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Pre-Tease Monday


Come On In Out of the Rain!

School is in session for all of you who are able to be here today!

We’ve got rain but not from the hurricane…….thankfully!

Welcome students to another Monday – soggy maybe in lots of areas of the USA but school must go on right?    Just take off your wet stuff and hang it up in the cloak room and take a seat so we can begin getting READY for Teaser tomorrow.

Was that thunder Professor Sammy????

Now don’t you worry…………we’re safe here in class.   Let’s take our mind off the weather and talk TEASER……………..tomorrow we will have a Guest Teaser for you to look at – and you’d better get some rest tonight because you know our Guest Teasers usually are a “handful” so be purrrrrpared.   The TEASER post is always “live” at a different time each week so you never know WHEN it will arrive in your inbox!!!       Remember when you FIRST GET HERE in the morning you need to comment on the blog post – RIGHT AWAY – why?   Because you could the first to comment which will earn you this:

Now, you may say “this is a new badge” but you’d be wrong – it’s an OLD badge from last year but I thought I’d “resurrect” some of the oldies just for fun this week!

So, that’s what you get if you are the first to comment tomorrow, and I found these OTHER oldies that we’ll award for First Right Guesser, Right Guesser/Not First AND an oldie moldie GREENIE for wrong guessers!!

Kinda fun to have some old/new badges this week huh?

Remember please that when you see the photo here tomorrow we have some RULES we hope you’ll follow when making your guess!

  1. You must include in your guess the TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE as well as the COUNTRY (if not in USA) or STATE (if in the USA) where the photo was taken.
  2. We would love it if you didn’t use any sort of “GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH” or other online assistance in figuring out the photo – just use your brain and your eyes and see if you can guess with no help!

Now, to cheer you on, let’s bring out our little CHEERY CHEERLEADER, Miss SuzieQ to get you pumped up and ready for tomorrow’s TEASER class!

Hello gang and welcome to class
Just in time for a dose of my sass!
We hope you’re safe from all the storms
You’ll always be sheltered here – nice and warm!
I’ve heard a rumor Miss D has plans
To rattle around her pots and pans
We’re havin’ a cookout so you’d better be here
There will be some smoothies but we won’t have BEER!
Now study, rest up, and be sure to catch your bus
Or you won’t have fun with the REST of us!


OK – you heard what Suzie said……….Miss Dingleberry says we’re going to have a cookout at recess tomorrow……..burgers, hot dogs, you know the kind of stuff we can’t get too much of?!?!   So, be prepared for a Teaser tomorrow then FOOD at recess.   Assistant Professor Teddy and I will look for you in class…………….

Alright you two – you can’t have the answer because we haven’t shown you the photo yet!!!!!

Thanks for cleaning off the chalkboard Marvin…..you get an extra hot dog tomorrow!

Professor Angel Sammy and Assistant Prof Teddy



Teaser Tell All


Tell All Time

Ahhhhhh……….hello students and observers of the TEASE…………it’s time for us to spill the beans (or whatever’s on the cafeteria menu) and tell you all the details of the FABULOUS Teaser yesterday………….We have not only a video but more photos to give you the scoop but I do think we should take care of some BUSINESS first don’t you?

Like for instance WHO was the FIRST COMMENTER on yesterday’s Teaser post?    It was one of our Teaser-Maniacs who is almost ALWAYS there (sometimes she’s asleep and snoring but she’s THERE) and SHE gets a badge!


For Miss Csilla on August 23, 2017

Bravo for you Miss Csilla!   I’m sure Suzie will be including YOUR NAME in her special cheer today…………….

Then we got our very first RIGHT GUESSER……………………..who was it this week?


For Clowie on August 23, 2017!

Then we had a bunch of others who guessed correctly – and each of you CORRECT GUESSERS get one of these of your very own!

For ME for being RIGHT on Teaser of August 23, 2017

Then there are those of you who didn’t have an idea OR who guessed incorrectly and you get one of these:

For Me for being WRONG on Teaser of August 23, 2017

Now that we’ve handed out the awards – you STILL don’t know where the Teaser photo was taken OR who took it right?   Well, let’s fix that up right away!!   Here’s yesterday’s photo followed by a video “HINT” before we tell you the answer!

Pretty town isn’t it?   Now here’s a short video that shows whale bones at the top of the steps (this video is for you Miss Jackie!!!!!!!!) – what you’d expect in an old fishing village!

AND now for the main event – the ANSWER (although you know that by now!!!!)

That’s right – beautiful Whitby, in Yorkshire, UK with the River Esk going through the town……………..which is where Bram Stoker wrote DRACULA, and Captain Cook the great sea captain lived.    Here are some other photos for you to enjoy that Michelle sent us:

Michelle on “Dracula’s Bench” where fans visit once a year to sit and leave a ribbon.

The sign on the bench.

The author himself – Mr. Stoker whose photo is in the museum in town.

A guest house which was also inspiration for Mr. Stoker’s “Dracula” !

Thank you Miss Michelle of MYTHREEMOGGIES blog for being our Guest Teaser this week.   Whitby looks like a perfectly GREAT village and if it was good enough for Bram Stoker and Captain Cook then it’s good enough for ME.  I’m going to INSIST that my Mom and Dad take me there……..alright, maybe not take ME there but at least go there themselves and tell me all about it!!!!

This is for you Miss Michelle:

For Michelle for our Teaser of August 23, 2017

Suzie – would you like to thank our Winners this week in your own special way??????

I’ve got ice cream for you Csilla
Do you want chocolate or vanilla?
FIRST COMMENT is what you’re winning
While others’ heads were spinning!
FIRST RIGHT was our Miss Clowie
Great pyrennes dog all white and snowy!
Well done to both of you chickies
This Teaser was kind of tricky!
So today’s winners were one human and one doggy
And our GUEST was from My Three Moggies!
Let’s hear it for MEEEEE!


Thank you SuzieQ!    Well done cheer for our winners today…………………….who knows what we’ll come up with NEXT week……………..maybe it will be tougher or maybe it will be easy but we know for sure it will be FUN so join us next week for PRE-TEASE MONDAY AND TUESDAY TEASER!!!!

What???? No snack????

See you next week students!  

The Professors, Sam and Ted

Tuesday Teaser


Time For Class!

Settle into your desk chairs now everyone – put away your paper airplanes, gum, cell phones, and press the “ON” button on your brains because you will need them this morning!

Before we go any further – please remember to COMMENT on this post – why?  Because you might be the first one to make a comment of any kind and if you ARE, you will win this:

Sarge will escort you to the COMMENT area, then hurry back OK?

tick tock tick tock

Alright students – let’s get back into the classroom!

Today’s Teaser is a GUEST TEASER and tomorrow we’ll tell you WHO gave us the photo.    But your mission stays the same as always – to figure out WHERE this photo was taken and use the following classroom rules please (or Sarge will make you stand in the corner with the dunce cap on!).

  1. We must know in what town/city/village as well as what STATE (if in USA) or COUNTRY (if not in USA) the photo(s) were taken.
  2. We ask that you NOT use Google Image Search to get the answer because – well – JUST BECAUSE!

Got it?   OK – let’s bring on Suzie to pep you up!

OK class let’s give it a go!
Rev your engines – don’t go slow!
Study the photos I’m sure you will try
If you don’t make the effort you might make me cry!
Examine and look close and try your best
You might win a badge to “feather your nest” !
If yesterday’s eclipse didn’t burn up your eyes
Maybe Miss Dingleberry will serve up some fries!!!!


OK Suzie – that was one of your SHORTER cheers but the message was clear……………and I just know that nobody wants you to cry – you’re scary enough when you’re in a bad mood – if you’re depressed heaven only knows how you’ll be.

