Teaser Tuesday Class Time….


“Nothing fishy going on at the Fish School today – let’s report in that all is well!”

Good Morning Class!   Time to COMMENT and get ready for the Teaser!

It’s another Tuesday morning and you all know what that means…………………polish up your glasses, rub the sleep from your eyes and hope that you studied the right geography since we last had class.    Let’s start with rules and badges shall we???

If you haven’t won a badge here for some reason – then you’re overdue.   Good luck today – this could be your LUCKY DAY!

Today’s Teaser photo was provided to us by the Graphics Department.    We like it!

“Yeah well you Professors like a lot of stuff we students aren’t crazy about!!”

That may be but at least you have to admit Teaser Class is NEVER boring!

“Boring?  No……Challenging?   Yes!”

So let’s get going shall we?    Here’s your Teaser photo for today in all its’ glory.    Give it your best shot.

Ready – Set – GO!    Good luck………

“Well…….this may be a stumper alright!”

While you’re agonizing over the photo – let’s see if our Cheer Team can do what they do best……………CHEER!!

Just another day in Teaser paradise
We’re ready for some lemonade with lotsa ice
It’s hot outside but we’re quite cool
We enjoy swimming in the Teaser pool!
We wish you luck as you work on the Teaser
The Graphics Department picked a real crowd pleaser
We don’t know about you but we’re ready to eat
Let’s go to the cafeteria and find a seat!!

“Man oh man those chicks in their swimsuits drive me wild!”

OK boys – let’s go to the cafeteria before you get in trouble!

OK Students, Teachers and Visitors – time for breakfast or lunch!

The Menu:

Good Luck Students!  See you tomorrow for TELL ALL!

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  1. I thought I would miss being a firstie because I was refreshing between making our salad. I wish I hadn’t bothered because I would much rather have the lobster omelette.


  2. We are late. Mom was reading the latest Cat Scout book club selection. We’ll take a go at the teaser before we have something to eat. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh

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  3. No Firstie, no first guess, no first in the cafeteria, what am I going to do? … Well, all good reasons to eat, drink mimosas, and go for the Bestie Eater Award! Shepherd’s Pie, Shimp Fried Rice, double order of onion rings, a cannoli, Irish Mint Shake, my sheet of Irish Mint Cake … another mimosa please

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  4. While many people just assume that the man-eating otter is a savage beast who prefers to devour their victims raw, occasionally they like to have their food processed into other products. This windmill, notable for the blood red blades, powers the mill that turns ground up humans into flour! Thus, man-eating otters can have bread to make people sandwiches! And being critters of culture, man-eating otters love the heels of people bread the best! Of course, whether those end pieces are actual heels or maybe just the person’s buns…… who knows?

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  5. We’ll have a mimosa in this hot, hot weather, or maybe just a few dozen glasses of water. With cinnamon added…just found out it’s good for the system, and also weight loss for some, but I’m certainly not suffering from that. I did gain 100 g yesterday, YAY, and my levels are leveling out….papa keeps the most amazing records of my curve. Who needs a vet, haha? Hope you all are cool and enjoying the Virginia summer.

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  6. All-clevurr ‘Miss Geeograffie’ meowed iss that this iss NOT inn THE Nederlandss!
    Furry (not helpfull BellaSita)
    Mee runnin fore Caffyteria…..
    Missus Dee may wee have 2 Shepherd’ss Piess an fore ‘ssert a peece of Irish Mint Cake an a wee saucer of milk! Many thanx Missus Dee 😉
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an **giggellss** BellaSita Sistur


  7. Eggs and Cheese Toast puleeze~ and two if you will. A chocolate banana smoothie. And for dessert, strawbertry shortcake with extra strawberries. I may ask for seconds?


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