!

What a team that would have been!!!

In case you were wondering – this year’s crop is moving along nicely in the greenhouse.   If you want us to, we can have a harvest party like we had last year.   Just tell me in Comments!

Our Greenhouse Garden Gnome is keeping watch!

Enjoy Bacon Saturday!

Love, King Teddy