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Teaser Tell All New Years Day



I bet some of you are still recovering from your New Year’s Eve fun OR maybe you even stopped by class on your way home from your New Year’s Eve fun?     Well you will be happy to hear that because we know you’d rather all be home in BED we will have a short class today.    Long enough to give you info on the Teaser photo and tell you WHO WON WHAT!

Yeah I partied all night and I’m getting..yawn…sleepy!

Me too – I need coffee!

OK – well, we get the message – let’s move on and let you know FIRST of all who was our FIRST COMMENTER yesterday!

Drumroll Please!

We had THREE First Commenters and one of them was a First Commenter for the THIRD week in a row!   That was Timmy!   AND joining him:  Sharon of Friends Furever and Csilla of Kolytyi !!


You all get one of these!!!   Special congratulations to Timmy for a “THREEBIE” !   (and by the way, Miss Sharon has TWO in a row so she is up for a THREEBIE next Tuesday)

I was one of THREE First Commenters on the New Year’s Eve Teaser!!!

Say – that Timmy guy is cute….wonder if he’d like to date a chihuahua chick??

Here’s the photo from yesterday AND the details on it – THEN we’ll let you know who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER………….

This my friends is the Palais de Stormont which is now the Belfast, Ireland Parliament Building (Northern Ireland Assembly).     WOW…….formal looking joint isn’t it.  And it’s a palace but looks more like it found its’ calling being a government building doesn’t it!     It’s got quite an interesting history too – if you’d like to read about it just CLICK HERE.  

WHO was the lucky student who guessed CORRECTLY before anyone else did?????

Drumroll Please!

CSILLA !!!!   

WOOO HOOOO Miss Csilla

So Csilla was one of the three FIRST COMMENTERS and also the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER of this Teaser!!!   For you Miss Csilla:

I was the First Right Guesser for the Teaser of New Year’s Eve !!

Interesting how things turned out this week huh?   Congratulations to everyone – and by the way there were others who guessed RIGHT and if you did you get one of these:

I guessed right on the Teaser of New Year’s Eve Day BUT I was not FIRST!

And of course there were some of you who guessed incorrectly – it was a bit of a toughie in some ways and some of you bravely guessed but were wrong – this is your reward:

I was WRONG with my guess on the New Year’s Eve Teaser….but I still got a badge!!

So there you have it – the first day of a new year and we’ve taken care of the LAST Teaser of 2019.   Next week will be the first Teaser of the new year.    WOW.    Time flies when you’re having fun eh????



Alright already – we get the hint – you’re ready to go home for the rest of the day and we think that’s a good idea considering your condition.


There are some exceptions to the snorers in class and we appreciate that but it’s time for all of you to get on the school bus and head for home and your beds.    We fully expect all of you to be WIDE AWAKE and ready to rock for next week’s Teaser though!


OK – grab a hot chocolate to go and a New Years Fortune Cookie and pop on the bus – see you next Tuesday.

Make sure the top is on your drink – no spills in the bus!

Hope your fortune is a good one!

See you next week!  HAPPY  NEW YEAR!!!   Your Professors


Teaser Tuesday Thanksgiving Style


Welcome to Thanksgiving Week Teaser !   Have you COMMENTED????????????

Security Patrol reporting all is secure inside and outside Ding Dong Sheep School…..let the TEASING begin!

We are so THANKFUL that all of you are in class today and we are also THANKFUL that we have such a great security team keeping an eye out for introoooders or other troublemakers here on our lovely campus.    Are you all ready for class today?     You should know that Miss Dingleberry and her wonderful team of cafeteria workers are going to have a FABULOUS Thanksgiving feast for us tomorrow on TELL ALL day.     So we are ready to celebrate – even if you and your family aren’t celebrating Thanksgiving we’ll still have fun and good food together.

Our Graphics Department came up with a great Teaser for us today.    So get those glasses cleaned up so you don’t miss anything.

