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Teaser Tuesday Time


“Alright Team – let’s report in and let the Professors know all is secure for class today shall we????”

Good Morning Class!   TIME TO COMMENT!!!!

Thank you Clowie and Team for securing the school yard for us this morning.   Nice to know we’re free of any distractions or safety hazards so we can get class underway.     We’ve got a GREAT Guest Teaser today who sent us an amazingly TOUGH photo so students – straighten up in your seats and pay attention pullleeeeeze!

I’m awake…..don’t I look awake??????

I’m WEADY…..I mean READY.

First order of business is to give you the rules for guessing AND show you the “non-Halloween” badges that are up for grabs for the Teaser today.

What? No Fall badges?

No worries Penelope – we will have special “Thanksgiving” badges for the Teaser of November 26th!

Well as leader of the Ginger Patrol in class, we think some FALL badges would be cool.

You got that right Coop!

You betcha!


Count me in too!

Gosh – I guess we’d better get the Graphics Department to come up with some FALL BADGES for next week’s class…………..now let’s get down to business – as we said, today’s photo is a GUEST TEASER………..let’s ask our Security Guard to bring the TWO photos in shall we????

Here’s today’s TWO Teaser photos Professors!

WHOA…….this will be a goodie……………please follow the rules and don’t use GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH………..you can google clues that you might see in the photos but just loading the photo up in image search is NOT using your brain!

I’ve got a brain but sometimes……….well…….you know!

Just do your best……tomorrow we’ll tell you who sent this great Teaser in AND who wins what badges!     Cheer Team is ready to pump you up for guessing so let’s bring them in shall we??

Hello class let’s rock and roll
Pay attention and don’t fall down the rabbit hole
These photos are tough and that’s the truth
Don’t grind your teeth or you might lose a tooth!
Do your best and you know we’ll cheer
If you’re a winner then YOUR name you’ll hear!
Our spandex cheer costumes sure come in handy
We all ate too much Halloween candy!

I think we all ate too much Halloween candy but that won’t stop us from heading to the cafeteria for lunch…………………..and then you students can come back HERE to study those Teaser photos and make your guesses.    Ready?   Let’s go!

Hello Students!   Time to fortify yourselves with a good lunch from your Ding Dong cafeteria.   Enjoy!

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See you in class tomorrow!   Good luck!    Your Professors

Teaser Tell All


Time for us to TELL ALL!

I better win something this week…..or I’ll do something DRASTIC involving my diaper!

Yikes – now that’s quite a threat!    Well, hopefully you win something because – well – the windows in the classroom have to stay closed.   HAHA

First of all let us tell you who our FIRST COMMENTER was yesterday when we started out here in class after our week off for some R&R.    Let’s have a DRUMROLL please!

We had TWO First Commenters in the first 60 seconds and they were:

Kitties Blue and Timmy Tomcat

For our double winners – each of you get one of these!

Oh boy! I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser of October 15, 2019! WAHOO!


Now moving on – let’s tell you WHO was our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER…………………………….it was someone you all know and love because he is a “Frequent Right Guesser” here in class.   You may be jealous of his “frequent” status but you see, his Dad as done a whole lot of traveling and seen a whole lot of places!  Kind of gives you a leading edge when you have seen a lot of this big wonderful world right?    So his Dad whispers in his ear and tells him often the RIGHT location of the Teaser photos…………….who is this we’re talking about???

Timmy Tomcat ! 

Yes indeed – the very same Timmy Tomcat who was ALSO one of our FIRST COMMENTERS yesterday morning – you see, his Dad is also an early riser.   He gets up then shakes Timmy awake so they can be here whenever we go LIVE on the Tuesday Teaser.    He guessed the RIGHT place first though so he gets this:

I did it! I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of October 15, 2019 – I’m on a roll baby!


I’ll tell you where the photo was taken in a minute BUT we had some others who ALSO guessed right and you deserve your own special badge for that honor – grab one of these if you were also right with your guess:

I was right – I just wasn’t FIRST to be right with my guess on the Teaser of October 15, 2019. Oh well – next week maybe??????

Everyone who was WRONG also gets a badge to show off (or whatever) on their blog:

DARN DARN DARN, I was WRONG with my guess on the Teaser of October 15, 2019 but I got this swell badge anyway……

Now what about those photos?   Who was our GUEST TEASER who sent them in AND most importantly WHERE were they taken????   Here are the photos again:

These photos of the rather beautiful IRON BRIDGE over the River Severn in Coalbrookdale in Shropshire, England were sent in by our friend Jackie Avery at TWO DEVON CATS! 


Here’s our THANK YOU badge for you Miss Jackie for being our GUEST TEASER this week with more of your fabulous travel photos:

My Teaser idea was used on the TEASER CONTEST on October 15, 2019.

