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Semi-Silent Sunday


Here’s the SILENT part…………

Nothing like a TRAP on the stairs.....tee hee

Nothing like a TRAP on the stairs…..tee hee

And here’s the “semi” part…….just wanted to tell everybody that we will be having another Guest Teaser on Tuesday! YES – that’s all I’m saying though so tune up your eyeballs because Tuesday’s coming soon……and as usual you have to be EXACTLY right about where it is – state/country/city – WHATEVER!!! OK??? OK!!!



Cooking on Caturday


Happy Caturday everybody!

Cooking – why cooking you might ask? Well we WILL be doing a lot of cooking around here today. We start off as we ALWAYS start our Caturdays off for breakfast and you all know what THAT means………


THEN Mom and Dad are planning on having a BBQ tonight so Mom will be making baked beans all day on the stove AND potato salad…..which of course cats don’t eat!   But when Mom and Dad have their “cookout” I’ll be with them on the back deck………or maybe even in the back yard keeping an eye on things (or as I like to call it SNOOPERVISING)!

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Have a Super Cool Saturday Everybody!

Have a Super Cool Saturday Everybody!

Caturday Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Cool Friday


Hi Peeps!!

Well, we’re back in business with A/C here and not a moment too soon I might add. It was a hottie yesterday but now the new A/C is in, the intruder was nice and I spied on him from afar, and all is well in my world again.  I had given some thought to volunteering to help the intruders in the interest of getting the project done ASAP……..

Hey guys - need any help?

Hey guys – need any help?

In the end they did it in the amount of time they said they would and my basement is all cleaned up and is now MINE ALL MINE again.  Woo Woo…………….

Speaking of COOL though – yesterday Mom got word that the printed version of her book is now available on Amazon (as well as Lulu)  just like the Kindle version already is. If there’s anyone out there who prefers reading IN PRINT vs. as a download on an e-reader, GO FOR IT! Mom would be pleased for you to read it and maybe even do a review on Amazon of the book for her if you enjoy it.  Thanks to those of you who already have.

Have you had enough COOL stuff or want more?  Well, another COOL thing is all the incredible new stuff Mollie has in her shop these days.  My Mom is loving all the jewelry with animal themes AND the cartooned ornaments – almost every day there’s something NEW and fun to buy……clever and cute I’d say.

Know what?  It’s been such a crummy week that I’m not even going to mind it being monster day today.  Nope – I won’t be complaining and whining as usual.  I’m just gonna be glad it’s QUIETER racket than the intruders made yesterday and call it a day – – – – THEN I’m gonna get my Mom to play with me on the stairs – nice newly vacuumed ones!

I'll just stay inside and play all day......

Come and get me Mom!


Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀


Finally Fursday


Yep – it’s Fursday……..this has already been a very long week and it’s not over yet!   Why has it been long?  WELL!   First of all my Mom disappeared yesterday for the WHOLE DAY.  Imagine how incredibly bored I was for the whole day without her keeping me entertained.  Dad was here but hey – there’s nobody like Mom – you know what I mean?

Then, as if that wasn’t enough excitement, the air-conditioner died.  Yep – on a 94 degree day the silly thing just decided to give up the ghost and go over the Air Conditioning Bridge (there is one of those isn’t there???).   And since Mom wasn’t here to keep Daddy calm – well – let’s just say the atmosphere around here was TENSE yesterday.  Plus there was a stranger in my house (the A/C guy) – so when Mom finally got home from visiting Auntie Carol, Dad and the stranger were just finishing up their discussion.  Tomorrow we get a new air conditioning unit and furnace.  At least we don’t have to suffocate from the heat!

So you see what I mean?   Tough week……….

Mom wanted me to thank all of you who wished my Auntie Carol a happy birthday yesterday – Mom was at her house when she opened up my blog to see comments on the Teaser Tell All and show them to Auntie Carol and she got to see all of your SWEET messages wishing her a happy birthday!!!  It really MADE HER DAY….so thank you for that.

Bootiful new bowl handpainted by Miss Janet....and nip pillows made by her too!

Bootiful new bowl handpainted by Miss Janet….and nip pillows made by her too!


I didn’t get to visit ANYBODY’s blog yesterday so I’m behind.  Please forgive me?????   Mom promised me that we’ll make up for it today – I’ll get around and say hello for sure.


Meanwhile, I’m hoping that instead of having to nap in my tent all day, I’ll have a little lap time with Mom – it will make it a much more pleasant FURSDAY that’s for sure!  Hope you have a grand day too!!

Sam Loves His Friends!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy


Teaser Tell All


Hi Everybody – welcome to my Teaser Tell All !  Today you’ll find out in video form where yesterday’s Teaser photos were taken.  A beautiful spot wouldn’t you say?



And I know a lot of you thought that was our Weimaraner buddy “Easy” there in the photo so you thought FRANCE……since that’s where Easy lives with his staff but guess what – it ISN’T France – wanna know where it is and who our Guest Teaser was?  Just watch this!

Michelle from My Three Moggies was on a short vacation in Seville, Spain with her husband and they had dinner with Leo from Doggy’s Style and they were the stars of the Video Tell All !!!  SURPRISE!!!!

We had ONE “First Right Guesser” – only one person said the town AND the country in their answer and that was the lovely:



This is yours Mollie…………..woo woo woo

The Much Coveted First Right Guesser Award....

The Much Coveted First Right Guesser Award….


Yep – Miss Mollie guessed that the photos were from Seville, Spain.  We had only one Big Sammy Hug winner too because only one person guessed “SPAIN” and who was that you might ask??????



This is yours Savvy……….woo woo woo



A very special thank you to Michelle for doing our Guest Teaser this week – what fun it was and getting to see Leo was super fun too………Leo’s lucky enough to live in the beautiful city of Seville in Spain where the photos were taken and I just have to wonder if our buddy Doggy has cruised that area in his walks with Leo???   By the way, in case you’re wondering specifically where in Seville the photos were taken, Michelle said it was an area called Alcazar.  Isn’t that fountain amazing???   Easy if we find out that weimaraner in the photo is a girl, we’ll get her phone number for you!!!!!!

Have a super special Wednesday all……… Mom’s gone all day today to visit my Auntie Carol who is having her birthday today.

My Sister Carol The Author!

Mom’s Sister Carol The Author!

Also having a birthday today is Texas’ little sister Kitshka so make sure and stop over to wish her a happy BIG NUMBER ONE birthday today!



Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Pee Ess………special Sammy Hugs for my friends Benny and Leo……”JUST BECAUSE”


Tuesday Teaser


YAY!  It’s time again for the Tuesday Teaser………..well, I say it’s time and hopefully you didn’t go nuts trying to SEE the Teaser since it wasn’t delivered to you at the usual TIME!   This is the NEW time…………..6AM Eastern Standard Time so more of you can see it and have a shot at the “First Right Guesser” award!

Now as you recall, today’s Teaser is a GUEST Teaser.  Our Guest went to this place and took lots of photos but there are TWO we’ve using for the Teaser and here they are.  Clean off those screens and eyeglasses and take a peek because I don’t think you’ll find a whole lot of clues…………..




Remember you can bigify these if you need to!!!

So!  If you are the first person to guess correctly where EXACTLY these photos were taken, you will get THIS:

The Much Coveted First Right Guesser Award....

The Much Coveted First Right Guesser Award….

And of course if you guess the right details no matter if you’re first, second or LAST, you will get THIS:


SO, everybody wins right?  Remember to get your guesses to me today because tomorrow at 3AM Eastern Standard Time (the USUAL blog delivery time) you’ll find out who wins what OK?

Meanwhile, yesterday was a super busy day – birthdays, gotcha days, all kinds of pawties and some good news and bad news.  In other words, it was another regular/normal day in Blogville.  The whole thing is that we do what we can to help each other when we can and congratulate each other on the victories and hug each other through the sadness right?  Our community is wonderful about that.

Tomorrow my Mom is going to be gone from home almost all day but she’ll be checking in at least once from my Aunt Carol’s house in West Virginia.  Mom is visiting her because it’s my Auntie Carol’s birthday tomorrow!   She’ll pop on Auntie Carol’s computer to respond to comments on my bloggy though – after all, these big old paws of mine get stuck in the holes between keys on the keyboard sometimes and I depend on Mom to help me………..what would we do without our humans huh?   I don’t want to know.

Have a super day gang and Happy Guessing on the Teaser…………..good luck to everybody and I hope having changed the time on Tuesdays for my blog to appear will help everybody to think everything is fair and square.


LOVE clean sheets!!

My Meowzer Monday


Hey All! I’ve got a lot to crow (oops…that’s a bird word isn’t it!) about today!

First of all you know by now that it’s Sparkle’s birthday AND World Cat Domination Day and you really MUST visit her – she’s having a pawty and everything! Some of my dog buddies asked if dogs are allowed and OF COURSE everybody is invited….just be prepared to be dominated! 😀 😀 😀

Ya gotta stop by TODAY!

Ya gotta stop by TODAY!