Yikes – I guess I hadn’t realized just how many of you wear glasses – but they all look clean and shiny so let us BEGIN!

The rules for Teaser are:

And here are the SPECIAL Thanksgiving badges that you might win if you are lucky today!   We will announce winners tomorrow!

Now let’s bring in the guard with today’s Teaser Photo!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

Where was this taken?

And to get your brains working and your imaginations popping, let’s bring in our team of fabulous Cheerleaders shall we?

Here we are looking silly
Tossing turkeys willy nilly
It’s our duty to be all cheery
But keeping this headgear straight makes us weary!
Anyway we wish you luck as you study and guess
Your Professors expect perfection and deserve no less
We are thankful for the Profs, all of you, and Miss D
Now lets all head to the cafeteria for a glass of iced tea!

Thanks ladies – good job and I think you can take those things on your heads off now AND please put those turkeys down.   Don’t spill stuffing all over your cheer uniforms!


Good luck with your guesses everyone – tomorrow before we have our Thanksgiving dinner together, we will find out who gets badges and who doesn’t!     Meanwhile, line up and let’s march to the cafeteria together shall we?

Off we march to the cafeteria!

Hello Students!   Welcome to “Pre-Thanksgiving Lunch” – our regular menu today but tomorrow we’ll have lots of Thanksgiving favorites!   Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy Studying!  See you in class tomorrow!   

Your Professors

Teaser Tell All Halloween Style!


Hello Class!   Time to Tell All !

Well we’re one day closer to Trick or Treat.   Don’t know about where you all are but here we are scheduled to have RAIN and WIND.   Not an ideal night for goblins and witches to go out to collect candy and goodies from the neighborhood homes!    Mom says she used to HATE when it rained on Halloween because her Mom made her wear a raincoat and carry an umbrella and it kind of took all the fun out of wearing a costume.  Oh well………..here in Teaser Class we’re nice and toasty and cozy no matter what the weather is.

I sure don’t want to put a raincoat over MY costume!

No Sarge I’m sure you don’t want to………………….

Here are some other students who wore costumes today and they don’t want to cover them up either!!!

Sam's Cousin Toby for Halloween

So I’m sure you’re all just dying to know all the details on yesterday’s Teaser and who won what right?   OK – let’s do it!

Who was here bright and early and FIRST yesterday when we went live???   Our FIRST COMMENTER was:

Friends Furever!!

I was the FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of October 29, 2019 for HALLOWEEEEEEN!

Here’s your totally cool Halloween badge – concatulations!


Then it was just a matter of time before the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER popped up with others following close behind.   STILL, there’s only ONE FIRST RIGHT and who was it this week????????



Your badge:

I was RIGHT RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser Halloween post of October 29, 2019!!

Know what else?   We had a bunch of other RIGHT GUESSERS – each of you who guessed and were correct get one of these:


I was RIGHT with my guess on the Halloween Teaser of October 29, 2019 BUT I wasn’t FIRST!!!

And of course if you were WRONG with your guess – at least you TRIED and you get a special badge for that!

POOOEY! I was WRONG with my Teaser guess on October 29, 2019 for Halloween….. BOOO!

Now that you know who won what – how about hearing WHERE the photo was taken?    Also who our GUEST TEASER was………………….here’s the photo again:

Our GUEST who sent this in was our long-time student Miss Csilla and we love this photo of the DUKE OF WELLINGTON STATUE in George Square, in downtown Glasgow, Scotland!    Here’s some information about what appear to be witches hats that the horse and the Duke are wearing in this photo.   Probably not what you would have guessed but super interesting.   CLICK HERE.

Thanks Miss Csilla for the photo – here’s a badge for you…..

It was the perfect Halloween one even though it wasn’t intended to be spooky!!

My Teaser photo was used on the TEASER for Halloween, October 29, 2019!

Let’s hear from the CHEER TEAM shall we?

