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My Meowzer Monday


Hey All! I’ve got a lot to crow (oops…that’s a bird word isn’t it!) about today!

First of all you know by now that it’s Sparkle’s birthday AND World Cat Domination Day and you really MUST visit her – she’s having a pawty and everything! Some of my dog buddies asked if dogs are allowed and OF COURSE everybody is invited….just be prepared to be dominated! 😀 😀 😀

Ya gotta stop by TODAY!

Ya gotta stop by TODAY!

Also I want to crow about a lovely contest I won on “The Cat On My Head” the other day…..yep……Miss Janet posted a mysterious picture of a hand picking something up off the floor and we all were supposed to guess what it was – – – – Mauricio the cat had done SOMETHING and it looked to me like somebody was cleaning up after him – – – what was the “thing” ?  Well I was the first to guess “A DEAD MOUSE” and I was right!   Wanna know what I won?  Well, take a peek at their blog to see the whole story, but here’s what I will be receiving – how GRAND is this???   THANK YOU MISS JANET AND KITTIES – I’m very excited!

Bootiful new bowl handpainted by Miss Janet....and nip pillows made by her too!

Bootiful new bowl handpainted by Miss Janet….and nip pillows made by her too!


Am I a lucky guy or WHAT? 

Then the other spectacular news which many of you already know about is that Leo, our friend who was ever so sick that we all pitched in to help has passed his vet visit with an “all clear” so he’s ready, willing, and more than able to move into a FOREVER HOME!  That’s right – he is ready to leave Savannah’s foster home environment and get his own space…..his new home needs to be somewhere out in California or the other states nearby so he won’t have to go through any trauma moving.  Heaven knows that Leo’s had ENOUGH trauma in his life!   He’s happy now that he’s feeling good and we want him to stay that way.  If you know ANYBODY in California who would enjoy having a real survivor kind of kitty who loves to play and is very affectionate and loving, please let Savannah know.  It would be GRAND if Leo could get a home QUICKLY……

The last bit of excitement is a reminder that tomorrow we have a GUEST TEASER for Tuesday Teaser…..my blog for tomorrow will “go live” at 6AM Eastern Standard Time so more of you will see my blog early on and have a chance at the “FIRST RIGHT GUESSER” award!   Anyway, this is going to be a fun Teaser so be ready to check it out whatever time you get it where you are because it’s a “goodie” !

The Much Coveted First Right Guesser Award....

The Much Coveted First Right Guesser Award….

One last thing before I leave you to your Monday Madness (haha)………….The other day as I was visiting blogs I found out about a very sweet French Bulldog named Benny.  Benny was recently diagnosed with liver cancer.  He looks like a REAL champ though and has had his first chemo treatment already.  Benny is a fighter – and all of us know that there’s nothing as strong and determined as a pet who wants to live – so if you can send purrayers and love to Benny and his family – or even help out with his medical care (there’s a way to do that on his bloggy), please do.

We're pulling for you Benny!

We’re pulling for you Benny!


So that’s about it for my Meowzer Update this Monday morning………….lots going on in the world huh?   

See you tomorrow!!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