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Pre-Tease Monday Class


Good Morning Students!   Time for Pre-Teaser Monday PREP!

Today we get you ready for tomorrow.    That’s right – we will encourage you, threaten you, scare you, prod and poke you towards some success in tomorrow’s challenge which will be to guess where the photo we show you was taken.   Easy.    Just tell us the city/village/town and the state (if in USA) or country (if not in USA) that you believe the photo to have been SNAPPED!

Seems easy enough but watch out – it’s not!

Well, it’s easy if you have studied your geography books and maps – there will be something in the photo that gives you a hint AND if you are a Sherlock Holmes of the internet, you will figure out what to do a google search on based on something you SEE in the photo.    But we DO have some rules – we just want you not to load the photo up in some program on your computer and let IT tell you where the photo was taken.   You need to SOLVE THE MYSTERY YOURSELF!!    Here are the TWO easy rules:

YES I did say you can use Google or some other search function – – – just don’t put the image in a box and click GO – that’s letting the computer HAND you the answer and you won’t have WORKED for the answer.   We’re mean right?   Making you work hard for a little badge you might win?    Well, hopefully you think it’s worth it!    Here are the badges you MIGHT win:

To be the FIRST COMMENTER of course you need to be the first to leave a comment on the post tomorrow.   The TEASER post is the one post a week when you don’t know when it will go live – it’s different every week…….When we go live, you need to say BOO or HI or SOMETHING in a comment and if you are the first or one of the first (in the first 60 seconds) you get the badge.   Then the others are obvious – if you are first to guess correctly, or if you guess correctly but aren’t first, and lastly if you guess but are WRONG – you still get a badge!    WOO HOO!

Totally GROOVY.

Shall we ask our school Cheer Team to come in and give you a rowsing cheer to get you psyched for tomorrow?    Oh let’s do it!!!!!

Here we are fresh out of bed
And NO we don’t have turkeys on our heads!
If the Profs want to dress up and look real goofy
We’ll just be cute all fluffy, adorable,  and floofy!
Tomorrow’s photo will be a GUEST TEASER toughie
So stay up late and study so your eyes get all puffy!
If you win yourself a badge then we’ll cheer for you
If you just get a Greenie then BOO HOO will do!

Thank you team………..I’m sure everyone feels inspired by your cheer today.    Right class??

I’m not impressed…..

I’m bored….not impressed!

Well all we can do is try……………now it’s up to you!    Study hard and win recognition for having done so.    We Professors will be proud of you – that’s gotta be worth something right?

Well I’m not impressed but I’m not unimpressed – I’m undecided.

I think maybe it’s time for us to head to the Cafeteria and see what Miss Dingleberry has cooked up for us today for lunch…………maybe THAT will cheer you all up.   Other than Kismet of course who can’t be cheered up no matter what Miss Dingleberry serves.

Alright Students…..no giggling in line….it’s not easy wearing a turkey on your head without letting the dressing spill out so just keep your smarty pants comments to yourselves and enjoy your fabulous lunch alright?   ALRIGHT?


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Another Reminder:   Remember the Teaser post tomorrow will NOT be live at the usual time – it’s a SECRET time – so be on your toes because you won’t know WHEN it’s arriving!!   

Your Professors……………


Tuesday Teaser Class Is In Session!


Good Morning Class!   Hurry – Comment before you do anything else!

So here we are again, about to embark on our weekly adventure here in Ding Dong Geography class………..examining a photo to see if we can figure out where it was taken.   Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s tough.     Hopefully at the very least you will consider it challenging.

Just a quick reminder why we tell you to comment when you arrive – because if you are the first to comment you get a badge…..then the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser gets a badge, and everyone ELSE who guesses gets one, and last but not least – we have the GREENIE BRIGADE – those who guess but are WRONG – there’s a badge for that!

Alrighty already….I am trying for a badge this week PERIOD!

Everybody wants a badge………you might get one this week – you look pretty darn serious about it to me!!!

Truman and I had a study date last night…….

We sure did!

