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Teaser Tell All


Good Morning Class – we are back!

We’re sure you enjoyed having Miss Dingleberry as your substitute teacher yesterday right?

Well…….”enjoyed” might be an overstatement…….

Well we Professors had a meeting at the School Board and we found out that we will be moving AGAIN to a new school this Fall.   New surroundings for us.    Not only that, but we will be having a “Student Teacher” with us too.   Not sure who it will be yet but there’s a crop of college students who need to intern in a classroom for their last year at college before going out into the world and doing what WE do – teach!    Fun huh?

So, here’s what happened yesterday – we had TWO FIRST COMMENTERS to start things off – who were the lucky duckies?   (well, they weren’t ducks but you know what we mean)

Oliver/Calvin AND Timmy Tomcat!


Here is your brand new badge……..each of you gets one!

I was one of the FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser of July 17, 2018!

Congratulations – you two were the first to win one of the new FIRST COMMENTER badges!

We want to show you again the photo that we got from our Guest Teaser yesterday……………it was a toughie but someone DID guess it.    Actually a couple of you did but only one FIRST RIGHT GUESSER – we’ll tell you who after we show you the photo:

This is a gorgeous view out a window of the Pan Pacific Hotel looking out on Stanley Park in the Coal Harbour area of VANCOUVER, CANADA!    Our GUEST TEASER picked a doozy didn’t she?    Who is “she” ??    It was our friend Shoko and her little sister Tyebe from CANADIAN CATS !!    SUPER PHOTO LADIES!

My photo was featured on the Tuesday Teaser of July 17, 2018!

A million thanks for sending it in!!

Are you all surprised to learn the location of the Teaser????

Well, perhaps we will move on and let you know WHO our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER yesterday was.    He is quick as a rabbit and guesses right almost every time he comes to class and guesses on a Teaser.   Who is it??????


I’m so excited for Speedy I could BURST!

Speedy you get the first of the new FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badges!

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of July 17, 2018 !! YAY FOR ME!!

Several others guessed Vancouver, Canada – if you were one of them, you get this badge for yourself………………..please copy and take it…………..

So I DID guess right on the Teaser of July 17, 2018 but I wasn’t FIRST! Maybe next time!

And if you were WRONG with your guess – you will be the proud owner of one of the brand new GREENIES!!

I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of July 17, 2018 but I got a swell badge anyway!

Congrats winners and losers!

Here comes the Cheer Team……………….

We all survived Dingleberry
It wasn’t in the least bit scary
She did a good job but the Assistant was weird
In fact he made us downright “skeered” !
First Right Guessers we had TWO
The team of Oliver/Calvin was one and Timmy also came through!
Then the Bunny Guy came in and made his guess
He guessed right first well ahead of the rest
Speedy the champ got the first NEW badge
Made us all envious, even Miss Madge!
Next week we’ll see who loses and who wins
Perhaps it will be the OVERLOOK TWINS???


For those of you who aren’t sure who our resident Overlook Twins are – Da Phenny and his brother Da Nelly are known as the twins by their Mom and Dad in Brittany.   Tee Hee

SO – we’ve survived another week of Teasing……………..will we make it next week?    Oh I’m sure we will.   If you have a photo you think  might fool the universe (or at least our class) send it in email to our Mom.    It’s fun to see your own photo up on the screen and watch the guesses.    Almost as much fun as being here in the classroom!

How about some lunch?    If I’m not mistaken, Miss Dingleberry is doing subs today……………oh boy.   We’re ready to chow down – are you?


Nice Cold Fruit Shakes

Enjoy your lunch students – good job yesterday behaving for Miss D !

Your Professors……Angel Sammy and Teddy too


Pre-Tease Monday


Yes indeed boys and girls, it’s time to gather together in our classroom (yes – even though it’s summer and regular school is NOT in session!) to have our weekly FUN with guessing where a photo was taken.   I mean what would your week be like without the TEASER to look forward to??????????

