Come Fly With Me World!


I’m so excited…today is the day.

Today is the day that Easy first plotted and planned with the help of Madi and then Dory that would be a day for me to visit all my wonderful friends in the blogosphere who have enjoyed (hopefully) the fun I’ve tried to bring with my Tuesday Teasers especially……..The Teaser has been my way of showing everyone else places in the world they might not recognize and maybe learning something new……….NOW I get to visit the world!    How cool is that?

Easy has left us sadly for the Bridge but I can still thank HIM and Madi and Dory for helping put today together………………I will carry Easy in my heart as I hop……………….You can visit “Hop Central Headquarters” by clicking the badge below – join up OR just hop around with me and see the world too!   You can also visit Madi’s blog for info………..HERE.


I think I’m ready to go……….


Bye Mom!   See you later…..much later!

I love all of you out there in blogville with all my heart.

Always!  Sammy

P.S.  special thanks to my pal Easy

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  1. Hallo there, Sammy. We have come over from Savannah’s bloggie to make your acquaintance. We have never taken part in a blog hop and have no idea how it works, so we’ll just say hi and hope you enjoy your trip. If you should happen to find yourself in Jerusalem, Israel, We would be happy to show you around.
    Meanwhile, Shalom and Bon Voyage.


  2. This is such a fun day, S. Madi, Dori, and Easy sure had an amazing idea. Mom didn’t post, but we sure are enjoying traveling the worlds of our bloggy friends with you. We love you buddy, even though we have never been a first guesser, never guessed a teaser remotely close, and Mom NEVER shares her bacon with me. You bring joy and smiles every day. You will always be remembered for that legacy. Whenever you get to the bridge, give Easy a sandpaper-tongue lick for us.

    Love and extra-special bacon-flavored licks,


  3. Sammy we are ready to take flight with you my Gingerbread Man…thankyou you are the cats whiskers…safe travels my sweet one safe travels…all our love Fozziemum and gang xxx


  4. I hope you’re having a marvellous time, wherever you are, my dear Sammy. You will be forever in our hearts. So happy I can call you my friend! Mr. Bowie sends his love and hugs!


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  6. Sammy we are waiting for you at the Grand Canyon. Yep the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. Buddy insisted on being your guide and the family agreed. Love you and your great big feet my friend! Say hello to all our friends who are over the Bridge!
    Timmy, Dad and Family


  7. Godspeed on your Journey, Sammy my friend. I’ll be waving from the south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge. Love you. Say Hello to Mr. Teeth and Clark when you get to the Bridge, and save a room in the Bacon Hotel for me. XOXO, Spitty


    • Spitty I just checked down at the desk here and they have YOUR name down for a Bacon Suite. However, do not hurry up here to take the suite – it will be PERMANENTLY RESERVED and you have a lot of work to do “back home”…..when you get here – I’ll be waiting – we’ll party hearty!

      Love, Angel Sam


  8. Dood, we know you will have GRAND adventures, and see spectacular things! We know your humans are gonna miss you something fierce and we promise to send them hugs while you fly the world. Blue skies and tailwinds, good buddy! Purrs and love, Maxie, the Brat and Allie.


  9. No, please…not another sweet baby! I am running out of tears. So very sorry to hear of yet another fur-iend crossing over the Rainbow Bridge. You may be leaving us, Sammy but you will not be forgotten. And if you see a couple of OES’s named Puck and Eliot, tell them we still miss them. They will help Easy show you the ropes and possibly enjoy making some merry mischief. Hugs all around. ღ


    • So many others who are already here are being so helpful. Those who have crossed the Bridge try their best to welcome any and all who arrive – I will find Puck and Eliot to give them a hug for you! Thank you for coming by to visit me today – I have been in disbelief at the number of people who have.

      Thank you so much……….love, Angel Sam

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  10. Sammy you are one ha some aviator dude! Let’s go it is a beautiful day for a hot air balloon ride…
    Bye for now you were an Angel on earth and now you have your wings….fly pain free and may the sun always kiss your nose
    Love madi

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    • Madi……what can I say to you that I haven’t already told you – you are one amazing girl and one fabulous friend. You did so much to make today wonderful for me and it certainly is. This morning when I left for the Bridge with Mom and Dad at my side, I already had visited so many posts for the Balloon Hop and now I’m still doing that while I unpack my bag in the Bacon Suite (!)at the Bridge…….so many friends……so many messages of love and support..I am OVERWHELMED. Thanks for making it possible – Easy had the idea and I love him for it, and you made sure it happened which I love YOU for. I am SO BLESSED to have so many wonderful people to love!

      Hugs, Angel Sammy


  11. Sammy, we’ll all be waiting for you in Sleepy Hollow dude, sorry we’ve not been to visit this week
    but you know I’ve been really poorly and the PA is poorly with the flu and we’ve had all on just getting here
    today for your pawesome grande finale dude… me and The Hoard salutes you and we’ll be flying the flag at half mast in your honour and Easy’s of course… see you in the next life little buddy, the one where we all live furever!

    Bestest purrs as always, huge hugs and gentle nose bumps

    Basil and The Heathen Hoard xxxxxxx


  12. Mee-you pace yourself Unccle! Wee not post today; LadyMum iss fateeged an mee iss too sad…wee hope you have fun vizitin bloggiess an places an wee see you tomorrow fur bacon ok???
    Luv an **nose rubsss** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxx


  13. Sammy Buddy, I couldn’t find my first post, so thought I’d talk again. You are one special dude pal, and so very loved by all – including us. M has had leaky eyes a good share of today just thinking about your humans and how tough it is for them today. She said we’ve been there too. The only difference is that our previous kitties were not bloggers. You are a very special boy, and we are so proud to have known you for a short while anyway. M sends big HUGS toy our humans. You will be sadly missed, but we are happy you are in a good place and won’t have to suffer. Love you forever.


  14. You had an amazing day, Sammy. Our hearts are broken that you had to really fly away but at least you had so many friends there to give you a grand sendoff. Mom cried this morning when she saw your post. Soft woos and gentle hugs to your sweet Mom and Dad.

    Woos – Lightning and Misty


  15. From Battle Creek we went to the WK Kellogg Airport to show you the 2016 International Balloon Festival and Field of flight. Well, some of it, MOL!

    We are feeling sad that your flight was a lot further than points on the globe…but you are a most precious angel and will always be cherished and loved forever. Maybe you can fly about in our balloons, or even higher than that with a ride in one of the Thunderbirds. Well, wait, we do not think they fly to the heavenly realm of angels where you now reside…but next time the are in our city we for sure will know you are being a good co-pilot…and maybe even a pilot in a hot air balloon! We will watch for you.

    Sending big hugs and purrs to your peeps, Sammy.
    And we helped the petcretary make your peeps a little memento in your honor.

    (We are flying in Battle Creek in our regular blog, not the word Press one… )


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