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Teaser Tell All


Welcome Back to School Class!

You all look wide awake and ready to find out what the deal was with yesterday’s Teaser photo………………well we are here to give you the details.   Ready?

Let’s DO this!!!!

Yesterday we had TWO early bird students (Cheer Team was thrilled NOT to have four!!!!)……………………..wanna know who was fast?

Sorry Rodney – you weren’t one of them….you can sit back down now!


SHARON of Friends Furever and TIMMY of Timmy Tomcat !

Well done you two!   Here’s your badge:

I was one of TWO First Commenters on the Teaser of October 6, 2020!! YAY FOR BOTH OF US!

“I was here EARLY……well……EARLY for me anyway!!”

Maybe next week !

Here’s yesterday’s Teaser photo for one last look before we tell you who figured it out first…………………..

Photo from a balloon?  A plane?   Helicopter?   Drone??   Superman??

This is a pretty photo taken above SARVAR, HUNGARY…………which is where this castle called Nadasdy Castle resides.    Here’s more info if you’re interested!   CLICK HERE

Now who wants to know who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER this week??????????????????????????????


OK – our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was also one of our two FIRST COMMENTERS…………………………….!!


TIMMY !!!!

I was one of the FIRST COMMENTERS and the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on the Teaser of October 6, 2020 WOWZERS!

If you were lucky enough to have guessed SARVAR, HUNGARY too, then you also get a badge……………….cool huh?   Just copy this for your very own:

I guessed the right location for the Teaser photo BUT I wasn’t FIRST! I still get a badge though!

If you guessed but were WRONG…………..you still get a badge!   Just copy this one for your files:

Gosh – I made a guess on the Teaser of October 6, 2020 but I was WRONG! At least I got a badge……

Congratulations everyone………………….it was at least a bit of a challenge for some of you this week.    Our GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT didn’t let us down…………….!!   Cheer Team?  You’re UP!!!

Mighty fine Teaser Graphics Department!
We won’t have to lock you up in the BAD GIRL department!
Our First Right Guessers we had TWO
Miss Sharon and Mr. Timmy (just them but NO NOT YOU!)
Then we waited to see who would figure it out……
It wasn’t too long before we could scream and shout!
Timmy came through to win FIRST RIGHT
Two badges he gets so he’s high as a kite!
It’s time for lunch so let’s go eat!
Better hurry or you might not get a good seat!

Let’s go celebrate with lunch shall we?     Then you can hop on the bus and head for home until NEXT week when we get together for more TEASER PHOTO fun!

Greetings!   Time to have lunch!   

Our Menu for the Day:

All Aboard!!!!   See you next Tuesday for more teasing…..

Your Professors

Tuesday Teaser Class is NOW!


“Professors we’re happy to say all is security in the school yard – READY for class!”

Good morning class!   Have you COMMENTED YET?   If you haven’t you should – after all, everyone wants to say they’ve received the FIRST COMMENTER badge at least ONCE during the school year right?

“I’m totally ready – totally – I probably ought to give my glasses a polish as things are a little fuzzy but I’m STILL ready!”

Yes Sheldon – you really appear to be TUNED IN this morning!…………now if you all are ready – let’s show you the rules for class AND the badges up for grabs!

Now I hope you are all ready………………our Teaser photo today is another one from our Graphics Department so who knows whether it will be a challenge or so easy your younger brother or sister could get it in record time!   HAHA

“Gosh I’m the youngest in my family and I hope it’s easy….Mom always calls me her HAPPY ACCIDENT but I don’t know what she means by that!!”

Well perhaps we’d better not try to figure that out for now and just get our security guard to bring out the photo shall we??????

Here’s today’s photo Professors!


“It makes me dizzy to look at it!”

Cheer Team?  You’re up now -get this group fired up will you??????     WOW – you all already have Halloween costumes?    I guess you’re celebrating the whole month huh?

Halloween is weeks away
But we can celebrate it early by several days!
We’re here to talk Teaser so let’s give a shout
To wish you luck when you figure this one out!
Makes us dizzy to look from on high
At the little ants below as they pass on by!
Give it your best and see what you can do
When we do tomorrow’s cheer we might include YOU!

OK – good job.    We’ll see who figures this out tomorrow morning.    Meanwhile – is anyone in class READY to eat like we are?????

“Did you say EAT????  Count me in!   I got up too late for breakfast this morning!!!”

Then let’s go!

Greetings “wannabe goblins” !    Hope you brought your appetites with you!

Menu Selections:

Good Luck with the Teaser for tomorrow Students!   See you in class!


Tuesday Teaser Class Time!!!!


“Good job team – we’ve completed a circuit and found things to be ship-shape!  Let’s go tell the Professors!”

Happy Tuesday Class!!!!   Have you COMMENTED yet?   Do it!

Clowie’s security detail says all is well on the Ding Dong Sheep School campus so let’s get class going shall we?

We actually have a GUEST TEASER this week – our Graphics Department gets a break.   Lucky Mom them!

“Yikes – they’re closing the school door – I’d better get inside NOW!”

“Alright Marvin – get that thing parked and get inside – ASAP boy!”

Now let’s show you the rules and badges available for today’s Teaser:

Feel like you’re READY for the photo???

“Let’s GO FOR IT!!!!”