It would be boring Professors!  

Where in the world will we be seeing in our Teaser photograph this week?    We will be finding out tomorrow – remember that our post will pop into your inbox at a DIFFERENT Time than usual so be ready.   When it arrives, remember the first thing to do is COMMENT!  You might be First Commenter.    We have ALL NEW BADGES TO WIN starting tomorrow!!!!!  Wanna see them????

The rules of the game are simple too!

EASY PEASY!   Got it?   Good!

Our Teaser tomorrow is a GUEST PHOTO……………………..and you’ll find out on the Tell All post of Wednesday WHO sent in the photo and who wins WHAT.

We’re on the edge of our seats!!

Now would you like to have a rowsing cheer from our cheer team?    Alright!

We are talented yes its’ true
But we’re not here for US, we’re here for YOU!
We cheer each Monday to get you ready
Teaser’s tomorrow – will your hearts be steady?
Excitement building and then the TEST
Will you be FIRST or just one of “the rest” ?!
Study hard tonight and get a brand new badge
Don’t study tonight and you’ll hear from Madge!

Thanks gang – you may not go pop in Sarge’s hot tub because he’s not at school today…………..he’s got the day off!   Just remember to get the ring around the tub scrubbed off or he’ll suspect someone used HIS tub while he was gone.

Heaven forbid!

Would you all be ready for lunch by any chance because I can smell the unmistakable aroma of FRIED CHICKEN and other goodies………..it must be Miss Dingleberry’s FRIED FOOD DAY!

We’ll have fried chicken, French fries and onion rings please…..the FULL FAT EXPERIENCE!

See you tomorrow at a SURPRISE TIME!   

Your Professors

P.S.    Yesterday Mom posted a jigsaw puzzle of ME and the link didn’t work!   Here it is for all you puzzlers who wanna do it:


Thankful and Thoroughly Poetic Thursday


Happy Thankful Thursday!    Time to join in Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop (click above) and talk about the things we’re thankful for this past week or ANY time.    Well today I had an occasion to be VERY thankful because my parents disappeared early this morning without a “see you soon Ted” or “we’ll bring you a surprise Ted”………poof they were gone.   THANKFULLY they came home this afternoon so I didn’t even have time for a good old panic attack.   I was just thankful they came home – I was able to get them to take me outside for a breath of fresh air and a nice yard cruise.

I’m also super thankful that Angel Sammy sent his poem and message to us again……..I look forward to that every week and I hope you do too!   The best thing is that apparently at the Rainbow Bridge they get SUPER good Wi-Fi so he can use his laptop to send us his weekly poem…….. Shall we see what kind of poem he wrote for the photo he gave us last week?   LET’S!!!


Happy Poetic Thursday Friends!

Time for us to get together and share the poems we wrote during the week based on the photo I gave you last Thursday.  You’ve had a whole week to think about that photo and see what it conjures up in your creative brain in the way of some words strung together in ANY kind of poetic form.   There are TONS of poetic forms too…..I know one of them is right for you.    Did you know that poetry doesn’t have to rhyme?   People write to me saying they can’t do rhymes – well that doesn’t mean you can’t write poetry!!!

So here’s the photo I gave you LAST week to study and see what comes to your mind and write a poem about it – – – followed by MY poem based on the photo – – – followed by a NEW photo to use for inspiration for NEXT Thursday’s poetic get-together!  

“Old Fashioned Fun”

By Angel Sammy Kimmell     July 11, 2018


Back in “the good old days” according to some

There was such excitement when the day would come

The Carnival trucks and tents would come into town

There might even be a crazy old clown!

The tents were full of magic just like in a dream

There were hot dogs, cotton candy and delicious ice cream

Sometimes pony rides, ferris wheels, ladies with beards!

You saw all kinds of sights – some funny and some weird!

There were games like penny toss, bust the balloon, win a fish

You could win tacky stuffed animals or a cheap china dish

But Mom says the one thing she saw most if she stayed there a while

Were lots of very happy people and they ALL had a smile!


