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Teaser Tell All Time


Hello Students!   Today’s the day we tell you the good and bad news.

That’s right – good news if you guessed the Teaser correctly and bad news if you didn’t!     Actually it’s ALL GOOD here at Ding Dong Fish School.    Whether you win or lose we hope you enjoy your class today.

“I’m trying to be pawsitive about this whole thing….but…..”

Keep the faith Leroy.   Let’s start things off with letting you know who was our FIRST COMMENTER in class yesterday morning!     We went live at 7:55AM (EST) and one minute later our FIRST STUDENT SIGNED IN………………WHO WAS IT????    Can I get a drumroll please??

Who??  SHARON – that’s who!!


Here’s your badge:

Yay for ME! I was FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser post of May 24, 2022 FAST AND FURIOUS – that’s me!

Then we unveiled this week’s Teaser photo which – by the way – was a GUEST TEASER PHOTO!    It was submitted by one of our newer students, Willow Croft.    We think it was a GREAT photo for a Teaser and here it is:

This is Egmont Key in Florida – it’s a deserted island and has several “claims to fame” – here are some links you can visit!

Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge | U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (

Egmont Key Florida – Things to Do in Egmont Key State Park FL (

Here are a few more photos Willow sent in of this interesting place to visit……………………

Willow, we have a badge to thank you for your photos and a GREAT Teaser!    THEN we’ll tell everyone WHO GUESSED THE TEASER FIRST!!

Here’s Willow’s blog link if you’d like to visit her CLICK HERE.

My Teaser photo was used on the TEASER of May 24, 2022 at One Spoiled Cat!

WHO GUESSED IT FIRST?? (drumroll please!)


Congratulations!  Your badge:

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of May 24, 2022! WOO HOO!

If you were also right – guessed the right spot even if you weren’t first………you also get one of these (just copy for your files):

DARN! I guessed right but I was NOT FIRST on the Teaser of May 24, 2022.

AND of course if you guessed but your guess was WRONG – you still get a badge………..this one:

Well I tried…..I guessed but was WRONG on the Teaser of May 24, 2022!

Congratulations everyone – winners and losers

“As usual I didn’t guess right…..I’ll console myself with a big fat dessert at lunch!”

Cheer Team – some people seem to need cheering up – you’re ON!

Greetings gang we’ve got news for you
Winners and losers we had a few
ONE First Commenter and Sharon was the one!
The rest of you just didn’t make the run!
It took a while to get our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER
But when Csilla showed up she was the “IMPRESSOR” !!
Congratulations to you are totally due
We think you’re an IMPRESSOR – you fooled us too!

OK everyone – what do you think about us heading over to the fabulous cafeteria for a snack?    Teaser makes us hungry………………..we need all the strength we can get to run Teaser Class and Teaser Tell All…………..!!

Alright everyone – step right up and get your meal – we’re ready for you!

The Menu:

We’ll see you all next Tuesday in school!



Teaser Tuesday Class In Session!


“OK Troops – our patrol is done – I think we deserve some FOOD don’t you?   Let’s eat!


Good morning class.    Hope everyone is rested from the weekend and a peaceful Monday and ready for SCHOOL TIME.     We have a great Teaser for you today so buckle your seatbelts and let’s get started shall we?  

“Seatbelts?  What’s a seatbelt!?”

First we’re going to share the rules for Teaser which all of you know by now but someone new may be tuning in and wonder how we do this class.    AND we’ll show you all the rewards (badges) you could win if you deserve one after all is said and done and the guessing is done.

Alrighty then………………………….good luck to everyone.    Tomorrow we’ll be handing out awards.

“We just wanna say we are upset we NEVER win…..and we study too… between feedings and diaper changes anyway!”

Let’s get our Teaser Photo Security Guard to bring in today’s challenge shall we?    Marge would you be so kind as to announce over the loud speaker for us?


“Reporting for duty Professors – here’s today’s photo!”

Where Was This Photo Taken?

See?  Toughie right?   Well we have faith in you so get to work figuring things out and we’ll bring in the Cheer Team to bolster your spirits!!

It’s pool cleaning day here at school
We get to wear REAL uniforms – oh so cool!
We’ve seen your Teaser and it’s a whopper
You might even call it a Teaser Show Stopper!
Take your time and put on your glasses
Like good little guys and pretty little lasses
We’ll be here tomorrow to celebrate your badges
We promise to be nicer to you than Madge is !

