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Two Days of Summer



Huh?  Summer?

Well, of course it isn’t REAL summer yet but lemme tell ya………..after WEEKS (literally) of complaining about day after day of rain and cold and icky stuff we just had two whole days of temps in the 80s and total sunshine.   What a gift for those of us who were beginning to grow moss in our “crevices” (don’t ask).

Mom got the lawn mowed yesterday and from all the rain we’ve had – the lawn looks GREAT…………….no telling how long it will take all of that to turn brown but it will – trust me.   Just because it starts out looking MAHVELOUS, it won’t last……….

Sam's Front Yard

We have NO plans for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend………….which is kinda nice.   Mom says we should have our first cookout of the season………..Dad says “uh huh”……….Mom says we should eat out at the picnic table……….Dad says “uh huh”……….I don’t mind either way really because I won’t be out there – just make sure my food bowl has SOMETHING in it Mom and you and Dad do WHATEVA!

ScoutCookoutYeah – you and Dad could eat that whole table full of food in like – five minutes – right?

My Dad even got to go flying AGAIN yesterday because the weather was perfect……………….


Down the taxiway

Going over checklist

Going over checklist

Off we go!

Off we go!

Looks a little hazy....

Looks a little hazy….

Anyway, he had a ball and flew for a couple of hours then came home and did yard work – what a champ.

So what this blog post amounts to is a review of the past two days of early summer at my house and frankly, from the weather forecast – maybe SUMMER is gonna stick around for a while.   All I did was complain while we were struggling (or swimming) through Spring…………..let’s see if this stays.

Hope you have a HAPPY THURSDAY………………….I’m gonna…………………..C’mon Mom – let’s go sit on the front porch and dig this heat!


Hugs (hot ones), Sammy

Blurry but you get the drift...Sam's not thrilled with his new hat!

Had to wear my visor yesterday when I went outside…..!


Pre-Tease Monday!


Good Morning and WELCOME to another exciting week………..well, maybe exciting – I guess it’s too early to tell right?   I know that for ME it’s exciting because I will be finalizing my Teaser photo for all of you for tomorrow.   It WILL be a Guest Teaser but I’m still deciding WHICH Guest will be teasing you – I have some doozies to choose from  TRUST ME!

Remember we have new badges and I KNOW you want one of those right?  Our winners last week were quite excited about getting new badges so get ready to be FIRST COMMENTER, FIRST RIGHT GUESSER, RIGHT GUESSER or NO WAY BABY GREENIE !!

Other than that, what’s happening in my world?   Well yesterday with the heat and humidity factored in together it was  105 degrees here!   HOT?  Oh yeah baby indeed it was.   I did ask politely to go outside a couple of times but after the second time when I discovered it was hotter than “you know what” out that, I  decided to keep cool INSIDE.   Mom (who must have had a case of temporary insanity) decided to mow the lawn.   Yep – that’s what I said – MOW THE LAWN.   Dad offered to do it but NOOOOOOOOOOO – Mom lathered up with sunblock, put her hat on and out she went.  She got it all done in 45 minutes then came inside and drank a HUGE glass of lemon iced tea.   I watched from inside – thinking Mom would fall off the tractor in a big sweaty heap as she traveled around the front and back yard but she didn’t…..she soldiered on until it was done.

Sam's Front Yard

Those of you who are now official “Sammy’s Pill Watchers” (hahaha)  will be happy to know that I have had my WHOLE PILL for three days in a row!   Maybe I should make a badge for all of you who want to post it on your blogs  showing you’re on my PILL WATCHING TEAM…….HAHAHAHAHA

Hope all of you have a spectacular day……………..Mom’s headed to the grocery and Dad is heading for the airport.  Me?  Why I’m NAPPING of course!

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.

Hugs, Sammy

Mellow Monday


Hi Friends…………what a HOT weekend.  I guess many of you had one of those (except for Dinnermintz and her family of course) and I guess we all stayed cool in various ways.  I pretty much stayed inside in the air conditioning.  Even in the shade it was hot here.  I know some of you got a little queasy (haha) when I posted this photo of me keeping cool last time I showed it but heck – it’s Monday and you all deserve a good giggle right???

Ahhhhhh......put another wet towel on my head will ya Mom?????

Ahhhhhh……put another wet towel on my head will ya Mom?????

