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Sunday Selfie Easter Hop



It’s Easter Sunday and we first want to wish all of you who celebrate it, a most happy one!    If you’d like to join us in the Easter Hop for Selfies this time around, please click on the badge above to go to The Cat On My Head (our host) and link up with the rest of us.

Mom captured a few pix of me taking it easy in the “Grandma’s Chair” in the guest room and then worked some EASTER magic on it to make my selfie for today.

I look pretty casual don’t I ??   Well, I may look sleepy but my mind is always going……..yep – I was thinking about where the Easter Bunny might hide eggs for me and my Dad to find tomorrow morning.    My nose will lead us to them I bet.

In the meantime, excuse me while I return to my nap – a guy needs plenty of rest to tackle Easter egg hunting.    Especially with my Dad!

Here’s your Easter Puzzle!  

Click this MINI-ME for the puzzle

Easter Hugs From All Of Us To All Of You!   


Easter Sunday Selfie Hop


It’s Easter Sunday and time for the Selfie Hop sponsored by our friends at The Cat On My Head.     If you’d like to HOP with us – click their badge and link up.   We’re celebrating the Easter holiday today.

I’ve been doing FLASHBACK SELFIES of myself – just because it’s fun to see what I was doing this same Sunday a year (or two) ago.


This is as close to a flashback selfie date two years ago as I can get!   I was adopted in February 2017 and this was 3 months later.   I was already having fun with tunnels and “tents” and showing my preference for “back naps” too!    Mom decided to “Easterize” this old selfie flashback for the occasion today!

Yes she made an Easter puzzle out of my selfie!  See below!

Click this MINI-ME for the puzzle!!


A flashback of Angel Sammy’s Easter basket in 2013

Love and Happy Easter from Teddy and Mom Pam

Happy Easter!


HAPPY EASTER AND HAPPY SUNDAY SELFIE DAY – Yes it may be April Fools Day too but we’re “not foolin’ ” when we wish you a wonderful, beautiful and perfect Easter or Passover Day.   We hope it’s perfect from start to finish…………!    We’re joining the Selfies Hop hosted by The Cat On My Head and because it’s Easter, Mom has “Easterized” me and made me pastel instead of ginger.   If you’d like to join in the Hop – click the badge above and fill out the LINKY tool and be one of the COOL EASTER SELFIES with us.     Thank you Kitties Blue for hosting the HOP!

Here’s my official Easter portrait……………and as an added bonus, we made a puzzle out of it so please have some fun “putting me together”.

Happy Easter to all our friends….  

Love, Teddy and Mom too


Want more fun?   CLICK HERE for some………….!   Thanks to my friends at FRIENDS FUREVER who made this video last Easter.

Pre-Easter Day!


Hippity Hoppity



It’s the day before the Bun lands…..that’s right – the EB (stands for Easter Bunny OR Elusive Bunny) will be making rounds tomorrow in the wee hours………and many of my friends have been on the search for the REAL EB…….to no avail.  I think he leads a very secluded life and looking for him is an impossibility!   Now I know that Easter means SO MUCH more than bunnies and eggs and candy and treats…..it’s about something HUGE that happened long, long ago that is much more significant than eggs.


But in my little life, on Easter morning the Bunny leaves me an Easter basket and even more fun than that, I get to watch my Dad running around the house in his pajamas looking for HIS Easter eggs…….trust me…….it’s definitely worth getting excited about.

Mom is expressly forbidden from taking photos of this event……it’s one of those urban legends that will remain a legend and I’ll just have to describe the scene to you on Easter Sunday for you to “get” the experience.

The egg hunting thing happens before ANYTHING ELSE on Easter Sunday.   That’s right – ANYTHING (except of course me getting my breakfast).   Dad will stumble around the basement with his basket searching for the eggs the EB left him during the night, THEN my parents have Easter morning breakfast, then go to church, then come home and Mom prepares “THE BIG MEAL”……this year it’s turkey and trimmings!   Oh boy – I do enjoy a bit of the bird on rare occasions.

Not everyone celebrates Easter of course…………….many of my friends are celebrating Passover…….which began April 14th and will end April 22nd.    I celebrate with everyone………..but for me, Easter is almost here and I just can’t WAIT to find out what the EB brings me this year in my little basket!   Maybe bacon???????