Teaser Tell All


Yes students – it’s time to TELL ALL !

Nice to see that kind of enthusiasm this early in the day.    NOW – who wants to hear about yesterday’s Teaser and who won what??????


Alrighty then.   Let’s start things off with a little drumroll so we can introduce our FIRST COMMENTER yesterday shall we?????

Our First Commenter(s) were:

KATTY (and the Weims), FRANK, SHARON and INGRID


Yes there were four FIRSTIES yesterday all popping in at 8:13AM……………….and here’s a badge for EACH of you early birds:

I was one of FOUR First Commenters on the Teaser post of November 8, 2022. All three of us were FAST and FURIOUS and FIRSTIES!

Then we got down to business with our GUEST PHOTO of the day.     Our GUESTS were our wonderful friends at ANGELS WHISPER  HERE  and here’s the photo:

This is a beautiful photo taken in Zwolle, The Netherlands!

WHO guessed it correctly first??????     Drumroll please???


KATTY (and the Weims)


And here’s your winners’ badge for being the FIRST to be RIGHT yesterday!

We figured the Teaser of November 8, 2022 out before ANYONE ELSE did so we got this FIRST RIGHT GUESSER badge!! YAY FOR US!!

AND we also have a special badge for the wonderful friends who supplied that swell Teaser photo………………………..for Peachy, Stippie and their Granny:

We were the Guest Teaser on the post of November 8, 2022! It was fun sharing one of our photos with Teaser class.

If you also guessed the Teaser photo correctly you get one of these badges:

We were RIGHT with our guess on the Teaser photo of November 8, 2022 BUT we were not FIRST to guess it. Boo Hoo!

AND if you guessed but were WRONG with your guess – you get one of these beauties:

I guessed the Teaser of November 8, 2022 but I was WRONG with my guess. At least I got a cool badge for LOSING!

Let’s hear it for TRYING and WINNING or LOSING!

Cheer Team?  How about some “pump up the volume” from you this morning?????

Holy Cow would you look at this
FOUR First Commenters deserve a kiss!
Katty, Frank, Sharon and Ingrid too
Miss Dingleberry might pucker up and visit you!
Then we waited for our FIRST RIGHT win
Katty and Weims made our little heads spin!
They got it right – and pretty darn quick
Guess their Mom’s “F-Cake” did NOT make them sick!
We’ll be back with more fun at Teaser next week
Be sure and be here or your noses we will TWEAK!

It’s Time To Visit the Cafeteria!!!!

Hello you charming little students….are you ready for food?   Good!


Congratulations Students on another GREAT Teaser Class!

All aboard for home – see you next week…….

Your Professors and Staff

41 responses »

  1. Those chicken nuggets are for ME, mama.
    And mama’s stepgrandson is in Amsterdam, working, and perhaps has seen this lovely place. Mama’s making fresh tomato soup with basil, sweet onion and olive oil. Have to run catch the drips…haha, well, the kibble drips that is.


  2. Well, while I was quick into the classroom, I wasn’t quite quick enough to get my right answer to the prof…but its always fun when the teaser pic is of a place I have been at! Congrats, Katty and your Weims! Make sure to get treats all round!
    Congrats to my fellow firsties to class!

    May I please have some BLT Brinch pie, some Baked apples and cranberries, and some Chocolate peanut butter cup pie…followed by a nice peppermint float! Ahhh, my doc will chide me, but who cares!

    Yoo-Hoo, Mr Frank, I am over here, at the biggest table Ms D can provide.


  3. I am going to need some bacon wrapped chicken in mushroom sauce and some bacon chocolate chip cheesecake!…… And a glass of wine or two! What? No alcohol served at the school? That’s okay, we are fully stocked! Nicole is coming to visit! Stay safe Sharon and everybody else in Florida.


  4. Cheers to fellow Firstees and congratulations to Katty for the double! Time to eat!!!!! …. lobster roll, roasted corn, baked apples & cranberries, chocolate peanut butter pie, Irish Mint Shake, and my sheet of Irish Mint Cake …. then I’ll be back to wash it down with gelato!


  5. We believe we will drown our sorrows this week with some eggs Benedict, pumpkin pie and peppermint floats. Hope we don’t get tummy aches. Congratulations to all the winners! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh


  6. Concats to Katty (and the Weims) – double dose, Frank, Sharon and Ingrid – single dose! I was in the right country, yay!!! But I could not guess the function of that roundish building. First I thought that it might have been a windmill but the poor thing had lost its vanes, or a bastion. OMG! I need some comfort food, I’m afraid. Might I get some pan seared scallops, a chef’s salad, and a chocolate peanut butter cup pie – and bigger sized pants, pretty please?


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