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Tuesday Teaser


Quick!  Comment on this post!  You might be first!


Man oh man this is like being in the Army!

Time for the Teaser!    You all look alert and ready for class today.   Now I’m sure you all want to know if Sarge is OK – he had that little – er – um – ACCIDENT yesterday when he began his cheer but fortunately it was only his pants that were injured.   Sarge is at this moment resting comfortably in the school Jacuzzi in the teacher’s lounge.

So let’s get down to business – the business of TEASING.    Today we have a photo that is NOT a Guest Teaser………..that’s all I’ll say about THAT.    But it will be up to all of you to figure out WHERE that photo was taken.    You will study it and then make a guess based on what you see in the photo or what you THINK you see and will also follow these rules!

If you are the FIRST COMMENTER, FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, A RIGHT GUESSER NOT FIRST, A WRONG GUESSER – you will win an appropriate reward/badge to show off to the world!

Tomorrow as you all know is Valentine’s Day so we will be celebrating in class…………..Miss Dingleberry will have special snacks for us too – she and her cafeteria staff are working on that today so we won’t have a snack today.




Now you all have a good breakfast at home every single day before you come to school so I know you’re not STARVING – and our cafeteria staff is hard at work to make your Teaser Tell All/Valentine’s Day special so just be BRAVE.

I’ll be brave…….sniff……

Let’s have our fabulous Security Guard come in with today’s photo so we can get going on the TEST OF THE DAY – WHERE WAS THIS PHOTO TAKEN???????

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

WHERE in the world is this????

Now to spur you on and get you going, here’s a cheer from our fabulous cheer team – I know it’s a highlight of class for us every Tuesday – so COME ON IN TEAM!!

Rickety Rack Rickety Rack
We’re excited – you can’t hold us back!
Today is Teaser and we’re cheering for YOU
But where the Teaser is from we have no clue.
Hope you studied like good boys and girls
This photo could be from ANYWHERE in this whole wide world!
Do your best and tomorrow we’ll say your name
If you aren’t a winner you’ll have no claim to fame
Ricky Ticky Too
Good Luck To You!

Thank you Team!

I swear this class grows bigger every day……….

Even though we have no big snack today, I can’t turn you loose for recess without something WARM in your tummy so please have some hot chocolate……………I brought it in from the teacher’s lounge.

Hot chocolate bar

Your Profs, Angel Sammy and Teddy too


Pre-Tease Monday


What Day Is It???????   Oh yeah – pre-Tease Monday!

It’s another cold and icky winter day too…..come in students – let the day begin!

Hurry Students – Time for Class to Begin!!

Happy Monday kids.   Hope you all had a good weekend.    Today we must buckle down and get ready for the BIG TEASE tomorrow so I hope you’re well rested and ready to hit the books!


Well not exactly HIT as in WHACK – we’re going to STUDY the books.   You want to be ready to make an educated guess tomorrow on the Teaser photo when you see it right?    Right!


Before we do that, let’s go over the rules for Teasers – same rules we have every week but just in case we have some newbies joining us, here’s how we do things around here on Teaser Tuesday when it comes to figuring out where the photo was taken:


You will have all day tomorrow to figure out where the photo was taken……………..so take your time but remember, if you are FIRST to guess right you get a special badge.  In fact, if you are right but not first or even WRONG you still get a badge and we will award those on the TELL ALL post on Wednesday!

Also, if you are the very FIRST person to COMMENT on the blog tomorrow you will win something too – just remember that tomorrow’s blog post goes up at a SURPRISE time – it’s different every Tuesday so you won’t know when to be here – you’ll just have to be on your toes!   If you’re first this will be yours:

You know you want a badge to show off so be ready!

I can hardly wait Professors!!

Well I like to see excitement but you might be just a little bit WOUND UP there Buddy!!

Miss Dingleberry decided that for today’s pre-recess snack, she’d serve up some of her famous sub sandwiches.   I think it’s a great idea.    Her kitchen crew knows how to whip up a sub like nobody’s business.    After you have your snack you can go out for recess but bundle up – it’s cold enough to put some frost on some areas of your anatomy that you might not want icicles on!!

Yeah I’ve got that Valentine’s Day hairnet again….remember – no jokes!

Turkey Sub

Tuna sub

Steak and cheese sub

Deli meat sub

Hot chocolate bar


OOPS…..I think the snow is a little deep!

I’m bundled up for outside!

We’ll be warm too!