Also I want to crow about a lovely contest I won on “The Cat On My Head” the other day…..yep……Miss Janet posted a mysterious picture of a hand picking something up off the floor and we all were supposed to guess what it was – – – – Mauricio the cat had done SOMETHING and it looked to me like somebody was cleaning up after him – – – what was the “thing” ?  Well I was the first to guess “A DEAD MOUSE” and I was right!   Wanna know what I won?  Well, take a peek at their blog to see the whole story, but here’s what I will be receiving – how GRAND is this???   THANK YOU MISS JANET AND KITTIES – I’m very excited!

Bootiful new bowl handpainted by Miss Janet....and nip pillows made by her too!

Bootiful new bowl handpainted by Miss Janet….and nip pillows made by her too!


Am I a lucky guy or WHAT? 

Then the other spectacular news which many of you already know about is that Leo, our friend who was ever so sick that we all pitched in to help has passed his vet visit with an “all clear” so he’s ready, willing, and more than able to move into a FOREVER HOME!  That’s right – he is ready to leave Savannah’s foster home environment and get his own space…..his new home needs to be somewhere out in California or the other states nearby so he won’t have to go through any trauma moving.  Heaven knows that Leo’s had ENOUGH trauma in his life!   He’s happy now that he’s feeling good and we want him to stay that way.  If you know ANYBODY in California who would enjoy having a real survivor kind of kitty who loves to play and is very affectionate and loving, please let Savannah know.  It would be GRAND if Leo could get a home QUICKLY……

The last bit of excitement is a reminder that tomorrow we have a GUEST TEASER for Tuesday Teaser… blog for tomorrow will “go live” at 6AM Eastern Standard Time so more of you will see my blog early on and have a chance at the “FIRST RIGHT GUESSER” award!   Anyway, this is going to be a fun Teaser so be ready to check it out whatever time you get it where you are because it’s a “goodie” !

The Much Coveted First Right Guesser Award....

The Much Coveted First Right Guesser Award….

One last thing before I leave you to your Monday Madness (haha)………….The other day as I was visiting blogs I found out about a very sweet French Bulldog named Benny.  Benny was recently diagnosed with liver cancer.  He looks like a REAL champ though and has had his first chemo treatment already.  Benny is a fighter – and all of us know that there’s nothing as strong and determined as a pet who wants to live – so if you can send purrayers and love to Benny and his family – or even help out with his medical care (there’s a way to do that on his bloggy), please do.

We're pulling for you Benny!

We’re pulling for you Benny!


So that’s about it for my Meowzer Update this Monday morning………….lots going on in the world huh?   

See you tomorrow!!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀

Monster Day


Good Morning All!

Well my Tuesday Teaser Poll suggested to me that a bunch of you would be happier if I moved the Tuesday blog “go live” time to 6AM MY time so that’s what we’re gonna do next week! Speaking of next week – remember I will have a GUEST TEASER so I’ll be reminding you Monday about the new time! WOO WOO!

Today is housecleaning day – many of you have to suffer along with me on Fridays (or any day of the week) when that old noisy vacuum comes flying out of the closet to do its’ thing. Again I appeal to those of you who love to invent things to PULEEEZE invent a noiseless vacuum that can clean like the noisy ones but SILENTLY. If you humans can send a man to the moon (several times) you can DO this too….. 😀 😀 😀 Some of us animals do our best to keep the area around where you humans eat your food clean for you (tee hee) when little “somethings” pop onto the floor but we can’t do it all! Especially dust bunnies – they are very dry and tasteless!

I wanna thank those of you who have purchased my Mom’s novel too!! If you feel inclined to do a review (which she’d love and so would I because I love her) please post one on Amazon. The paper version isn’t showing up there YET but the Kindle one is there and you can post a review there – when the paperback shows up all the reviews will be there anyway!! You’re the BESTEST buddies. Did you cat friends of mine whose humans have read the book like the character “Eddy” ??? Bailey couldn’t stay cool, calm and collected without him. If your human does a review, I promise not to forget to put you in my will. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Elephants NEVER forget!!!

Elephants NEVER forget!!!


Speaking of forgetting – please don’t forget World Cat Domination Day is coming – just happens to be Sparkle’s birthday too so put that on your calendar……I’ve seen reminders on some of my buddies’ blogs lately so I wanna do my part to remind everyone!!

It's also Sparkle's birthday!  Two celebrations in ONE!

It’s also Sparkle’s birthday! Two celebrations in ONE!


What did I do yesterday you might ask?  Well, I did one heck of a lot of napping BUT I also went outside for a bit.

Enjoying the yard and the nice fresh air!

Ahhh…’s NICE out here!


Hoping for another nice day today – AFTER the monster gets put back in his place that is !!!

Happy Quiet Friday…………Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