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Tuesday Teaser


Quick!  Comment on this post!  You might be first!


Man oh man this is like being in the Army!

Time for the Teaser!    You all look alert and ready for class today.   Now I’m sure you all want to know if Sarge is OK – he had that little – er – um – ACCIDENT yesterday when he began his cheer but fortunately it was only his pants that were injured.   Sarge is at this moment resting comfortably in the school Jacuzzi in the teacher’s lounge.

So let’s get down to business – the business of TEASING.    Today we have a photo that is NOT a Guest Teaser………..that’s all I’ll say about THAT.    But it will be up to all of you to figure out WHERE that photo was taken.    You will study it and then make a guess based on what you see in the photo or what you THINK you see and will also follow these rules!

If you are the FIRST COMMENTER, FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, A RIGHT GUESSER NOT FIRST, A WRONG GUESSER – you will win an appropriate reward/badge to show off to the world!

Tomorrow as you all know is Valentine’s Day so we will be celebrating in class…………..Miss Dingleberry will have special snacks for us too – she and her cafeteria staff are working on that today so we won’t have a snack today.




Now you all have a good breakfast at home every single day before you come to school so I know you’re not STARVING – and our cafeteria staff is hard at work to make your Teaser Tell All/Valentine’s Day special so just be BRAVE.

I’ll be brave…….sniff……

Let’s have our fabulous Security Guard come in with today’s photo so we can get going on the TEST OF THE DAY – WHERE WAS THIS PHOTO TAKEN???????

Here is today’s Teaser Professor Sam and Ted

WHERE in the world is this????

Now to spur you on and get you going, here’s a cheer from our fabulous cheer team – I know it’s a highlight of class for us every Tuesday – so COME ON IN TEAM!!

Rickety Rack Rickety Rack
We’re excited – you can’t hold us back!
Today is Teaser and we’re cheering for YOU
But where the Teaser is from we have no clue.
Hope you studied like good boys and girls
This photo could be from ANYWHERE in this whole wide world!
Do your best and tomorrow we’ll say your name
If you aren’t a winner you’ll have no claim to fame
Ricky Ticky Too
Good Luck To You!

Thank you Team!

I swear this class grows bigger every day……….

Even though we have no big snack today, I can’t turn you loose for recess without something WARM in your tummy so please have some hot chocolate……………I brought it in from the teacher’s lounge.

Hot chocolate bar

Your Profs, Angel Sammy and Teddy too


Pre-Tease Monday


Good Morning Students!

Time for us to prepare for tomorrow’s Teaser by getting all of you in the mood to study so you will be READY for the BIG TEASE.     Tomorrow we’ll be starting class at a TOP SECRET time only known to us and that means you will just have to keep an eye on your inbox or “early warning system” for our blog post to hit your mailbox!     Then it’s ON BABY!

First person to comment on tomorrow’s post will win a little sumthin-sumthin!  In fact – FYI everybody – we have ALL NEW BADGES starting with tomorrow.   New for the new year.   Yes we had some special ones for the actual New Year’s post but these are our 2018 badges.    Here they are:

So now you have a whole batch of new “collectibles” for your blog or your page wherever it may be…………..OR you can just keep them to yourself!

Tomorrow’s Teaser is a GUEST TEASER………………it’s also going to be EXTRA INTERESTING because we’d like for you to not only tell us WHERE the photo was taken but WHAT KIND OF PLACE IS IT?    I won’t say more about it but when you see the photo you will probably see what I mean.    You don’t HAVE to tell us what it is, but if you do – we will all be totally impressed!

Here are the Teaser rules:

Sounds like it’s gonna be a good challenge in class tomorrow!! I’ll be ALERT and ready!

OK you two – you may be cute but you couldn’t HAZ the answer yet – there’s no Teaser photo yet!



YEAH I’ll have a snack for you kids tomorrow – of course!!

Be Ready!