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Yeah, that’s hip talk for “what’s up” ?   Or maybe the word HIP isn’t so “hip” anymore………it was back many moons ago when my Mom actually WAS “hip” but we’ve lost touch with the lingo of this current generation I think.   Here’s a photo I stole borrowed purloined  found of Mom in the “hip” days………don’t laugh OK?   She gets upset when people laugh at this one:

Mom - is that REALLY you????

Mom – is that REALLY you???? They made her change from jeans and t-shirt to this for the portrait…haha

Anyway, I can tell you what’s up with me and it’s not much.   We’ve had so much rain I’ve been practically trapped indoors but yesterday wasn’t too bad and tomorrow is not going to be bad either…………..we won’t have sun but we won’t have rain.   I’ll take it!!

Dad’s gonna go flying in his MACHINE………


And will probably fly over the house while he’s up there………………..(my house is three to the left of that lake – the one with green trees on either side of it!)

Our house as seen from our airplane

Of course I won’t be outside to see him – if Mom and I ran outside every time we heard a small plane flying overhead we’d be dizzy from running – there are two Regional airport near us and LOTS of flying going on!   Anyway, I know he will love it………he’s definitely part bird.    This photo was snapped BEFORE we got all nice and leafed out from the Spring – you can see the house better that way really.

SO, what’s Mom gonna be doing?   While Dad’s flying Mom will be keeping ME company which is her #1 job.   I’m definitely her priority.   I like it like that too!    Since I’m not feeling at the top of my game all that much anymore I do sleep a whole lot which gives Mom a chance to grab a nap during the day – since I wake her up at 2AM I suppose it’s the least I can do letting her have a daytime nap!

Sam Taking a Snooze on Mom's Bed

C’mon Mom…..pop on up here with me and snooze a while!

We need to rest up because I’m sure you know that tomorrow the Broomhildas will be arriving with little baby Boomer (I found out his name!) and who knows WHAT that will do to my nice, peaceful quiet day???

It’s always something, isn’t it!!  

Happy S’up Day!   Sammy

S'up ??!!

S’up ??!!



Snoozy Sunday Selfie


Seems all my Sunday Selfies lately are involving SLEEP.  

I say if you’re good at something, keep at it.   You might say it’s my “Specialty of the House” !

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Pee Ess   I have some brand new friends I wanna share with you!  

Two ADORABLE Gerbils named Timon and Pumbaa

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Sunday Selfie


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Quiet Friday


Yep – the day after a holiday (especially the ones that fall on a Thursday) is usually VERY quiet……………….unless of course you work in a department store where things are INSANE.   Fortunately my Mom and Dad are due back from their Thanksgiving feasting in W. Virginia this afternoon so I will not be watching Mom gathering up her “shopping equipment” to head out the door early this morning to SHOP TIL SHE DROPS.

For all of you who DO that – and can’t wait for those after-holiday sales………..BON VOYAGE!    Here’s what I’ll be doing:


Now doesn’t THAT look more reasonable than fighting for a parking space at the Mall, arguing with other customers fighting over the last purple sweater in your/their size, standing in line with lots of tired people and screaming kids just to buy that purple sweater you JUST HAD TO HAVE, fighting traffic from the shoppers AND the coming back from Thanksgiving people on the roads????   Why yes it does…………….so if you’ll excuse me I’ll go back to doing what I do best!

Sam napping in the guest room


Hope you have delightful

turkey leftovers tonight

like I’m gonna have!



Rainy Thursday


Hi Peeps!   So it’s another rainy day here in my part of Virginia…….it was dreary yesterday but that was OK because Mom wasn’t home much of the morning/early afternoon since she was at the dentist.  Dad and I were on our own.  He spent the whole morning in the library reading and I was in the basement in a comfy chair snoring snoozing.  When Mom got home we “resumed our regular programming” and I followed her up the basement steps and popped up on her lap for some quality Mom time.

zzzzz.....snoozin' on Mom's leg....zzzzz

Next week I have to go to the vet to get my bloods checked again – it will have been 3 months since I started taking my medicine for hyperthyroidism and he’ll want to see if one pill a day has me within normal range.  I was WAY over when I had my last checkup.  We’re ALL hoping one pill is enough because Mom is having a fit getting the one pill down me (tee hee) – she crushes it into smithereens and mixes it with yogurt as a treat – I love that yogurt but I can taste that medicine most times.   I’m getting smart about it too but once in a while she fools me and I get MOST of the pill down.  Anyway, Mom’s going to talk to the vet about transdermal medication.   There are places where you can have the medicine compounded with a cream and then it’s just rubbed in our little ears and we absorb the medication through our skin!!!   Amazing?  I think so and Mom figures THAT will be easier than the pill crushing/yogurt hiding thing anyway.  So wish us luck on that one!

Catnapping on the couch

Don’t wave that yogurt around in front of me and expect me to slurp it up! I know what’s hidden in there!!!!!!

What else is going on?   Well today is sheet changing day – that’s always exciting.  In my younger days I’d help Mom with that (well I called it help but she called it distracting tactics) but I don’t do that leaping about any more – I’m a senior guy who tries to behave in a dignified manner at all times (giggle giggle).   Mom will also do some other laundry perhaps…….that means an empty laundry basket and once in a while I get a ride in the laundry basket courtesy of Dad.  He attaches a rope and pulls me around on the wall to wall carpet in the laundry basket – now THAT’s fun!!!

Sam making himself comfy while I'm TRYING to put fresh sheets on the bed!

Aw gee Mom….do you HAVE to put the bedspread back on the bed? This fleece blankie is so NICE!

What’s up for you today?  Anything exiting?   Just about ANYTHING you do today will be more exciting than MY day that’s for sure.


