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My Part-Time Volunteer Job


Howdy Peeps!

So I have a new part-time job.  Well, it’s VERY part-time and I’ll only be doing it sporadically at best BUT some time ago (actually a long time ago) I signed up on the Nip and Bones blog to be a “Product Tester” for them.  As such I would agree to do a review of the item I was sent within 30 days of receipt SO here I am letting you know what I was sent and what I thought about it!

Here’s a photo of me in my tent with both my NEW toy and an old one I already had by my tent entrance………..

Resting up after play time!

Resting up after play time!


Mr. Valerian Farm Toy (Goat) is obviously the guy on the right with the beard.  The one on the left is my favorite mouse.  The goat has a velco opening on top so you can put valerian or catnip in it but I’m one of those weirdo cats who really is more interested in the TOY than the goodies inside (although powerful nip gets my attention!).  My favorite thing about the goat is his BEARD!  I carry this goat guy around by the beard in fact.  I’ve “removed” a bit of it since I got it but basically, either it’s growing more (!) or it has plenty becuase you can plainly see this goat has hair!

Would I recommend it?  Yes I would.  It’s very lightweight, washable (but take the “stuff” out first – nothing worse than soggy catnip or valerian) and pretty tough – including the beard.  You can find this guy RIGHT HERE  and he’s officially a “Valerian Cat Toy”……….!

I had been following the Nip and Bones blog (which is called Baby Patches: Confessions of the Plume) for a while before I decided to officially apply to be a tester.  I think they may have a lot of testers so I probably won’t get toys very frequently but when I do, I’ll be sure and share info on what I get!   Here’s the badge I’ll be putting on my sidebar just to show I’m a volunteer tester of goodies from the Nip and Bones store.


Neato huh?  Well I’m excited – I love new toys and things (which reminds me, have I told you in the last 24 hours how excited I am to be getting some new toys from Mollie’s Dog Treats SHOP???) so this will be fun.   By the way, the things I receive will be free to me to review – Thanks Baby Patches at Nip and Bones!

On to another subject……..the Tuesday Teaser.   Some of you have mentioned that it’s not fair that my European friends get to see the Tuesday Teaser posts way before those of us on THIS side of the pond so have a better chance at getting the apparently much coveted “FIRST GUESSER” award badge.  So I’m thinking that to level the playing field a bit I will start posting my Tuesday blog ONLY at a later time each morning.   My other alternative is to quit awarding the first correct guesser the extra badge so nobody’s feathers (or furs!) are ruffled but I think it’s nice that the person who guesses the right place on the photo gets the extra award in addition to a BIG SAMMY HUG.  So, how about answering this poll for me about time for the Tuesday post to appear (and remember, there’s at least a 4-5 hour time difference for the other side of the pond):

You can vote once and the poll will just be for today.  I want to know what you think.   Remember all my other daily posts will be as they’ve always been as far as when they “go live”…….only Tuesday will change!   Thanks for your help peeps, buddies, pals, friends and family!

Happy Fursday to all……….

Kitty Hugs, Sammy The Goat Beard Fan (hahaha)


Teaser Tell All


Hello Savvy Travelers and Excellent Photo Examiners of the World!!!!!

What’s that mean you may ask?  Well, what it means is that TONS of you knew the Teaser photos were taken in none other than Boston, Massachusetts.  Yep – they were.  I tried to throw some of you off who said Mamma Maria’s gave you the clue because (frankly) I found Mamma Marias all over the place in lots of cities but I think the surroundings gave it away.  Plus in conjunction with the cemetery (which many of you had seen before) and VOILA – lots of RIGHT guessers.

However, there was only one “FIRST RIGHT GUESSER” and right after I show you the photos again, you’ll find out WHO that was!


Who was the FIRST to guess Boston?  None other than the ever lovely, ever super detective, ever EVERYTHING, Easy the Weimaraner!   (can you hear the applause???)  So this is for you buddy and you now have TWO of these!


While Easy was FIRST, there were a bunch of you who knew it was Boston, so let the HUGGING begin!  Correctly guessing were:

Princess Zena, Hailey & Zaphod, Texas, Gizmo, Sushi, Mollie, Misaki, Isobel, Boomdeeadda, Savannah, Doggy, Austin, Remy, and KatsRUs…………………..WOW!   Congratulations to all of you!  Here’s your HUG!


Woo Hoo!  So many right guessers this week.  Well, NEXT week we have a special Guest Teaser so while you skated by easily this week, maybe next week won’t be QUITE as easy!  Hear that Easy??????

Did you have a chance yesterday to stop over at Mollie’s and wish her Mom Stella a HAPPY BIRTHDAY?  I think she had a great day – partied and had fun – which is EXACTLY what she should have done.  After all, birthdays are super special and Mollie’s Mom is super special to all of us right?

