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Father’s Day Selfies


My Dad

Happy Sunday!    It’s Selfie Sunday but it’s also Father’s Day so here we go.

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My Mom and Dad are my world.    My Dad had never ever had a kitty before Mom got him interested in cats.     When Mom and Dad got married they lived in Springfield, VA and Mom had a kitty friend – a sweet “neighborhood cat”  who had been left behind by his family and made his way in life by visiting friendly homes.     Mom fed him and he even got used to coming in the house – then sleeping in the house – and soon he was totally moved in.     His name was Eddy and he was the kitty Mom and Dad had when they built this house and moved out to the country.    Eddy went to the Rainbow Bridge and that’s when Mom and Dad adopted Sammy from the local shelter.     When he went to the Bridge in 2016, they went back to the shelter and found ME ME ME ME!

Mom and I have a special relationship BUT Dad and I have a whole totally different special relationship too.   Like most kitties, I know to go to Mom for some things and know to go to Dad for other things – we learn that stuff pretty quick!     Dad and I are walking pals.

   He’s the best walker – very patient and never in a hurry!

Mom and I are snuggle pals.   I love to hug her legs and give her head bonks.    I like it when she’s sitting down so I can come up beside her and put my paws up on top of her head and hug her face with my face.    She is the one who feeds me most of the time, gives me treats and cleans my litterbox (very imporant duty!).

But today really is about my Dad………………………………..I am happy that while he was a dog guy when Mom met him, he warmed up to the idea of having a cat – which Mom had always had since she moved out on her own from home.    I love and appreciate him.    I gave him a HAPPY FATHER’S DAY CARD (thanks for helping me with that MOM).     He knows I love him.    That’s the important thing!

Since it’s Father’s Day, my Mom always honors her own Dad who went to the Human Bridge in October of 1992.

  Mom With Her Dad In His Uniform

You’ve seen this photo before – Mom’s Dad walking her down the aisle.  You’d never know he was sick by then – hadn’t slept in a few days but insisted on escorting Mom down the aisle in his Air Force uniform even though he’d retired years before.    I of course never knew him but I wish I had.    Mom says he was special.    I think ALL Dads are special – each in some SPECIAL way.

So I hope ALL Father’s everywhere have a special day today – you are loved and appreciated……….and you do a BIG JOB as a Dad.     I appreciate that and I know my Mom appreciates that she had a great Dad too!

Love you Daddy!   Hugs, Teddy


Sammy wanted to be in on the LOVE today – both of us thank you for being our Dad !!


We hope all Dads have a great day in Heaven or here on Earth

Love, Teddy (and Mom too)


Zoe you will be missed by all of us who knew you……farewell beautiful Angel.   


Sunday Selfie Hop on Fathers’ Day


Happy Sunday AND Happy Father’s Day!     Time to HOP with Kitties Blue.   Are you hopping with us?    You can click their badge above and link up that way  if you like.    Show yourself off with us every Sunday on the Selfie Hop that they host.

This week’s photo is one Mom took on Thursday when she was changing the sheets……….as soon as she pulled the pillow cases off the pillows I popped on top of the pillows, lay down and promptly went to sleep.    Yep – I did – and once more I’ve NEVER EVER done that before (get on the pillows instead of just the bed!)  so it was fun to see her so surprised.      I stayed there for about ten minutes then transferred to the bed itself and kept her from changing the sheets for a nice two hour stretch while I napped.    I didn’t hold up laundry day though – she did all the other laundry while I got my nap in THEN she got the bed sheets.

Here I am………………..

Yep – it’s a little blurry – Mom says it makes me look soft – I say I’m pretty darn SOFT anyway!     Well, just for fun Mom added a Lunapic art effect called “BRAVE” to this photo and we did a puzzle out of it too!

Mom jazzed my photo up on Lunapic using the “BRAVE” art effect………….do I look brave?    THEN she did a puzzle of this photo for those of you who enjoy doing them – – – here you are!

Just click this MINI-ME picture and go for it……

Happy Sunday and Happy Father’s Day to ALL Dads – especially MINE!


You’re the BESTEST POP ever!  

Sunday Selfie for Father’s Day


Happy Father’s Day!

Today we are again participating in The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop but of course we’re honoring our Dad at the same time………………..our selfie today is dedicated to him………..even though one of us has gone to the Rainbow Bridge, you will always be our Dad.

If you’d like to visit The Cat On My Head to join in the hop with the LINKY tool, please do!   The more the merrier…………….just click their badge below to go!

This is the first Father’s Day that Dad hasn’t had a card and present from Angel Sammy – and Sammy always left him a secret special note in the tiny little “journal” that Dad keeps by his recliner in the Family Room.    I almost put a note in there for him like Angel Sammy used to but somehow it just didn’t seem right………that was between Dad and Sam………..instead, I got him a special card celebrating OUR first Father’s Day together which I gave him this morning along with his present.

Always and Forever…….Angel Sammy and Teddy

I Miss You Pop-Pop…………



Sunday Selfie Hopping With Dad


Father’s Day Selfie Hop Time!


Just as we do every Sunday, we’re hopping with The Cat on My Head crew today pawticipating in the selfie blog hop……………..What’s better on a sunny Father’s Day Sunday than showing off our Dads up close and purrsonal?   I’m letting my Dad take the stage today, although at the end of my post is ME ME ME in a Selfie too – you get TWO FOR ONE!

Here’s MY entry in today’s hop – how about yours??   Wanna join in?   After you take a peekie at my “Dad Selfie”, there’s a badge below it that will connect you to our hosts, the Kitties Blue at The Cat On My Head and you can join in OR just visit all the other selfie participants if you prefur.   Either way – ENJOY!



How’s that for making sure my Dad knows I love him?   Wheeeeeeee!    Click below to visit the hop hosts and have a HAPPY HOPPY FATHER’S DAY !


Love, Sammy


Father’s Day, 2016


Father’s Day and Selfie Sunday!


A double occasion today but the MOST important is Daddy’s Day………………….Mom and I made this card for him – he loved it!!


My Dad means the world to me………………..and my Mom says HER Dad meant the world to her too so I want to honor that as well.    In fact, we want to honor everyone who IS a Dad because it’s a very important job.   I’m going to spend the whole day with my Dad today……………showing him how much I love him!

We are also participating in Sunday Selfies with Kitties Blue…………….I did a selfie portrait of ME for that and here it is – I hope Dad likes it………I’m up on his and Mom’s bed getting ready to take a bath (tee hee)…………..


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Happy Father’s Day!  

Love, Sammy