Mr. Excitement



Pup Scouts!


WOW!  Yesterday I found out that there is a Pup Scouts just like most of you know I belong to Cat Scouts………….how cool is that?  All you dogs who wish you could have the kind of fun you know I have in Cat Scouts can join Pup Scouts and do just that!  They’ve got adorable uniforms and looks like they do a lot of interesting things………………..you can visit the site HERE!    Here’s their logo – I didn’t ASK if I could use it but since I’m pretty much giving them a “plug” I don’t think they’ll mind do you???


Speaking of Cat Scouts though – this weekend we’re having a Carnival.  All the Patrols are sponsoring a booth or ride or game or ther kind of activity and we’re even having a Sideshow.    Should be a hoot.  I’ll try and share some photos with you AFTER the event – don’t want to give anything away but here’s the poster for it that we used to get the word around Scouts!   The Scout who had the idea to have a Carnival in the first place was Scout Nibbler so that’s why her name is on the poster.


I probably won’t be around much today to respond to your FAB comments like I usually do – I’m giving my Mom the day off because her sister is visiting to spend the day with her.  They’re doing girlie stuff like shopping, having lunch, gossiping, shopping, shopping and……well you get the picture!   But tonight after my Auntie Carol (the Mom of my cousins the shih tzus) leaves, Mom will be back here catching up!    I’ll just be around all morning then I’ll most likely be curled up somewhere sleeping (and snoring).

Aunt Carol, and Cousins Mollye & Toby!

Toby is sitting on Aunt Carol’s shoulder and that’s Mollye the “lap dog” in Carol’s arms…..

Mom broke out my fleece blanket collection yesterday and put them in various spots in the house for me to use for naps.  There’s one on the green “Granny Chair” in the guest room……….one on the couch in the Family Room near the fireplace……….one on the floor in the dining room under a chair I frequent……….so I’ve got all my nap spots covered with WARM to keep my tummy and tushie warm now that it’s pretty darn chilly out.  I’m also spending EXTRA time on Mom’s legs when she’s in the recliner….that’s as good as having a heating pad!


Hope you all are staying snuggled in – – – – I know that right now some of you are going into Spring instead of Fall like us………YOU LUCKY PEEPS!!!!!!

Hugs, Sammy

The Three B’s


The THREE B’s ??




What's that smell???? YUM!

What’s that smell???? YUM!

Bacon because it’s time for Caturday Bacon……….you all know that about me if you don’t know anything else right?  Mom makes bacon for breakfast on weekends – YAY!


So what’s the thing about “Buying” ???   Well I say that because I have a way way way cool video to share with you that my friends at My Three Moggies did to help promote Mollie and Alfie’s fabulous store which is FULL of great stuff to order for everybody on your Christmas list.  It’s NOT too early to get your shopping done – remember there’s shipping times AND Mollie makes all these wonderful gifts herself and that takes time!   SO – just look at all the friends who have been enjoying THEIR goodies from Mollie’s!!!



And last but never least is that my good friend Miss Jade from Jade’s Jungle  nominated me for the Awesome Blog Content Award.  Now I do already have this one and it’s on my “front page” but I always want to acknowledge that someone thinks enough of me to nominate me even if I do already have the award so BIG HUGS TO MISS JADE (who is a wonderful writer by the way!!).   THANK YOU JADE!

The ABC Blogging Award

That reminds me to tell you that I’ll be changing things around on my blog soon – Mom has promised to help me move all my awards to a separate page on my blog.  There will still be “stuff” on my sidebar but all my awards will be on a NEW page!  Cool huh?  She’s also been looking at all the other themes on WordPress – that means she’s thinking of changing THAT around too.  I’ve had the same theme since I started my blog so I’m NOT sure I wanna change because I like the “look” of this theme but hey – even though I’m stubborn I can be flexible.  So who knows?!

I spent the day napping yesterday so I’d be ready for the weekend…………………..YAY!   Are you recovered from your Halloween fun?????   Here’s some photos from last Halloween night at my house!

So, I hope you have a great Saturday – whether it includes bacon or some other fabulous treat that you love……………speaking of love, have I told you lately that I love you?????????


See You for Silent Sunday tomorrow……….Sammy 😀 😀 😀





Hi Peeps and Non-Peeps!  Happy Sunday and may I say that today’s blog is NOT full of complaints about the weather.  Au contraire (betcha didn’t know Mommy taught me a couple of fancy words huh?)…… yesterday was GORGEOUS.   I was out MOST of the day in fact…..back yard, front yard, front porch, back deck, woods, grass – you name it – I visited it. 

However, all that fresh air finally did me in and around 2PM in the afternoon when Mom came upstairs to her studio, I followed her and asked “pretty please” for her to make my traditional afghan napping tent.  The result???

Don’t I look huggable???

Mom said I looked a bit like a “pet rock” which I gather was some ancient thing that was popular a bazillion years ago in the 60s, or 70s, or 80s or something – WAY before our time (but not Mom’s obviously).  Apparently humans used to paint images (often cats) on rocks shaped like cats sleeping and then sold them for big bucks.  Boy oh boy, humans will buy ANYTHING!!!  Even rocks!!!  Gee, we have a backyard FULL of them……hmm……maybe I’m missing out on an opportunity – my Mom’s an artist – we have rocks – I’ll have to think on this one.

ANYWAY, sorry I wandered off for a minute but I just wanted to say I’m hoping that today is as swell as yesterday – I think I may spend a bit of time checking out the rocks in our yard…….how about you?  What’s up in your world today?

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀

p.s.  Happy Birthday to Sparkle AND Happy World Cat Domination Day!