Mellow Monster Day


What??? MELLOW Monster Day? What the heck is that anyway??!! I’m always complaining about Friday when the vacuum cleaner makes an appearance so why “mellow” ??? Well, because I’ve decided not to let that monster or anything get to me today. It’s Friday and the end of the week and I’m in a good mood so let the monster do its’ dastardly deed – I’ll just watch it calmly and wait for it to disappear into the closet again for another week. Period. No fuss – no muss! Part of my decision to become more ZEN……more RELAXED (although my Mom says with all the naps I take I couldn’t possibly be more relaxed!).

Mom did a new poster for me yesterday – just playing around with OTHER things on Pizap than the usual stuff. Whatcha think of THIS???? Rather spacey huh? Artsy? ZEN-ish???   I like all the twinkly stars and bluish/purplish colors…..


We don’t know if any of you have had a problem the last couple of days with WordPress (or Word-Depressed as Mom calls it sometimes) because we haven’t gotten email notifications when YOU post your new BLOGS!!  Nope – they’ve been letting us down.  WELL, yesterday afternoon Mom went online to check OUR email and there were a bazillion-quadrillion emails there including notices about your posts for the past three days!  I guess whatever was plugging up the hole in the mail chute at Word-Depressed got fixed!  Hopefully we’re all caught up now.  If you thought we’d fallen off the edge of the world, we hadn’t…….we just didn’t know you’d been posting a new blog!    I hope it stays fixed but you know, cyberspace is a weird place where ANYTHING can happen…….. 😀

Yesterday Mr. Mailman brought a package to our house and Mom and I were SO EXCITED because it came from Miss Stella and Mollie!  There’s always something fabulous in those packages and Mom had ordered some really cool stuff lately SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO we ripped open the package and here’s what we found!


AREN’T THESE ADORABLE??????  You can stick these little creatures in your houseplant pots OR even outdoor window boxes – they are so adorable and

make me smile whenever I see them…….and I LOVE to smile!!  You will too – and everyone who sees them will want some too – you can order them from Mollie’s shop!



Hope you have a wonderful Friday – make it Zen-like…..quiet……reflective…..full of naps if possible…..

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀

Monster Day


Good Morning All!

Well my Tuesday Teaser Poll suggested to me that a bunch of you would be happier if I moved the Tuesday blog “go live” time to 6AM MY time so that’s what we’re gonna do next week! Speaking of next week – remember I will have a GUEST TEASER so I’ll be reminding you Monday about the new time! WOO WOO!

Today is housecleaning day – many of you have to suffer along with me on Fridays (or any day of the week) when that old noisy vacuum comes flying out of the closet to do its’ thing. Again I appeal to those of you who love to invent things to PULEEEZE invent a noiseless vacuum that can clean like the noisy ones but SILENTLY. If you humans can send a man to the moon (several times) you can DO this too….. 😀 😀 😀 Some of us animals do our best to keep the area around where you humans eat your food clean for you (tee hee) when little “somethings” pop onto the floor but we can’t do it all! Especially dust bunnies – they are very dry and tasteless!

I wanna thank those of you who have purchased my Mom’s novel too!! If you feel inclined to do a review (which she’d love and so would I because I love her) please post one on Amazon. The paper version isn’t showing up there YET but the Kindle one is there and you can post a review there – when the paperback shows up all the reviews will be there anyway!! You’re the BESTEST buddies. Did you cat friends of mine whose humans have read the book like the character “Eddy” ??? Bailey couldn’t stay cool, calm and collected without him. If your human does a review, I promise not to forget to put you in my will. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Elephants NEVER forget!!!

Elephants NEVER forget!!!


Speaking of forgetting – please don’t forget World Cat Domination Day is coming – just happens to be Sparkle’s birthday too so put that on your calendar……I’ve seen reminders on some of my buddies’ blogs lately so I wanna do my part to remind everyone!!

It's also Sparkle's birthday!  Two celebrations in ONE!

It’s also Sparkle’s birthday! Two celebrations in ONE!


What did I do yesterday you might ask?  Well, I did one heck of a lot of napping BUT I also went outside for a bit.

Enjoying the yard and the nice fresh air!

Ahhh…’s NICE out here!


Hoping for another nice day today – AFTER the monster gets put back in his place that is !!!

Happy Quiet Friday…………Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀



Monster Day


Yep – it’s that time again………sure gets here fast these days – housecleaning day at the Kimmell House.  I will be spending it in one of my two usual locations – – – either peering over the bannister upstairs spying on Mr. Monster doing his thing downstairs OR I’ll go all the way down to the basement where it’s quiet……

Ha!  The Monster can't get me upstairs!!  It's a good place to SPY on it though......

Ha! The Monster can’t get me upstairs!! It’s a good place to SPY on it though……

Now, I’m going to print another of the entries we had for the Scariest Poem contest at Camp.  Did you guess when you read it originally that this one was from Mollie?????


The forest was dark and quiet

A fire was burning low

The dogs and cats who gathered

Sat round the eerie glow

“ What shall we do now” said Easy

I’ve brought my Violin

Perhaps you’d like to have a dance

Or maybe we could sing

No No , let’s have a story

Said Sammy the cat

It’s Mollies turn to tell one

They all looked to where she sat

Well, it was a cold December day

The pond had frozen over

Lot’s of us were skating round

With me and fat cat brudder

On we went, we formed a line

And I was at the back

Suddenly there was a noise

And I fell through the crack

I heard the cries and frantic screams

All going through my head

It was so cold, I couldn’t move

I knew I’d soon be dead

But then I heard the engine

Of my best friends garbage truck

My Gorrilla pal, old Candy Bar

It was a stroke of luck

Grab a hold, I’ll pull you out

Oh thanks I duly cried

I’d forgotton that my dearest friend

A year a go had died.


Good job Mollie!  We loved this one.   Thanks again for entering the contest.  It was a toughie wasn’t it?  All of the competitions were tough!

Speaking of competitions – you kids who won the three competitions (Misaki-scary poem, Savannah-tent decorating, Zena-scavenger hunt) – Mom mailed your surprise packages off to all of you today.  Please let her know when you’ve received them – we always worry about stuff we send out – especially to FAAAAARRRRRR away places!!! 

We all love surprises………..I remember at Christmas when I got this PAWSOME surprise package from the ASPCA which I won on Cody’s blog!

I love surprises!!

I love surprises!!

I got another big surprise a few days ago and I’ll tell you about it tomorrow on my blog.  Let’s just say it involves a package that Santa Paws FORGOT to leave me when he came at Christmas!!!  It supposedly fell out of his bag of prezzies down into his sled and he JUST found it and delivered it to me a bit late.  (I’m still deciding whether I believe that or not!!).

Have a PAWSOME Non-Monster Friday

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