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Monster Day and A HOP!




The Broomhildas won’t be in charge of this activity today – they are on vacation so we had to get a substitute to help us get the house whipped into shape today.   When we told the maid service what we were looking for, they said they only had a couple of candidates……..I said “send ’em on over”…………five minutes later I answered the door:


Hello!  We’re from ACME Cleaners………Here’s our card:


We’re Sissy and Prissy and today we’re having a two for one sale…………we’ll both be filling in for you!   We even have a couple of others helping us out for FREE!   One is a whiz at cleaning dishes:

CLEANINGBULLDOGPUTTINGDISHESAWAYThen we have a couple who help us move buckets and cleaning equipment around for us:


CLEANINGSUPERVISORWe even have a supervisor!!!!!

So you all just sit back and relax and we’ll have your house cleaned in NO TIME……………………….we have “special equipment” that makes short work of the job!


Before you knew it – they truly HAD cleaned the whole house – even with all their noisy machinery none of us minded because they finished in like FIFTEEN MINUTES!    That’s right – three floors of house!




WHAT? You're done? I was gonna help out!

WHAT? You’re done? I was gonna help out!

So that’s that!   This crew won’t be back next week but who the heck knows if the Broomhildas will return or if we’ll get a whole pile of NEW cleaner-uppers?   I swear – NEVER a dull moment in “THE HOUSE OF KIMMELL”……………

Before I go……….

I wanted to pawticipate in my friends from 15andmeowing and McGuffy’s Reader who are co-hosting a fun blog hop on Fridays called FRIDAY FILL-INS!

FILLINSThey have four sentences and you just fill in the blanks then everybody sees what kinds of sentences we’ve constructed because it tells a LOT about us and it’s fun!   This Friday’s sentences are below and my  Mom’s “fill-ins” are in red!   You should join in and have some fun “filling in” !

  1.  Whatever happened to Friday night date night?  
  2. I always have a cookout with all the trimmings for just me and my husband (and Sam) on Memorial Day ( or your country’s equivalent).
  3. I used to wish I’ve never grow old, but now that I have, it’s not so bad!
  4.  I just cannot stay up late at night , no matter what’s on TV or how hard I try to stay awake!

Enjoy your Friday ! 

Hugs, Sammy


Ding Dong – Broomhildas Calling!


They’re HERE!


Oh…..it’s you!  

The Broomhildas have arrived………Mr. and Mrs. and Baby Boomer again – their Kitty Nanny returns from vacation next week so Boomer won’t be back.    No matter how CUTE he is!   SuzieQ has a crush on him which could mean TROUBLE.

Mrs. Broomhilda

Mrs. Broomhilda

Mr. Broomhilda

Mr. Broomhilda



So now the fun begins……….I’m staying one step ahead of the cleaning crew today……….yep – I’ve already been in the bathroom……









That’s done so they won’t have to go in there to clean.   See?   Aren’t I helpful?    I even helped Mom pull the sofa out from the wall for them……………

uhoh......so that's where Dad's carkeys have been....WHOOPS

uhoh……so that’s where Dad’s carkeys have been….WHOOPS

I’m hoping they finish and get out of here before nap time.   I don’t want to worry about them finding me in my hiding spot or disturbing me at all…………….I’ll just pop on my headphones just in case and groove while they hoove(r).   HA HA HA


I sure do lead an exciting life don’t I?????


Well maybe not THAT excited but for an old guy, pretty danged exciting!   I hope you have an EXCITING Friday!!

Bye Bye Broomhildas! 

Hugs, Sammy


Clean Team


You know who the Clean Team is here!

The Broomhildas

Mrs. Broomhilda

Mrs. Broomhilda

Mr. Broomhilda

Mr. Broomhilda

Such a lovely couple they are…….AND when they’re not arguing over who’s doing a better job of cleaning, they are quite nice really.  I’m getting used to them (what’s that say about me?!).   Today they showed up with a surprise though…………when I opened the door to let them in, they had a little something with them!



Their regular babysitter couldn’t make it to their house today so they had to bring their baby along………….A baby broom!   I asked what his name was and just then the phone rang so I never got the answer……maybe they named him “Whisk” since he’s a small Broom?   Naaaa……couldn’t have.

Anyway, they got to work right away round here…………………….