Well I don’t really know what a carnival is but if Mom and Dad say they were fabulous then I believe them.    If people smiled a lot that’s a GOOD THING……..Mom says these days you just don’t see as many smiles as “back in the day” (whatever THAT means!).   

Now, how about YOU sharing YOUR poem with us – all you have to do is put your blog link in our comments here and we’ll follow it and read your poem!    Or if you want to, you can write your poem in our comments.    But I sure would be happy if you tried out your creative side and wrote a poem to share with us………..So come on and give it a whirl.

For next week, I picked out this photo to inspire you – how does it make you feel?  What do you think about when you see it?   Just have FUN with it and share next Thursday.

Now that ought to be a good one right?    So can I count on you to join us next week?   I’ll look for you……………..come to think of it, I’m ALWAYS looking for you because now that I’m at the Rainbow Bridge, I look out for everyone I care about.    Especially my little brother Teddy who I never even got to meet……..AND my Mom and Dad who gave me a forever home so many years ago.

Give Poetry A Try – You Just Might LIKE It !!

I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love Always, Angel Sammy



Thanks Angel Sammy…………I love your poem – makes me wish I could have gone to a carnival.   Mom says there haven’t been any around here in years and years.  They do have a County Fair but it’s NOT at all like the carnivals she went to when she was little (when dinosaurs roamed the earth….hahaha).

So have a great Thursday everybody………………!

Love, Teddy the Napper

Pre-Tease Monday


Good morning class………!

Are you ready?   Today is your “Teaser preparation” day!

Tomorrow at a surprise time we will be calling class to order and YOU will need to be ready to examine a photograph closely and figure out WHERE the photo was taken.    That’s what Ding Dong School Geography class is all about.   Not only that, but when you first arrive in the morning here in class – you need to comment – just say hi or bye or boo – but say something because if you’re the first one (or one of the first ones in the first minute) to comment, you might win this:

People collect these badges you know – yep- they might just be valuable one day – you never know!

After you comment then you will need to settle down in your desk chairs and be prepared to get down to work – because after our cheer team gets you pumped up, you’re going to have to figure out where our surprise photo was taken – city/town as well as state or country.    It’s not easy.    Trust us!

Here are the rules for tomorrow:

Yep – we want you to figure it out without any help.   Makes it even-steven for everyone that way too!

You don’t want anyone to get mad at you right?

We take our Tuesday Teasers seriously around here right class?

Well you sure don’t want Sarge or Marge mad at you!

What do you say if we go ahead and get our cheer team to make an appearance – they always get everyone pumped up for the Teaser……….


Today is manic Monday
It’s usually a fun day
We get to put you in the mood
We try to do that without being rude
Sometimes we might slip a bit
A bad word makes Sarge mad enough to spit!
We try to be polite and encourage you to win
We try to keep it light and maybe make you grin!
So be here tomorrow and be part of the class
We’ll cheer our pom poms off with a big dose of sass!

See what I mean?    The Cheer Team knows how to get your blood flowing and your brain churning and before you know it – you’re really ready to examine the photo and WIN!   If you should happen to win, you get a badge – we are BIG on badges around here.    One of these in fact:

That’s right – you may get the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge…….or the RIGHT BUT NOT FIRST badge……….or maybe one of our famous GREENIES – if you’re WRONG with your guess.

We also get FREE lunch – yep – and it’s better than the stuff you may remember from other schools you’ve gone to.    Our cafeteria gives us some good stuff.    We have Miss Dingleberry to thank for that………..and today is no exception – so line up nicely, get some lunch, then go out and enjoy recess.   Just remember to be here tomorrow – and when you get here COMMENT then politely and quietly take your seat.    Or else………..Sarge will be watching!

That’s right! I’ll be watching you!

Alright…..no shoving….be nice or no lunch!   WHAT DO YOU WANT TODAY????????????

Crunchy fries

Crispy onion rings

We will see you tomorrow at a SURPRISE time!