Happy Wednesday Peeps – enjoy your day whatever you may do.

Kitty Hugs, Sammy the HUGGER

Tuesday Teaser


Woo Woo!!!   Yep you know what today is don’t you?!   Tuesday Teaser time.  Clean those computer screens because here we go again.

This time we have a group of THREE photos for you to inspect.  These were all taken in ONE city on ONE trip.  Yes there are clues – but I don’t think too many – maybe just enough.  It’s up to you to decipher and inspect and come up with your best guess.  You know there’s only ONE “first guess” winner but there are lots (usually) of “BIG SAMMY HUG” winners if you guess the right place.  OK?  Ready?  Here we go.


You know you can “bigify” the photos if you want to………and maybe that will give you more clues.  Then here’s what’s at stake…………..for the “First Guesser” there will be this:


And the rest of you who guess the location of the Teaser photos will get:


How’s that for excitement?  Remember LAST week’s “First Guesser” was Ranger and the week before it was Easy…..are you all gonna let THEM duel it out between them or are you going to get in on the action HUH????????

Now only that but my Mom finally FINALLY (yes I really mean at long last) bought a new desk chair to replace the drawing desk stool she’s been sitting on for YEARS and YEARS here in her office.  She’s still using her drawing table as a desk (which is silly and she intends to get a REAL desk soon) but in the meantime, Dad talked her into getting a couple of really nice and comfy chairs for the office.   I have given them the Sammy Seal of Approval.

Nice new chair and crummy old drawing table

Nice new chair and crummy old drawing table

Nice and squishy and comfy on the tushie!

Nice and squishy and comfy on the tushie!


Gee – how much excitement can one old cat take huh?   Well, now that I’ve put the Teaser into your capable hands, I’ll go curl up and take a nap.  A guy needs his energy to get through the day you know!

GOOD LUCK ON THE TEASER!  Remember you have all day to guess and tomorrow I’ll do the Teaser Tell All and we’ll just see who gets that “First Correct Guesser” award…………… 😀 😀

Kitty Hugs, Sammy the Teaser Guy

Pee Ess……….Today is Mollie and Alfie’s Mom’s birthday so PULEEZE stop by and wish her a Happy Happy one will you?????  I’m SURE she’d appreciate that!

Muffled Monday


What’s a Muffled Monday? Well usually I have a “Silent Sunday” blog but since it was Father’s Day I didn’t…………so today I’ll make up for THAT by having a “Muffled Monday” meaning a SHORT blog. Give you guys a break from my blathering on and on and on about NOT MUCH!

I do want to show you how I spent most of my Father’s Day though………..


Huh???  Is that you Dad???  OOPS – I was just celebrating YOUR day by taking extra naps like YOU do on weekends!!!!

I made the rounds of your blogs yesterday friends and saw SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many cool tributes to Dads.  We all love our human Dads and some of us know or knew who our cat Dads were – I didn’t myself but I just BET you he was ginger!  😀 😀 😀

Yikes!  Maybe I did look a bit like a combination of my human Dad and my cat Dad as a kitten????

Yikes! Maybe I did look a bit like a combination of my human Dad and my cat Dad as a kitten????

Tomorrow is Teaser Tuesday – AND I hope to have a Guest Teaser NEXT Tuesday so you will have that to look forward to!  Meanwhile, rest up your eyes for tomorrow.  Gotta have them in tip top shape to inspect the photos!

Happy Muffled Monday to you all………………..

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Daddy’s Day


To All Who Are Celebrating It Today


I’m going to be extra adorable all day today (easy peasy) just for my Dad.  It’s pretty easy to do – being adorable comes naturally to me for some reason (ha) but because my Dad has always taken good care of me and Mom, we both want him to know ESPECIALLY today, that we love him.

I thought I’d put together a little slide show of all the photos on the computer that feature him or him and me…….my way of saying “THANKS FOR BEING MY POP!!!!”……………

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I could go on and on and on with all the reasons why I’m happy to celebrate with my Pop on Father’s Day…………but instead of that I think I’ll just post that special card I made for him because that says it all.  He’s #1 with me and always will be.




Also, today my Mom is thinking about HER Dad – he never got to know me because he went to the People Bridge in 1992 – WAY before I was born – but she misses him and I know we would have been buddies if we’d been able to meet.

Mom's Dad's High School Graduation photo......

Mom’s Dad’s High School Graduation photo……


So to Daddies everywhere – thanks for taking care of all of us – your families.  We appreciate you !


Sunshine Saturday


Hey Peeps!

It’s Caturday and I’m feelin’ good…….we’re getting sun ALL DAY today (no more peeking behind the clouds or sneaking in a shower or two) and of course bacon’s on tap for breakfast.  Good right?  RIGHT!

Blurry but you get the drift...Sam's not thrilled with his new hat!

