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Come Fly With Me World!


I’m so excited…today is the day.

Today is the day that Easy first plotted and planned with the help of Madi and then Dory that would be a day for me to visit all my wonderful friends in the blogosphere who have enjoyed (hopefully) the fun I’ve tried to bring with my Tuesday Teasers especially……..The Teaser has been my way of showing everyone else places in the world they might not recognize and maybe learning something new……….NOW I get to visit the world!    How cool is that?

Easy has left us sadly for the Bridge but I can still thank HIM and Madi and Dory for helping put today together………………I will carry Easy in my heart as I hop……………….You can visit “Hop Central Headquarters” by clicking the badge below – join up OR just hop around with me and see the world too!   You can also visit Madi’s blog for info………..HERE.


I think I’m ready to go……….


Bye Mom!   See you later…..much later!

I love all of you out there in blogville with all my heart.

Always!  Sammy

P.S.  special thanks to my pal Easy

Two Days of Summer



Huh?  Summer?

Well, of course it isn’t REAL summer yet but lemme tell ya………..after WEEKS (literally) of complaining about day after day of rain and cold and icky stuff we just had two whole days of temps in the 80s and total sunshine.   What a gift for those of us who were beginning to grow moss in our “crevices” (don’t ask).

Mom got the lawn mowed yesterday and from all the rain we’ve had – the lawn looks GREAT…………….no telling how long it will take all of that to turn brown but it will – trust me.   Just because it starts out looking MAHVELOUS, it won’t last……….

Sam's Front Yard

We have NO plans for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend………….which is kinda nice.   Mom says we should have our first cookout of the season………..Dad says “uh huh”……….Mom says we should eat out at the picnic table……….Dad says “uh huh”……….I don’t mind either way really because I won’t be out there – just make sure my food bowl has SOMETHING in it Mom and you and Dad do WHATEVA!

ScoutCookoutYeah – you and Dad could eat that whole table full of food in like – five minutes – right?

My Dad even got to go flying AGAIN yesterday because the weather was perfect……………….


Down the taxiway

Going over checklist

Going over checklist

Off we go!

Off we go!

Looks a little hazy....

Looks a little hazy….

Anyway, he had a ball and flew for a couple of hours then came home and did yard work – what a champ.

So what this blog post amounts to is a review of the past two days of early summer at my house and frankly, from the weather forecast – maybe SUMMER is gonna stick around for a while.   All I did was complain while we were struggling (or swimming) through Spring…………..let’s see if this stays.

Hope you have a HAPPY THURSDAY………………….I’m gonna…………………..C’mon Mom – let’s go sit on the front porch and dig this heat!


Hugs (hot ones), Sammy

Blurry but you get the drift...Sam's not thrilled with his new hat!

Had to wear my visor yesterday when I went outside…..!




Yeah, that’s hip talk for “what’s up” ?   Or maybe the word HIP isn’t so “hip” anymore………it was back many moons ago when my Mom actually WAS “hip” but we’ve lost touch with the lingo of this current generation I think.   Here’s a photo I stole borrowed purloined  found of Mom in the “hip” days………don’t laugh OK?   She gets upset when people laugh at this one:

Mom - is that REALLY you????

Mom – is that REALLY you???? They made her change from jeans and t-shirt to this for the portrait…haha

Anyway, I can tell you what’s up with me and it’s not much.   We’ve had so much rain I’ve been practically trapped indoors but yesterday wasn’t too bad and tomorrow is not going to be bad either…………..we won’t have sun but we won’t have rain.   I’ll take it!!

Dad’s gonna go flying in his MACHINE………


And will probably fly over the house while he’s up there………………..(my house is three to the left of that lake – the one with green trees on either side of it!)

Our house as seen from our airplane

Of course I won’t be outside to see him – if Mom and I ran outside every time we heard a small plane flying overhead we’d be dizzy from running – there are two Regional airport near us and LOTS of flying going on!   Anyway, I know he will love it………he’s definitely part bird.    This photo was snapped BEFORE we got all nice and leafed out from the Spring – you can see the house better that way really.