I’m glad you two studied together – I assume it was GEOGRAPHY you two were studying and not ANATOMY?????????????????????????????


Just kidding class.   Perhaps we should move on to refreshing your brains with our RULES FOR TEASER today??

You are all very good about following the rules but I like to refresh your memories every Tuesday and usually also on Monday.   Doesn’t hurt to keep reminding you.   Makes it fair for everyone too!

Totally GROOVY.

Let’s get everyone fired up a bit before we bring in the Security Guard with today’s photo challenge shall we?

Cheer Team Report to Geography Class – on the double!

tick tock tick tock

Where the heck is the Cheer Team?????

Not in their hot tub……..

Not in Sarge’s Hot Tub………..(thank heavens)

Not in Ding Dong Garden……

Sorry Professors!   We were out running laps around the school getting whipped back into shape – we all ate too much Halloween candy last week…….now we can barely fit into our uniforms!!!!!!   We’re going to jump around a lot as we do our cheer today – that will help!

Fire up the classroom ladies……..

We might be getting puffy
But we’re cute and oh so fluffy!
The Teaser photo is about to be seen
The Security Guard is setting up the screen
We hope you’re ready to start
And last night’s studying made you SMART
If you sit too long your butt gets numb
But if you study too long you’ll be SMART and not DUMB!!!
Rippy Tippy Tooooo
Good Luck To You!!!

I think the cheer team needs to hit the showers…..ewwwww.

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Now do your best to figure out where this photo was taken………….tomorrow we have TELL ALL CLASS and “all will be revealed” !!


Well all the information about the Teaser photo and who won what and all of THAT sort of thing will be revealed………….what did you think we meant?

We’ll drink to that – heck, we’ll drink to anything!

Alright now I think we’d better adjourn to the cafeteria.   Today is a HUGE SEAFOOD EXTRAVAGANZA by Miss Dingleberry and her crew.   So put on your lobster bibs and get ready to go on a seafood adventure!!   SEE FOOD – get it?  Get it?  Huh?   NEVER MIND!

Today’s Menu:

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Now THAT was totally delicious!!!!! 

We will TELL ALL !!!!   Your Professors


Pre-Tease Monday Class


Good Morning Students!   Everybody fatten up on Halloween candy?   Ready to fatten up on Thanksgiving turkey now?  

Well, we have some BRAIN exercise for you this week but no other exercise – perhaps we need to hire a GYM instructor here at Ding Dong School to whip all of us into shape!!    We can help with the brain fitness though because tomorrow we will test your ability to examine a photo and figure out where in this wide world it was taken.

The post tomorrow for Teaser Tuesday will pop up at an undisclosed time so watch out for it.  THEN when you get here – before you breathe or find a desk or even go to the rest room, you need to COMMENT.    If you are FIRST to comment you win a badge!


Then we have other badges – one for FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, ANY RIGHT GUESSER WHO ISN’T FIRST, and SOMEONE WHO GUESSED BUT IS WRONG……….we’ve got something for everyone!

Remember we have rules for guessing – and we figure following these rules makes it EVEN STEVEN for everyone who wants to play along…………..!

We know the rules but some of our new students might not!

If you don’t follow the rules you might get in trouble…..tee hee

I know that our cheer team – who had a lot of fun trick or treating in their ballerina outfits – are here to give you a cheer to get you pumped up for guessing tomorrow…………ready?

Turkey day is coming fast
I hope Mrs. D’s menu won’t give you gas
Study hard tonight and you will probably do well
Don’t study at all and you’ll be mad as……heck!
We’ll see you tomorrow for some Teaser fun
We’ll cheer for you all – each and every one!

I’m gonna study

I promise to study too!

I’m going to crack open the books myself!!

We will be impressed if everyone studies hard and we have LOTS OF RIGHT GUESSERS tomorrow!    Make us happy won’t you?

Professors – is this a GUEST TEASER we’ll have tomorrow or one from our Graphics Department?