Until then – STUDY!!!    Your Profs………

Teaser Tuesday


Ringy Dingy Ding Dong School !!

Good Morning Students……HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET??????

Just checking – we have to remind you to do that comment thing when you get here – because on Teaser day if you are FIRST to comment you get a badge – actually no matter WHO comments in the first 60 seconds we go live gets the badge.   Could be one of you or FOUR of you (or more of you!).   We’ll announce who the lucky badge winners are tomorrow.

I hope you’re all ALERT this morning???   Good sleep????   Study completed???

I’m AWAKE and I studied and I’m as alert as I can be thanks to coffee.

Oh I’m awake….just resting my head on this windowsill….I studied so hard!

Alright – as long as you all are MOSTLY present and ready.   First thing to do is go over the rules AGAIN.   I know you know them but it never hurts to repeat!

Tomorrow we’ll award badges to those of you who win one today – FIRST COMMENTER, FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSER BUT  NOT FIRST, and WRONG GUESSER!

Remember these little beauties are quite collectible……….I’m sure one day they will be worth zillions of dollars……..Christie’s will auction collections off for BIG BUCKS – so you might want to at least TRY to win a few!


We are here to give you a cheer
But we’d rather be at the pub knocking back a beer
Or in an Olympic size pool
Keeping our tushies cool
So tomorrow is the 4th it’s TRUE
That’s just a little STAR WARS joke
To give your funny bones a poke
Now get to work and make your guess
Before you take recess to give your brains a rest!

Thanks ladies – I believe we will bring out the Security Guard now before anyone has a chance to read between the lines of your cheer and see it has VERY LITTLE TO DO WITH TEASER today shall we?????

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted


Alright Students – it’s up to you now – WHERE was this photo taken??

As you know (because we told you yesterday!) our amazing cafeteria crew under the direction of Miss Dingleberry, is preparing patriotic lunches for us again today and tomorrow as well.   What a crew.   And Miss Dingleberry’s patriotic hairnet is quite a hit – all the staff are wearing them even though the dangling balloons interfere a little with food prep.   In spite of that, we have another batch of 4th of July foodables for you to choose from today.    Take it away Miss D !!

Boys and girls no shoving in line – or else you’ll be banished to the corner to wear the dunce cap!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The ice cream sammmmmiches are good but messy!

It’s tough to decide!!! It all looks YUMMMM!

Enjoy lunch students – make your guesses – we’ll see you tomorrow for the TELL ALL!

Your Professors………..Angel Sammy and Teddy

Pre-Tease Monday


Yes indeed it is…..time to get your glasses cleaned, your computer screen dusted, and your brain in gear because tomorrow you’ll be TESTED again!    Yep – we’ll be flashing another photo up on the blackboard and giving you a chance to earn a badge by being a KNOW IT ALL!    All you have to do is when you FIRST ARRIVE HERE tomorrow – comment right away and you may win a badge.    THEN you have to study the photo we’ll give you VERY CLOSELY and make a guess as to where it was taken!

Here are the available badges you could win:

It’s not hard at all………..the only KINK in the whole thing is that you will not know when our blog goes live tomorrow morning – it could be ANY time – Mom chooses a random time to schedule it so you just have to be READY when your notification arrives!    Then race here and comment.   Got it?



Tomorrow’s TEASER is not a GUEST TEASER either…………………..we will have a Guest Teaser next week but this week it’s not one.

Well I think they’re ALL hard – Guest Teasers OR Professor Teasers – doesn’t matter!

We think it should be a challenge – if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be as much fun!!!

How about a nice cheer before we have lunch?   Ready?

We’re dressed for the 4th of July
It’s the 2nd but we’re not shy!
We’re early but we don’t care
We’ve even got on patriotic underwear!
Tomorrow you’d better be ready
And your blood pressure better be steady!
If you’re lucky enough to get a win
Maybe we’ll take you out for a spin
So study your little brains out
Or you’ll LOSE and spend the day in a pout!

