Teaser Tuesday Time


Hurry Hurry – we need to get inside and COMMENT!!!!!!!  It’s Teaser Tuesday!!!!!!

That’s right students.   Time for us to put your mystery solving talents to the test.    Look at today’s photo of a place and figure out WHERE the photo was taken.   Not always easy – sometimes it is but not always right?

That’s right – I’m a guy who gets cranky easily so watch out!

Have you commented?   That’s the first thing to do on Tuesday when you get to school……….you might be the FIRST COMMENTER and win a badge.  In fact we have FOUR badges you can win today if you’re lucky.    But first things first – – – you need to follow our SIMPLE rules!     Here they are along with the badges you might win:

So let’s get this party started.    Are you all ready?



Today’s Teaser has been provided by our Graphics Department.    Just let us know the details and tomorrow at Teaser Tell All we’ll let YOU know who has won WHAT!    Mr. Security Guard – could you please bring in today’s photo???

For your entertainment while we wait……….No it’s not a hint!

Students this is Guard Rusty – he’s new to the company who provides our Security so you will see him from time to time.   Thanks for bringing the photo Rusty!   

Where do you think this photo was taken students??????  

Cheer Team – give these students a burst of your famous energy so their brains will get jolted into activity and guessing – you all are good with that kind of thing!

Time for Teaser so get those brains in gear
We want some guesses right now – right here!
You all know the deal you just look for clues
Those who don’t try will be singing the blues!
Badges come tomorrow and we’ll cheer your names
We are talented cheer writers – that’s our claim to fame!
Step right up and give it a go
Tomorrow it will be WIN, PLACE and SHOW!

OK ladies – thanks for stirring up the scrambled brains of our student body here at Ding Dong Sheep School – and if your cheer doesn’t jumpstart them, maybe lunch will??????

OK Students…….line up with your trays and select your favorites – we’re ready for you and hope you take advantage of the wonderful FREE LUNCH you get at Ding Dong Sheep School……the price is right!!!    


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We’ll see all of you tomorrow for the AWARDS CEREMONY!   Good luck!

Your Ding Dong Professors, Angel Sammy and Teddy


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  1. Far too late! I have been weeding the greenhouse and intended coming in at 12.30, but it was later than I thought by the time I got here. 12.30 would have been a good time too!


      • The weeds are growing very well! I even found the tomatoes amongst them when I was weeding.
        I forgot to leave my guess earlier but I would have been wrong anyway. I thought it looked Spanish.


        • We think it looks Spanish too – the “details” are very Spanish. It’s a SUPER STRANGE place……. YAY on healthy weeds (haha) and some tomatoes who are trying to win the war with the weeds…….!

          Hugs, Teddy

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  2. Hi, I’m quite late but I’ve just come back from a lovely muddy walk!

    It looks like an old castle, but not quite real somehow. I don’t have a clue!

    I’ll have some lunch and then take a nap.

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  3. I’d like to come up with my usual reference to the penal system, but every time I look at the photo, all I an think of it that it’s an abandoned Children’s Palace toy store that closed down three decades ago. At least it made me think of the jingle again…

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  4. Oh my! This castle has no roof. Don’t move there. What a ripoff. This cheap castle is in NewYork. On Bannerman Island. Someone said it was an arse…nel. Guess its gonna blow up any minuute. Mol



    • You’re right! I think the place looks like it’s had a few blow ups over the years already from some of what was kept there going off on its’ own! Scary kind of place really……….I don’t think I’d even want to hunt mousies there!

      Hugs, Teddy


  5. Bannerman Castle on Pollepel Island in the Hudson River in New York ! The advantage of coming late is that you can copy and paste answers, MOL ! Purrs


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