Had to wear my visor yesterday when I went outside…..!

Also I saw Mom on the computer yesterday (I was pretending to be asleep on the studio couch by the computer table at the time) and she ordered me something from Mollie’s shop – she ordered a couple of things for herself but she also ordered ME a Scruff Kitty Toy (that cute little purple guy with the blonde wacky hair and buttons down the front) – now wasn’t that SWEET of Mom????   She ordered one of the cat carrier bags (brand new item) for herself (it can’t always be all about ME) – I’ll be glad for her to have that.  Right now all the plastic carrier bags she keeps are in an old laundry basket in the basement……now she can keep them in style!   YAY!   If you haven’t been to the store lately, check it out.

So Father’s Day is Sunday………..just in case you’ve been living under a rock and didn’t know that……… 😀 😀 😀   I’m thinking of doing a special slideshow featuring me and my Dad on Sunday.  Meanwhile, wanna see the card I did for him???   It’s a surprise.


Do you think he’ll like it?????

If you’re celebrating tomorrow, do you have special plans?  If so, whatcha gonna do?  We’re having a cookout!

Happy Sunshine Saturday Everybody……………………..Love, Sammy 😀


Finally Friday


Hello Everyone!

Our hopes are high for a return today to the pattern of weather we’ve had this whole week…..sun one day, scary storms the next, and REPEAT.   Thursday we had tornado watches and warnings and severe weather off and on and well…..I was getting a bit frazzled (oh alright….not just ME, Mom and Dad were too!!!!)………..



Today is Friday though and I’m thinking we’re due for a NICE day again………so here’s hoping!

Tired of weather talk?  Well it’s EVERYWHERE these days because so many people in Europe are having floods and too much rain, and here we’re having horrible storms and scary weather too so my Dad says it’s time people take the global warming thing seriously.  The only global warming I know about is when I’m sitting on my Mom’s lap and my REAR GLOBES are warming!  (hahahahaha)

Yesterday was a Blogaversary for a friend of mine and I’m sure he’s also a friend of yours – if not, you should go over and meet him.   His name is Mr. Bowie and he’s a very handsome British Short-Hair cat and he keeps his human caretaker Herman on his toes!   His blog turned FOUR yesterday!   If you go visit him, be sure to look at his “About” page and you’ll see a VERY TINY Mr. Bowie (Baby Bowie??) and just look at him now!

The big auction is still going on at Dachsies With Moxie – you’ve got time to participate AND new goodies have been added in the last day or two so there’s plenty of fun things to bid on!   Auction runs through July 4th.  WOO HOO!

What else is going on?  Well, you might like to know that Leo, the handsome and much healthier kitty we all helped out with Mollie’s recent auction, now is allowed of his “hotel suite” at Savannah’s house and has begun exploring the WHOLE house much to Savannah’s displeasure.  There’s now an “invader” in her space – although she’s known he was in the “suite”, the door has been closed….now Leo’s is out and about!  It’s wonderful to see him enjoying himself though after he looked so very sick for so long.  YAY!

Wait!  That's not the REAL Leo - that's my honorary "Leo Pillow" !!

Wait! That’s not the REAL Leo – that’s my honorary “Leo Pillow” !!

I guess that’s about all I can report this morning…….Friday is of course monster day around here so I’ll be SCARCE.  Look out basement, here I come!!

On "stand-by"....waiting for the Monster then I'm heading to the basement!

On “stand-by”….waiting for the Monster then I’m heading to the basement!


Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀

Fursday’s Here


Howdy!    It’s Thursday already (I mean Fursday)!   Another week slipping by before I know it.  Sigh.  Mom says time is passing too quickly and maybe she’s right.  I didn’t used to think that but now that I’m older than dirt mature like she is, time is flying.

Have you bid on something in the auction yet?  We have!  If you haven’t, or even if you just want to see what’s up for bidding, stop over at Dachsies With Moxie and take a peek.  Auction is “ON” until July 4th so plenty of time to bid and help out the tornado victims while you’re shopping!  Just to keep things interesting there are a couple of “bidding wars” going on – people REALLY want some of these things enough to try to outbid each other!  WOO HOO……’s ALL good! 😀 😀

Also, as you know from my silly photo of my house floating on a lake (aren’t I a mess??), we had rain rain and more rain but yesterday was PURRRFECT!  It was hot but not TOO hot and no sign of rain.

The flood waters have receded (ha) and the Tabbies of Trout Towne ate all the fish!

The flood waters have receded (ha) and the Tabbies of Trout Towne ate all the fish!

Yesterday it was more like THIS!

Now THIS is more like it!

Now THIS is more like it!


That’s about it for news from my part of the world………….except that in spite of my happiness YESTERDAY at the sun being out – guess what we’re expecting here today?   Yep – you guessed it.  So Dad has NOT put all his tools away in the basement where he was working on the ark.  Trust me……the ark is always on “stand by” !!