Security guard – please bring in today’s Teaser!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!

YES it’s a toughie – a postage stamp sized photo of SOMEWHERE !!!!   

Alright students – this one will be a challenge.   Do your best to tel us WHERE this was taken and tomorrow we’ll see who figured this out.

“Gosh – this is a toughie!”

Cheer Team – I see from the shock on everyone’s faces that they think this will be tough so how about cheering them up a bit???????

Here we are again on a Tuesday
We hope tomorrow is a WIN-day and not a LOSE-day!
Take a look and do your best
This is no time to slump in your seat and rest!
Yes it’s tough but give it a shot
Look for clues or just take a chance
Maybe we’ll drag you to the Pub and we’ll all dance!

Thanks girls – that ought to get people working hard to figure out the photo!      Meanwhile, take a break if you like and head to the cafeteria for a lunch break!

“Sorry gang – using my weird smile mask – someone stole my bandana mask!”

What’s on the Men Today??

Enjoy!   See you all tomorrow for the TELL ALL!!!!!!

Your Professors!

Teaser Tell All


Time for Your Professors to TELL ALL!

We were right – yesterday’s Teaser was an easy one……………it was NOT long before we had the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER then bunches of others guessed it right as well.   So much for Graphics Department trying to be sneaky huh?

“Does the Graphics Department think we’re dumbos???”

No of course not but they didn’t realize that that particular mountain was well known.  Oh well – there’s always next week.

In the meantime – wanna know who our FIRST COMMENTER was?

“YESSSSSS” !!!!!!


SHARON of Friends Furever!! 

“YAY!!!  GOOD JOB!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!”

This is for you Miss Sharon:

I was the FIRST COMMENTER on the Teaser of September 1, 2020 ! YAY FOR ME !

Then we showed you all the photo for Teaser………………….which was this one:

This is a photo of the Bay with Cape Town, South Africa and that island everyone called “Rhino Island” !



MISS KATTY, DA PHENNY and DA NELLY from Easy Weimaraner!!!

“YAY for those Smarties in Brittany!!”

And this badge is for you!

YAY FOR US! We were the FIRST RIGHT GUESSERS on the Teaser of September 1, 2020!!

If you were also right – you get one of these badges – just copy from here and it’s all yours!

I guessed RIGHT on the Teaser of September 1, 2020 but I was NOT first!

And if you guessed but were WRONG WRONG WRONG………….here’s your consolation prize:

I guessed but I was WRONG on the Teaser of September 1, 2020……but I TRIED!!!!

There you have it!    Just one winner in each big category this week…………we held class earlier than usual which MIGHT have had something to do with it.

Cheer Team?   I’m sure you have something to say about our Teaser this week……………………

Howdy students it’s time to share
Winners and losers if you care!
One First Commenter we had yesterday
Miss Sharon was happy about that we must say!
Then we waited for someone to guess RIGHT
We hoped someone would before it turned into night!
Swift as an arrow here they came….
Katty, Phenny and Nelly got a chance at FAME!
We hope you had fun in class – we did too
Now it’s time for lunch or maybe go to the loo!

Gee thanks girls………………………maybe everyone should go to the loo before heading to the cafeteria………..make room for more lunch.   HAHAHAHA      Let’s go gang!!

“Mikey you’d better not butt in line this week – OR ELSE!!!!”

Time to eat!   Hope you enjoy your lunch today everyone!

Today’s Delightful Delights:

See you next Tuesday Class!   Your Professors

Teaser Class Time!


“Chief Clowie, we three pups ran around the entire school campus and other than a few birds we didn’t see any introoooders!”

“Thanks gang – let’s report in to the Professors!”

“Happy Tuesday Students!   You’d better COMMENT before you take a seat!”

“Hurry up Dude….I hear the Professors starting class!!”

Today we have another Graphics Department effort to fool everyone so who knows how THAT will turn out.    We actually think it’s a very cool photo but then we already know where it was taken so it kinda makes it more cool for US than it might be for YOU!     Anyway, let’s show you the rules and badges then we’ll take a PEEK at the photo.

There you have it – the badge lineup for Teaser this week.     Good luck students!

Mr. Photo Security Guard????   Please come to GEOGRAPHY CLASS with today’s TEASER photo………………..

Teaser Photo Security to Geography !  It’s TEASER TIME!

Here’s today’s photo Professors!



Interesting to be sure – but WHERE on Planet Earth is this place?   It’s up to you to figure that out and hopefully win a badge students………………GOOD LUCK.    The Cheer Team is here to CHEER YOU ON!

“We need all the help we can get!!!”

Tuesday Teaser time is here
Step right up students have no fear!
The photo for today is a mystery to us
But you’re all smart so shouldn’t fuss!
Turn on your brains and just try your best
You might win a badge but there’s no treasure chest!
We’ll be back tomorrow to name all the winners
Now let’s go to the cafeteria for our breakfast or dinner!

Well girls I thought you’d be headed to the school garage and your pink Harleys but maybe it’s just too hot today to be anywhere but in the A/C huh?     OK everyone – let’s head over to see what Miss Dingleberry has on the menu today!

Happy Tuesday Students!  Time to grab a tray and head down the line for your lunch!!


Good luck students!   See you tomorrow in class for the TELL ALL !   

Your Professors