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Friendly Fill-Ins and Stuff


A Double Bloggie Again!


This is a fabulous blog hop co-hosted by Ellen of 15andmeowing and Annie of McGuffy’sReader and every Friday each of the ladies gives us TWO sentences with blanks in them for us to FILL-ER-UP!    This week I think ALL of us will take a turn at filling in – Mom’s fills will be in RED and mine will be in GREEN and Teddy (my new baby brother) will fill in using PLUM !!

CLICK BADGE TO VISIT McGuffy’s and link your blog up for the Hop!


Here’s the sentences and our fill-ins!

1. Snow was something I really loved to play in until I got really old and my arthritis acted up!.
2. My favorite kind of soup is a toss up between “Bean With Bacon” and “Chicken Noodle”.

3. When no one is around, I get up on furniture my Mommy has said “Teddy, No” about!!.

4. Teddy is my new baby brother and I will always watch out for him from the Rainbow Bridge!!.

SO – that’s it for the filling in stuff………………….hope you decide to fill in the blanks too because it’s a lot of fun reading how everyone fills in the sentences.   Remember, click on the badge above to join up!

Now for the second part of today’s blog………………I will tell you a little bit about my new baby brother Teddy.    You already know a lot but I’ll “re-tell” the whole thing for you just in case.


Mom and Dad were beyond sad when they had to help me go to the Rainbow Bridge on December 2nd.   But my time had definitely come and I was struggling to stay.    My departure was with my Mom and Dad and my beloved vet and his vet tech and I felt LOVE until my last breath.    I was wrapped in a warm fleecie so I was comfy and off I went to the Bridge and became an Angel.


They were too upset to even consider adopting another cat at that point but they KNEW their lives would never be “right” without a kitty in them so they just waited for the pain in their hearts to lessen.   They actually went to the shelter (where I was adopted 17 years ago!) here in our area once and went into the cat room but both of them couldn’t stay in the room – they realized quickly that it just wasn’t quite TIME.    So Mom kept an eye on the shelter website to see who was arriving and who was being adopted….then last Friday, February 10th, the shelter listed three new cats, all under a year old!    They didn’t have photos yet so Mom and Dad didn’t know what the kittens looked like but one was 11 months, one was 8 months and one was 6 months and they decided to go to the shelter FIRST THING Saturday to see the cats.    They were the FIRST to arrive…….and when they walked into the cat room my Dad saw a little ginger guy in a cage sound asleep and said to Mom “do you think that might be HIM?”     Mom and Dad walked over and read the information about the ginger and white kitten and it turned out he was 11 months old and looked a whole lot like ME!    No extra toes like me, and slightly different tabby markings but a LOT like me.    He woke up and stuck his little paw out the side of the cage and both Mom and Dad knew for sure he really WAS the one.   Why?   Well, 17 years ago when they adopted ME from the shelter, I had stuck my paw through the cage to say hi when they walked in the room just like this little guy had done.   It was a sign.   The lady in the shelter took him out of the cage and let Mom and Dad see him and he was a REAL LOVE BUG……he was making biscuits all over Mom’s coat, he was hugging her and Dad, he was purring loud……..he was just doing his best to say “TAKE ME HOME PLEASE” – so they did.    They renamed him TEDDY because that’s the name my Dad wanted the next kitty to have.



This photo was taken the minute he got to the house that day………..