Kitty Hugs and Happy FURSDAY!

Sammy 😀 😀

Teaser Tell All


Ready for the Teaser Tell All????

Hey Gang………….What a lot of way cool guesses on yesterday’s Teaser.  You all really put your thinking caps on and looked and looked and we had guesses in all parts of the world!  Want to see the photos one last time???


Easy noticed that someone in the photo had a kilt on – see him on the right hand side?  Well, that’s because my parents snapped these photos at Holyrood Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland!  The gentleman with the kilt on was our tour guide and he’s actually famous in his OWN right…..he’s a “famous face” in advertising.  At the time my parents were visiting Scotland, he was the “face of Dewars Scotch” magazine advertisements at the time but Mom didn’t record his name in her journal so I can’t tell you WHICH “face” he was.  My Dad recognized him right off the bat (gee….could that be because my Dad knows his single malt Scotch????).  ANYWAY, the guide was fabulous.  They toured THIS place after they’d toured the big and amazing Edinburgh Castle complex on top of the big hill overlooking the city.

Guess what???   ONE PERSON guessed the right place – right on the money – exactly the spot and HE was also FIRST so my good buddy Ranger the Scottie (leave it to a Scot to know where this was!!) wins BOTH the “First Right Guesser” and the “Hug” this week – let’s hear it for RANGER!



Mom will be checking in the morning again to see if anyone sent in a correct guess after we posted this Tuesday evening…….with the time difference between US on the East Coast of the USA and a lot of my buddies in Europe, we aren’t ever PAWSITIVE we don’t have someone else to add to the list until Wednesday AM when my Mom gets herself up and starts her day.

Now, some more BIG news!  Yesterday Mom got her proof copy of “The Mystery of David’ s Bridge” and it looks fantabulous – she’s not going to change a thing, so feel free (well not QUITE free but you know what I mean) to pop on over to and get your copy (there’s a link on my sidebar).  It will eventually be listed on Amazon for sale (it already is listed on Amazon Kindle of course BUT it will also be shown as paperback.  YAY!   To whose of you who have ordered it and enjoyed it (I just KNEW you would!) THANK YOU!!!!   Please consider doing a written review for Mom on Amazon.  The more reviews that are posted the more “visibility” her book will get.  And let’s face it there are at least a gazillion books on Amazon so the more “visible” hers is, the better!


Sam Loves His Friends!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy


Have a fabulous Wednesday and I’ll see you tomorrow! 

Tuesday Teaser!


Howdy Teaser Fans!

We all know what today is and we all know what’s at stake………….hugs! Oh – I should have said “hugs” and “awards” because that new badge I made is available to the first posted CORRECT GUESS comment on this blog. You need to tell me the town it’s in and what structure you’re seeing OK?

Are you ready? (for those of you who look for clues – there ARE some if you look hard enough!)


Ta Da!!!!!!  Happy hunting gang…………I’ll be keeping an eye on posting times and the first right guesser gets that new award (the one Easy won last week!!):


And EVERYONE who guesses right will get this one!


Well, I want to remind you of a few FUN things going on……………one is not just FUN but it’s a chance to help out in a very worthy cause.  Over at  there is a fantastic auction taking place.  Just wait until you see all the goodies available to bid on.   The auction will be going on until July 10th so plenty of time to check in and keep upping the bids on things hoping to win them and benefit all the four-legged animals who were so effected by the horrible tornados in Moore, Oklahoma.    How can you resist stopping over and bidding on something?  Hmmm???

Also, just WAIT until you visit Mollie’s latest wonderful home-made crafts she’s added to the stock in her store at Mollie’s Dog Treats – there’s even some stuff for human there – like jewelry and “feel good” wheat bags and bath smell good stuff (humans LIKE baths unlike most of us four-legged critters!!).   But there’s tons of fun toys and treats for US too.    She’s also going to be posting the winner of the “do you look like your pet????” contest which ended yesterday so make sure and take a peek on her blog TOMORROW for that bit of craziness.

Something else to look forward to this month is Sparkle’s birthday which JUST SO HAPPENS to fall on “World Cat Domination Day” !!!  Gotta love something with THAT title right?  Plus it’s her birthday and she’s having a PAWTY.  Make sure you put that one on your calendars gang.


We’ve been having ton of rain – I think my Dad is going to have to get out that old ark he’s been building in the basement for years and years and never needed to use because we live on a hill.  We’ve getting so much rain, our house is beginning to look less like it’s on a hill and more like it’s on a lake!



Happy Tuesday Teaser Day Everybody………………Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀

Pee Ess…….I promised Mom I’d remind all her adoring fans that her mystery novel is available on Kindle AND at (see link on sidebar!!)