Alright Team!   RAH RAH RAH!


Let’s see what Miss Dingleberry has whipped up for us today shall we?

Me and my cafeteria staff will be as patriotic as we can be right up to the TELL ALL on the 4th!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


My staff and I will serve patriotic dishes tomorrow AND Wednesday too!

Thanks Miss Dingleberry and we’ll see you students in class tomorrow morning…..be ready!

Professor Angel Sam and Teddy too

Pre-Tease Monday


Here we go again students!    Monday means “get ready for Tuesday” !

Students, we are getting right down to business this morning – after all, we get together on Monday so we can be sure that all of you are primed and loaded for Tuesday when you will be required to be FAST and SMART all rolled into one.    When you get here tomorrow morning at a SURPRISE TIME (the post will not be posted at its’ regular time to keep you on your toes!), you need to COMMENT right away so you can win this:

Last Tuesday we had FOUR First Commenters – anyone commenting in the first 60 seconds of class is a FIRSTIE and you get one of those cool sunrise badges!

THEN the real work starts in class……we will be giving you a photo to study – this week the photo will be a GUEST TEASER…………and it will be up to you to study it and see if you can determine where the photo was taken.   You will have to call upon your skills of observation to look closely at the photo and see if you can find any clues – the architecture, landscape, etc. THEN you need to make a guess as to where the photo was taken.   We only have TWO rules for guessing:

And if you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER you will win a badge……………..that’s right – you can brag about it to all your friends lucky you!

Then we have another badge that everyone who guesses correctly but is NOT first, gets:

And most of you know by now that even if you make a guess and you are WRONG, you can add a GREENIE to your collection or start a NEW collection with this badge:

COOL right?

Cool yes but also GROOVY!

So be prepared when you come to class tomorrow – study hard – it will be worth it.    Then when Wednesday rolls around we will announce the winners and award badges!



That’s right – ANYONE can win if we all play by the rules…………..

I thought maybe if we asked our awesome cheer team to stop by class they could pump up the volume and get your hearts a-thumpin’ and encourage you to study hard tonight – remember if you are winner they will put your name in their cheer on Wednesday.   WOO HOO.

Bring on the cheer team!

To us it’s very clear
You need to hear a cheer
We know we’re your inspiration
Even though our cheers cause our perspiration!
So you’d better crack open your books
Or Marge will give you BAD looks
Also get plenty of rest
So your brain will be at its’ best
Now let’s go see what’s for lunch
We cheer team are a hungry bunch!

Thanks team……………maybe you inspired some of the students who usually kind of coast through Tuesdays to study hard and GUESS tomorrow when the photo goes live.


Perhaps we all need a little “pick me up” courtesy of Miss Dingleberry’s cafeteria crew……………..wonder what they’ve got for us today???   Let’s go see!

Looks like this guy beat us to the line!

YAY………Love this stuff!    Enjoy your lunch students and we will see you here tomorrow at a SURPRISE TIME!

Good Luck!   Will YOU be ready???? 

 The Profs

Teaser Tell All


Ta Daaaa!  Let’s tell and show all shall we??

Hello class.   What a great Teaser yesterday don’t you think?   A very unusual photo too of what looks like an interesting place to live.    All those very similar looking homes so close together but yet you go to any big city and you find a spot very much like this.   We’ll tell you where this is in a minute BUT FIRST…………….

Announcing First Commenter(s)

That’s right – we had a bumper crop of FIRSTIES yesterday.   No doubt we’ll have some grumpy cheer team members but they are currently soaking in Sarge’s hot tub so they will be in a good mood by the time they get dried off and arrive for cheer time.   Who were the FIRSTIES this week??

Friends Furever, Timmy Tomcat, Madi AND Calvin/Oliver!

Each of you gets to go home with a little badge to prove you were up early and you were alert enough to comment this morning!!

I was one of the FIRST COMMENTERS this morning and I’m proud of it! YAY for me on the Teaser post of June 19,2018!