Remember – surprise time tomorrow!   By the way, Suzie has a surprise too!

Professor Angel Sam and Teddy


Tuesday Teaser


It’s a-snowin’ at Ding Dong School today!

Alright you kids – inside – now!   Before you get the FLU!  Don’t forget to COMMENT before you take a seat though – if you’re FIRST you’ll get a badge from the Professors.

ICK on the SICKS!

Mom makes me wash my hands every 5 minutes to keep away the germs!

OK class – settle down – that cold out in the playground got you fired up didn’t it!!

Professors I checked everyone for fevers, sore throats, etc. and sent one student home to bed!


Thank you Doctor KATZ, I appreciate you trying to keep us relatively GERM-FREE.     Now shall we continue with the reason we’re here this morning?    We have a TEASER photo for you and we have this feeling that you won’t have a clue.   We even blocked out one sign because it MIGHT have had a clue……..if there are other clues we sure don’t see them so without further ado, what say we give you the RULES for today then show you the photo????


So just do your best without the help of some computer program to get you there……………it’s more REWARDING anyway!   Speaking of rewards, here’s what’s on tap for all winners and you’ll find out who THEY are tomorrow!

Today’s photo is from a TEASER FAN so it’s a GUEST TEASER and we’ll tell you WHO when we tell you WHERE the photo was taken tomorrow in class.     The cheerleaders are BACK today and will cheer you all on after we show you the photo…………Mr. Security Guard – we are READY!

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

Where could this be?????????????????   You may agonize over it as much as you like then give us your GUESS in comments.   Shall we see what our fabulous cheerleaders have in store for us today?

That Bobby dude was cute
In his little cheering suit
We might let him join us girls
To give the guy a whirl!
But that is just a “maybe”
Let’s get to the Teaser baby!
It seems like it’s too hard
Like giving you the JOKER card
We wish you luck my friends
As your agonizing BEGINS!

Thanks ladies…………..I’m sure you inspired the students to work hard to solve the TEASER today.   We’ll look forward to seeing you all tomorrow to cheer on the winners!

I can’t even figure it out SIDEWAYS!

We all cleaned our glasses really well and still can’t figure it out!!!!!

Tomorrow we’ll see if anyone gets it…………meanwhile, how about some food from our fabulous cafeteria staff – something to warm you up before you go outside for recess and freeze your “WHATSIS” off!

Alright boys and girls – This stuff will warm you up from the INSIDE out!

Broccoli cheese soup

Chicken noodle soup

Hearty beef stew

Fish stew


Vegetable soup

Hot chocolate bar

Enjoy!   We’ll see you tomorrow for the TELL ALL!


Pre-Teaser Monday


Happy Monday!   Class is about to begin!

Yikes – I forgot to bring my school books!

Too bad buddy – you can’t go home to get your books – you’ll just have to REMEMBER tomorrow!  That’s TEN demerits!

Happy Monday Students…..please have a seat and let’s begin.

I’m ready!

Today we will be preparing you for tomorrow.   That’s right – today we just go over the rules and get you PSYCHED up for tomorrow when you will see a photo from somewhere in the world and have to guess as best you can WHERE the photo was taken!    You will also have to be on your toes (or paws as the case may be) because the post is going to pop up at a SURPRISE time so be alert!

Why should you be alert?   Because the FIRST person to comment on the post tomorrow will win this:

Then you will be shown a photo by our Security Specialist who has been keeping the photo under lock and key so there will have been NO PEEKING.    Here are the rules for tomorrow’s GUESSWORK:

The reason we have #2 for a rule is that it’s super duper easy to place the photo we will show you into some program like Google Image Search and have IT tell you where the photo was taken.  We think it’s more fun if you don’t use any “cheats” and just figure it out on your own!!

We promise NEVER to cheat Professors!

The other badges you can win would be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, the RIGHT GUESSER (if you guess correctly but aren’t the FIRST to do so), and the WRONG GUESSER (otherwise known as the GREENIE).

Our cheerleaders are away at a cheerleading camp today but they will be here tomorrow to cheer you on.    We do have a cheer for you though.   This young lad tried out for the cheer team and didn’t make it but he was kind enough to volunteer to give you a little PUSH on Monday to get you in the mood for tomorrow!    Take it away BOBBY!