Before I knew it, they were packing up their cleaning stuff and were out of here……….so I don’t know what their kid’s name is!     Bobby?  Bongo?  Bruiser?  Barney?  Baby B?   Bubba?  Maybe I can ask them next week when they come.

My Dad took care of the one cleaning duty the Broomhildas DON'T do when they're here!

My Dad took care of the one cleaning duty the Broomhildas DON’T do when they’re here!

Good thing Mom wasn't involved....she has a "different" outlook on cleaning!

Good thing Mom wasn’t involved….she has a “different” outlook on cleaning!

Well that’s the excitement around here today – I’m guessing that no matter WHAT’s going on at your house, it’s more FUN than my house is today.   Yep……I’m guessing it’s the truth!

All that snoopervising was exhausting.....

All that snoopervising was exhausting…..

My Mom told me to put this in today's blog even if it's not got anything to do with our post. She just likes it......Mom, you're weird!

My Mom told me to put this in today’s blog even if it’s not got anything to do with our post. She just likes it……Mom, you’re weird!

As I leave, here's some food for thought relative to tomorrow's BACON Saturday!

As I leave, here’s some food for thought relative to tomorrow’s BACON Saturday!


Hugs and Stuff, Sammy


Home Delivery Bacon



Howdy Friends!    It’s Saturday finally……………………and another chance to talk about BACON (as if we need an excuse!).

I know most of you follow Madi’s Blog HERE and saw her post about the strange visitors in her friend’s neighbor’s yard last week?????    Well, it got me thinking about the convenience of a bacon-lover like me if you had HOME DELIVERY of fresh bacon every week………….this would be FRESH right?   Her friend looked out her window and saw THIS:


Now Madi’s Mom’s friends live in a somewhat rural area but no pig farm next door – – – they have NO IDEA where these doods came from but obviously they are loving the garden.   I’m thinking “FRESH BACON HAS ARRIVED!!!!!!”.

Anyway, it’s Saturday and indeed we are having bacon here at my house but not from anything we found in our front yard……..it was in our refrigerator!



Never fear little guy – there’s an abundance of bacon in the refrigerator so you’ll get yours!


One thing we DO have a shortage of though is SUN.   It’s been days and days and days.  I’m covered with green algae and moss (well, not really but you get the idea).


The rain just isn’t stopping!!!!!   Things might get DRASTIC around here…….


No worries with me – at least I won’t tip the boat over because I’m skinny – not like this porky guy!

Well I guess I shouldn’t complain – imagine if we had two weeks worth of WET days in the winter!   We’d be in BIG TROUBLE with snow!   Maybe I’d better shut my mouth and be happy about the rain………..even if it’s tough.

Happy BACON Day!  See you tomorrow

for Mom’s Day Selfies!


P.S.   Remember May 10th is “Wags and Waves for Forrest Day”………..a tribute to the pup from Down Under who left us for the Bridge so recently – Bev Green’s family brought home Forrest’s angel ashes today – we’ll wave and wag to Forrest on Tuesday.    By the way, even though I will be having a post for that occasion, I will ALSO have a Teaser post.   You asked for it – you got it!    

If you want to pawticipate in Forrest’s tribute, you may use the poster I made for the occasion………..and post a photo that day of you wagging or waving to our departed friend Angel Forrest……..


Vrooooom With A Broom!



It’s that time again! 

Ah yes….the day we all love to hate unless you’re like me and no longer hear all that racket all the “cleaning machinery” makes.   I knew if I thought long and hard I could come up with something POSITIVE to say about my hearing loss!   HAHAHA

At least the cleaning crew is somewhat entertaining – Broomhilda has now introduced her helper/husband Mr. Broomhilda and the two of them are real work horses (oops I mean work bulldogs):

Mrs. Broomhilda

Mrs. Broomhilda

Mr. Broomhilda

Mr. Broomhilda

What a team………………Mom and I think that these two SCARE the dirt/dust away and don’t even NEED to use their cleaning equipment.   HAHA…….

I will make my rounds behind them making sure they do a good job…………….I won’t stand for any foolishness!   Everything MUST be done and done well!



I am a constant reminder to my Mom and Dad that having ME is a whole lot better than having things like dishwashers and refrigerators and stuff that need to be kept clean and tidy!


As for Mom asking me to help out the cleaning crew, or get out of the way because they’re coming to clean MY nap spots up – know what I say to that?????


SEE?  Monster Day is a piece of cake (with cat treats on top!)

Hugs, Sam the Snoopervisor