TOO LATE DOODS – others got here before you!

Then we sat back and WAITED………………..WAITED to see who would figure out where this photo was taken……………coulda been SO many different spots on the globe………..but it was only one spot and I guess I should quit torturing you and tell you WHERE it was and WHO was first??????

This very interesting photo with all the similar houses all crammed and jammed together is in the interesting community of BACK BAY in Boston, Massachusetts!    WHO was the first to figure that out????????

The suspense is killing me!



Timmy you get this for your SMARTY PANTS guess my friend!!!  

I was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of June 19, 2018! YAY FOR ME!!!!

Let’s have a big fat cheer for our winners today shall we?

OOPS – give us a minute Professors – hand out the RIGHT GUESSER and NOT RIGHT GUESSER badges or something – we are still SOAKING!  We’ll get dressed and be right there!!

OK – we’ll wait for the team to get out of the tub………………….

If you were RIGHT today but not FIRST you still get a badge – after all, being CORRECT with your guess is a big accomplishment – most of our Teasers are TOUGHIES so guessing correctly deserves something!   Please take one of these for YOU:

I was RIGHT but I wasn’t FIRST on the Teaser of June 19, 2018….but I get this nice badge anyway! YAY FOR ME!

And if you were one of those who made a guess but were WRONG, you still get credit because at least you TRIED – please take one of these for your very own!

WHOOPs – I was wrong with my guess on the Teaser of June 19, 2018 but I still get this badge to prove I tried!

OK – I see four very drippy and wet cheer team members here who are ready to cheer the winners…………………………………….it’s all yours gang:

Gosh this is like a wet t-shirt contest……woo hoo

Sorry we were in the tub soaking
Time got away from us and we’re not joking
A bonanza crop of you commented FIRST
Saying all these names will give us a powerful thirst!
There was Sharon, Oliver/Calvin, Timmy and Madi too
All crowded in to comment early – it was quite a zoo!
Then same the big test of where the photo was taken
We knew there’s be one winner while other hearts were breakin’
Who was the FIRSTIE who guessed it right?
It was TIMMY TOMCAT he was outta sight!
His Dad knew the photo since he’d been there before
And there were some others who figured it out too – they all knew the score.
Congrats to our winners we’re so proud of you
Come back next week again and we’ll see how you do!

OK Team – you can head back to the Hot Tub…………Sarge has finally decided that it’s OK for others to use the tub when he’s not around………..so you don’t have to SNEAK in there any more!!!

Oh boy – I’ll add some more hot water – everybody in the tub!

I’d say this was a good class today – wouldn’t you?    Miss Dingleberry has your lunch for you – it’s burger/hot dog day AND for dessert – ICE CREAM!!!!

Ice Cream Sundaes

Perfect on a hot school day!    Enjoy – congratulations to the winners today – we will be back next week with another photo TEST for you……….meanwhile, stay cool!

Your Professors, Sammy and Teddy

Pre-Teaser Monday


That’s right!  It’s Monday – the day we prepare you for Tuesday (huh?)

Good Morning Students – are you ready to begin focusing on geography

You know you want to make a good showing in the Tuesday Teaser this week.   Your classmate Speedy got his TRIPLE CROWN trophy last week for being the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER three weeks in a row – I hope all of you aspire to winning one of those and to do that you need to know your stuff!

I wanna be ready !

I wanna be ready TOO!

Then listen up and pay attention and we’ll prepare you as best we can!   First let’s review the rules for guessing tomorrow’s photograph location:

And of course we need to remind you that you should be ON TIME FOR CLASS too because if you are the first to arrive here at school tomorrow morning, and you comment, you will win the coveted FIRST COMMENTER badge………….!    REMEMBER – CLASS WILL BEGIN AT A SURPRISE TIME TOMORROW – NOT OUR USUAL TIME – SO BE READY!!!!

