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My “Birdie” Parents


Good Morning All!  It’s FRIDAY……and I’m here to report that yet again this week my parents left me home alone so that THEY could go have some fun without me….sniff.   I suppose I could go all “cry-baby” here and say that I missed them terribly and wished I was with them and blahblahblah but I’d be fibbing because – frankly – I love my “alone time”. 

Where did they go THIS time??  No not back to the mountains – this time they went to the airport and flew in their plane (or as Mom calls it, “Dad’s Toy”).  I’ve shown pix of Dad’s plane before and even a couple from the air that Mom’s taken when she’s gone with him, but yesterday she took a bunch so I thought I’d share them with you.

First of all, Dad and Mom have an old restored 1954 (I think?) Cessna 150, 2-seater.  It’s very small and as Mom says “cozy” (translation: cramped) but they both love it to pieces.   The plane is hangared at a small regional airport about 30 minutes drive from our house. 

Yesterday was a pretty morning – they left the house at 7:30AM and when they left the visibility at the airport was only 3 miles because of fog.  Dad won’t take off until there’s at least 5 miles of visibility and sure enough when they got there it had gone to 7 miles so………here’s how things looked!


Dad doing his pre-flight checkup while Mom “snoopervises”…..

In front of their hangar….heading out to the field and runways

Down the taxiway by the maintenance hangar on the way to the end of the runway……

Dad puts the pedal to the metal and down the runway they go!!!!

Mom says she was saying to Dad over the intercom “they said SEVEN miles of visibility??”

At cruise altitude….mountains WAY in the distance…..

After flying around for around 45 minutes they headed back to the airport…..

After flying Dad gets ready to “put the baby to bed” !!

After Dad put the plane away they came home to me.  Mom says I hadn’t moved a muscle since they left but they were wrong.  While they were gone I had cleaned out my toybox, run around the house like a madman for some exercise, gone potty in my litter box, murdered a cricket in my basement, ate the rest of my breakfast THEN I went back where I was when they left just so they’d see their innocent little cherub on their bed sleeping away…..just like they’d left him (HA HA HA HA!!).

Happy Friday Gang………..

Kitty Hugs, Son Of Mr. Fly Guy and Mrs. Navigator 😀 😀