What’s Up For Grabs

If you make a guess and you are the FIRST to be right with that guess (WOO HOO) you will win this:

If you make a CORRECT guess but you’re not the first one to do so, you win one of these:

If you are WRONG – you tried but didn’t hit a homerun, make a touchdown, score a goal (tee hee), you get one of these:

So now you know what’s at stake, how about we bring in our fabulous MAN WITH THE PHOTO – the guy whose job it is to guard the top secret Teaser photo(s) from week to week – let’s have a big hand for Mr. Silver Briefcase!!!!!!


Here’s this week’s photo Professor!


Tomorrow we will have our Teaser Tell All and we will tell you WHO our Guest was and where the photo was taken – I’ll also show you some MORE photos from this place!

SO, let’s get guessing students…….

If you’re wondering what Miss D has in store for you today – it’s PIZZA DAY!

No pushin, shoving, being rude, and no dirty hands – I’m gonna be INSPECTING them before you can have your pizza! Also NO FRIES TODAY – Suzie should have checked with me first before she did her cheer!!!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

No getting greasy stuff all over the monkey bars you all!!

I’m the Playground Monitor today – I’ll give anyone who makes a mess with their pizza THE EVIL EYE!

Professor Angel Sam and Assistant Ted

Teaser Tuesday


Class Is Starting!

Good morning Class!    Are you ready?   Well before we get started remember to COMMENT ON THIS POST so you might be lucky enough to be FIRST to comment and win this!

THEN, when you get back, please take your seat at your desk and do not put your head down for a quick nap because we’re starting RIGHT UP with our Teaser today.

A reminder that in order to win a badge with a guess today, you must have TOWN/CITY/VILLAGE right as well as the STATE (if in the USA) or COUNTRY (if not in the USA) right.   The whole thing……….got it?   OK.    Here’s what you might win if you’re on the ball:




So now that you all know what the DEAL is today, and before I show you today’s FABULOUS GUEST TEASER photograph, would you like a little CHEERING up from our ever cheerful (mostly) Teaser Cheerleader Miss SuzieQ???????

Cockle Doodle Doooo
How the heck are you?
Ready to yell and compete?
Make your school day complete?
ALRIGHT then let’s get going
Your geography brain will be showing
Study hard and figure it out
Your name in my cheer I will shout!
So come on and surprise our Professor

That was a good one Suzie………….don’t you all think so???

Let’s bring our fabulous TEASER BODYGUARD in with the silver briefcase that holds the photo for today – it’s been well guarded so there will be no cheating/peeking until this very moment!

Here’s this week’s photo Professor!


While you agonize over the photo so you can make a guess………………Miss Dingleberry has quietly brought her kitchen crew in and they have set up in the back of the classroom today a HOT DOG STAND!    That’s right – help yourselves to a hot dog with fixins and take it with you out to the playground for recess!    Remember to put your paper plates and napkins in the garbage can out there or else Sarge will be UPSET…..and we don’t want that right??????


Assistant Prof Teddy and I will see you all tomorrow!

We’ll find out who wins what!  GOOD LUCK!

The Profs!

Teaser Tell All !


Yep – We’ll Tell It All Right Here!

We’re letting it all hang out today (well maybe not ALL…..) and giving you the scoop on yesterday’s fabulously tease-worthy Teaser photo!

You Professors really fooled us !!!

Once in a while we are able to pull it off with the help of a Guest Teaser’s photo that really has NO clues in it whatsoever…………….one of those “if you haven’t BEEN there, you won’t know it”  kind of photographs.    THIS was one of those but before we talk about THAT, let’s tell you who was our FIRST COMMENTER yesterday shall we?   Oh yes – let’s!

Friends Furever !!

Yes they were right there when we went live a whole minute ahead of a pile of other folks who stopped in to try and get this badge – but it officially belongs to Friends Furever:

For Teaser of 7/25/17


We checked off and on all day yesterday to see how the guesses were going – we had a lot of guesses for sure – ALLLLLLLLLLLLL kinds of guesses in fact everyone tried really hard to find some clues to help them out.   BUT in the end, NOBODY GOT IT RIGHT!    You all know that does not happen often!    I must say though that SOME of you had a feeling it was a hospital and as you’ll read later in the details of the photo, it once WAS one!