Since then Teddy has taken over the entire house – all three floors of it…………he runs around like mad, carries toys all over the place (I left him my whole big red wagon full of toys!), eats like a little piggy, and just last night started hopping up on Mom and Dad’s bed to invite them to play with him at 1AM.    He’s too wound up to settle in for a snooze but eventually they think he will be a “bed bug” and sleep with them.
I searched long and hard for a ginger kitty for my Mom and Dad………..not because I was trying to give them a “replacement Sam” but because my Mom had always had ginger kitties in her life before she met my Dad…….and after all, I was with Mom and Dad for SEVENTEEN YEARS and they knew that having another ginger would just plain make them HAPPY.   Teddy is a very different little boy than I was at his age.    I will be his Guardian Angel from the Rainbow Bridge.    We renamed my blog TWOspoiledcats because of course even though I’m an Angel, I was spoiled and Teddy will be too and we BOTH will be blogging from now on.    Teddy is his own man……..he’s just a little bundle of love.    I’m loving him from afar AND my parents too and always will.     Here we both are:
These photos have been posted before but I’ll post them again because Mom hasn’t had a chance to take more photos of him – but we will be of course – and boring you to tears with photos whenever we have them.   It’s what new parents and a big Angel brother do right?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My good friends Madi and Raz have arranged to have a WELCOME TEDDY Blog Hop on Sunday, February 19th – the dear sweet peeps at Dory’s Backyard are setting up the blog hop links, etc. for Madi and Raz and if you’d like to do a post to welcome my brother to BLOGVILLE, you can pop on the hop any time HERE.    Just scroll down the Hoppity Hop page until you come to Teddy’s Hop and put your link in.     Teddy will be thrilled to meet all of you!    He’s happy to be part of this great community we have here………………..

Happy Friday!


Love and Hugs, from Angel Sammy, Guardian Angel to Teddy!!

Sunday Selfie Blog Hop


It’s Selfie Blog Hop Day

And FYI I will have TWO posts today because I’m pawticipating in Dory’s 25 Days of Christmas and I am DAY 18!   You can visit Dory’s HERE.

The Selfie Hop though is hosted by my good friends Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head and if you’d like to hop along with the HOP, just visit them HERE and join up with the linky tool.    Hope to see you “around” !!


Happy Holidays! 

Love, Angel Sam

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Bacon at the Bridge


Yes we have bacon here!

I have a different Bacon Saturday today of course because I am at the Bridge.   I am not yet allowed to share photos of things here but when I do I will show you the BACON SUITE which is where I am hanging my hat (and wings) when I’m not visiting my sweet Mom and Dad at home…..they need me a lot right now you know.  It’s all so new.

There are so many things I need to say but Mom is operating on “empty” right now so forgive me if I’m short with today’s post……………..we may have a few short posts before we get back in the swing……………but I will continue blogging for sure!

Thank you all for pawticipating in Easy’s COME FLY WITH ME blog hop yesterday – we had a bazillion places to visit and a bazillion notes to send out but let me again say THANK YOU to all of you and I had a super fun time.   I know it was a lot of work and I thank Easy, Madi and Dory for helping to make it “work”.

I’ll have my first breakfast here at the Bridge Breakfast Buffet tomorrow and I’ve been told to expect a BOUNTIFUL BACON BAR………oh boy – I knew I was gonna love it here.

Thanks Miss Ann at Zoolatry for the beautiful graphic.........

Thanks Miss Ann at Zoolatry for the beautiful graphic………

And thanks to all of you for being my friends!

The napping is good at the Bridge...............

The napping is good at the Bridge……………

Love, Angel Sammy

p.s.  We have received some beautiful poems and thoughts from some of you and I will share those in the days to come………stay tuned!

The Farewell Tour



Friends, we perhaps should have told you before now – but sometimes sad news ON TOP of other sad news is just that much more sad.    The loss of our buddy Easy this week was overwhelming for all of us so I didn’t want to tell you about ME, but now I must……………….

This morning I am heading to the Bridge to join my friend Easy and my predecessor here in my home Eddy, and SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many of our friends who have gone before.   I have been very sick for very long and I am tired and ready to rest………..my leaving will not be sad – it will be me moving on to that beautiful place we call the Rainbow Bridge.   I will be welcomed by many I’m sure…………….and I will STILL be in your hearts if you find a little spot for me!

Miss Ann at Zoolatry made this beautiful badge – you will see it today around the blogosphere…………but she also wrote a poem which I’m including.

