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Mother’s Day Sunday Selfie Hop


Happy Mothers’ Day to all Moms and Caretakers who are Moms in their own special way.     It’s time for the Sunday Selfie Hop with our hosts The Cat On my Head but because it’s a special Sunday, we have included a selfie of my Mom’s Mom as well as MY Selfie!     My Mom’s Mom became an Angel in 2001 so I never got to know her.   I wish I had been able to meet her though!    Here she is with a note from Mom.

Then I have a selfie of me……………………and it’s Mom and Me the first time I ever played with her – I think it was the day after I was adopted and came to live with Mom and Dad and Mom and I were wrestling while Dad giggled.

Mother’s Day is a very special day and I also think Father’s Day is special too………….he shelter didn’t have any information for me about my first 11 months of life before coming to the shelter.   I might have had a home but we don’t think so.    I didn’t know what cat toys were.    Mom and Dad made a BIG DEAL over me and I just ate it up!

I hope you and your family celebrate Mother’s Day in some way with those you love………..I gave my Mom a bouquet of flowers and a card (with Dad’s help of course) but sometimes the very BEST gift is just a hug !!!

Big thanks to our hosts The Cat On My Head for giving all of us a place to show ourselves off every week.   Selfies are fun.    Mom usually does a puzzle with my current selfie photo but since the photo today is a flashback, we have a flashback puzzle!



LOVE, Teddy


Friendly Friday Fill-Ins


Hello Friday!    Mom and I think this post will appear on Friday anyway – remember LAST week when Mom  we got things messed up?   Well not this week!    Anyway, this is a FUN Hop and one we look forward to every week.   It’s co-hosted by 15andmeowing and Four-Legged Furballs and if you’d like to join in and fill in the blanks – click the badge above and link up.

Here are the four sentences with blanks that we have for today……..two from each co-host.    Mom and I each did two sentences this week.   My fill-in words are in RED and Mom’s are in BLUE!


1. I just finished my early morning nap – so I think I’ll begin my mid-morning nap.
2. I am hoping to start talking Mom and Dad into taking me out more now that the weather is perking up!.
3. Waking up another day is my idea of success.   (those of you who have been through things in your life where you weren’t so sure you would wake up again know what I mean!)
4. When I can’t sleep, I puff up my pillows, turn over, adjust the covers and try, try, again !


So there you have it – another successful filling in experience by the dynamic duo of ME and Mom.    We hope all of you have a Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday.    My Mom says I’m the reason she gets to celebrate since her Mom and my Dad’s Mom are long gone to the Bridge AND since Mom and Dad have no human kids.    I’m THEIR BOY!!!!!   YAY!!!!!

Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

Mother’s Day Selfie


A Mother’s Day Remembrance and Celebration!

Happy Mother’s Day!    We are joining up with The Cat On My Head to celebrate SELFIE SUNDAY but because of the special occasion, our selfie isn’t of ME, it’s of my Grandmom who I sadly never got to know.     My Mom’s Mom passed away in 2001 so I never met her.    My Mom says she remembers her Mom told her that she was often mistaken for some movie star when she was the age she was in this photo.   That’s a nice compliment if you ask me!    We think this photo was taken WAY long ago – even before she met my Mom’s Dad.    The photo above was found in my Grandmom’s jewelry box after she passed away and it looked like it had been cut out of a larger photo or maybe a yearbook?   We don’t know.

I’m guessing there will be a lot of Mom photos today as selfies because of the occasion…………..but even if you are doing a traditional selfie today of YOU, and you’d like to join in the Selfie Hop at The Cat on My Head, you can do that by clicking on their badge below, filling in the LINKY form and you’re IN!!

Moms are special people.   I’m grateful to have my Mom and my Dad…………!!

Moms are LOVE……….!  

Hugs, Teddy

Mother’s Day Sunday Selfie


It’s All About Mom…..and Me


My Mom……by Sammy

A little kitten, tiny and alone 

No real home to call my own

I was so lonely and felt so lost

I wanted out at any cost 

Then came my very lucky day  

Some humans adopted me and took me away!  

Oh lucky me, at last a home –

I was warm, well fed, no need to roam.  

My life has been so full of love.  

I’m ever so thankful to God above.  

I’m a Mommy’s boy, through and through

AND,  yes I’m spoiled, that’s totally true.  

My Mom’s the BEST and I’m here to say

Happy Mother’s Day Mom each and every day!

My Mom…..by Pam


One of my fondest memories of my Mom, who passed away in 2001, was when I was a little girl and my Mom and Dad would be getting ready to go to some formal affair at the Officers Club (my Dad was in the Air Force).   My Mom would let me lie on her bed and sort through her jewelry box to pick out what she would wear for the night with her gown……..I’d watch her do her hair and make-up and can distinctly remember thinking that my Mom was really a beautiful Fairy Princess and I was ever so lucky to have a Mom who was so beautiful.   She would smell so good with her perfume and look so amazing all dressed up………and of course she rarely DID wear the things I’d “picked out” for her from her jewelry box as they weren’t right – but she’d always tell me what good taste I had even while putting on more appropriate jewelry from that “magic box” for the evening’s event.   She’d sweep out the door on the arm of my handsome Dad and I imagined them waltzing around the dance floor with all eyes on them.    It was a fairy tale come true……..and I totally believed it.     I’ve always known that there was a whole lot about my Mom (and my Dad as well) that I never knew….they were both very private people and didn’t talk about their parents or much about their lives growing up.   After my Mom died, I found a lot of old letters and photos of people I didn’t recognize and realized there really was so much about her I would have liked to have known.   I have a lot of good memories though.   While going through her things I found a note that said not to grieve her passing and that she would always be with us (me, my brother and sister) and that her biggest joy in her life had been being our Mom.   Now that’s a perfect Mother’s Day memory if ever there was one!

We are joining up today with The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Blog Hop and you can too by clicking their badge below!   HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!


P.S.  Don’t forget Tuesday is “WAGS AND WAVES FOR FORREST DAY”  !


Mom’s Day


It’s a BIG day………I know there are some of you humans out there who have pets and don’t consider yourself a “Mom” or a “Dad” – you’re caretakers of your pets – but my Mom is much more than a caretaker…..she truly is my Mom (without a meow).   I was only a few weeks old when I was pulled out from under a house and taken to the shelter – luckily I was only there a few days when a nice couple of humans came in and saw me in my tiny cage pushing a little plastic ball with a bell inside all around my two foot square “jail cell” !  Those two people became my Mom and Dad that very day.  They’re all I’ve known in the way of family and all I remember – after thirteen years of love, they ARE my parents.

Neither my Mom nor my Dad have Moms who are still here…….in fact, they don’t have either their Moms or their Dads any more……..I’m their only “child” too as they never had human children of their own.   I guess we just might have a pretty special relationship because of that.

I got my Dad to help me put some photos together of my Mom – not a lot – just a few – so you can see that my Mom ALWAYS has a smile on her face – to me, her smile has always meant “LOVE” …….

So, you can imagine that Mother’s Day in my house is SPECIAL.   I’m going to spend all day today showing my Mom how much I love her………..I don’t think she’ll mind that ONE BIT – do you????

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