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Teaser Tuesday Class Time!


“Hi Officer Kitty – we’ve circled the property and found no introoders – we’ll tell the Professors to proceed with class!”

Word is we’re a GO for class – so if you haven’t COMMENTED yet – you’d better do it!

Thanks to Clowie and her Team and our new “Sargent at Arms” at the front door for their quick reports this morning.    Now we’ll get class started.    First thing to tell everyone is that today we have a GUEST TEASER.    So buckle up – it might be a bumpy ride for some of you as you figure out WHERE on earth (yes this one is on planet Earth) the photo was taken.

Let’s share the RULES of guessing – and the badges that are up for grabs today:

Perhaps this week we won’t only be able to award TWO badges like we did last week – just the “I GUESSED WRONG” and “FIRST COMMENTER” badges were given to classmates last week as it was an impossible Teaser !!    Maybe this week’s will be easier.

“It better be easier than that one last week!!!”

Before we get going we have an announcement…………..yet again Ding Dong School will be moving to a new building in the near future.   It’s not far from here so our school buses will take the same amount of time to pick you all up and bring up to class AND take you home again.     We have several designs in mind – and we’d enjoy your input.    Please let us know which of the below looks like a place you could call your own (school that is….not home!):

Design #1

Design #2

Design #3

Design #4

Design #5

Now on with the show……………….here’s today’s TEASER photo and remember – it’s a GUEST TEASER……………so EXTRA good luck!

Where was this photo taken??

“I bet the Evil Squirrel guy who tells us about the man-eating otters at some of these Penitentiary spots you show us would say this is a barracks for the man-eating otters at the world famous “Boring Building Penitentiary” !!!

Well that could be but we’ll have to wait and see won’t we!    Meanwhile, let’s hear from our Cheer Team……………………

Are we really getting a brand new school?
We think that is super cool!
Another excuse to get new uniforms we think
We’re up for anything as long as it’s not pink!
This Teaser looks to be a bit tough
But we know you students are made of strong stuff!
Get the lead out and give it your best
Prove to the Profs you’re better than the rest!!!!!!

Well now that was inspiring………………………..let’s head to the cafeteria for lunch………..I think a little lunch will make everyone happier and more alert…………I see a couple of students in the back who need some help staying awake!

Well we’re excited that we might get a new cafeteria!    Meanwhile enjoy lunch in the HERE AND NOW

Lunch Menu:



Teaser Tuesday Class


“Welcome Students – come on in and comment in orderly fashion please!”

“All is well on campus – let’s tell the Professors then have breakfast”

Happy Tuesday Students – MAKE SURE AND COMMENT then have a seat!

Our wonderful Security team – from the front door greeting with Kitty the Cop to our grounds security with Clowie and company say all is well – so let’s get this class started shall we?     I know that you all know the rules by now but we always like to show them just in case we have a new student attending school………..

“New students?   The more the merrier I say!!”


The badges you might win today if you’re a lucky duck (or cat, or dog, or human, or BIRD, or WHATEVER!)

So now you know what you might be able to win – one of our (according to some of you) SCARY badges!!!    LOL    Seriously though, we hope you are able to guess today’s Teaser because it is absolutely one of the TOUGHEST Teasers we’ve ever had AND it’s a “GUEST TEASER”.


Well let’s see what you all think – and we have THREE photos of this place to give you as you figure out what to guess……………..

See what we mean?   Could be just about anywhere – and it’s your job to narrow it down to WHERE.     Tomorrow we’ll see how good your investigative skills are AND we’ll tell you who sent the TOP photo in – the bottom two we added to give you some extra assistance in figuring this one out!

Holy Smokes – this is a real toughie!

Cheer Team?  You’re needed ASAP – our class looks dazed and confused………………….can you help?   Give them a rowsing cheer so they will get some EXTRA “Guessing Energy” for this one!

Holy Mackerel this is a doozy
Just looking at the photos makes us woozy
Where could this be we have to wonder
Could be summer at the north pole or maybe “down under” !
You all are smarties though and we all know it
So be real BRAINIACS and don’t be afraid to show it!
Tomorrow we’ll be back with winners of this TEASE
So you all stop crying and get to work pretty please?????