 A Poem about Sammy
Now I lay me down to sleep,
angels near to guide my feet.
I’m not afraid, I do not fear,
my life’s been good while I was here.
It is time to leave, to cross my bridge,
to reach toward my rainbow …
When I come to heaven’s door,
I’ll see the friends smiling who went before.
Waiting to welcome me home again.
Where I began, where I now end.
So I will now leave, I will cross my bridge,
yes ~ I see my rainbow …
My Mom will write more later today – probably this evening as I finish my AMAZING DAY visiting all of you who are part of the lovely blog hop that dear Easy and Madi planned for today.   Of course then we didn’t know Easy would have left so suddenly – but he’s in our hearts always and I like to think he’s joined me as I visit all of you today on my COME FLY WITH ME tour!    I’ve already visited many of you and will continue to do that all day today…………you make my heart so full of love.
I will continue blogging but might take a little time off – you know I need to check into my suite over the Bridge – they’ve reserved the “BACON SUITE” for me.   Just right wouldn’t you say?

Your forever friend, Sammy


Thankful Thursday and Thoroughly Poetic Too!



Hello my friends!  Time to write a poem honoring the letter “X” and I decided that I can CHEAT because it’s MY blog and if I want to I can – right?


X Marks The Spot

By Sammy Kimmell, 11/24/16

Thanksgiving….being thankful

Sometimes it can be a handful

So many things to be thankful for

But “X” marks the spot and it’s a bullseye score.

The “X” is on my heart where my love is stored

I absolutely couldn’t possibly love you all more.

I’m feeling my age and I wish there was more time

My “slot machine of life” needs just one more dime!

But before I must go, I’ll most thankfully say

I’m especially thankful on Thanksgiving Day –

My life has been grand, by life has been good

I’m glad you’ve all been part of my “blog neighborhood”.

Enjoy your blessings and count them out loud

I’ll promise to visit you one day on a cloud.


From Sammy With Love

I feel that I must say a little something to everyone about Sammy although it’s not easy to do……..because of course our beloved pets MUST live forever right?   They must – they are such a huge part of our lives and hearts.  Well Sammy is just tired and his body is failing him and there is little that can be done.   I have NOT wanted to talk about it – because it’s difficult – very difficult.   He spent a day and a half in the hospital having constant IV drip with a variety of treatments all designed to do what we hope is NOT impossible – give him just a little more time…………Sammy has loved Christmas since he was tiny.   He loves lying under the tree and watching my husband’s train go round and round…….he loves present boxes…….he loves just being WITH us when we unwrap our presents and when he gets to look in his stocking to see what Santa Paws has brought.   SO our wonderful vet is trying to give Sammy a “rally” – – – a boost so that he will be able to enjoy one last Christmas with us.    We are NOT doing any “heroics” for him……I honestly feel he wouldn’t want us to.   He’s had a wonderful and long happy life and he deserves to have a good long rest.   He will always be in my heart and I think in many of your hearts too………..I’ve LOVED sharing him with you and right now, it’s my intention to continue – after all, Angels DO blog you know!

Don’t be sad…………..just sent us all your purrs and prayers and ENERGY so Sam will hang in there – I’ll keep you posted on the blog…………no long drawn out medical reports but just to let you know how the “rally” is working.


We are hooking up to Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!   We’re THANKFUL for you too Brian!!!




Thanks thanks to the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head for this lovely badge…….it touches my heart.

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Bonjour Poetry Lovers!


Today we get one step closer to the end of the alphabet with our celebration of the letter “V”, but remember, I recently announced that we would START OVER from “A” once we reached the end because we’re all having so much fun writing poems that we should just KEEP ON DOING IT!     If you have written a poem today for “V” you can post the link to your blog where the poem is posted in my comments so we can visit you to read it OR just post your poem in my comments here! We’ll SHARE……………..

So without further ado, I hereby present my salute to the letter “V”…………..



By Sammy Kimmell, 11/10/16

Although it isn’t February

And not “that special day”

If you love somebody dearly

Then you simply have to say –

The day is so much brighter

When your Valentine is there

You show them that you love them

And that you really, truly care.

A special hug or squeeze works

So does a great big smile

You simply want to be with them

For longer than “a while”.

I think that the word Valentine

Means the one that you adore

The one you want to be near always

And would do anything for.

My Mom and I are Valentines

It’s exactly how we feel

Valentines forever

Our love is the REAL deal!…………….

Mom and I have always been super duper close…………..she looks at me across the room and I will wink………she will wink back………..we have communicated.    Mom says she can just THINK of me during her day and I will “meow” from wherever I am in the house – like I know she thought of me.    The one thing I do that irritates her (!!!) is that at night if she just happens to wake up for a minute and is lying there waiting to fall back asleep, I “know” she has woken up because she will hear me call her from downstairs………….yeah maybe we have a psychic bond or something?!?!?!   Whatever, we are very close and while I adore my Dad too (after all it’s been the three of us together for almost 17 years!!!), Mom and I are CLOSER than CLOSE.   Maybe she was a cat in a previous life?    Anyway, that’s why I wrote this poem for “V”.

Next week we have “W”……………..then just three more letters before we start all over again!   YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make someone feel special today – write a poem for them!


Until NEXT Thursday!  

Au Revoir!  

Monsieur Sam the Poet Man

P.S.  We are also joining up with our friend Brian’s “Thankful Thursday” Blog Hop.  

Since Mom and I are very THANKFUL for each other, we think we qualify!!!



Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Welcome to Poetry Day


Hello Poetry Fans and welcome to our little weekly exercise of our poetic brains where we write a poem beginning with a letter of the alphabet……as we work our way through the alphabet we find that we have made our way to the letter:



By Sammy Kimmell, 9/8/16

She’s been my Mom for 16 years

Through giggles, fun, and sometimes tears.

She’s taught me things I needed to know

She’s fed me well so I would grow –

From tiny feral baby to senior old man

I thought I couldn’t, she showed me I can.

Every day has been like a gift

Sleepy sunpuddles in which I drift.

The day will come when I will leave

But in my heart I truly believe

She will join me and the others who came before

On the beach of love at Rainbow’s shore……….

Now, before I leave you, I invite you to put your OWN poem for “M” in my comments to share with everyone OR, put a link to your blog where you might post your poem and join me in celebrating the fun “art” of poetry!!!!  

Oh yes -before I go – HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

TO MY MOM AND DAD today – 26 years!


Weren’t they cute?   HAHAHAHA

Love, Sammy the Poet!

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Greetings and Salutations!


Time for us to WAX POETIC and pull a poem out of our bag of creativity and come up with something SUITABLE for this week’s letter of the alphabet – the letter:



By Sammy Kimmell, 9/1/16

Love is all around

A sight, a smell, a sound

I feel it every day

In many different ways

The softness of a touch

From someone I love so much

The voice that never screams

To interrupt my dreams

A gentle loving hug

Lying with me on the rug

A wink across the room

A brushing to help me groom

My days are warm with love

I thank the stars above

My life has been long in years

My future I do not fear

I will take the love along

When I sing the “Rainbow” song………..

Now, how about you?   Did you write an “L” poem today?  If you did, you can share it with us in comments OR give us your blog link to your poem so we can take a peek and see what’s on your mind!!

I thought you might like to see the other photos Mom took of me on the front porch the other day – I used one for my Sunday Selfie at The Cat on My Head, but here are a couple of others!   These are RECENT photos as I said – not “recycled” ones!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

People have asked to see some “new” photos of me so there you are!

Know what else?   I only entered a couple of the Pawlympics events this year but one of the ones I did enter was one I simply couldn’t resist entering………..The Tuneful Farting competition that my pal Easy was hosting!    Of course those of us who entered, all won but who knew I’d get a BLUE RIBBON and a certificate??  Not me!   They came in the mail yesterday and I was so excited!


Here’s my entry photo for that INTERESTING competition!