Speaking of Madge, we haven’t formally thanked all the little people who are responsible for various things here at school lately – they help us have a great time on Tuesday and Wednesday and we should give them credit for their part.

Ding Dong Fish School Pool Supervisor – “Sarge”

School Hall Monitor – “Marge”

Cafeteria Supervisor – “Miss Dingleberry”

Cafeteria Kitchen Workers – “Roger, Annie, Gertrude”

Graphics Department (she took an emergency bathroom break just as the camera flashed!)

Teaser Photo Special Security Guard:  “Rusty”

School Cleaning Staff – “William, Squeaky, Zelda, Barney”

See?  And there are many more people behind the scenes at Ding Dong Fish School to make your day flow smoothly !      Now let’s go SMOOTHLY to the cafeteria to eat!!

We’re ready to serve you something yummy!  Step right up!


See you tomorrow in class and to see who wins a badge!

Your Professors (and school staff!)


Teaser Tell All Time


Welcome Class – you know what today is – TELL ALL TIME!

We had a big crowd waiting for Officer Kitty to open the front door to the school yesterday morning…..but everyone was well behaved – no pushing or shoving – very orderly and the end result was FIVE (yes FIVE) FIRST COMMENTERS.

“FIVE?  As in between four and six???”

Yes indeedy.   It was quite a group that made it inside to comment in the first sixty seconds after the door to school opened.    Wanna know who they were????????

We kind of were too but still we were happy about it. 




Woo Hoo Firsties!

And all of you get one of these badges for being FAST and FIRST:

I was one of FIVE First Commenters on the Teaser of May 17, 2022! FAST AND FURIOUS!!

Now one of our FIRST COMMENTERS was also the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER and we’ll have a special badge for that person in just a bit.    BUT FIRST – let’s show you the Teaser photo that was in question and we’ll tell you who the GUEST TEASER was (yes we didn’t tell you that yesterday – SURPRISE!) and where the location of the photo was.

The beach in the distance at Cadiz, Andalucía, Spain

This beautiful photo was sent in by JACKIE – she and her husband were on a cruise recently and this was one of the photos she took during their FABULOUS visit.     A BIG THANK YOU to Jackie!

I was the Guest Teaser on the post of May 17, 2022.

“Well Roger, I believe their cruise ship was bigger than yours!”

Now let’s tell you who was the FIRST COMMENTER who was also our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………….drumroll please?


“Way To Go!!!!!”

And here is the special badge for being one of the FIRST COMMENTERS and being our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER:

I was a DOUBLE FIRSTIE on the Teaser Post of May 17, 2022! I was one of FIVE FIRST COMMENTERS AND I was also the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER….lucky me!

If you ALSO were right with your guess – AND there were SEVERAL of you who were right (WOO  HOO) you get a RIGHT BUT NOT FIRST badge!!

Congratulations EVERYBODY who won a badge…………..but remember, even if you did NOT guess the Teaser correctly, you still get a badge for guessing:

I guessed the Teaser location but was WRONG on the Teaser post of May 17, 2022. Imagine that….maybe next week I can be RIGHT??


“Alright – so I didn’t win anything this week – WATCH OUT NEXT WEEK!”

Let’s get our Cheer Team in to see how the ballet class went yesterday AND to perhaps have them CHEER YOU UP if you didn’t get a badge.

Back in the pool we are today
There’s just one thing we wanna say
Ballet stuff is pretty cool
But we prefer being cheerleaders in a pool!
Teaser this week was one big WOW
The names of the FIVE FIRST COMMENTERS are coming now….
Ingrid, Katty, Sharon, Janet and Frank
The rest of you we’re afraid – your ships all sank!
Then finally someone guessed the Teaser RIGHT!
It was Miss Ingrid up again – high as a kite!
Next week who knows what we’ll have for a Teaser
But at Ding Dong Fish School we know it will be a PLEASER!!

Thanks ladies – and a thank you again to Jackie for the cool photo this week.    If any of you have a photo you think would be a good “STUMPER” for class – sent it to us in an email.

Now for the most important part of any school day – GOOD!


“Step right up and fill your tray – some very good food coming your way!”


See you all next Tuesday for more TEASER FUN!

Your Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy

Teaser Class Time!


“OK Patrol – I smell breakfast cooking in the cafeteria – let’s report in then go eat!!”

Security Chief Clowie says all is well on campus so let’s get TEASER CLASS GOING!   


“Well I did….but there was already a pile of commenters in front of me!”