Surprise surprise we’ve got some winners
Does this costume make me look thinner?
Our First Commenter was Friends Furever because they were early
Just because it wasn’t YOU that’s no reason to be surly!
Then we waited for someone to make the right guess
ANIMAL COURIERS was faster than the rest.
All in all it was a lot of Halloween fun
We wish lots of trick or treat candy for EVERYONE!!!!

This photo was from Halloween last year – pretty scary huh????  

Is anyone UP for the cafeteria?????    Let’s head over and see what’s on the menu for today shall we??

Time for another exciting Halloween meal students!   Enjoy!

Halloween Delights:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for having Halloween fun with us in class this year again! 

See you next week for more Teaser fun…………..Your Professors



Teaser Tell All


Time for us to TELL ALL!

I better win something this week…..or I’ll do something DRASTIC involving my diaper!

Yikes – now that’s quite a threat!    Well, hopefully you win something because – well – the windows in the classroom have to stay closed.   HAHA

First of all let us tell you who our FIRST COMMENTER was yesterday when we started out here in class after our week off for some R&R.    Let’s have a DRUMROLL please!

We had TWO First Commenters in the first 60 seconds and they were:

Kitties Blue and Timmy Tomcat

For our double winners – each of you get one of these!

Oh boy! I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser of October 15, 2019! WAHOO!


Now moving on – let’s tell you WHO was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………………………….it was someone you all know and love because he is a “Frequent Right Guesser” here in class.   You may be jealous of his “frequent” status but you see, his Dad as done a whole lot of traveling and seen a whole lot of places!  Kind of gives you a leading edge when you have seen a lot of this big wonderful world right?    So his Dad whispers in his ear and tells him often the RIGHT location of the Teaser photos…………….who is this we’re talking about???

Timmy Tomcat ! 

Yes indeed – the very same Timmy Tomcat who was ALSO one of our FIRST COMMENTERS yesterday morning – you see, his Dad is also an early riser.   He gets up then shakes Timmy awake so they can be here whenever we go LIVE on the Tuesday Teaser.    He guessed the RIGHT place first though so he gets this:

I did it! I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of October 15, 2019 – I’m on a roll baby!


I’ll tell you where the photo was taken in a minute BUT we had some others who ALSO guessed right and you deserve your own special badge for that honor – grab one of these if you were also right with your guess:

I was right – I just wasn’t FIRST to be right with my guess on the Teaser of October 15, 2019. Oh well – next week maybe??????

Everyone who was WRONG also gets a badge to show off (or whatever) on their blog:

DARN DARN DARN, I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of October 15, 2019 but I got this swell badge anyway……

Now what about those photos?   Who was our GUEST TEASER who sent them in AND most importantly WHERE were they taken????   Here are the photos again:

These photos of the rather beautiful IRON BRIDGE over the River Severn in Coalbrookdale in Shropshire, England were sent in by our friend Jackie Avery at TWO DEVON CATS! 


Here’s our THANK YOU badge for you Miss Jackie for being our GUEST TEASER this week with more of your fabulous travel photos:

My Teaser idea was used on the TEASER CONTEST on October 15, 2019.

So there you have it – our winners and our losers………………………..but lots of fun no matter how things turn out right?   This is after all – all about having fun and we try to do that here at Ding Dong Sheep School every week (except last week of course when we left you to fend for yourselves!).

Here’s the Cheer Team – they definitely remind us that this is supposed to be FUN:

Fee Fi Fo Fum
Who is SMART and who is DUMB?
If you won a badge this week then good for you
If you don’t like the outcome you could always sue.
First Commenters this week we had TWO
They were Timmy Tomcat and Kitties Blue
Then what do you know he made another appearance
Timmy was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER without interference!
Timmy had a DOUBLE win which is kinda rare
Maybe next week you’ll do it – we double dare!!


Well girls that’s a swell cheer except for one thing – just because some people didn’t figure out the Teaser photo location doesn’t mean they’re DUMB – they just haven’t traveled much or don’t QUITE know how to google the stuff they see in the photo to get some ideas as to WHERE the photo was taken!    You wouldn’t want us to call you DUMB would you just because none of you have ever been RIGHT GUESSERS – FIRST or otherwise?????    You all better toddle off to the cafeteria before this pile of students is turned loose to go get lunch.   See you chicks next week!