Even the Cheer Team thinks you all need extra encouragement for this Teaser………………I can see by your faces that you DO need it!

Yep – that expression says it all!

Now maybe is a good time to go to the cafeteria and get some lunch to sustain you through the process of figuring the Teaser out…………….so follow us – and get a hearty lunch to help you have the energy to get your guesses in before class tomorrow.

Come on in students and Professors – nice and cool in the cafeteria and we have some good lunch choices for you today!  

Today’s Lunch Goodies:

Good Luck Class!!

Tell All Class Time


Yes indeed – Time To TELL IT LIKE IT IS!!

Hi Students!  Good job yesterday on the Teaser photo…………it was quite interesting when the guesses started coming in.    But FIRST THINGS FIRST……….

Alright – let’s tell you first off WHO our FIRST COMMENTERS (yes plural) were!     We had FIVE FIRSTIES.


Drumroll please?????????????



WAY TO GO GANG!!!!!!   Take a copy of the FIRST COMMENTER badge for yourselves!

Holy Cow! FIVE FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser post of June 8, 2021 and I was ONE OF THEM!!!

Then we showed you the photo our Graphics Department had chosen for you all to examine and figure out WHERE it was taken.    We had a guess pretty quickly after class began BUT it was not the right guess!     Here’s the photo:

This is Oheka Castle in Huntington, New York and it’s actually a HOTEL now!   Here’s some great info on this incredible looking place CLICK HERE.

It really does look like MANY other castles around the world and in fact PARTS of it are almost identical to places some of you guessed!     But we still only had ONE FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………………….Drumroll please?



Yet again Miss Ingrid is a double Firstie – she wasn’t the only FIRST COMMENTER but she was one of the first and then she guessed the Teaser photo right.    Congratulations Miss Ingrid………when you’re HOT you’re HOT!

OH BOY! I was the First Right Guesser on the Teaser post of June 8, 2021 !!! WOW!

If you ALSO guessed RIGHT – and there were several of you who did – please take a copy of this little gem for your collection:

I was RIGHT with my guess on the Teaser of June 8, 2021 but I was NOT THE FIRST RIGHT!

AND if you were WRONG with your guess………………….you know we always have a booby prize for you!

I guessed WRONG on the Teaser Photo of June 8, 2021. Next week though – WATCH OUT FOR ME!

Alright gang – well done…………………how about a cheer from our Cheer Team??????

Another Teaser has come and gone
Some got it right and some got it wrong.
Only ONE OF YOU was the FIRST COMMENTER though
Miss Ingrid was again the star of the show!
But FIVE First Commenters was a bit much!
Five of you had the magic touch.
Ingrid, Sharon, Timmy, Csilla and Carol
Writing a cheer you had us over a barrel!
But we squeezed one out like we always do.
Let’s hear it for US – your Cheerleading Crew!

Good job ladies………………….and I still say those uniforms on that background give us a headache.    How about we go celebrate the winners at lunch?????

Good job students with the Teaser this week.  Celebrate with a good lunch!

What’s On The Menu?

“There may be a shortage of lasagna…..heh heh!”

See you in class next week gang!!!!  Your Professors


Tuesday Teaser Class Is NOW


“Well team the grounds are looking good – let’s see how Officer Kitty is doing at the front door!”

“Hello Officer Clowie and troops – all quiet at the entrance this morning – the rush of students just went through the door to try and be FIRST COMMENTER………………….wonder who it will be this week???”

“Morning Students!   Have you Commented??  Officer Kitty says you all were an orderly bunch today!

SO here we are on another Tuesday morning getting ready to take a peek at a photo and figure out WHERE it was taken.   Are you ready for the challenge?     The Teaser today was one that our Graphics Department found so we hope you find it fun and that you figure it out so you can WIN A BADGE!

Let’s review our rules AND our badges and then go from there OK?