Anyway, it was a FAST weekend like most of them are.  One really super thing that happened is that I received another award!  Bling-A-Ring-Ding!   It’s the “Bestest Kitty Blogger In The Cosmos Award” and I got it from my pals at Our Paw Pad !!  THANK YOU SO MUCH FRIENDS!!  Yes,  Dinnermintz and her BIG family passed that on to me and since it’s a brand new award you probably haven’t seen it so CHECK IT OUT!


Pretty isn’t it?   Know what the very BEST part about getting it is?   There aren’t any complicated rules to follow you just pass it on to five blog friends.  Come to think of it that’s hard in a way because I have so many friends I could pass it on to.  I love ALL of you.   But I’ll do my best…….and if you’d like to have it in addition to who I nominate, I bet nobody would mind if you stole took it for yourself from me……Obviously I had to choose CAT friends so here goes:

Nellie at Cat From Hell

Oscar, Henry and Archie at My Three Moggies

Hiro and Suki at Cats & Co.

Bailey at Bailey Boat Cat

Austin at Catachresis

There you have it FIVE kitty blogging friends out of a zillion that I have.  No easy chore right?

As you see, I have included Bailey in my list of five and Bailey is having a birthday on July 10th!  YAY!  I sent him a card but since he’s on his way to a holiday on board ship with his humans, he may not get it in time.   How fun it must be to have a trip on a sailboat!

Enjoy your day Bailey!

Enjoy your day Bailey!


Well I guess I’ll see what’s cookin’ for breakfast this morning………..I know it won’t be bacon since that’s just a weekend thing around here but maybe something else interesting……sausage?  Hmm…..maybe so!

Happy Monday Peeps!!!!  Kitty hugs, Sammy

Happy FRYday….!

Me in a Santa Hat......

I'm just being silly! It's 100 outside but I'm just reminding you that COOLER days are ahead!

Friday….or FRYday as I’m calling it because it’s going to be around 100 degrees today.  YUCK.  I’m staying inside and going to pretend it’s winter and Santa Claws is coming to visit me soon.  I’ll dig into my toybox wagon and drag out my “holiday collection”…..I have some Christmas toys like a stuffed candy cane toy, and a stuffed Santa – you know the kind of toys I mean.  Anyway, I’ll just make believe – I’m good at that.  Whenever I look out a window today I’ll imagine snow.  Beautiful, COLD snow. 

You folks who have cats know that we have great imaginations.  Ever seen us look up at the ceiling or in a corner with BIG eyes and our ears back – “on alert” ??  Kind of like we’re seeing a ghost?  Guess what!  We are!!!  We see stuff you can’t.   

So, if I look out a window today and act like I am watching squirrels or birds playing in the snow……maybe I AM seeing it in my mind’s eye. 

I know this for sure…….I’m going to be wishing it was snowy out there because it’s been way too hot for me to even go outside these last few days and if there was snow out there – I’d be having a ball outside RIGHT NOW!   Sigh…………..instead, I’ll just try to enjoy my

FRYday !!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat Dreaming of SNOW


Mr. Cranky Pants


Can you believe it?  That’s what Mom called me all day yesterday!  Just because this weather is getting to me….it’s getting to everybody I think.  I kept checking at the front door though, hoping that something miraculous had happened and there would be a nice cool breeze out there……but every time Mom opened the door – YUCK! 

Funny Face Sam

Do I look cranky? I think I look CUTE!

I know that some cats love the hot weather…..I can take it for maybe ten minutes at the most and that has to be in the total shade.  Like yesterday afternoon, Mom went out to fill up the birdbath with more water so I decided to come out with her.  I seriously thought about asking her to spray ME with the hose but decided that wouldn’t be dignified!  I stayed in the shaded area of the garden and watched her…..the minute she finished coiling up the hose again by the back door I QUICKLY flew to the door and told her to please open it ASAP!!  We both came inside and boy did that nice cool basement feel great………Whew!

Mom started calling me Mr. Cranky Pants because I got really bored yesterday – so bored I resorted to driving her nuts by asking her to let me into closets, pantries, the garage…..every time she’d sit down I’d ask (nicely of course) for her to let me through some closed door SOMEWHERE.  When she’d get up and come to where I was asking to be allowed entry, I’d run off….tee hee….she was not amused.  The other thing I did was pretend to be a tiger taking down its prey in the Serengeti – I’d wait for her to walk by me and leap out and bite her ankles.  Again, she was not amused. 

Mr. Cranky Pants????  Well, maybe a little………

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (ready for this heatwave to be OVER!!)