It is from our Graphics Department.    You all know that it might be HARDER than a Guest Teaser or EASIER – we aren’t giving you any hints so don’t ask!

Now – who’s up for lunch?????

Alright Students!   I cut you some slack last week because it was PARTY TIME with TEASERWEEN but this week – we’re back to a well disciplined army of sheep in line – got it?   Good!


Don’t forget – tomorrow Teaser is up at a SURPRISE TIME!   See you in class!

Your Professors!

Teaser Tell All Time


Woo Hoo!    Time for us to spill the beans……….well, maybe not beans but at least the DETAILS on yesterday’s Teaser.   We got a few more entries in the TEASERWEEN contest yesterday and you still have a couple of days to get yours in so GET TO IT!

I’ve been working on my costume Professor!

Before we go any further, let us just tell you who our THREE First Commenters were yesterday.   They all came in during the first sixty seconds – we had a bunch of super alert students yesterday morning!


Phenny, Clowie, and Miss Sharon !!!


Each of you get one of these for your VERY OWN!

I was one of THREE First Commenters on the Teaser Post of Oct. 23, 2018!

You three were TOO FAST for me!!!!

Here’s the photo you all had to agonize over yesterday – it was several hours before the CORRECT guess was made………….we had a lot of great guesses though – this was a bit of a toughie to figure out………………….but who guessed first????

Meezer’s Mews and Terrieristical Woofs !


Here’s your badge for such grand detective work!

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser post of October 23, 2018! YAY FOR ME!

As of post scheduling time, there were no other correct guesses BUT if it happened while we were sleeping, and you were RIGHT, you get one of these:

Well I was right but not first on the Teaser of Oct. 23, 2018! Pooey

And if you were just plain WRONG – you get a GREENIE!

UHOH…..I guessed but was wrong on the Teaser of October 23, 2018. Darn!

This was the photo that fooled a whole lot of students yesterday but it was in fact SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO as Meezer’s Mews guessed!   WOO HOO!!

Guess I’d better study harder next week!

And now for the highlight of class (at least that’s what a lot of you tell me!) – here’s the Cheer Team to congratulations our winners today!

Hey hey whaddaya say
Who did well on the Teaser today?
We had three Commenters who got here first…….
They were so happy we thought they’d burst!
Sharon, Phenny and Clowie were QUICK
Getting here early is quite a trick…..
Then the Teaser photo turned out to be tough
The Profs were wondering if it was too rough
Then along came Miss Ingrid at Meezer’s Mews
She guessed the Teaser and saw the clues.
So all in all it was an EPIC TEASER
We’d say it was a hit – a real crowd pleaser!

I foresee FOOD in our immediate future!

So who’s UP for lunch????????   Miss Dingleberry has fired up her cooks today and they’ve created another fabulous lunch assortment in our cafeteria !    Let’s head down for a peek !

Attention All Sheep!   We now have video cameras all over the cafeteria so don’t think you can cut in line or pull someone’s hair or steal their lunch because WE ARE WATCHING YOU!   

Today’s Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Congrats winners !!!!  

Your Profs!

Teaser Tell All Class Is NOW!


Good Morning Students!

First of all we must congratulate many of you because many of you got yesterday’s Teaser right!   HOWEVER, only one of you got it FIRST and we’ll tell you who that was in a bit.


Yesterday Teaser went live slightly LATER than usual and we caught some of you with your pants down (not literally of course – just figuratively speaking) because it was a little later than usual!


However within a minute of going live we had TWO FIRST COMMENTERS!!!!    Who were the lucky duckies???????


No afraid not…………………..!!!

Miss Sharon of FRIENDS FUREVER and Bacon of PIGLOVE!!!!!


Yes and each of you FIRSTIES get one of these of your VERY OWN:

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser of October 2, 2018! I ROCK!!!!

The photograph we had for our Teaser yesterday was one our Graphics Department (aka Mom) found for us and she thought it was perhaps tough to tell FOR SURE where the photo had been taken…………..well, she sort of was but we had an EXPERT SLEUTH figuring it out this week and we’ll tell you who that EXPERT is in just a minute.    First though, here’s the photo one more time:

This street scene could have been in a NUMBER of places throughout the world but it actually was taken in BROOKLYN, NEW YORK.    Who figured it out first???????


