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It’s Gotta be SPECIAL!


Ah……Saturday…….the weekend……..not that it makes all that much difference for my family because my parents are retired and home all the time instead of leaving me alone while they work.  It’s just that Saturday feels different anyway – don’t you think? 

I’m kind of thinking that since tomorrow is Mother’s Day (don’t forget your MOMS!) I should make something to give to Mom.  After all, not only is she my Mom but she’s also my best friend.  But what to make? 

I could pick a bunch of HER flowers from the garden and make a corsage or bouquet……after all, I do have extra toes on my front claws so I can use my “hands” pretty well – picking flowers is a cinch.  But she gets flowers all the time….so it’s not that special.

I could do a sand sculpture for her since I have a HUGE and ready supply of cat litter down in the basement but that wouldn’t be so special since she’s downstairs several times a day cleaning my litter box and might notice I’d “borrowed” some litter from the box.

I could make breakfast for her tomorrow morning but I don’t really think a can of tuna & shrimp or ocean whitefish or even salmon and crab would really be “her thing” so even THAT wouldn’t be special.

I know!  Tomorrow morning I’ll hop up on the bed (because I don’t sleep with my parents at night since I’m all grown up) and go up close to her face and purr REEEEEEEAAAAALLLLL loud and when she wakes up I’ll give her a big kiss and a head bump.  Now I KNOW she’ll love that and I also know that it would be SPECIAL. 

Gosh, I’m glad I solved THAT problem!  What will you be doing for your Mom tomorrow to celebrate Mother’s Day?????

Here’s that old picture of me and my Mom AND me in a basket which I can barely get the FRONT part of my body into these days…. 😀

Pix From Sam's "Baby" Album

Me and my Mom when I was 3 months old