Teaser Class on Tuesday


“Another Tuesday’s security rounds completed – all is well!”

“Alright – we’re checked out as secure – let’s get the show on the road!


Time again to agonize over a photo of SOME PLACE, SOMEWHERE, and SOMEHOW you have to figure out where it was taken.   That’s your weekly challenge class and you do pretty darn well at it.    So let’s get the party rolling shall we?


First up – rules and badges……………..

There you have it – all you have to do is figure out the photo and VOILA – you probably will get SOME kind of badge.

OK OK WE GET THE MESSAGE….you want a badge!

This week’s Teaser is from our Graphics Department who is back from a little vacay to rest up and enjoy Easter.    She They did !    So let’s see what we have today shall we?   Security Guard – BRING IT ON DOWN!

Reporting for duty Professors…..Here’s the photo!


Alright gang – it’s all yours – up to you to figure this one out and make your guesses………………hopefully winning a post-Easter-Holiday badge!    The Cheer Team will try to get you in the mood (they are known for getting people in the mood……but we’re not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing!).

Welcome students to post-Easter class
Hope you gave chocolate Easter eggs a pass
They can make you fat and slow you down
Make you gain 100 pounds.
Give the photo today your special attention
Winning the Teaser is not a new invention!
You can win if you want to you know-
Settle down at your desk and give it a go!

OK girls – thanks for giving them a bit of a pep talk……………..now it’s time for everyone to either head to lunch or stay in class and study…………………far as I’m concerned it’s a “NO BRAINER” – food comes first!

Hello all you little Post-Easter Buns……hope you enjoyed your holiday and are ready for lunch!

What’s On The Menu?

STUDY HARD STUDENTS – see you in class tomorrow – GOOD LUCK!

Your Professors, Angel Sam and Teddy too

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  1. We have no idea where this is we thought this, then that, but cant seem to find it. Great Teaser, and, great gracious goodness we will have the Honey Mustard Chicken with Pineapple upside down cake for dessert. Yummy. Thanks staff and especially the Professors who give us such fun every week. Now where is this place?


  2. Well it is low-cost housing beside a railway…great roofs, perhaps Germany? Somewhere with snow perhaps with those pointy roofs….hmmmm


    • It’s a wacky sort of place wherever it is…..hope those aren’t gun turrets on top of the buildings…….who knows?! Guess we’ll find out tomorrow……….Until then, it’s a MYSTERY!!!

      Hugs, Teddy


  3. I have zoomed in and googled various search words but can’t find any buildings the same. There are lots of very similar ones but none with those funny little tops!
    It has just started snowing here!!!


  4. Good Morning, everyone. I jumped when I saw a Green Way because I’ve never had one outside of St. Patrick’s Day … I’m all in! .. Turkey Cranberry Salad Sandwich and the Oreo cake. I can’t see those apartments being in Russia because the turrets don’t look Russian to me. Besides, I trust Ingrid.


  5. If Mom had checked in after she got up to use the facilities at 7:30 a.m., we maybe could have been a firstie. Instead she was late so started trying to find these buildings. No luck. As usual is appears as if Miss Ingrid May have nailed it again. We are all going to drown our sorrows in Oreo cake. Hope there’s more than one. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer & Kizmet


  6. The George Jefferson Memorial Penitentiary is the world’s only high rise prison complex for the inmate who’s “movin’ on up.” VIP’s (Very Important Prisoners) get the penthouse cells, complete with maid service (usually the rookie inmate in a French maid outfit), an Olympic sized swimming pool (infested with man-eating otters), and 24 hour access to the adult cable channels (actually, just a one-way mirror looking into the communal shower).

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    • You made it sound like a pretty nice place! I thought you might say instead of the man-eating otters, electric chair, or injection options for “that final walk” prisoners could opt for the elevator to the turret where they could pretend to fly. I’m feeling a little sorry for the rookies….just a little.


  7. Good Morning ☀️ It’s snowing here. We have no clue where this is. I had no idea China had ghost cities. Good cheer ladies and good lunch selection. We’re not hungry yet though. We’ll be back later.
    Have a great day.


  8. Those of you going to Miss D’s should consider ordering Pepto Bismol as an appetizer because it is so popular that they might run out when you’re gagging.


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