Did you just call us CHICKS????


OK everyone – let’s go to the cafeteria and see what’s on the menu today!    We’ll be back in class again next Tuesday with more TEASER fun……..

Time to be little piggies everyone and pig out on lunch!   Hope you enjoy today’s menu selections!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As soon as you finish lunch students, pop on the bus for home!   Study hard this week and we’ll see you NEXT Tuesday for fun!

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy – oh and don’t forget this either:

Teaser Tell All


Here we are – another Tell All Class and I’m happy to report that we are yet again all secure thanks to our CRACKER JACK SECURITY PUPS, Clowie and the Kids!    Thank you Clowie.

It would seem that we fooled almost NOBODY yesterday with our Teaser.    Almost everyone tuned right into where it was and for the EASINESS of the Teaser, our Graphics Department apologizes.

Easy?  I didn’t have a clue so I don’t think it was AT ALL easy!

Well mostly easy then….how’s that.    Let’s start off with letting you know who our EARLIEST BIRDS (or in this case CATS) were yesterday and made it to FIRST COMMENTER status!


This is for you two!

I was one of TWO FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of September 24, 2019! HIP HIP HOORAY for both of us!

Give them a CHEER!

Wait….who let these guys back in – they were here for Pirate Day but shouldn’t be here today!

Here’s the photo we had for TEASER yesterday:

This is indeed Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts although, contrary to what Evil Squirrel said, those dark blobs in the ocean are NOT sharks!!!

The FIRST to guess this correctly was the SAME student who was one of our FIRST COMMENTERS today so he gets a special DOUBLE WINNER BADGE!


I was FIRST COMMENTER as well as FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of September 24, 2019 so I get this SWELL badge!!


I’m a little UPSET – I didn’t get squat and that other ginger guy Timmy got TWO badges!

Did you also guess Martha’s Vineyard?   There were QUITE A FEW of you who knew that’s where the photo was taken…………good for all of you!

I guessed the Teaser of September 24,2019 correctly BUT I wasn’t first this week. Maybe next week????

Then of course we have a badge for those of you who guessed but were WRONG!

I guessed but was WRONG on the Teaser of September 24, 2019. I’ll study harder next week I promise!

Well maybe next week…………………meanwhile, the Cheer Team wants to congratulate our winners today………..

We’re riding by the school
To show you that we’re cool
We also wanted to say
For all the winners of the Teaser
As well as our Professor Geezers!
This week it wasn’t so tough
But some Teasers are super rough
We’ll be back next week to cheer
But for now, we’re off for some beer!!!!

Thanks ladies……………….enjoy your ride – it’s a beautiful day for it!

The rest of us will go zipping off to the cafeteria to see what delights Miss Dingleberry and staff her prepared for us today.    After you have lunch, you can pop on the bus and head home.   Thanks students for another super fun TEASER TUESDAY class!

Happy Wednesday Students!   Winners or losers, all are welcome to get a nourishing lunch courtesy of your Ding Dong Sheep School Cafeteria Crew!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All aboard!   See you next week!   

Your Professors

Before we go we’d like to wish our Graphics Department a Happy Birthday.  

Teddy and Mom

Our Graphics Department at age ONE (a very long time ago!)

Tuesday Teaser Time!



OK Team – we can go in and report to the Professors that all is well on the school grounds!   

Then we’ll guard the door and THEN we’ll head to the cafeteria for lunch!   

Happy Tuesday Class!  HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET?   You’d better do that NOW then have a seat!

Happy day two of Fall!    We’re hoping to get a cool down (it was 94 here yesterday) and some rain (haven’t seen that in well over a week) but in the meantime, we have Ding Dong School to keep us busy right?