So there you have it – our winners and our losers………………………..but lots of fun no matter how things turn out right?   This is after all – all about having fun and we try to do that here at Ding Dong Sheep School every week (except last week of course when we left you to fend for yourselves!).

Here’s the Cheer Team – they definitely remind us that this is supposed to be FUN:

Fee Fi Fo Fum
Who is SMART and who is DUMB?
If you won a badge this week then good for you
If you don’t like the outcome you could always sue.
First Commenters this week we had TWO
They were Timmy Tomcat and Kitties Blue
Then what do you know he made another appearance
Timmy was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER without interference!
Timmy had a DOUBLE win which is kinda rare
Maybe next week you’ll do it – we double dare!!


Well girls that’s a swell cheer except for one thing – just because some people didn’t figure out the Teaser photo location doesn’t mean they’re DUMB – they just haven’t traveled much or don’t QUITE know how to google the stuff they see in the photo to get some ideas as to WHERE the photo was taken!    You wouldn’t want us to call you DUMB would you just because none of you have ever been RIGHT GUESSERS – FIRST or otherwise?????    You all better toddle off to the cafeteria before this pile of students is turned loose to go get lunch.   See you chicks next week!

Did you just call us CHICKS????


OK everyone – let’s go to the cafeteria and see what’s on the menu today!    We’ll be back in class again next Tuesday with more TEASER fun……..

Time to be little piggies everyone and pig out on lunch!   Hope you enjoy today’s menu selections!


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As soon as you finish lunch students, pop on the bus for home!   Study hard this week and we’ll see you NEXT Tuesday for fun!

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy – oh and don’t forget this either:

Teaser Tell All


What a pleasure it is arriving at school to find the Security Patrol performing their rounds!   Clowie and her Trainees make such great additions don’t they??

So today we will tell you about yesterday’s VERY INTERESTING Teaser!     We were so surprised that it was guessed as quickly as it was – but I’m getting ahead of myself here – let’s back up a bit.    First of all, let’s talk about WHO was our FIRST COMMENTER…………………Drumroll please?

Good job!   This is our “relief drummer” Roscoe.

Miss Sharon of FRIENDS FUREVER!!!

I was the ONLY First Commenter for the Teaser of October 1, 2019!!


So would you like to get the scoop on the Teaser Photo?    First of all we thank Sherri-Ellen Theilheimer-DeJonge for telling us about the amazing Mr. Tinguely and his totally amazing metal “THINGS” that he crafted beginning in the early 60s.   She had an old post card with a photo of the particular sculpture that we showed you which is known as “EUREKA” (or “Heureka”).

I found a photo of the same machine and it was in a different location so you could at least get some hints as to where the photo had been taken (note the snowy mountains in the background!)

The photo was taken on Lake Geneva, in Zurich, Switzerland…………………and the artist is Jean Tinguely – a very inventive artist indeed with quite a distinguished and interesting background.   I have several links for you to investigate for more info.    CLICK HERE for additional photos of “Heureka” and the artist, and if you REALLY want a treat, our wonderful Teaser Student Miss Csilla sent a couple of YOUTUBE links which are amazing to see AND hear to learn more about his sculptures – here is one of them:

Sherri-Ellen, this is our thanks to you for this fascinating and fun Teaser inspiration!!

My Teaser idea was used on the TEASER CONTEST on October 1, 2019.


So who was the SMARTY PANTS who guessed this first????????????????   It was the person who sent us the AWESOME video of the machine in action!

Miss Csilla of Kolytyi !

Concatulations to you for being FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!   (and thanks for the video)

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of October 1, 2019!


If you also guessed it correctly (and we DID have others who did) you each get one of these:

I guessed the Teaser photo of October 1, 2019 correctly BUT I was not the FIRST!

And if you were WRONG with your guess – you get one of these badges for your collection:

UHOH…..I guessed WRONG on the Teaser of October 1, 2019 but at least I tried!


So there you have it – another Teaser come and gone!

REMEMBER – NO TEASER CLASS NEXT WEEK!   We’ll resume with class on October 15th!

Cheer Team?   Take it away ladies…………….

What a weird Teaser we had this week
Watching that video we couldn’t even speak!
Quite the artist Mr. Tinguely was
Bet his artwork caused quite the buzz!
Our first COMMENTER was there when we went live
Miss Sharon sure knows how to jump and jive!
Then we waited to see if anyone could figure the photo out
And it wasn’t long before the Professors could shout…
WE HAVE A WINNER and who was that?
It was Miss Csilla with the WINNERS HAT!