So, I would like to present a WHOLE LOT OF GREENIES to a WHOLE BUNCH of you who guessed very bravely but weren’t right after all……….This is for all of you!

For Teaser of 7/25/17

HERE was the photo from yesterday for one last peek before I tell you who our Guest was!

Our Guest Teaser yesterday was Miss Ingrid of Pipo and Minko and Mr. Jack Freckles!

Thank you for the whopper of a photo!   This is for you!

For Miss Ingrid and company for Teaser of 7/25/17

Where did Miss Ingrid take this photo?    Here’s what she told me when she sent the photo in:

“I recently took some nice pictures of a historical building in our city. Its of The Hart-Dole-Inouye Federal Center, in Battle Creek, Michigan. It originally was known as The Battle Creek Sanitarium (Kellogg Sanitarium), then it became the Percy Jones General Hospital, for WWll needs, and then it was turned in to the Battle Creek Federal Center…and eventually it became the H-D-I Federal Center as its known today. It serves a large number of our population with good jobs and is a prominent feature of our skyline.”

Now Suzie wants to wiggle her pom poms in honor of Friends Furever and Miss Ingrid……………….no doubt she’ll work in all the Greenies passed out today so I apologize for her in advance (hahaha).

The Teaser sure was tough
It made us all feel rough
Nobody had a clue
It was worse than a hole in your shoe!
Miss Sharon and the Friends Furever
First commenters light as a feather!
Miss Ingrid’s photo was amazing
Had you guessing with all guns a-blazing!
Still nobody was right on the money
No Right Guessers – now isn’t that funny?
There’s always next week you know….
Come back for the Teaser show!!

Thanks Suzie………….you get an “A” for no bad words inserted in your cheer today……………I’ll make sure the school counselor makes note of that for next report card!

Assistant Prof Teddy did you want to say anything to class before we send them all out to play in the playground for recess?????

“Have a ball ya’ll !”

With Hugs from “The Profs” !!

Pre-Tease Monday



No it’s not Avon calling…….it’s the school bell ringing!

Time for us to settle down and get to the business of Summer School here at DING DONG SCHOOL.     Is everyone ready to tune in and study up for geography test tomorrow?  I hope so.   I just need to remind all of you that the photo we will use tomorrow for Teaser is a GUEST PHOTO – and you won’t find out WHO our Guest is until the Tell All Class on Wednesday.

Once the photo pops into view in the post tomorrow, SOMEONE (or multiple SOMEONES) will have a chance to COMMENT on the post first – and win a badge for doing so!    Being QUICK to comment is a good thing on Tuesdays!     When it comes to GUESSING the location where the Teaser photo was taken – you have to be accurate though………………you have to say the name of the town/village or city where the photo was snapped AS WELL AS the state (if you think it’s in the USA) or country (if you don’t think it’s in the USA) where the photo was snapped too!    So take the time to study – sometimes there are clues in the photos (and like last week’s photo even I didn’t see them!!!).

Now, shall we ask SuzieQ our magnificent and slightly off center cheerleader to come in and give you all a JOLT of cheerleading fun so you’ll be ready to GUESS tomorrow??????

Teaser Day is almost here!
It’s my duty to stop by and give you a cheer!
The Teaser photos are sometimes TOUGH
But I’ve got faith in you students that you know your stuff!
Study the photo and look for a clue
But don’t hold your breath or you’ll turn rather blue!
I’ve seen tomorrow’s picture and I really must say
Not sure you can guess it even if you pray!
I can’t cheat and give you any hints
So just come close to the screen and give it a squint!

Thanks Suzie……….as usual you have inspired us to work hard tomorrow at figuring out the Teaser………(or at least TRY to!).     Make sure your computer screens are nice and clean:



Thank you Sarge!     See you all tomorrow at a SURPRISE TIME……………………………..we’ll pop up and wait for you!

Angel Professor Sammy and Teddy too!



Pre-Tease Monday!


Alrighty Then! 

Won’t you have a seat????

Good Morning class……….Teddy and I are here to get you warmed up for the MAIN EVENT which is tomorrow’s Tuesday Teaser.    It is going to be a GUEST TEASER (no groaning from the back of the room please!).


In my humble opinion it’s not as much of a toughie as those piles of salt were last Tuesday that NOBODY guessed.    So I fully expect us to have a winner this week.   Don’t disappoint us now!

Tomorrow morning at a time that only Teddy and I know, the Teaser post will arrive in your inbox and you will QUICK LIKE A BUNNY WABBIT come here and first thing you will do (if you’re smart) is immediately post a comment.   Why?   Well because you would get THIS if you were the first to comment:

See?  You know you want it so be alert……………….then after that you can read the Teaser post and see the photo of your challenge for Tuesday and start giving it some thought – you will need to tell me what city/village/town AND what state (if USA) or country (if non-USA) the person who snapped the photo was when they snapped it.    OK?

Shall we ask our resident Cheerleader, the ever-exciting SuzieQ to come in and give us one of her rousing cheers???   Oh yes – let’s!!!!

IT’s Tuesday Schmooosday
and it’s time to study
Even if you’re hungover and feeling cruddy!
I know you’ve got a headache and maybe worse –
Just please don’t croak because we don’t have a hearse!
Figure out the Teaser and you’ll be our winner
Maybe I’ll diet and become a lot thinner!
You just might get lucky – you never know!
Then I won’t have to step on your ingrown toe!!

Thanks Suzie…………..heaven only knows what all of that means BUT no doubt you’ve inspired legions of Teaser fans and we’ll be getting correct guesses left and right tomorrow!

Class?    Anybody have anything to contribute to the discussion before we adjourn for recess?

Professor Sammy, last night I got up to go to the litterbox in the middle of the night and saw my Mom in the living room with a strange man and they were smooching! Should I be worried?

Well Bobby perhaps it was your father dressed up in a Halloween outfit he’d bought and he wanted to try it out on your Mom?

He only had on his underwear…….

Oh – I see – well, I suggest when you go home from school today Bobby you have a little TALK with your Mom.    Tell her what you saw and see what she says OK?

Now if there’s no other business or questions, then let’s call recess – I’ll see you all back here after recess and we’ll have our Sex Education class – our guest speaker today is BOBBY!!!!



We’ll be looking for you!

Professor Angel Sam and Teddy too

Sunday Selfie Blog Hopping


Time To Hop!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Click Badge to Visit Them!!

Once again I’m joining in on the biggest hop around – the Kitties Blue at The Cat on My Head do this every single Sunday and I’m always on board with it!   At least I try to be.   This week Mom did some more work on my photo with Lunapic………..She’s a (wait for it……….wait for it………………) LUNATIC for LUNAPIC!   hahaha    Being sick hasn’t hurt my funny bone or sense of humor has it?!

Here’s her artwork on MY selfie photo!    If you want to see other “Hoppers” selfies, just click on the badge above and join in with the Linky Tool with your OWN fabulous self OR just hop around and see the rest of us!


Jut one Art Effect from Lunapic and it was called “BRAVE”………..Mom says I am brave…….I’m not so sure but I try to be whatever Mom wants me to be!

Have a Beautiful Sunday!  

Love, Sammy

P.S.  We are overwhelmed by your messages of kindness, support, and good wishes on my health – I knew I had friends all over the world thanks to my blog but I never knew that so many could make an old cat feel so YOUNG again with their positive messages of love.   Thank you……………so much.

Dr. Strangelove

Dr. Strangelove

My patient is having a GOOD day today.  Sunday is a day of rest and that’s what I’ve prescribed for him!

Pre-Tease Monday


Time to Pre-Tease!


Ah yes – another week begins and as always, it begins with a reminder that tomorrow is TEASER DAY!   A photo will be posted at a surprise time and you can try to be the first to comment on the post or the first to guess where it was taken or even just be one of many who know it……..come to think of it, you win even if you lose because you get a GREENIE.

So, tomorrow everybody wins…………but whatever happens, remember when you guess where the photo you will see was taken, you have to tell me what town or city and what state (USA) or country it was taken in OK?    Can’t just say “France” – that doesn’t get you a WINNER!

Just in case we have some NEW people joining up on the Teaser – I’ll show you the badges to WHET YOUR APPETITE and make you want to come back tomorrow to make a guess on the photo!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You know you want to win one of these right?   So be on your toes – – – as I said, you have no clue WHEN you’ll get the notice that the blog is up and ready for viewing because Mom is a MEANIE and schedules it for a weirdo time every week to catch you by surprise.

So all I can see is SEE YOU TOMORROW……………..our Teaser Cheerleader SuzieQ is practicing her cheer for you for tomorrow.   She practices in a sound-proof room (thank heavens) so I don’t know WHAT kind of cheer she’ll have for you but it will be her usual thing – STRANGE.     HAHAHAHAHAHA


I’ll look for you in class tomorrow!  

Professor Sam



Tuesday Teaser


School Is In Session!


Good Morning Students!    Are you all rested and ready to rock with the Teaser challenge today?    I’m sure you spent last night studying as I suggested that you do right?   Right!    So you aren’t nervous about today at all right?   Right!

Before we get going, would you like a chance to be FIRST COMMENTER today?   If you would, then hurry up and comment on this blog and then come on back.   Go on.   Tick Tock – you’re keeping everyone else waiting…………..!    Here’s what you get if you’re first to comment:


Now we move on to THE BIG STUFF……….the photo that will make you scratch your head and go “HUH” ????   The photo that you will try like the dickens to figure out before anyone else – WHERE WAS THIS PHOTO TAKEN?????   It could be a number of places but WHERE?   Maybe if we have a little ENCOURAGEMENT for you from our ever-delightful and unpredictable Teaser Cheerleader SuzieQ, you will be more inclined to guess correctly????

Come on in Suzie and show us your stuff (as long as it’s not x-rated of course!).



Every week I give you a tweak I make you giggle so hard you can't even speak I knock out a cheer that makes you smile Take you away from your depressing life for a little while So here I go with a cheer for you Now come on and do what you need to do Figure out where the photo was taken If you do I'll give you some bacon (note: not really but it rhymes) So knock it out of the park Like the great white shark I'll be ever so proud You'll stand out from the crowd! GUESS GUESS GUESS Don't be CLUELESS!!!

Every week I give you a tweak
I make you giggle so hard you can’t even speak!
I knock out a cheer that makes you smile
Take you away from your depressing life for a while.
So here I go with a cheer for you
Now come on and do what you need to do
Figure out where the photo was taken
If you do I’ll give you some bacon (note: not really but it rhymes)
So knock it out of the park
Like the great white shark
I’ll be ever so proud
You’ll stand out from the crowd!
Don’t be CLUELESS!!!


As usual Suzie, I’m speechless………………I have this feeling you didn’t PRACTICE this one before you got here today right?  Just kind of let your mind fly free and this is what popped out of the creative side of your brain……….well, OK.   Maybe someone out there was inspired.   We’ll find out soon.

Mr. Silver Briefcase – could you please bring today’s photo in so we can begin agonizing over it?

Here I am Professor.....I've guarded the top secret photo and now it's time to post it for your students!

Here I am Professor…..I’ve guarded the top secret photo and now it’s time to post it for your students!


Where Was This Photo Taken?  

I need city/town AND country or state if you think in the USA

If you are the FIRST to guess correctly, you will win this:


If you are NOT first but do guess correctly, you will win this:


If you are EVER SO DESPERATELY WRONG with your guess, you get one of these beauties:


Go on – you can do it – I’m waiting.   Impress me!


The Prof!

Tune in tomorrow for the TEASER TELL ALL!!!