Our Teaser today is from our oh-so-fab Graphics Department.    Hopefully it will provide you with more than enough “stumping” material so that you will have to give it some thought before you figure it out.

It better not be too hard or I’ll get pretty grumpy!

And I’ll just get MAD!

And I’ll get depressed!

OK – you’ve all made your point.   I hope this will be an EASY TEASER.    First let’s show you the rules and badges – ready?

When we say in #2 rule “don’t use a computer program to tell you” we mean programs like GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH – it can recognize a photo and tell you where it is (if the image is on the internet) – we’d like you NOT to use that – use your imagination to figure it out!!

Now you know what you’ll perhaps WIN and how to give a proper guess.     Let’s get on with the show then.    Let’s get the PA system to request our Teaser Guard to bring in today’s photo shall we?


Here’s today’s Teaser photo Professors!

Where was this photo taken?   What planet?  (just kidding – it looks pretty much like Earth to us!)………………follow the rules posted above and GOOD LUCK!   Tomorrow we’ll let you know where the Graphics Department dug this one up (haha) and pass out the badges.


Cheer Team?   Want to whip the students into a frenzy of studying?   Come on in!!

Scooby doo and rah rah rah
And toss in a little sis boom bah!
Here we are to give a cheer
To de-fuzz your brain so the answer will be clear!
Maybe tomorrow we’ll be cheering your name?
This might just be your claim to fame!
So study it well and give it your best
Whatever you do don’t fall asleep at your desk!

Thanks gang………….now you can go for a ride on your Harleys – or go to the beach and get tanned (remember your sunscreen) – or go shopping – or look for Halloween costumes (won’t be long now!).    We’ll see you tomorrow.

Yes Audrey?   You say you’re hungry?  Well let’s go to the cafeteria shall we?

Hello Teaser Class!   Ready for some lunch?   Step right up!

Today’s Ding Dong Delicious Lunch:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you all tomorrow for the awards !!!!

Professor Angel Sammy and Teddy

Teaser Tuesday Class


Happy Teaser Class!   We’re in our OLD classroom temporarily – some hooligan threw a rock through our window in the NEW classroom.   Gotta get that fixed today – we’ll be in our usual room tomorrow.   Nice to have a change of pace anyway!!!    

DID YOU COMMMENT YET????????????????????????

We have a swell Teaser photo today from our hard-working Graphics Department.   Hopefully it will tease you suitably but remember we do have rules around here about how to go about making your guess as to where the photo was taken.

And just for funzies – we’re digging up some older badges for you to win……………since we changed classes we thought we’d change badges too……………………..

Oh I like it when you change things up a bit!!

Yeah it’s cool to have some flashback badges!

OK since you approve – let’s get on with the show shall we?????????

The Cheer Team is waiting – fresh from the hot tub – ready to give you all some inspiration before you study the photograph to make your guess………we figure you  need all the help you can get right?

Hello there from we cute cheerleaders to ya’ll
We’re doin’ our cheer today in a Southern drawl
It’s not a hint on the Teaser photo it’s just being silly
We like to shake it up for every Tom, Dick and Willy!
So study the photo and then get to pickin’
Or Miss D won’t serve you any southern fried chicken!


Oh boy – fried chicken in the cafeteria today?  Good – let’s hurry and finish up here!


Where is this beautiful spot??????   It’s up to you to figure it out…………….that’s your mission and you can sit here in class and agonize over it – use the globe over on the bookcases, look something up in the enclopedias on the shelves, look for clues and do some searches……….but whatever you do, we hope to have a WINNER tomorrow in class.

Hmm…lunch or class….class or lunch…..hmmmm

What’s for lunch????

Alright all you hungry students – follow us…………………………everyone else – study!

Happy Tuesday Students.   I know you are working on that mystery photo today so I have lots of good lunch selections for you.   Eat up then go back and study so you can WIN!

Today’s Eatables:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Good luck students – we’ll see you tomorrow for the TELL ALL (regular time!) 

Professor Angel Sammy and Professor Teddy