Teaser Tell All !



Time for us to give you the info on yesterday’s Teaser – tell you who guessed it and pass out badges for those who got them.     We honestly  had thought it would be a bit of a tough Teaser until our Graphics Department coughed up the information that she they hadn’t even thought how easy it might be to google “red windmill” and get the Teaser location!   DUH……….maybe we should fire our Graphics Department and get someone is dedicated to finding the IMPOSSIBLE when it comes to photos?

“You can’t fire that lady – she’s someone’s Mom!” 

Well that’s a discussion for another day.    Why don’t we kick things off with letting you know who our First Commenters were!   Drumroll please?




And here is a First Commenter badge for each of you…………..

I was one of THREE First Commenters on the Teaser post of August 2, 2022. FAST AND FURIOUS – that’s ME!

“I tried to be a FIRSTIE but my boat was a little slow…..I wonder why??”

Now let’s get down to the details on the Teaser yesterday…………………..here’s the photo again for reference:

This beautiful red windmill is located on Graciosa Island in the Azores – Portugal !!!    Here’s some info on Graciosa if you’d like to learn a little about this interesting place   CLICK HERE.

AND – now for another drumroll as we tell you WHO GUESSED the Teaser FIRST…………………….



And here’s your badge Miss Csilla!   Since you were a DOUBLE WINNER you get a DOUBLE BADGE too!

And if any of you other students guessed correctly (and there were a bunch of you!) you get this badge for your collection:

I guessed the Teaser photo correctly on August 2, 2022 BUT I was NOT the First!! Maybe next week??

And of course if you guessed but were WRONG – you still get a badge……………………..this one:

Well I tried….I guessed the Teaser on August 2, 2022 but I was WRONG – TOTALLY. Phoooey!

I bet the Cheer Team has a cheer for you now!   Ladies – you’re ON!

Congrats to you students who won!
Your hard work is actually done!
Just remember to pick up your badge
And on the way to the cafeteria avoid Madge!
She’s jealous she can’t be a winner
But she still gets a free dinner!
We’ll see you in the line
The menu today is sublime!!!!!

Congratulations students – let’s go eat………………..

Step right up – the cafeteria line is ready for you!

Today’s Menu:

See you next Tuesday for Class!!


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  1. Its fun to have a relatively easy Teaser now and then…not like the ones some guest teaser are…including mine,teehee. Don’t forget the one I sen you recently…its pretty hard, I think:)

    May I please have some Puff Pastry with Eggs & Bacon, Onion Rings…(of course!), a Milkshake and some Strawberry S’mores Tart…that’ll do my blood sugar and cholesterol good, eh?? LOL!

    Yoo-hoo, Mr Frank! Are you coming in to eat today?? I have a big table over here!

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    • Your breakfast requests are waiting for you on a BIG (very BIG) tray at “checkout”………haven’t seen Mr. Frank – he’s been super busy we think – we miss seeing him (and his big appetite!). We have your Teaser – it’s on the schedule for week after next!

      Hugs, Professor Teddy

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  2. Congratulations to the winners!

    I agree, the students may get disheartened if it’s always impossible to solve the teaser. It’s good to have some for beginners and some really tricky ones. 😀

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  3. congrats to the fast commenters and double concats to Csilla… what a double win!!! the mama was a little next to the right track, that happens when you copy google stuff blind and without checking bawhahahahahahahaha

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  4. “You can’t fire that lady – she’s someone’s Mom!” … LOL! Congratulations to the Fast and Furious ones, I like that! It’s good I read under the First Commenters Badge! And congratulations to Csilla for being the first right guesser! Cute RED windmill. I would like the Puff Pastry with Eggs and Bacon. Good Morning!

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  5. Concats to the ladies who were the first! BUT I admit I am looking toward breakfast! Corned beef hash with eggs, please! And for dessert, a chicken salad sandwich!

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  6. It wasn’t an easy job, because I googled “red windmill grey brick”, and found this: https://adultpaintbynumber.com/products/azores-buildings-windmill-new-paint-by-numbers/. The old story: you are sure that this is the correct building but you don’t get the correct description with it! But I modified my search to “azores windmill” and found this: https://www.123rf.com/photo_140019179_a-traditional-windmill-on-vila-da-praia-graciosa-island-azores-portugal.html
    BTW, that adult painting thing might sometimes come in handy! 😜

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  7. That was a pretty easy Teaser, which is why our mom got it right. Looks like a very cool place. Mom’s aunt and uncle and their three kids lived in the Azores for a very long time many, many years ago. She never visited. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh


  8. Congrats. I just happen to get lucky to find it. It gave a pinterest one and I saw the same photo. Never happens to me. Took me a little while of looking though. Have a great day. Rain and hot.


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