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A Tribute Day and a Pre-Tease Reminder!


It’s a TWO-FER Day!

I have two impawtant things to tell you today so listen up……..

FIRST – I’m reminding you what tomorrow is with this:


Be Purrrrpared for the Teaser post to pop up tomorrow at SOME TIME…….and be forewarned that it’s a GUEST TEASER and you know those are usually tough so study up everyone – be ready for a challenge!    OK??????

SECOND thing is special……

Many/most of you know that Fozziemum (Bev Green) from All Fur One and One Fur All and her family lost their dog Forrest last week to the Bridge.   He had the BEST send-off with his family spoiling him by helping him with his special wish list of things he’d always wanted to do (or food he wanted to eat!).  Now everyone is coming slowly to grips with the fact that Forrest is gone………..his family is having a very hard time adjusting, as we all do when we lose part of our hearts.    Thank goodness for SUPER DUPER caring friends like Sharon at Gentle Stitches who also lives “Down Under” where Forrest’s family is.   Sharon had a wonderful idea which we promised to help her with to set aside ONE DAY to honor dear Forrest in a special way.   

May 10th is the day – and it will officially be “Wag or Wave for Forrest Day” all across the blogosphere.   That’s right – all of us who want to pawticipate can post a photo of us either wagging a tail or a flag or a paw to “wag or wave” in honor of Angel Forrest and show our support to his family.    Isn’t that a great idea???    I designed this poster in honor of this special day – if you choose to post for Forrest that day, you can show this badge if you like and maybe use it as a link-up to Fozziemum’s blog so people can stop by and leave her  a message???   

Here’s the poster:


Here is the link/address to “All Fur One And One Fur All” – their blog:    https://ourpawpad.wordpress.com/

We want the idea for this special day to spread like wildfire so if you can publicize it on your Facebook page or your Blog – please do and feel free to use the poster for that if you want to.   Remember, the day is May 10th and it’s “Wags and Waves For Forrest” day!   

Some of you may know that May 10th is my FIFTH BLOGAVERSARY too – and for the occasion instead of a party, I’m going to have a commentathon – if you stop by here on May 10th and comment on my blog, my Mom will donate $1.00 per comment to our local shelter which is full of dogs and cats who need a home.    They can always use help so I thought it would be a nice way for ME to honor Forrest by making a donation to them in honor of him.   Somehow I think he’d like that don’t you????

A big thanks to Sharon for coming up with the idea of “Waves and Waves” because we think it’s GREAT and we were excited when she asked us to help get the word out…………….now I have to work on my photo for that day – – – – waving and wagging is something I used to do a long time ago when I was a kitten – but I can always photoshop a wag or wave I suppose!!!!!!!

Hope you’ll join in the fun on May 10th – We’ll “show the love” to Miss Bev and the whole gang at her home Down Under……..

See you tomorrow for the Teaser!!

Professor Sam - resting up for class tomorrow......!

Professor Sam – resting up for class tomorrow……!


Jammin’ at Jamboree


Hi Everyone!  Well the Cat Scouts Jamboree is finally over and I’ve been getting some extra naps in back here at home now……..I needed them.   I’m constantly reminded that I am NOT a “Kit Scout” (what we call young cats!) but am a Senior Catizen (haha).   Anyway, here’s some info on the last day or two.

You know that I had been selected by Denmaster as one of two candidates for “The Order of the Arrowhead” honor……and to receive the honor I would have to spend one night in the Wilderness in a loincloth, with one batch, a blanket, semaphore flags, and a compass.   I survived that – and received my beautiful white sash for my uniform as a member of The Order of the Arrowhead.

Embarrassed but ready to take the challenge!

Embarrassed but ready to take the challenge!

YAY - I made it back after spending the night in the wilderness!

YAY – I made it back after spending the night in the wilderness!

The origins of that honor by the way are for real……….and are interesting too!   Here’s what Denmaster told us:

The Order of the Arrowhead (OA) recognizes Cat Scouts who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives. This recognition provides encouragement for others to live these ideals as well. Arrowhead Cats are known for maintaining camping traditions, skills and spirit, and providing cheerful and selfless service to others.
The Order of the Arrowhead was originally called The Order of the Naabaawewanwi, the Ojibwe Indian word for arrowhead. Finding Naabaawewanwi too difficult for many scouts to pronouce, we now use the English translation. The tribe name Ojibwe may have originated from their word “ojiibwabwe” meaning “those who cook\roast until it puckers.” Ojibwe are also commonly known as Chippewa. The Ojibwe culture was popularized by “The Song of Hiawatha” by Longfellow.
The roots of the skills you learn in Cat Scouting can often be traced to Indian cultures like the Ojibwe. We honor the 566 Federally Recognized Tribes in the U.S.
through the Order of the Arrowhead for their reverence for nature, their ability to live off the land, and their perseverence in the face of adversity.

As if that weren’t enough excitement, there was also a promotions ceremony last night – with a LOT of Scouts being bumped up a rank for all their hard work in Scouts…………well, I was SHOCKED when my name was one of five Scouts who was promoted to the highest rank in Cat Scouts………..SABERTOOTH!    How cool is that?   I was speechless (and that’s a rare occasion for me as you probably have guessed by now).    My besties Scouts Raz, Gracie, Mauricio and Nibbler were also promoted to Sabertooth.   We’re working on a cool new “avatar” for us to use on Scouts now that we’re Sabertooths and this was my suggestion – what do you think??????


See my beautiful Order of the Arrowhead Sash??????

Congratulations to all my Cat Scouts

friends who were also promoted!

Here we are this morning getting loaded up into a fleet of hippie buses that Denmaster had arranged for us to use to drive back to Headquarters from the Jamboree Camp.   Pretty cool wheels huh??

Beep Beep - All aboard Rumblers!!

Beep Beep – All aboard Rumblers!!

YES we have a blast at Cat Scouts……………….you might think about joining us – just go HERE to find out what you have to do.   If you DO join up – consider joining my Troop – we are the WORLDWIDE WILDCATS!!

Tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser you know……………….just thought I’d better remind you……………….!!!!!   Random time for the post so be on your toes (or paws) !!



Sabertooth Scout Sammy

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P.S.S.   Please send my dear sweet friend Nylablue and her Mum Sherri-Ellen some prayers and purrs…………..tomorrow Nylablue may be taking the trip to Summerland (Rainbow Bridge) due to her multiple medical issues………..we hope her trip is peaceful and full of love…………..