Friendly Fill-Ins Friday!



Time to “Fill-Er-Up” !!

Every Friday we join in the jointly hosted Friendly Fill-ins that are put together by McGuffy’s Reader and 15andMeowing!    It’s a blog hop and each week they give us four sentences with blanks in them and we fill in the blanks!  Fun huh?   Well it is……..if you wanna join in the fun click the badge above and go to McGuffy’s and hook yourself up with the LINKY TOOL and fill-in!

This week’s sentences are below and my answers are in RED!

1. All my illnesses and arthritis (and it used to make me feel old but now I’m over the Bridge and young again!)makes me feel old.

2.Being an Angel and running free and floating on clouds makes me feel young.

3. I have  been looking for a kitty for my parents to adopt – the search goes on! .

4.  Being an Angel   is  really wonderful except I miss my Mom’s warm lap! .
There you have it!  Another filling in exercise completed.    I hope everyone is planning on having a super duper weekend – because it’s time to start thinking about that!   Everyone around my area here in Virginia is thinking about the Inauguration and the horrible traffic jams there will be EVERYWHERE.   We’re an hour PLUS away from town but it will be insane here too – trust me……traffic is getting worse and worse even out here!    No traffic problems at the Rainbow Bridge though.   Our clouds have automatic pilot and we just think where we want to be and WHAMMO we’re there.   I’m sure a lot of people wish they could do that when they have to commute to work………..thankfully my peeps are RETIRED!   No traffic to worry about.   As for me………..
 Wake me when it’s over purrrrlease!


See you tomorrow for Bacon Caturday!


Hugs, Angel Sammy

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  1. yes… I hope all are young and no angel has pains…. We cross paws and fingers for the perfect match… and we are sure there is a sign from an angel you can see not with da eyes but with the heart when that moment is there…

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    • Hi Rumpy!!! Yes, it’s still tough on my humans with me gone but with my help (I’m currently interviewing for the position of “new cat”) my peeps will have a new kid to take care of and love like they have always loved me. I miss being home but I’m keeping a close eye on them. I hope everything is good for you and your whole family dear Rumpy!

      Love, Angel Sammy


  2. Awww, I bet you do miss your Mom’s lap. Good to know you are working on the search for a kitty for your Mom and Dad… “Sammy Approved” will speed up the process! We are going to have a Bacon Saturday tomorrow!!!!!!


  3. Wonderful Angel Sammy! You are now in a good place, with lots of bacon and no discomfort…but it sounds like you are super busy! Caring for Mom…finding a new fur friend…and blogging! Whew! Puppydoc needs to learn how to multitask like you! 😉


  4. I am glad that you are young again and free of pain, Sammy. I know you will find the right kitty for your mum and dad when the time is right.


  5. Your statements were great today, Sammy. Hope you are not having to listen to Trump at the Bridge. Auto-piloted clouds sound wonderful. Please blow Fiona a kiss as you fly by here. We love you and your mom and dad so much. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


    • No such thing as politics up here (thank heavens – literally!)………I’m just floating around visiting all my Angel buds including of course your beautiful Angel Fiona. She and I are meeting up at the Bacon Buffet tomorrow here at the Bridge. Hope you are all doing well and my pal Mau is continuing to get better after the cat attack. Sending every one love and HUGS!

      Angel Sammy


    • No worries Miss Ann….it’s my MISSION now to find a kitty for my Mom. Has to be cute, has to love laps, has to understand that I will ALWAYS be its’ guardian angel……it’s a lot of qualifications to fill but I know there’s one out there that can fill them! I think my Mom rocks too but I MIGHT be a little prejudiced – however Mom smiled when she read what you wrote……she adores you too! Your answers on the fill-ins always “resonate” with her (I have no idea what that means but I bet you do).

      Love, Angel Sammy


  6. We are anxiously awaiting to hear of results of your kitty search! We know the purrfect one will come your parents’ way very soon! Looking forward to Bacon Caturday!!


  7. You’re so delightful Angel Sam! I get teary thinking about how much mom and dad must miss you. I’m sure they are delighted that you’re watching over them and will let them know when the right kitty comes along. Could you please say hello to Buddy, Jasper, Dillin, Ginger and Paco and Loki for me. ❤ ❤ Thank you Angel Sam xo


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