Teaser Tell All



It’s That Time Again!  Ready?


I’m ready!!

Me too….me too….me too!

Alright then class.   Let’s start with “first things first”………………we had a TIE for FIRST COMMENTER on yesterday’s Teaser………………WHO?

Da Phenny

Oliver and Calvin


You each get one of these doo-dads!!

Now let me tell you WHO our Guest Teaser was yesterday.    It was sent in by the Mom of one of my good Cat Scouts friends.   Charles is my buddy and pal and his Mom is Miss Inge!    This is for you Miss Inge and Charles!     Thanks for the fab photo………….

For Inge Mallory for the Teaser photo of 4/18/17

Here’s the photo from yesterday again:

Isn’t this a fabulous looking place?   It’s a HOUSE…..that’s right.   It’s known as the “Mushroom House” (guess why!  hahaha) and it’s located in perinton, New York.   It’s been featured on many house/garden programs on TV and actually is CURRENTLY for sale.   Want more info on this amazing structure?    CLICK HERE    You can just google Mushroom House and a few sites will pop up that have details on the sale if you’re interested (tee hee).

Who wants to live in a bunch of mushrooms??? Not me!

Thank you for your commentary Sarge………..Ahem – where was I?   Oh yes.    Let’s talk about who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!   It was my good friend Clowie!   That’s right – Clowie from Clowie’s Corner was the first to guess it correctly!    WAY TO GO GIRL!   This is for you:

AND a whole bunch more of you figured this one out so each of you who DID and guessed correctly will get this:

There are always a few who try valiantly to guess correctly but don’t QUITE make it and we did have some of THOSE today and you all get a little something too!

Everybody Happy???

OOPS…..well we can’t please everyone right Teddy?


There’s always next week ya’ll
So don’t get weepy and bawl
Dry your eyes and blow your noses
Whaddaya want – a dozen roses?
You just have to study HARDER
Don’t be a LATE STARTER!
I’ll be here again next week
Another cheer for you I’ll SHRIEK!


Assistant Prof Teddy and I will See You Then Class!

Hugs, Angel Professor Sammy

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    • You have a super beautiful house and yard Summer so no wonder your human isn’t interested in selling it….but this mushroom place looks quite interesting doesn’t it?

      Love, Angel Sam and Ted


  1. Woohoo! I was too excited to type when I first read this and I dictated my acceptance speech to my biped, but she just fell about laughing! She told me to save it for when I win an Oscar, and to cut half the speech even for that! Now I’ve forgotten a lot of what I wanted to say, so I’ll be brief.

    Congratulations to the first commenters – Oliver and Calvin, and Da Phenny!

    Thank you to Miss Inge and Charles for an interesting teaser. It’s a fascinating house and I’ve enjoyed finding out about it.

    Thanks to Angel Sammy and Teddy, Sarge, Suzie, and everyone who made this so much fun.

    Last, but not least, thanks to Google for a little help with my research!

    P.S. Is there any of that liverwurst left from yesterday?

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  2. Mom is wondering how one uses Google for a wee bit o’ help on these pictures? She can’t think how to frame the question. Goodness knows she could use help.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well there is a way to do an Image Search on Google (which we have no idea how to do!) but it kinda seems like just plain using old fashioned eyeballs and brains to figure them out is more of a challenge than letting your computer find it for you!!!!! Maybe one of our followers can explain the Google Search thing because I sure can’t!!! Tee Hee

      Love, Angel Sam and Teddy too


  3. Congratulations to the winners. My dog, Dixie would like to come over and just double check that the liverwurst is indeed gone. There’s nothing worse (wurst?) than finding liverwurst a week later. 😉 See you next week, Professor angel Sammy, Professor Teddy and the rest of the motley crew.

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  4. First off, I’m missing a day. I somehow thought TODAY was Tuesday. Shaking my piggy head. I need more sleep here at the Hotel Thompson. Lastly, what a fantastic place – a little eccentric – but so cool. I could imagine me snorting and oinking around those parts. A move would be kind of cool right now. I’m going to check out dad’s portfolio to see how much money he is hoarding. XOXO – Bacon


  5. WE are STUNNED… We were SURE it was gonna be Busch Stadium. Well, Maybe NEXT WEEK.
    That Pheeny must get up before Breakfast… he is always Fast to Comment.


  6. Concats, Clowie!

    We didn’t guess or try to check it out, but it sure was a fun teaser! Maybe a big furmily of mice and pixies will purr-chase it! MOL!!

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  7. We’re happy to have a SuzieQ cheer even though we are losers. This one was easy to find on Google, but since you already had right guessers, we didn’t jump on the bandwagon. Besides, we are proud of all our Greenies! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy.


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