AND, I also got a lovely medal from my gal pal Madi for having entered the event SHE hosted at the Pawlympics called Sunpuddle Napping!


Honestly I can’t remember which of my MANY snoozer photos I entered in that one but you’ve seen one photo of me sleeping, you’ve seen them all!    HAHAHAHA

Don’t forget to write an “L” Poem!

I’ll see you next week for “M” !

I feel my poetic side peeking out in this photo!

I feel my poetic side peeking out in this photo!

Poetic Hugs, Sammy


Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Greetings Poetry Fans!


Hello Poetry Peeps and here we go again, creating “artwork in words” as we write poetry together through the alphabet!    Can you believe we’re already at the letter “H” ???    What will we do when we get to “Z” I wonder………we’ll figure something out – never fear!

When I sat down to figure out what the subject of my poem today might be, I really DID have a lot of choices……………There are a lot of “H” things that pop into my ginger brain but I finally settled on this one.    I hope you like it!

Sam's house on the hill.


By Sammy Kimmell, August 3, 2016

Home is where the heart is

We’re safe, secure, and cozy

Where life is good and we are happy

Where everything is rosy!

When we first join our humans in their homes

We trust that it’s FOREVER

That we will spend our whole lives through

Leaving them NEVER

Sometimes things happen to change that course

Beyond what anyone could see

A loss of job or home or health

Can bring such tragedy.

But when things are good they’re very good

And it’s best to stay “in the minute”

The future is unknown you see we just don’t know what’s in it!

So hold on tight to your happiness


That is our wish – it’s what we hope

And that for which we pray…………………

That’s my little thought for “H” and now I’ll spend the next week figuring out what to do with the letter “I” !!!!!    Have you got a poem to contribute to Thoroughly Poetic Thursday???  Go for it – you can post it here in my comments where people can see it OR, post a link to your blog where you might do your poem to share with your followers.    Poetry is the window to the soul (or maybe it’s just plain fun!!!!!!).

See you next week!

Your Poetic Ginger Friend, Sam

I think I'll grab a nap and hope I'm inspired in my dreams for NEXT week's poem!!!!

I think I’ll grab a nap and hope I’m inspired in my dreams for NEXT week’s poem!!!!

Valentine’s Selfie and Stuff


♥ Happy Valentine’s Day!♥

Today is not just ALL ABOUT LOVE for Valentine’s Day, but we also have the usual Sunday Selfie with The Cat On My Head……………….AND I have a reminder about tomorrow for you too!   BUSY BUSY!

But first………………………


I hope you all spend the day loving life, loving each other, loving this great big world we live in…………..with all its faults, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be !!

Now for my Sunday Selfie Blog Hop photo – – – – it’s one I’ve had before on Cat On My Head’s Hop but it bears repeating – especially for Valentine’s Day………………if you want to visit other hoppers, and post your own Valentine’s Selfie, just click their badge!

To my favorite Valentine in the world - My Mom!

To my favorite Valentine in the world – My Mom!


I’m also pawticipating today in a Valentine’s Parade!   That’s right!   Sarge and Frankie and Ernie are co-hosting!   My contribution to the Parade will be shown on Frankie and Ernie’s Blog along  with others at 7AM EST this morning……….there were so many entries they have TWO sets of parade participants today!  But there will be MORE participants on Sarge’s blog too HERE .

THIS is my Parade Entry !   Cool huh?   You could do a float, or just walk along the parade route, or a sign – but I thought I’d soar above the crowd in a hot air balloon!



That just about wraps things up for this DAY OF LOVE…………..except for one REMINDER.   Tomorrow is Bacon‘s very first ANIPAL APPRECIATION DAY – this will be an annual event starting tomorrow – everyone will blog about their friends in the pet blogging world – and give links to some of your friends – whoever you want to – and we’ll spend the day visiting each other and making new friends………or just saying HI to old ones…….you might say, we’ll be EXTENDING the love to TWO days every year by celebrating on the 14th AND 15th of every February!