Miss Jackie of TWO DEVON CATS!


Ahhh….here’s our REGULAR crowd to cheer!!

Here’s your badge Miss Jackie:

I guessed the Teaser FIRST on October 2, 2018! Yay for me!!

And as I said, SEVERAL MORE of you guessed correctly so if you also guessed Brooklyn, New York, here’s your reward for doing so!

I wasn’t FIRST RIGHT but I did guess RIGHT on the Teaser of October 2, 2018! BRAVO FOR ME!


If you guessed but you were WRONG…………….well don’t cry – you get a badge ANYWAY…………..one of these:

Whaaaa…..I guessed but was WRONG on the Teaser of October 2, 2018! Pooey!

Cheer Team?   You won’t get too worn out cheering for our winners this week so BRING IT ON!!!!

Our Sheep hats are in the laundry
It left us with quite a quandry
So we opted for no hats at all
We look shorter and not so tall!
First Commenters we had TWO
If you’re not Sharon or Bacon it wasn’t YOU!
Our First Right Guesser was a good detective
She narrowed things down and was selective
She selected Brooklyn and was right!
It was familiar from a trip seeing the sights!
Next week maybe our winner will be YOU
You just have to look for the CLUES!

Thanks Team………………well done……………..I hope your Sheep Hats don’t shrink in the laundry – you’ll get a headache with a TIGHT SHEEP HEAD!

Yeah my sheep costume hat is small and it’s squeezing my bwain!


Now it’s time for lunch.   Miss Dingleberry says “COME AND GET IT!!!!!!”

You know the deal students……behave in line or go to the Principal’s Office!

Trust me you don’t wanna go there……..

Today’s Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have a good week students – see you Monday for PRE-TEASE PREP Class!!

Your Favorite Professors (we hope) 


Pre-Tease Monday Class In Session


Good Morning Students!   Is everyone ready to bone up on geography in time for tomorrow’s TEASER class????

We do hope that you are prepared to rise to the challenge tomorrow.    We have a Teaser photo for you and we think it might be a tough one.  It is NOT a Guest Teaser.   That’s all the hint you get from us and that’s not much of a hint either.   We don’t want it to be EASY for you – we like for you to have to WORK for those badges you can win!

WHAT?  You didn’t know you could win a badge?   Well you can…………….we have a badge for THE FIRST COMMENTER on tomorrow’s post, the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER of the Teaser, another one for ANYONE who guesses the Teaser correctly, and then for those of you who try but fail – a WRONG GUESSER badge.

But the thing you need to remember when you arrive tomorrow morning isn’t what desk to sit in – it’s MAKING A COMMENT!    DO THAT FIRST!    YOU MIGHT BE THE FIRST TO COMMENT!!

I’ll twy to wemember!


So you have the general idea right?   The rules are:

Now I think all of you students are READY for tomorrow.   All you need is a good night’s sleep and you’ll be all set to examine and figure out the Teaser photo tomorrow.

I hope I can figure it out or I’ll be SAD……sniff sniff

Perhaps the Cheer Team can get your motors running and prepare you for tomorrow????

Tuesday Teaser is almost here
That’s why we’re in sheeps’ hats ready to cheer
We hope that you will study so you’ll be ready
Don’t disappoint Professor Sam and Professor Teddy!
So get out your books and world globes and get those brains in gear!
Otherwise we think Marge might give you a pinch upon your rear!

YIKES – we can’t have that in class – nosirrrreeeeee.   No pinching!!!

This is a NO PINCH zone!

Now just to review – tomorrow you get to class at a time THAT IS A SURPRISE TIME – and you COMMENT then sit at your desk – got it?

Yes Professors!  We’ve GOT IT alright!

Then you are all excused from class to go to the cafeteria and partake of another excellent meal prepared my Miss Dingleberry and her cafeteria staff.