Gimme a B
Gimme an O
Two more Bs
And a Y
That’s my name
I thought it was a shame
You didn’t vote for ME
But I’m here for you to see
A grudge I do NOT hold
Though you left me out in the cold
I’m supposed to cheer you on
You’d better get up at dawn
The Teaser is a real whopper
A real heart stopper
Better get lotsa rest
You wanna be right – and best!
The girls will be here tomorrow
I’m gonna go drown my sorrow
The guys are down at the bar
So I’m gonna go hop in my car
I’ll see ya around the schoolyard
Now don’t forget to TRY HARD!!

C’mon Bobby – let’s go get a brewski !


Uhhh…….geee Bobby, didn’t know you’d taken it so hard when you weren’t picked for the cheerleading spot.   I’m sure next time Suzie is interviewing you can try out again!    In the meantime, thanks for cheering everyone on……………….sorta.

Poor Bobby…….

Don’t worry – Bobby will be back.   You know how the girls are always taking time off from cheer duty at school.

Don’t worry Bobby…..I’ll have a little TALK with the girls on your behalf!

OK class.   Let’s move on shall we?    Miss Dingleberry was kind enough to make some cookies for everyone today.   Tomorrow we’ll have a REAL lunch but today – snacks only.    After you have your snack you can STUDY.

OK Professors – I’ll study!

No makin’ fun of my hairnet – this is to start gettin’ me in the mood for Valentine’s Day…….

You get a smoothie or hot chocolate!

See you tomorrow!  Remember – SURPRISE time!!   

Professor Angel Sam and Teddy

Teaser Tell All


Welcome to the Tell All Class!

Aww heck – I was having fun in the playground!


YES we are here and we are ready to fill you in with all the details about yesterday’s fabulous Teaser photo AND to hand out the first crop of our new and improved 2018 Teaser badges!


First up we want to let you know that we had TWO First Commenters yesterday morning – both of whom clocked in with a hello within two minutes of us going live………….WHO????????

Da Phenny and Miss Jackie!

You each get one of these totally fabulous new badges for being FIRST COMMENTERS:

Da Phenny and Jackie were BOTH First Commenters on the Teaser of January 23, 2018!


Our GUEST TEASER yesterday was our good friend Miss Jackie from TWO DEVON CATS!     It was a doozy………………Miss Jackie – this new badge is for YOU!

Thank you!

Here’s the photo she sent to us which we used yesterday:

She snapped this on her recent trip to Ireland………………..and it is a photo of the old Tankardstown copper mine near Bunmahon in Waterford County, Ireland!    Here is some GREAT information about the area AND some info on this mine……..You will understand why this area is known as the Copper Coast!    CLICK HERE

We had a lot of guesses on this one – most of the guessers thought that this was one of the old copper mines in Cornwall, UK………………….so many of you knew it was a copper mine – from the structures……..but only ONE person guessed FIRST that it was the mine near Bunhamon in Waterford County, Ireland and that was:

Carol from Home Sweet Home Wyoming!

This is for you Miss Carol!

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of January 23, 2018! YAY FOR ME!


We did have one other RIGHT GUESSER – Pipo, Minko and Mr. Jack Freckles – so you all get THIS:

For the Teaser of January 23, 2018

All of you who did NOT guess correctly get one of these little beauties:

Whaaaa…..I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of January 23, 2018!

I looked at it from all angles and didn’t know the answer!!  Guess I get a GREENIE!

How would our lovely cheerleaders like to come in and put a little sunshine into our winners day with a cheer in their honor – girls?   COME ON DOWN!!!!!!

First Commenters there were TWO
Scooby Dooby Dooooo
Da Phenny and Jackie were FAST off the mark
They left the rest of you asleep in the dark
Then we all sat here and waited……
A RIGHT GUESSER was rather belated……
We thought it would fool the whole crowd
But of you Miss Carol we’re PROUD!
You guessed it right on the money
You get a new badge for that Honey!
The rest of you better start reading
The Professors words you need to be heeding!
Next week you’ll get another chance
Now don’t make us set fire to your pants!!!!!

They’re just kidding about the pants right?????

I don’t haz pants…….

Hot Pants……..groovy man……

Alright alright – nobody is setting anybody’s pants on fire but I do hope that you will all study hard so that you might get a new badge next week in Teaser Class.

Meanwhile, Miss D decided that we needed another SNACK after class which we think is a great idea so please help yourself to a little SUMTHIN………..then go outside and get some exercise for recess!

Sorry to be a party pooper Professor Sammy but it’s raining outside now so maybe we can snack inside?????

