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Monster Day


Good Morning All!

Well my Tuesday Teaser Poll suggested to me that a bunch of you would be happier if I moved the Tuesday blog “go live” time to 6AM MY time so that’s what we’re gonna do next week! Speaking of next week – remember I will have a GUEST TEASER so I’ll be reminding you Monday about the new time! WOO WOO!

Today is housecleaning day – many of you have to suffer along with me on Fridays (or any day of the week) when that old noisy vacuum comes flying out of the closet to do its’ thing. Again I appeal to those of you who love to invent things to PULEEEZE invent a noiseless vacuum that can clean like the noisy ones but SILENTLY. If you humans can send a man to the moon (several times) you can DO this too….. 😀 😀 😀 Some of us animals do our best to keep the area around where you humans eat your food clean for you (tee hee) when little “somethings” pop onto the floor but we can’t do it all! Especially dust bunnies – they are very dry and tasteless!

I wanna thank those of you who have purchased my Mom’s novel too!! If you feel inclined to do a review (which she’d love and so would I because I love her) please post one on Amazon. The paper version isn’t showing up there YET but the Kindle one is there and you can post a review there – when the paperback shows up all the reviews will be there anyway!! You’re the BESTEST buddies. Did you cat friends of mine whose humans have read the book like the character “Eddy” ??? Bailey couldn’t stay cool, calm and collected without him. If your human does a review, I promise not to forget to put you in my will. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Elephants NEVER forget!!!

Elephants NEVER forget!!!


Speaking of forgetting – please don’t forget World Cat Domination Day is coming – just happens to be Sparkle’s birthday too so put that on your calendar……I’ve seen reminders on some of my buddies’ blogs lately so I wanna do my part to remind everyone!!

It's also Sparkle's birthday!  Two celebrations in ONE!

It’s also Sparkle’s birthday! Two celebrations in ONE!


What did I do yesterday you might ask?  Well, I did one heck of a lot of napping BUT I also went outside for a bit.

Enjoying the yard and the nice fresh air!

Ahhh…..it’s NICE out here!


Hoping for another nice day today – AFTER the monster gets put back in his place that is !!!

Happy Quiet Friday…………Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀



Super Sunny Samturday!


Oh joy!  Yesterday was full of sun and fun for MOST of the day………I broke out my visor (which doesn’t really protect me much from the sun – the top of my noggin is exposed but I just look so way cool!):

Blurry but you get the drift...Sam's not thrilled with his new hat!

Cool Dude…..

Sam in his visor and sunglasses!

Now if it actually FIT – looks more like a duck bill than a hat!

And of course the yard was calling to me…..when it does, I simply canot ignore it (unless of course the neighborhood moocher Stevie is hanging out in our yard)!

Sam outside in front yardSun and grass – GREAT combo!The only fly in the ointment (if you’ll pardon the expression) was my Dad.  He decided that today was the day he was going to use his NOISY (did I say NOISY???) circular saw out in the back yard to cut the landscaping ties he bought to size for the trail down into the woods.  Oh great.  That’s nice and quiet………………..NOT!  

Well, I guess this long weekend is for people to do whatever they want to do……..he wants to saw wood………I want to have fun……….and never the twain shall meet (apparently).

I’m thinking I’ll just curl up on Mom’s lap and take one of my world famous naps.  I’ll be asleep in about ten seconds as usual so I won’t hear the noise……..I’ll be in dreamy land…….thinking about a nice quiet beach…….maybe in Hawaii……….Pedro – dude – feel like having company????????????????

Sam Sleeping (again)

Ahhh….Hawaii….I can just see myself on a RED surfboard!

Happy Sunday………Sammy



Hi Everybody!  I had a great day yesterday – not just because I got to play in the sunshine a bit or because I got to try some new treats or even because the napping was exceptionally satisfying BUT because I ordered something for the surprise prize box the winner of next week’s Blogaversary Contest will win.     It’s all I can do to keep from telling you what it is………BUT my kitty lips are sealed.  I promised Mom I wouldn’t blab.

So, anyway, in addition to THAT, we all got outside and enjoyed the front yard……


Sam's Front Yard

I didn’t get to munch too much grass though because Mom mowed today!

Then I talked them into heading around back for a little while to check on the status of the squirrel bird feeders.

My nice shady back yard hideaway (one of them!)
Ahhhhhhhhh…..the great outdoors!

So I did get plenty of fresh air today……it made me frisky! 

Sam's a fan of the Sunday newspaper.....
I’m invisible in here ya know!

Friday is housecleaning day so it’s a good thing I had fun YESTERDAY.  Yep – because that noisy monster is out of the closet sucking up bits of treats, lint, whiskers, fur, paper clips, WHATEVER I was able to steal off Dad’s desk or Mom’s drawing table……….so I’m hiding in the basement until things quiet down again.  I hope you have some peace and quiet around your house today.  Or does the monster come out of the closet at your house on Fridays too????

Kitty Hugs, Sammy


Saturday Sun

Enjoying the yard and the nice fresh air!
Now this is what I call “YARD WORK” !!

What a day yesterday was….and today will be the same!  Sun.  Lots of it.  Not so warm yet but I did get some sun-bathing in anyway.  That is after the deck staining guy left.

Remember I thought it might possibly involve some noise?  Well it didn’t AND I watched him from inside the house – Mom says she thinks I recognized him from yesterday so wasn’t scared when he came to work on the deck again today.   Anyway, Mom worked out in the yard a bit, Dad snored like a bear took a nap, and things settled back into our usual boring non-stressful routine.  I like routine.

Sam's backyard

Things are greening up nicely at long last...green is my favorite color!

Tomorrow my parents are going to a party.  Yep – it will be a nice day for it too – in the 80s.  It will be at a local park…..Mom will probably take some pictures – it’s a birthday party for our next door neighbor’s son Felix who will be turning five. 

If you didn’t know from back when I was blogging while my Mom was writing her first kids book, I’ll tell you now that Felix and his brother Linus were the inspiration for one of the stories in “Rainbow Forest Fables”…… When Mom was writing the book she wanted to include a story about two brothers who demonstrated perfectly “brotherly love”……that’s Felix and Linus for sure.   In the story they are two bluejays (Mom let Felix and Linus decide what kind of birds they wanted to be in the story and that’s what they picked!!).  When Mom read them the story for the first time they were so excited. 

Now why did I tell you about that?  Just because I was watching them play together out the window today thinking it might have been fun to have a brother……on the other hand, then there would be TWO spoiled cats living here instead of ONESPOILEDCAT!!!!!!

Happy Saturday Everybody