Hello Class……….please form an orderly line and take a tray…….speak CLEARLY to the staff and take a seat in the cafeteria to eat your lunch.   No food fights will be tolerated and we would appreciate if you take your tray to the designated area for trays without dumping the contents on someone’s head.   Thank you.


See you at a SURPRISE time tomorrow!!!  

Your Professors

Tuesday Teaser Class Time!


It’s always SPRINGTIME at Ding Dong School isn’t it……………………Flowers, clear skies, and a big old sheep swallowing us as we enter the school (eeeeek!).  Class is about to start – HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET??????  You’d better!

Good Morning Class!    Everyone ready for a little photo sleuthing???    I hope so!

READY Professors!!!!!!

Today’s photo is NOT a Guest Teaser………………but we still think it’s a HUGE toughie.    Remember to follow the rules – no cheating with using programs to tell you – google searching is fine but not google image or any other program that you can load a photo in and WHAMMO it tells you where it is!    That’s no fun…………..Here are the TWO rules we have:

You all can handle this – this class is super duper smart so just study the photo and do your best……………….OK?   OK!    Tomorrow in TEASER TELL ALL class, we will give you details on today’s photo and where it is AND we’ll also be celebrating TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY!   Arrrrrgh!


Don’t worry – nobody will have to walk the plank – trust me………………..

Shall we have our wonderful cheer team prepare you for today’s photo with a ROWSING Cheer?   Oh lets do it!

ATTENTIONCheer Team – please report to classroom!


Boy oh boy it’s time to guess
It’s a bit of a toughie we must confess
Study it hard and give it a try
Step right up – don’t be shy!
It’s an island for sure but what is its’ name?
If you don’t give it a try it would be such a shame.
Tomorrow we’ll cheer with your NAME if you are lucky
But if you aren’t you still get a Greenie, you lucky ducky!


Groovy…..lay it on me man….I’m ready…..

Let’s bring in our favorite Security Guard…………………………….time to get things GROOVING along with guessing………………….right???

Hello Professors and Class – here’s your challenge for today!

Beautiful but not many hints – give it your BEST SHOT!!!!   Obviously this is an island, but WHAT island and where??????


This place makes me wanna dance!   

Alright – let’s wait until tomorrow to find out who wins and who doesn’t when it comes to guessing where this photo was taken (no the hula photo is not a hint – it’s just CUTE! ).

Who’s Up For Lunch??????

Hello Students…….I hope you’re in the mood for some great food today!   Yessirrreeeee – my staff worked hard to make sure you all (even Kismet) get something to munch on today that you will like.    Remember to respect your neighbor in line – no tripping or shoving.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good Luck with the Teaser students – we will see you here tomorrow in class.

The Profs

Pre-Tease Monday Class


Good Morning Sheepsters and Peepsters!   Time for class – are you listening?

……of course I’m listening……ZZZZZZ

Today we get you prepared for tomorrow.   Yep – tomorrow is the BIG DAY but today we need to remind you la the fun of tomorrow and what it takes to win a badge.     I guess first of all we need to tell you the rules – AGAIN!!    Remember, the Teaser every week is all about looking at a photo someone has sent in (or that my Graphics Department has provided us) and give you a chance to figure out WHERE the photo was taken.    It takes patience and the ability to be a good “sleuth” like Sherlock Holmes in order to figure out where the photo was snapped!!

We know there are some cool programs that can TELL you where the photo was taken but we’d rather you try and figure it out by other means – I mean it’s awfully darn easy to load a photo into a program that just tells you the answer but what’s the fun in that?????!!!!!!

The FIRST THING to remember when you arrive tomorrow is to COMMENT – you might be the FIRST COMMENTER………….which  means you might win the FIRST COMMENTER BADGE!!!!

And then you might be our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER – or even if you’re not FIRST to guess right you might get a RIGHT GUESSER badge……..and if you guess wrong – well – there’s a badge for that too!

