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Too Hot To Handle!


Hi everybody from the coolness of INSIDE my house in Warrenton, Virginia…….It was in the low 100s outside yesterday so I spent the whole day inside.  Mom gave me a chance to go out with her a couple of times but did I?  Heck no!  Stayed inside – stayed cool as a ginger colored cucumber in fact. 

Looking cool aren’t I ??

Mom went out yesterday morning to do the grocery shopping and Dad went to the airport but they did those things EARLY – before it heated up.  The people on the morning news even told everybody to keep an eye on their pets outside – make sure they had water, etc.  Well, NO PROBLEM here – I was inside with plenty of water and food and treats and of course a lap available to me!  I’m no dummy.

My Mom HAD planned to mow the lawn yesterday but with the air quality being awful, she decided not to add to the problem with her lawn tractor – maybe today – MAYBE.  Wonder what kind of mowing pattern she’ll choose next?  I’m thinking back to squares.

My Dad got to fly EARLY before it heated up.  I’ve shown a picture of him in his hangar before but just in case you missed it and wanna see him:


Dad putting the plane away in the hangar after flying
Dad “parking” the plane in it’s hangar after flying……

He said it was a little bit hazy when he was up in the sky – probably already starting to heat up out there.  He just stayed up about an hour then put his “baby” to bed (haha) and came home.

What am I up to this morning?  Nothing yet – it’s too early to get into trouble do much of anything yet.  I’ve had breakfast and my post-breakfast wash-up and Mom hasn’t let me have a sniff of the great outdoors yet to know whether it’s HOT or NOT.  If NOT I’ll see if I can get her to take me down the trail to check things out.  I heard her tell Dad that so far the deer haven’t eaten her plants.  That’s a GOOD thing.  We don’t want Mom to be grumpy now do we?

What kind of things make your human grumpy?????????  Now come on – there must be SOMETHING????!!!!!

Happy Thursday……….kitty hugs, Sammy