We’ll start things off as we always do……the RULES you need to follow when you’re guessing AND the badges you will win if you’re LUCKY!

We switched up on  badges this week just for a CHANGE – these are familiar to you BUT different from last week’s batch!

Today’s Teaser photo is a whopper.    Yes – we said WHOPPER and we meant WHOPPER.

“Scuze me Professor but isn’t a Whopper a big old hamburger???”

Wrong kind of whopper Marvin.    We should probably have said “toughie”………….at least we Professors think it is.    We’ll find out after we show you the photo and the guesses start coming in!

Marge – please do us a favor and page our Teaser Photo Guard to bring in today’s Teaser please?


“Here’s today’s photo Professors – looks like a tough one!”


Well I suppose we’ll find out shortly if this has been a toughie or not!    In the meantime – the Cheer Team wants to get you ready for guessing so ladies – you’re ON!!

Today we’re cheering out of the pool
Because we’re off to ballet school!
There’s a recital coming up
We wanna win the gold cup.
Anyway good luck to one and all
Whether you’re short or tall
Guessing the Teaser is sometimes rough
But you students are pretty tough
We’ll be back here tomorrow morning
This is your early warning!

Thanks for the warning ladies……………….you all look quite lovely in your ballet outfits.



Sorry Suzie………keep your hair on……..I meant to say amazing.    (Whew!)

Let’s head to the cafeteria students……………I think we need some food for strength after surviving class (especially the cheer team) this morning!

“Time to have breakfast or lunch everyone!   Step right up – we’re ready to serve!”

What’s On The Menu?

See you tomorrow for TELL ALL!  GOOD LUCK!

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All Class Time


“It’s that time again everyone – TELL ALL!!!!”

It was a really good class yesterday don’t you think?    Lots of students were here to attend class and check out the Teaser photo.    Some said it was a “Toughie” but we were surprised that it really wasn’t long before we had our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER.

BUT – we’re getting ahead of ourselves……………..let’s talk about our FIRST COMMENTER shall we????   Drumroll please?



WOOOO HOOOOO INGRID……………..our only early bird!   This badge is yours!

I was the ONLY FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of May 10, 2022!!

“Darn….I was here early….but I fell getting out of my stroller to ring the bell!”

“I can verify that – Bobby had a boo boo on his elbow which I put a bandaid on”

OUCH!   Well we’re glad you weren’t hurt.    There were several ALMOST FIRST COMMENTERS yesterday – but only one at 8:25AM when we went live.

Keep on trying Bobby!

Now for the Teaser photo…………….first, let’s show you the photo again:

A dreamy photo of Asolo, Italy – up on a hill with a view that is sheer perfection!

When we showed the photo it seemed for a while nobody had it figured out.    Several students kind of “danced around” the right answer but then – WHAMMO – the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER showed up.    WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO was it????    Drumroll please???



Yes indeed – Miss Csilla was pretty quick with the RIGHT GUESS and she was pretty excited to hear she was FIRST!     Here’s your badge Miss Csilla!

YAY FOR ME! I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post of May 10, 2022! WOW!

After Csilla got it, several others figured it out too and if you were RIGHT you get one of these of your VERY OWN:

Well I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of May 10, 2022 BUT I was NOT FIRST!!!!!!!!

AND there were some WRONG guesses too – but remember, you TRIED and for that you still get a badge even though you were WRONG:

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser photo of May 10-2022 but I TRIED! That’s important too!!

“I had NO IDEA!!!”

Well Annie, not everyone can be first and not everyone can guess every Teaser.   You will have your idea – I just know it – keep on trying.   NEVER GIVE UP!   Let’s get the Cheer Team to come in a CHEER YOU UP!

Here we are with all the news
There will be cheers and some will have the blues
We only had ONE who was an early bird
Miss Ingrid was FIRST COMMENTER haven’t you heard?
Then we got down to business with the photo for Teaser
The Profs thought it would be tough but for ONE it was a “pleaser”!
Miss Csilla from so far away was our FIRST to guess RIGHT
Way to go Miss Csilla we bet you’re high as a kite!
We’re proud of all students – winners and losers
Remember what they say “beggars can’t be choosers”!

Thanks Cheer Team……………… girls come up with anything to make it rhyme even if it’s wacky!!!      How about we all head to the lunch room for something to munch on?????   We all deserve it right?


Chow Time Students and Staff!   Step right up!

Today’s MENU:

Enjoy your meals students and when you’re ready the bus will take you home!   See you all next TUESDAY for more TEASER FUN.