It’s not a complicated challenge but sometimes it’s harder than other times figuring out where the photo was taken.    If you have a photo you think could fool the classroom – email it to us!    Whoever our GUEST TEASER is also gets a badge.    We are a very BADGE HAPPY CLASSROOM!!

We are HAPPY Ding Dong Sheep Students!!!!

Shall we ask our Cheer Team to come in and give us a cheer to get us in the mood for tomorrow?????

Teaser Tuesday is coming fast!
Make sure you’re here – we have a blast!
Guess the right spot and a badge you will win
Guess WRONG and we’ll give you a grin
Sometimes it’s tough and sometimes it’s easy
But it’s always fun and never sleazy!
See you tomorrow in class bright and early
Just ignore Sarge, sometimes he’s quite surly!

Sarge being surly? Nah….grumpy maybe but not surly!

Make sure you get plenty of rest tonight……..don’t stay up late and watch TV………!!


Now before you go have your lunch in the cafeteria, remember this – tomorrow’s post for the Teaser will be at a SURPRISE TIME!     It will not be at the usual time – it will be at a SURPRISE TIME so be ALERT!     You won’t get to be FIRST COMMENTER by not being alert right?

I’ll be ALERT!

Enjoy your lunch boys and girls and we’ll see you tomorrow…………………………

Alright you sheep!  Line up – be prepared to let the servers know what you want!   Study the menu!  Don’t hold up the line!  

Today’s Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you at a SURPRISE TIME tomorrow!   

Your Profs – GOOD LUCK!

Pre-Teaser Monday Class


Good Morning Class!

Time for your Professors to get you prepped for class tomorrow when you will need to “strut your stuff” and know your geography in order to get your paws or hands on a PRIZE!   I know a badge of honor doesn’t seem like much but it is…..trust me…..!     The very most important thing to remember tomorrow though is this:


The second most important thing to remember is this:

The Blog will go LIVE at a random time in the morning – not our NORMAL time!!

You will want to pay attention when you get word SCHOOL IS OPEN here!

Why?   Well, there’s usually a big crowd at the front door of the Ding Dong Sheep School and you want to get in first so you can win this badge by being FIRST to comment.

So don’t press “SNOOZE” on your alarm clock tomorrow morning OK?

tick tock tick tock


The whole object of our weekly Teaser is for you to take a gander at a photo of a place – any old place – and be the first to tell us here WHERE the photo was taken!    You study the photo and figure out if there are any clues to where it might be then guess – – – then on Wednesday we’ll tell everyone who guessed RIGHT – who was the FIRST to guess RIGHT and who gets credit for trying to guess RIGHT but has guessed WRONG.   Got it?    And there are badges for that stuff too!

I know I said we’d have new badges this week but – well – circumstances were such that our Art Department (Mom) didn’t get around to working on them so who knows – maybe the Art Department will get them done TODAY and we’ll premier them tomorrow but don’t hold your breath!


Here are the rules for the Teaser process – everyone is expected to play by the rules or you might have to sit in the corner and wear the dunce cap!

Yeah I’m tired of wearing it so don’t follow the rules so you can have it next!

So now you are prepared for tomorrow right?   The only thing left to do is let the cheer team get you prepped!

Tomorrow is our Teaser Day
Your cheer team is here and we wanna say – At Ding Dong School we love our Teasers
Class is full because it’s a real crowd pleaser
Just do your best and you could win
You might just cause old Sarge’s head to spin!
We’ll see you here at a surprise time tomorrow
Don’t DATE be late or
there will be tears of sorrow!




So everyone understands what’s happening in the morning right?   Good!    Now you may take your lunch break – Miss Dingleberry is waiting for all students to report to the Ding Dong Cafeteria.   Enjoy your lunch………….get a good night’s sleep………….and we’ll see you tomorrow.

Alright Sheep!  Line up….single file…..do not pull the tail of the sheep in front of you or else you go to the end of the line!

Today’s Menu:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Remember – surprise time in the morning!  

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All Class


Welcome to Class Students!