So now you know what you might win if you take a chance on guessing on today’s photo……………..we know you can do it – many of you have and many of you have boxes and boxes of badges in your closet right?    So, let’s see what today’s photo is shall we?



So Class – WHERE was this photo taken??????

“I don’t know where it was taken but I know the Cheer Team is up next!!  Bring ’em on!”

“Ready for the Chicks!”

Is it Tuesday again for heaven sake?
For you students then it’s “make” or “break” !
You’d better hope someone knows where the photo was taken
If you do, we’ll serve you a martini stirred not shaken!
We’ll be back tomorrow to tell you who gets a prize
So get some rest tonight and don’t arrive with half-closed eyes!!!

Thanks ladies………..I think you inspired the students to work hard to solve this mystery!     Meanwhile, let’s head off to the cafeteria for lunch.    Students – you may come now or stay here and STUDY first!

“Well I’m ready to EAT……I need brain food for studying!!”

Welcome to the Cafeteria!   Hope you enjoy your food choices today!

Today’s Menu:

Good Luck Class!!!! 

Teaser Tell All


Hello Class……here we are again!

Today we’re going to let you know who gets an A+ in geography as well as who was faster than lightning commenting yesterday.     Are you ready?


Alright then.     First up we want to thank our new addition to the security force, Officer Kitty Kop who kept a nice orderly line and with four of you impatiently wanting in the front door yesterday to be FIRSTIES, her help was certainly appreciated!

DID I SAY FOUR?   Yes I did…………..we had FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS………………………………Let’s get a drumroll please from our newest drummer, Beavis the Chinchilla!



“Woooo Hoooooo!!”

And each of you Firsties gets one of these:

I was one of FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS on the Teaser post of June 1, 2021! It pays to sacrifice some sleep so I can get a badge once in a while!!!

THEN………………we waited to see who would be the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………………….we had a very close guess but it wasn’t the right castle……………then we waited some more and THERE SHE WAS – WITH THE RIGHT GUESS!      Here’s yesterday’s photo which was a GUEST TEASER submitted to us my friend Frank who has a wonderful blog HERE called “Beach Walk Reflections”.     Amazing what goes through Frank’s head when he walks along the beach – from A to Z – you will read his posts and leave with NEW thoughts about the many interesting things that come to him on his beach walks.


This is Belogradchik Fortress outside Belgradchik, Bulgaria.    I found a very cool website that has info on the 12 most beautiful castles in Bulgaria and this was one of them.   You might enjoy getting a little more information (scroll down the page a bit to find it)   about this one HERE.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, we imagine that what you really want to know is WHO the lucky FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was…………………we’re gonna tell you !   (we want Beavis to get lots of drumming experience on his first day) – DRUMROLL PLEASE!

JANET!   Woo Hoo!  She’s a double Firstie today!

I was a DOUBLE FIRSTIE on the Teaser Post of June 1, 2021! I was one of four First Commenters AND the First Right Guesser…..lucky me! AND Leo is handing me a glass of champagne!

Miss Janet you get the Double Firstie award………………………..congratulations!

We also had a few more RIGHT GUESSERS…………if you guessed THIS castle and not a different one in Bulgaria, you get an award too:

I guessed the Teaser of June 1, 2021 correctly BUT I wasn’t the FIRST ONE to do that! Darn!

And of course those of you who tried but failed to guess correctly get a little something too:

I’m SO upset! I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of June 1, 2021 but still….this is a cool badge so I’m not TOOOO upset.

TA DA!   Congratulations everyone!     The Cheer Team wants to congratulate you too!

We’re Late again for our ballet class
No lunch for us – we’ve gotta pass
We only have one Double First today
Cuz Miss Janet won it all the way!
So what the heck was up with the rest of you??
There were three other First Commenters along with her
Timmy, Carole and Sharon were also fast, YESSIR!
Well next week you can impress us with your smarts
Now don’t eat too much lunch or you’ll get the……er…..upset tummy?!


Thanks girls…………………now be on your way!    The rest of you students – follow us to the lunch room – let’s EAT!

Hello students and Professors……we have some great selections for you today!!  

Today’s Yummy Menu: