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We usually reblog my first blog post about September 11th……………….it tells the story of where my Mom and Dad were, where I was and how we all felt about the sad time in our history…………if you would like to read it, please click on the flag below……………….


There will be a lot of people “remembering” today where they were on this day…..this is the story of my Mom and Dad (and me) !

We will never forget…

Love, Sam and Mom


Mother’s Day Sunday Selfie


It’s All About Mom…..and Me


My Mom……by Sammy

A little kitten, tiny and alone 

No real home to call my own

I was so lonely and felt so lost

I wanted out at any cost 

Then came my very lucky day  

Some humans adopted me and took me away!  

Oh lucky me, at last a home –

I was warm, well fed, no need to roam.  

My life has been so full of love.  

I’m ever so thankful to God above.  

I’m a Mommy’s boy, through and through

AND,  yes I’m spoiled, that’s totally true.  

My Mom’s the BEST and I’m here to say

Happy Mother’s Day Mom each and every day!

My Mom…..by Pam


One of my fondest memories of my Mom, who passed away in 2001, was when I was a little girl and my Mom and Dad would be getting ready to go to some formal affair at the Officers Club (my Dad was in the Air Force).   My Mom would let me lie on her bed and sort through her jewelry box to pick out what she would wear for the night with her gown……..I’d watch her do her hair and make-up and can distinctly remember thinking that my Mom was really a beautiful Fairy Princess and I was ever so lucky to have a Mom who was so beautiful.   She would smell so good with her perfume and look so amazing all dressed up………and of course she rarely DID wear the things I’d “picked out” for her from her jewelry box as they weren’t right – but she’d always tell me what good taste I had even while putting on more appropriate jewelry from that “magic box” for the evening’s event.   She’d sweep out the door on the arm of my handsome Dad and I imagined them waltzing around the dance floor with all eyes on them.    It was a fairy tale come true……..and I totally believed it.     I’ve always known that there was a whole lot about my Mom (and my Dad as well) that I never knew….they were both very private people and didn’t talk about their parents or much about their lives growing up.   After my Mom died, I found a lot of old letters and photos of people I didn’t recognize and realized there really was so much about her I would have liked to have known.   I have a lot of good memories though.   While going through her things I found a note that said not to grieve her passing and that she would always be with us (me, my brother and sister) and that her biggest joy in her life had been being our Mom.   Now that’s a perfect Mother’s Day memory if ever there was one!

We are joining up today with The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Blog Hop and you can too by clicking their badge below!   HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!


P.S.  Don’t forget Tuesday is “WAGS AND WAVES FOR FORREST DAY”  !


A Tribute Day and a Pre-Tease Reminder!


It’s a TWO-FER Day!

I have two impawtant things to tell you today so listen up……..

FIRST – I’m reminding you what tomorrow is with this:


Be Purrrrpared for the Teaser post to pop up tomorrow at SOME TIME…….and be forewarned that it’s a GUEST TEASER and you know those are usually tough so study up everyone – be ready for a challenge!    OK??????

SECOND thing is special……

Many/most of you know that Fozziemum (Bev Green) from All Fur One and One Fur All and her family lost their dog Forrest last week to the Bridge.   He had the BEST send-off with his family spoiling him by helping him with his special wish list of things he’d always wanted to do (or food he wanted to eat!).  Now everyone is coming slowly to grips with the fact that Forrest is gone………..his family is having a very hard time adjusting, as we all do when we lose part of our hearts.    Thank goodness for SUPER DUPER caring friends like Sharon at Gentle Stitches who also lives “Down Under” where Forrest’s family is.   Sharon had a wonderful idea which we promised to help her with to set aside ONE DAY to honor dear Forrest in a special way.   

May 10th is the day – and it will officially be “Wag or Wave for Forrest Day” all across the blogosphere.   That’s right – all of us who want to pawticipate can post a photo of us either wagging a tail or a flag or a paw to “wag or wave” in honor of Angel Forrest and show our support to his family.    Isn’t that a great idea???    I designed this poster in honor of this special day – if you choose to post for Forrest that day, you can show this badge if you like and maybe use it as a link-up to Fozziemum’s blog so people can stop by and leave her  a message???   

Here’s the poster:


Here is the link/address to “All Fur One And One Fur All” – their blog:    https://ourpawpad.wordpress.com/

We want the idea for this special day to spread like wildfire so if you can publicize it on your Facebook page or your Blog – please do and feel free to use the poster for that if you want to.   Remember, the day is May 10th and it’s “Wags and Waves For Forrest” day!   

Some of you may know that May 10th is my FIFTH BLOGAVERSARY too – and for the occasion instead of a party, I’m going to have a commentathon – if you stop by here on May 10th and comment on my blog, my Mom will donate $1.00 per comment to our local shelter which is full of dogs and cats who need a home.    They can always use help so I thought it would be a nice way for ME to honor Forrest by making a donation to them in honor of him.   Somehow I think he’d like that don’t you????

A big thanks to Sharon for coming up with the idea of “Waves and Waves” because we think it’s GREAT and we were excited when she asked us to help get the word out…………….now I have to work on my photo for that day – – – – waving and wagging is something I used to do a long time ago when I was a kitten – but I can always photoshop a wag or wave I suppose!!!!!!!

Hope you’ll join in the fun on May 10th – We’ll “show the love” to Miss Bev and the whole gang at her home Down Under……..

See you tomorrow for the Teaser!!

Professor Sam - resting up for class tomorrow......!

Professor Sam – resting up for class tomorrow……!


Daddy’s Day


To All Who Are Celebrating It Today


I’m going to be extra adorable all day today (easy peasy) just for my Dad.  It’s pretty easy to do – being adorable comes naturally to me for some reason (ha) but because my Dad has always taken good care of me and Mom, we both want him to know ESPECIALLY today, that we love him.

I thought I’d put together a little slide show of all the photos on the computer that feature him or him and me…….my way of saying “THANKS FOR BEING MY POP!!!!”……………

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I could go on and on and on with all the reasons why I’m happy to celebrate with my Pop on Father’s Day…………but instead of that I think I’ll just post that special card I made for him because that says it all.  He’s #1 with me and always will be.




Also, today my Mom is thinking about HER Dad – he never got to know me because he went to the People Bridge in 1992 – WAY before I was born – but she misses him and I know we would have been buddies if we’d been able to meet.

Mom's Dad's High School Graduation photo......

Mom’s Dad’s High School Graduation photo……


So to Daddies everywhere – thanks for taking care of all of us – your families.  We appreciate you !


It’s Gotta be SPECIAL!


Ah……Saturday…….the weekend……..not that it makes all that much difference for my family because my parents are retired and home all the time instead of leaving me alone while they work.  It’s just that Saturday feels different anyway – don’t you think? 

I’m kind of thinking that since tomorrow is Mother’s Day (don’t forget your MOMS!) I should make something to give to Mom.  After all, not only is she my Mom but she’s also my best friend.  But what to make? 

I could pick a bunch of HER flowers from the garden and make a corsage or bouquet……after all, I do have extra toes on my front claws so I can use my “hands” pretty well – picking flowers is a cinch.  But she gets flowers all the time….so it’s not that special.

I could do a sand sculpture for her since I have a HUGE and ready supply of cat litter down in the basement but that wouldn’t be so special since she’s downstairs several times a day cleaning my litter box and might notice I’d “borrowed” some litter from the box.

I could make breakfast for her tomorrow morning but I don’t really think a can of tuna & shrimp or ocean whitefish or even salmon and crab would really be “her thing” so even THAT wouldn’t be special.

I know!  Tomorrow morning I’ll hop up on the bed (because I don’t sleep with my parents at night since I’m all grown up) and go up close to her face and purr REEEEEEEAAAAALLLLL loud and when she wakes up I’ll give her a big kiss and a head bump.  Now I KNOW she’ll love that and I also know that it would be SPECIAL. 

Gosh, I’m glad I solved THAT problem!  What will you be doing for your Mom tomorrow to celebrate Mother’s Day?????

Here’s that old picture of me and my Mom AND me in a basket which I can barely get the FRONT part of my body into these days…. 😀

Pix From Sam's "Baby" Album

Me and my Mom when I was 3 months old