You girls have fun on your week off next week – going to the beach?   Going for a motorcycle trip?   Going to Las Vegas to party?    Just be careful and stay out of trouble please!

Let’s cruise over to the cafeteria and see what’s cookin’ !

Greetings Teaser Class…..I hear you’re off next week – we’ll all get a break.   Meanwhile, lunch is ready for you today so enjoy!

Your Dining Choices:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy your week off next week…..stay out of trouble (and/or jail) and we will see you October 15th for our next Tuesday Teaser Class!    

Professors Angel Sammy and Teddy too




Tuesday Teaser Class!


OK Security Team!   Good job Trainees…….Everything is secure!   Let the Teaser students into the school!

Thanks Security!  Students please COMMENT first then SIT second!

The Teaser is about to begin.     We have a GUEST TEASER today – and you know what that sometimes means – TOUGHIE.    So don’t squirm in your desks and whatever you do don’t fall asleep.

No squirming here!

No sleeping here – well – maybe a little bit……zzzzz

Let’s start with a brief overview of how we want you to make your guesses using your BRAINS and not your COMPUTER PROGRAMS!  OK?


AND here are the badges you might win if you’re a good (or bad) guesser!

Class will begin again on Tuesday, October 15th!   Will you miss us?  We will miss you!   

Now on with Teaser class for TODAY…………….we will remind you again of NO CLASS on our regular blog post for SELFIE SUNDAY on October 6th.


Here’s today’s Teaser photo Professors!

WOW…………….now here’s the deal with our Teaser today………….we want to know WHERE this photo was taken but we also would like you to tell us what this is!    Got it?   Good!   Now get those brains in gear and figure it out – we’ll be here tomorrow to give you the SCOOP.


The Cheer Team will give you a cheer then we’ll head to lunch so you can think about this Teaser…………….it’s a goodie isn’t it?

Holy Cow this Teaser is a WHOPPER!
It’s gonna be a real show stopper….
We’re glad we don’t have to make a guess
Because we guarantee our guesses would be a mess!
You all are smart and know your stuff
So figure it out and hang tough!
We’ll be back tomorrow to cheer and shout
And watch the losers while they pout!

Alright studnets – let’s pile in to the cafeteria for a bite to eat…………………you need to have a good meal to help you stay awake to figure out the Teaser so ENJOY!!!

GREETINGS Fellow Sheep!   Time for lunch and we’re all set with lots of great choices!   Good luck figuring out the Teaser – it looks like a real whopper!


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See you in class in the morning – usual time!    The Professors


Tuesday Teaser Class!


Good Morning Students!   Have you COMMENTED?    Better do it!   

Captain Clowie and her elite corps of guard pups have completed a perimeter patrol and have reported that there are no hooligans lurking around the Ding Dong Sheep School compound.   Isn’t it great to know they are ON THE JOB?????

Today we do our weekly peek at photos and see what we can figure out as to WHERE the photos were taken.    We get to learn more about the world, AND our humans find some spots they might like to visit one day!     Fun huh?

The only traveling I wanna do is from my high chair to my crib for a nap – or else I get very cranky!

Well you’re the exception to the rule……….most of our students LOVE to figure out the Teaser photo.  So let’s remind everyone how to do the guessing AND show everyone the FABULOUS badges they can win and show off on their blogs if they get one (or two!).

Wake me when the rules and badges thing is over with…..I know that stuff by heart!


Today’s photo is a goodie…………our fabulous Graphics Department came up with this one…………..are you ready?   Let’s bring it in and post it on the board!

Here’s today’s Teaser photo Professors!

Cool huh?     Give it your best shot students – you  might win a badge!     Our Cheer Team is here now to get everyone pumped up so you’ll be anxious to make your guesses!  Tomorrow we’ll have our “TELL ALL” to let you know who wins what……………

We just saw the photo you got for a Teaser
It’s a real toughie – a true heart squeezer!
Good luck is all we’ve got to say
We think this photo is spooky anyway!
Is that place haunted or full of ghosts?
Not a good spot for a hot dog roast!
We’ll be back tomorrow to see how you did
You’ll each get a “SORRY!” or a “CONGRATS SMART KID!”

Thanks girls…………………we’ll see you tomorrow…………….

Sigh……those girls are EVER so cute!!!

What say we end our class today with a trip to the cafeteria?   That is unless you prefer to stay here and study and get frustrated and upset because you can’t figure the Teaser out!    Everyone who’s gonna eat – follow us!

Off we march to the cafeteria!

Greetings students – are you ready to chow down?   We have a lot of goodies on the cafeteria line for you today.  Our cooks have been hard at work trying to make things that you will enjoy for lunch!    

Today’s Menu Du Jour

Until tomorrow!!!   Good luck………….your professors