Alright everyone – help yourself to a snack at your desk………………..we don’t want any wet heads – remember it’s flu season!

I don’t want any FLU STUFF!

Roast beef, ham, turkey!

Chicken salad, tuna salad, shrimp salad!





Your Professors, Sammy and Teddy!


Sunday Selfie Hop


Hopping With Kitties Blue

It’s Sunday!   Time to HOP……..every week we show the world a photo of ourselves on The Cat On My Head along with over 50 other friends and then we spend the rest of Sunday visiting wall the Hoppers to say howdy.   Staying in touch – and admiring each other’s fab photos.   Lots of fun indeed.  Wanna join?  Please do – just click the badge above and go to their blog, use the posted LINKY TOOL and you’re IN.    Nothing easier and certainly it’s tons of fun.

Mom did a little artsy touch to me again this week………I’ll show you the original photo of me – sprawled out in my favorite position as those of you who know me know – ON MY BACK WITH BELLY EXPOSED!    Then she used Lunapic to jazz the photo up a bit – she chose the Art Effect called “STORYTIME”.    Then she added a regular simple colored frame with Pizap.   VOILA – there I am showing the world my finest feature – my tummy!

Before fiddling with the photo – yes I’m lying on Christmas tissue paper – I love tissue paper!

Letting it ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL hang out!

Have a super Sunday everybody………………….we are having a bit of semi-Spring weather……….in the 50s instead of teens!   We’ll take it…………..!

Love, Teddy

Tuesday Teaser


Time to come inside students! Class is about to begin!

Aw geee……we were having fun!

SIT! The Professors have entered the building!

Hello Class!    Now do NOT forget the first thing you need to do is leave a COMMENT – I’m SURE you want to be the FIRST COMMENTER today right?    Well go on – if you haven’t done it, we’ll wait 15 seconds precisely for you to comment and get back into your seats OR Sarge may come looking for you!

tick tock tick tock

Alright – we will now begin class.    Today’s TEASER is not a Guest Teaser…………….it’s a “Mom” Teaser……………..does that mean it’s tougher than usual?   Not necessarily.   Sometimes you all are way smarter than even you think you are and get the Teaser right away so we’ll find out in a bit if this is EASY or TOUGH.    Just try your best!

In order to make a guess remember:

  1. You have to tell us the name of the CITY/VILLAGE/TOWN as well as the STATE (if USA) or COUNTRY (if not in the USA) where the photo was taken.
  2. We always ask that you not use a computer program to find out where the photo was taken – just use your BRAINS…….I hope you brought them with you to class today??????

I brought mine! It’s in my backpack……….

Perhaps we will begin today with a rousing cheer from our fabulous and most talented Teaser Cheer Team!

Tuesday’s here and isn’t that fun?
Guess where it is and you’ll be Number One!
Don’t guess right and you’ll get a Greenie
But we promise we won’t call you a loser weenie!
Study the picture and figure it out
Tomorrow we’ll use YOUR name when we do our cheer shout.
Study the photo and make your best guess
Tomorrow’s the Tell All when the Professors confess
Look for some clues sometimes they are there
And don’t get a headache as you sit there and stare
We’ll be back tomorrow with the winners cheer
You losers get a certificate for one free beer.

Now ladies we do not hand out certificates for free beer – unless it’s a ROOT BEER…………but we will look forward to seeing who does well on the Teaser!

If our ever vigilant Security Guard would please bring in today’s Teaser photo and post it for the students?

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

There you have it – do your best students…………………..tomorrow we’ll let you know who wins what!    In the meantime, Miss Dingleberry is off today but her Assistant Chef has made some sort of snack for us today before we adjourn for recess!

Uhhhh…….nevermind…….I think we’ll skip a snack today thanks!

We’re outta here!

Us too!

See you tomorrow Professors! I’m GONE!

We’re GONE too!  

Your Profs, Sammy and Ted


Pre-Tease Monday


Good Morning Class!   It looks like you all found the way into the school!   

I went round and round and round til I founded it!

I found it but had to ask for help from a – DOG!

WHAT? You mean some students can’t find the door???????

The door I went through led to the cafeteria and Miss Dingleberry yelled at me for coming in without washing my paws first!

Well I’m glad everyone made it EVENTUALLY.  Now let’s get down to business!!!!