Some people collect these little badges you know – and if you win one we hope you will be proud of it too!    Then of course you can win OTHER badges – like if you are the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, or a RIGHT GUESSER, or even if you do NOT study and you do NOT guess right – you can still win something:

Cool huh?    Junior Professor Teddy and I hope that you can win something to add to your collection if you’ve won before OR if you haven’t won before – maybe tomorrow will be YOUR DAY!

You might even be THIS excited if you win a badge?!

Just to make sure you are READY, our Cheer Team will give you a BOOST……………..they know how to light your fire!

Tuesday’s challenge is almost here
You’d better be ready and we’re being sincere!
The test is rough and you need to be ready
Your eyes should be open and your voice should be steady
So get out your books tonight and study real hard
No drinking, smoking, or gambling with your Dad’s marked cards!
Get plenty of rest and try to be alert
Or Sarge will scream at you and your ears might get HURT!

Thank you Cheer Team.   Your cheers always get the class pumped up and make everyone anxious for Tuesday to get here.    Now class – will you be good boys and girls and study tonight?


I’m gonna study REALLY hard tonight….!

I’m so excited I could BURST!

I’m glad to see such enthusiasm.    We’ll see if that enthusiasm comes to class with you tomorrow morning………………….meanwhile shall we enjoy one of Miss Dingleberry’s wonderful lunches??????

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Eat up everyone – you need full tummies so you will have energy to study hard tonight and be on time tomorrow and WIN A BADGE!!!!!!!!

We’ll be here Professors!!!!

Sleep well tonight!   See you at a SURPRISE TIME tomorrow!

Professor Sammy and Teddy

Tuesday Teaser


One ringy dingy….two ringy dingies…….hurry up students – time for class!

YIKES!   We’d better get dressed – the Profs will need us and Sarge is liable to be here any minute!

Welcome Class!   Are you ready?   Did you COMMENT?  

Hurry up and do that – you might be FIRST!

Today we are bringing out the Teaser photo for you as we always do on Tuesdays.   I hope your eyes aren’t blurry from too much TV last night or too much of anything ELSE last night!    You need to be on top of your game to “be a contender” for Teaser!

As always we will bore you all by telling you the rules YET AGAIN but it bears repeating because part of our class is teaching you how to be FAIR and HONEST right?  Right!

Tomorrow’s post will be our usual TELL ALL where we say who wins what – First Commenter, First Right Guesser, Right Guesser Not First, and of course WRONG Guesser.    Badges for EVERYONE!

I srudied VERY hard last night……Honest!

So did I ! I even fell asleep studying!

Good for all of you…………I think you take Teaser seriously just like Professor Teddy and I do…………….so shall we begin the festivities with a little cheer from the Cheer Team (who appear to be a little damp……hmmmmm).

We are here to shake our booty
Out of the tub all fresh and fruity
We heard you studied like good girls and boys
You didn’t play computer games or mess with your toys
You should be ready to give the Teaser a peek
If you do a good job Suzie will give your cheeks a tweak (not THOSE cheeks!!!!!)
So shine those glasses and pay attention
Or Marge will make sure you get detention!

Thank you Team!    You always get everyone in the mood for guessing where the photo was taken……………so with that in mind, let’s bring in our Security Guard who has kept the TOP SECRET photo chained to his wrist in a briefcase since last week!

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

AH HA!!!!   Another city photo – these are sometimes pretty darn tough so c’mon students – give it your BEST SHOT!!!

Professors I just went to the vet yesterday and got my shots – I don’t want another shot!!!!

No we just meant “TRY YOUR BEST”………………OK?   No shots – we don’t like shots either.     Now who wants a snack?   Ready to eat?   Miss Dingleberry is ready to load us up with some wonderful treats from her Ding Dong Cafeteria crew.    After you eat you can go to recess but remember – don’t OVEREAT before getting on the monkey bars!

OK students…..we have a buffet for you today.   I’ve got my EYE on you so don’t be GREEDY!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


See you bright and early tomorrow!  

Your Profs