Friendly Fill-Ins


WHAT?  It’s Friday AGAIN?   Gosh – time is flying by.    Well if it’s Friday (and it is) it’s time to fill-in the blanks with our two co-hosts for some fun.   You can join in – all you do is add your own words to four sentences that we get from our co-hosts – easy right?   You can click the badge above and LINK UP at 15andMeowing if you want to have fun too.

Here we go…………………….if Mom is filling in the blank, the words are in RED but if I am filling in with MY words, the words are in GREEN!


1 If I were one of the 7 dwarves, I would be “Happy” because – well – I am happy!.
2. I think television is boring – unlike most of my kitty friends, I really do NOT watch TV – I like the real thing (outside!!!).
3. “Eat Healthy” is a rule that I regularly break.
4. I can’t believe adopting a pet isn’t more popular.  (what’s more important than giving a homeless animal a forever home – I mean truly!)

Done – we did those quickly – mostly me because Mom only gave me one sentence to fill in the blank on.
Oh well………..I would have answered #1 like she did because I’m happy – and for #3 I would have said “Don’t wake Mom up earlier than 3AM” because she says 3AM is “early enough” (she’s right)………and for #4 I would have said the same thing she did.   Me and Mom – we think alike a lot of the time!

Hope you have a HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!

Hugs from me and Mom


After this post had gone out we got word that a dear friend of ours from Cat Scouts AND from his blog has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.   He will be missed more than we can really say.  He was a good friend of Angel Sammy’s and a good friend of Teddy’s as well.   Of course his Dad Pete is devastated at losing Timmy – they were “closer than close”………we are SURE that Angel Sammy gave Timmy a big welcome hug at the Bridge…………….and send Dad Pete our love during this tough time.   You can leave a message for Pete and his cat family at his blog.   


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    • My Mom occasionally is pretty grumpy at 3AM when she gets up – he didn’t sleep much last night – I was so happy she was home after being gone all day Thursday that I kept leaping up on the bed to TELL her how happy I was! HAHA


  1. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I agree with your mom on #4, I wish everyone would give a pet a forever home. Rosie is my only tv addict, everyone else prefers looking out the window. Have a nice weekend. XO


  2. Great fill ins. We were heartbroken to hear of Timmy this morning. He will be missed for sure and was loved by many. Tubby was there to greet him too.


  3. 3 AM is closer to my human’s bedtime, Teddy! In fact, if your human gets up at 3 AM on the East Coast, my human hasn’t gone to bed yet and will be up for probably another hour or so. She gets up around 8:30 most days.


    • My Mom’s sister and brother are also night owls Summer. Not sure what happened to my Mom with that waking up time thing but I’m happy with it – the sooner I get breakfast the better! HAHA

      Hugs, Teddy


    • Timmy was a most popular ginger boy for sure…..he was very active at Cat Scouts and will be missed EVERYWHERE he became a part of things. I do think Mom School gives our Moms some good ideas but also perhaps some ideas we’d like to change!!!! HAHA

      Hugs, Teddy


  4. Late, but here now…
    Those were fun fill ins…I am a night owl…3 am is an early bedtime for me these days…LOL!
    I used to fall asleep at 7 pm some evenings…but then I had gotten up at about 5 or 530am…to help the young uns get ready for school…but I had to ready first:)

    Eat healthy?? Not at Teaser Classes…LOL!


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