It’s Monday and tomorrow we will have our special TEASER class AT A SURPRISE TIME…………so you all need to study like maniacs tonight so you can be here bright and early tomorrow and try for a badge.   The FIRST badge that’s available would be the FIRST COMMENTER badge……………that will go to whoever is here FIRST and comments FIRST (or is one of the FIRSTS in the FIRST 60 seconds!).

Then we have other badges – they are the ones we had before the holidays – and you know what THEY look like right?

Now these rules will apply tomorrow so be sure and read them!

  1. When you make a guess where the photo was taken, you have to give both the city/village/town AND the state (if USA) or country (if not USA) where the photo was taken!   A partial answer won’t qualify!
  2. When you are trying to figure out where the photo was taken, please don’t use a computer program to help you – we know Google Image Search is easy peasy – load in a photo and WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAM you get the computer to tell you where the photo is from.   That’s not fair – so in order to even out the playing field, we ask you not to use a program – just use your BRAIN!!!   You can do it without help I just know you can!

That’s it – just two rules………….

Professors, do we get a snack today???????? My tummy is growling…..

I foresee cookies in our immediate future……

In fact YES Miss Dingleberry has come through yet again and made us a little snack for pre-recess.    Bless her pointed head, we have cookies and hot chocolate.   Just what we need before going outside to freeze our “whatevers” off.    So bundle up, grab some cookies and hot chocolate and head out for some exercise.    We Professors will be here in the morning at a SURPRISE TIME (don’t forget that part!) to see who’s FIRST here and who’s FIRST to guess tomorrow’s TEASER PHOTO!

Now don’t be little piggies – take a few cookies and be on your way!

See you in class tomorrow – SURPRISE time!  

Profs Sam and Ted

Thankful and Poetic Thursdays



Here we are starting a brand new year.    My Mom said she can remember going to see the movie “2001 A Space Oddessy”  and thinking how silly things were projected to be in 2001.   Here we are well beyond that and the world certainly has changed but is it better or worse or “we need to work on it” ??   LOL    Anyway, I’m thankful to be starting a new year and having my first FULL year in my forever home.   I’ll also turn TWO this March and that will be something to be thankful for.   We don’t know what my history was prior to my adoption but something tells me THIS LIFE is better than what it could have been that’s for sure – so I AM THANKFUL     We are also very thankful for all of you.    We love having you stop by our blog for some fun.    Just like we LOVE coming to Brian’s on Thursday to share “THANKFULS” !    If you’d like to join us in this blog hop full of thankful things, just click their badge above and join in the fun!

The new year started with my brother Angel Sammy’s birthday on January 1st…………yes he’s no longer here but we still celebrate his birthday in our hearts – he would have been 18.    He’s still plugging away on his computer on Wednesdays though preparing to send me his poetic challenge by Wednesday night so I can share it with you on Thursdays.    Are you ready?    As you may remember, we aren’t doing an alphabetic poetic challenge – this year Angel Sammy is doing a PHOTOGRAPHIC poetic challenge.   It’s turning out to be a lot of fun.  Feel free to join in.

Here’s Angel Sammy’s email to me from last night:


Happy New Year Fellow Poets!

It was a celebration at the Rainbow Bridge for us on New Year’s Eve just as it was for all of you “back home”…………..we know you miss us as much as we miss you but we still are in contact with you and still watch over all of you with love until the day we see you again!

I gave you a totally interesting photo last week for you to use to write your poetic photo challenge for today………….AND a lot of you wrote to us to ask us for more information on the photo.    We did some research and have a link for you to follow to find out the “back story” on this amazing stone wall.    Here’s the photo challenge for this week’s poem along with the link:

It’s a lovely story about this wall and who built it and why…………………..just CLICK HERE to read it.

Now here is MY poem that I wrote for this most inspiring stone wall photograph and I hope you will share yours with all of us either by giving us your blog link to follow and read your poem OR just write your poem in our comments here – we’d LOVE to read what your thoughts about this photograph are!!


By Angel Sammy Kimmell, January 3, 2018

Walls are built for many reasons

They’re built to last for endless seasons

Each stone placed right next to his brother

A perfect spot to lean on each other

Then from the center a mighty tree grows

Adding its’ own strength to the stones in such neat little rows.

The wall is so strong with the tree as its’ “lock”

The tree is the center made of beautiful, solid rock.

A wall is like our faith, standing straight, hard and true

Let your faith be that strong and its’ strength will carry you.


I hope you’ve written a poem too and I also hope you will share it if you have………………I’d also encourage you to follow the link I gave you to the story of this wall photo.   When we found the photo we had NO IDEA what its’ story was but we were glad that we were able to find out – it’s a lovely story indeed.

Now it’s time to give you your “photo poetry” inspiration for NEXT Thursday – ready?     This is the photo you and I will write a poem about for NEXT week:

That’s about it for another Thursday my friends…………..I hope to see you here next Thursday and we’ll share some poetry and visit with each other.    YES I’m staying busy at the Rainbow Bridge but I’m never too busy to spend Thursday with you……………….never – EVER!

‘Tis I ! Angel Sammy, zeeee French poet!!!

Love, Angel Sammy



Thank you Sammy!   I love that tree wall and the story behind it.    And I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!    See you next week……………….

Hugs, Teddy

Brothers Forever….

Teaser Tell All


Another day dawns at Ding Dong School!

I came to school EXTRA EARLY so I could find the door!

Shall we begin?

We hope you liked yesterday’s Teaser photo……………..Mom found it on the internet………..BUT it’s a place she’s been to before with our Dad.    I’ll tell you more about that later but for NOW, we want you to know that we had a THREE WAY TIE for First Commenter!    We know Suzie and her crew will have their names in their cheer for today but in the meantime the lucky winners of a badge were:

Miss Csilla (KOLYTYI) , Miss Sharon (Friends Furever), and Miss Madi (Down Home In NC)

Each of you gets one of these!!!!!!

I was one of THREE First Commenters on the Teaser of Jan. 2, 2018!

Good job ladies – we had a TRIFECTA of beautiful ladies who were bright and early and on the ball to comment so quickly !!!!


Here’s another look at the photo from yesterday………………

A beautiful photo indeed………………………….and it seems that the Transamerica building on the far left MIGHT have been the hint some folks needed to figure this one out…………..but only ONE was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!!    Who was it???????

 Timmy from Timmy Tomcat


I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of January 2, 2018 !!

The photo is in fact JUST WHERE Timmy and his Dad guessed – The INNER HARBOR in Baltimore, Maryland.    It’s a very cool spot – the baseball stadium is down there along with wonderful shops and restaurants and so much to see and do.   They have water taxis to take you from one place to another because it’s such a BIG area to explore.    Our parents spent the night there in a nice hotel and had some wonderful seafood for dinner.    Want more info?   Click HERE to visit the Inner Harbor’s website.

There were some more of you who were “smarty pants” and got it right too!   If you were one of the lucky ducks (or cats, dogs, pigs, birds, humans), then you get to take one of THESE for yourself!!

I wasn’t FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of January 2, 2018 !!

Then of course there were the SEVERAL of you who tried but didn’t have a correct guess – you are still winners in our books though because you WON a badge too – this one:

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of January 2, 2018 but I get a NEW YEAR GREENIE ANYWAY!

Congratulations winners (and losers) – you have survived the first Teaser of the brand new year!     I think this calls for a special cheer – right girls?????

Here we are and we’re feeling PERKY!
We walk a straight line and our sight’s not JERKY!
We have some winners for the brand new year
So pay attention and lend us your ear!
First Commenters were a crowd of three
Sharon, Csilla, and Madi but not ME!
Then we waited to see who would guess it right
There was only ONE RIGHT so there was no fight!
Timmy and his Dad were RIGHT ON THE MONEY!
Congratulations Timmy you’re a REAL cute Honey!
So those were the winners of the new years Teaser
We knew you’d enjoy it, it was a real crowd pleaser!

I foresee another Teaser next Tuesday.

Gee it doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or a fortune teller!) to know that there will be a Teaser next Tuesday……………………..good grief!

OK…..I foresee another Teaser next Tuesday that’s TOUGH!!!!!

Time will tell………………………which is my cue to remind you that if you think you have a photo that might fool everyone or at least be a challenge, please email it to the Professors!    We might feature YOUR photo one of these days!

Those professors can be long-winded……I’m waiting for class to be over so I can clean this place!

Alright class…..time for recess…..we’ll see you NEXT week for another Teaser!

Professor Sammy and Assistant Prof Ted


P.S.   With great sadness we learned yesterday of the passing of another sweet friend – Lily Olivia – one of the Kitties Blue from The Cat On My Head.   If you haven’t already visited the Kitties Blue to extend your sympathies and thoughts, please feel free to use/click on this beautiful graphic Mom Janet did in honor of her sweet Lily Olivia to visit them.