SO, what’s Mom gonna be doing?   While Dad’s flying Mom will be keeping ME company which is her #1 job.   I’m definitely her priority.   I like it like that too!    Since I’m not feeling at the top of my game all that much anymore I do sleep a whole lot which gives Mom a chance to grab a nap during the day – since I wake her up at 2AM I suppose it’s the least I can do letting her have a daytime nap!

Sam Taking a Snooze on Mom's Bed

C’mon Mom…..pop on up here with me and snooze a while!

We need to rest up because I’m sure you know that tomorrow the Broomhildas will be arriving with little baby Boomer (I found out his name!) and who knows WHAT that will do to my nice, peaceful quiet day???

It’s always something, isn’t it!!  

Happy S’up Day!   Sammy

S'up ??!!

S’up ??!!



Meowy Monday



Hi Friends!  Hope you all had as nice a weekend as I did.  It was purrrfect weather for early Autumn …….. cool ……… sunny ………. breezy ……… and my parents and I spent a LOT of time outside enjoying it.


Sam grazing on the grass in the front yard

Yum….nice crunchy grass…somebody pass me the salad dressing will ya??


Today my Dad’s heading to the airport……..I wanted to show you a photo Mom took out the window of the plane in the Fall – the leaves are so many different colors!  She didn’t go with him today – he’s WORKING on the plane not FLYING it this time. 

Fall Trees

Wow…..so many tree colors!

Tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser you know………but it’s also my Mom’s birthday.  I’m still working on finding the right photo for the Teaser – I’m TRYING really hard to keep it interesting but not impossible.  Nobody guessed right last week so I didn’t get to hand out any BIG SAMMY HUGS! 

Hope you all have a happy Meownday…………I know I’m going to have one!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀


My “Birdie” Parents


Good Morning All!  It’s FRIDAY……and I’m here to report that yet again this week my parents left me home alone so that THEY could go have some fun without me….sniff.   I suppose I could go all “cry-baby” here and say that I missed them terribly and wished I was with them and blahblahblah but I’d be fibbing because – frankly – I love my “alone time”. 

Where did they go THIS time??  No not back to the mountains – this time they went to the airport and flew in their plane (or as Mom calls it, “Dad’s Toy”).  I’ve shown pix of Dad’s plane before and even a couple from the air that Mom’s taken when she’s gone with him, but yesterday she took a bunch so I thought I’d share them with you.

First of all, Dad and Mom have an old restored 1954 (I think?) Cessna 150, 2-seater.  It’s very small and as Mom says “cozy” (translation: cramped) but they both love it to pieces.   The plane is hangared at a small regional airport about 30 minutes drive from our house. 

Yesterday was a pretty morning – they left the house at 7:30AM and when they left the visibility at the airport was only 3 miles because of fog.  Dad won’t take off until there’s at least 5 miles of visibility and sure enough when they got there it had gone to 7 miles so………here’s how things looked!


Dad doing his pre-flight checkup while Mom “snoopervises”…..

In front of their hangar….heading out to the field and runways

Down the taxiway by the maintenance hangar on the way to the end of the runway……

Dad puts the pedal to the metal and down the runway they go!!!!

Mom says she was saying to Dad over the intercom “they said SEVEN miles of visibility??”

At cruise altitude….mountains WAY in the distance…..

After flying around for around 45 minutes they headed back to the airport…..

After flying Dad gets ready to “put the baby to bed” !!

After Dad put the plane away they came home to me.  Mom says I hadn’t moved a muscle since they left but they were wrong.  While they were gone I had cleaned out my toybox, run around the house like a madman for some exercise, gone potty in my litter box, murdered a cricket in my basement, ate the rest of my breakfast THEN I went back where I was when they left just so they’d see their innocent little cherub on their bed sleeping away…..just like they’d left him (HA HA HA HA!!).

Happy Friday Gang………..

Kitty Hugs, Son Of Mr. Fly Guy and Mrs. Navigator 😀 😀