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Yeah, that’s hip talk for “what’s up” ?   Or maybe the word HIP isn’t so “hip” anymore………it was back many moons ago when my Mom actually WAS “hip” but we’ve lost touch with the lingo of this current generation I think.   Here’s a photo I stole borrowed purloined  found of Mom in the “hip” days………don’t laugh OK?   She gets upset when people laugh at this one:

Mom - is that REALLY you????

Mom – is that REALLY you???? They made her change from jeans and t-shirt to this for the portrait…haha

Anyway, I can tell you what’s up with me and it’s not much.   We’ve had so much rain I’ve been practically trapped indoors but yesterday wasn’t too bad and tomorrow is not going to be bad either…………..we won’t have sun but we won’t have rain.   I’ll take it!!

Dad’s gonna go flying in his MACHINE………


And will probably fly over the house while he’s up there………………..(my house is three to the left of that lake – the one with green trees on either side of it!)

Our house as seen from our airplane

Of course I won’t be outside to see him – if Mom and I ran outside every time we heard a small plane flying overhead we’d be dizzy from running – there are two Regional airport near us and LOTS of flying going on!   Anyway, I know he will love it………he’s definitely part bird.    This photo was snapped BEFORE we got all nice and leafed out from the Spring – you can see the house better that way really.

SO, what’s Mom gonna be doing?   While Dad’s flying Mom will be keeping ME company which is her #1 job.   I’m definitely her priority.   I like it like that too!    Since I’m not feeling at the top of my game all that much anymore I do sleep a whole lot which gives Mom a chance to grab a nap during the day – since I wake her up at 2AM I suppose it’s the least I can do letting her have a daytime nap!

Sam Taking a Snooze on Mom's Bed

C’mon Mom…..pop on up here with me and snooze a while!

We need to rest up because I’m sure you know that tomorrow the Broomhildas will be arriving with little baby Boomer (I found out his name!) and who knows WHAT that will do to my nice, peaceful quiet day???

It’s always something, isn’t it!!  

Happy S’up Day!   Sammy

S'up ??!!

S’up ??!!



Rainy Day Snooze


Yesterday was a GRAY day…………..various shades of gray too – it ALMOST seemed as if the sun might break through because it got LIGHT GRAY……….then five minutes later it was DARK GRAY and raining cats and dogs……….well not literally – imagine what a mess that would be!



It was a little bit freaky because the first forcast said SEVERE weather but we didn’t get anything SEVERE – just WET.    I was happy about that…………….it didn’t disturb my napping patterns at all.   I hardly noticed in fact.   Except when I whined to go outside and was LET out on the front porch only to see RAIN………I am not a fan of rain.   Neither is this guy.



So I stayed inside for the most part, doing what I do best…………………and we ALL know what THAT is right?

As if you haven’t seen enough snoozer photos of me to fill 87 albums!!!   Some of these are newer and some are older…………….the older ones I was a chub – now I’m slim and trim and downright bony but that’s OK…..as long as I’m putting one foot in front of the other Mom says I’m just FINE!

To top off a WET day, we actually had tornado warnings last evening just about dinner time………..we waited and watched but thankfully they didn’t hit our town – in fact, while there were some pockets of possible tornadic wind activity, not sure there was one that touched the ground anywhere near us.  But we were “EYES TO THE SKY” and listening to the weather radio, you can bet on it!

Anyway, we are hoping that tomorrow we’ll get a bit of a break from rain……….our ground is now saturated between the heavy snows we had which are melted now and the rain and people are afraid if we get wind, the BIG TREES will come down.   We hope not – we have a lot of big trees around our house.   I do NOT want to be like this guy!


So I’ll just keep on snoozing and hoping Chicken Little is WRONG………..I like my sky right where it is thank you very much!


Sammy Snoozeman

Hopefully Wet Thursday


Hello everybody!   So we were promised rain today – and we NEED it – BAD.   No jokes from me about floating away or building an ark – WE NEED RAIN.   Everything is limp and dried up and pretty soon we’ll be seeing leaves just dropping off the trees and not bothering to turn pretty colors because they’re SO THIRSTY!

So I’m thinking I should do a rain dance.  You know – like the indian tribes do.  Only thing is I have arthritis and I’m afraid it would hurt my old bones to hop around like that.  So I’m just gonna think positively and WISH for rain.  That doesn’t hurt my shoulders AT all…….


Maybe not QUITE this much rain but SOME rain anyway!

Maybe not QUITE this much rain but SOME rain anyway!


There’s my house up on a hill safe from flooding so RAIN RAIN RAIN – it’s alright with me.  If it rains all day my parents will stay home anyway – which is a good thing.  That means I can rest easy – don’t have to guard the house while they’re gone……I can nap and relax.  Mom will probably be in her office working on some of the upcoming blog events to get ME ready (Tee hee) and Dad will be out in his shop or down in the basement tinkering.  I’m a bit unclear to this day about that “tinkering” thing because personally I think what he does is hide out somewhere and take a nap but hey – I can’t point fingers here – I’m the KING OF NAPS!

Last night my parents went out to dinner for their anniversary which was this past Sunday.  Their fave restaurant in town is packed to the gills on weekends so they waited until mid-week to go.  Did they think to bring their little fella a snackable from dinner?  Just a little morsel to say “we thought of you Sammy” ?  Heck no.  And the worst thing about that is that my Mom had seafood – which I adore…..she had calamari and she had soft-shell crabs – I could EASILY have packed away a bit of those I’m quite sure.  Dad had something called a mixed grill which was meat of three kinds but I’m not a meat guy.  MOM LET ME DOWN.

So, how about you?  What’s up in your house today?  Anything exciting?  I hope so, because other than dancing around hoping for rain, it’s liable to be QUIET and BORING around here today.  😦