It seems that yesterday’s Teaser was too danged easy because we had a ton of you who were RIGHT………..usually we have a few but yesterday we had lots.   Part of that might have been because we’ve done a Teaser or two from this same place BEFORE but we thought we might fool you.    Yesterday’s photo was from someone other than the peeps who sent in the photos before.    BUT let’s take care of other business first shall we???

I’m WILLING YOU to say I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER TODAY….sending laser beams…..

Before we do right guessing stuff we’re going to do the FIRST COMMENT stuff…………..who was this week’s winner?    WHO was the early bird of early birds????

Quit torturing us and TELL US!!!

First Commenter this week is:

The dynamic duo of Oliver and Calvin!


Some of you who follow them on Facebook may know that Oliver wasn’t feeling so hot last week and went to the doctor – he got him fixed up so he’s now eating well AND he also got what we refer to as a “lion cut” because his furs had become pretty matted.    SO, it’s nice he won this badge because he’s been through some tough stuff and this will cheer him up I’m sure.   Concatulations Oliver AND Calvin too!

We were early birds and were FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of September 4, 2018! WOO HOO FOR US!


Our Teaser this week was a photo that was sent in by our GUEST TEASER, Miss Annie from ANIMAL COURIERS…………………this badge is for you Miss Annie – then we’ll tell everyone WHERE the photo was taken!    Thank you for being our GUEST!

My fabulous photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of September 4, 2018!

Here’s the photo…………………………

This is a beautiful cobblestone street in the gorgeous city of Tallinn, Estonia.    Estonia looks like a totally beautiful place.   My parents have traveled a lot but they haven’t been to Estonia.   I have this feeling (because my Mom is a KLUTZ) that she’d probably twist her ankle walking on these streets but I’m sure Dad would carry her on his back to the nearest hospital – right Dad?    RIGHT DAD?   DAD!!!

Dad you look a lot like this cat does right now………

Anyway, who was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER?





Here’s your badge Miss Jackie!   Concatulations!

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of Sept. 4, 2018 – Yes I ROCK!!

As I said earlier though, a BUNCH of you knew the photo was taken in Tallinn so if you were one of those “BUNCH” of guessers, then please take a copy of this badge for your very own!

I guessed the Teaser RIGHT but wasn’t FIRST on Sept. 4, 2018. Oh well – maybe next week I’ll be FASTER!!

And for those of you who guessed but were WRONG……………even you get a special badge – why?  Because you TRIED!!!!

I guessed wrong on the Teaser of Sept. 4, 2018 but I still get a GREENIE because I tried!

Now for a little cheer for all of you who were winners this week………………………..

Bazinga, Bazanga, Bazonga
Let’s do the conga!
We’ve got winners to celebrate
So let’s not procrastinate
Oliver and Calvin were FIRST to arrive
They said hello – that’s no jive!
Then pretty soon after that Jackie made her guess
She was the FIRST RIGHT so was faster than the rest!
We’re proud of our firsties yes it’s true
But you Greenie Students we’re proud of you too!
Now please excuse us while we rub-a-dub-dub
We’re ditching these clothes and hopping in the tub!

It appears that the hot tub facilities at Ding Dong School have quickly become “THE HAPPENING PLACE” for some members of our faculty.   Miss Dingleberry is happy with her beautiful cafeteria, we Professors are thrilled with the new classrooms, and we sincerely hope all of you are happy with the school – after all YOU chose the SHEEP SCHOOL as your favorite!

I am TOTALLY happy to be a Sheep!

I LOVE Ding Dong Sheep School!!

I love being a sheep even though my hair is too fluffy for a sheep hat!


I’m a happy little sheep!

GOOD!   Glad to hear it!  Ready for lunch????

Welcome to the Cafeteria Students……I’d appreciate you continuing your exemplary behavior lately by being patient in the cafeteria line, not throwing your food back at the cafeteria worker if you think you should have MORE on your plate, not swearing or using “NO NO” words of any kind in public.  

Here’s Today’s MENU!

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Thank you for paying attention in class today!

Your Profs