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Finally Friday


Hello Everyone!

Our hopes are high for a return today to the pattern of weather we’ve had this whole week…..sun one day, scary storms the next, and REPEAT.   Thursday we had tornado watches and warnings and severe weather off and on and well…..I was getting a bit frazzled (oh alright….not just ME, Mom and Dad were too!!!!)………..



Today is Friday though and I’m thinking we’re due for a NICE day again………so here’s hoping!

Tired of weather talk?  Well it’s EVERYWHERE these days because so many people in Europe are having floods and too much rain, and here we’re having horrible storms and scary weather too so my Dad says it’s time people take the global warming thing seriously.  The only global warming I know about is when I’m sitting on my Mom’s lap and my REAR GLOBES are warming!  (hahahahaha)

Yesterday was a Blogaversary for a friend of mine and I’m sure he’s also a friend of yours – if not, you should go over and meet him.   His name is Mr. Bowie and he’s a very handsome British Short-Hair cat and he keeps his human caretaker Herman on his toes!   His blog turned FOUR yesterday!   If you go visit him, be sure to look at his “About” page and you’ll see a VERY TINY Mr. Bowie (Baby Bowie??) and just look at him now!

The big auction is still going on at Dachsies With Moxie – you’ve got time to participate AND new goodies have been added in the last day or two so there’s plenty of fun things to bid on!   Auction runs through July 4th.  WOO HOO!

What else is going on?  Well, you might like to know that Leo, the handsome and much healthier kitty we all helped out with Mollie’s recent auction, now is allowed of his “hotel suite” at Savannah’s house and has begun exploring the WHOLE house much to Savannah’s displeasure.  There’s now an “invader” in her space – although she’s known he was in the “suite”, the door has been closed….now Leo’s is out and about!  It’s wonderful to see him enjoying himself though after he looked so very sick for so long.  YAY!

Wait!  That's not the REAL Leo - that's my honorary "Leo Pillow" !!

Wait! That’s not the REAL Leo – that’s my honorary “Leo Pillow” !!

I guess that’s about all I can report this morning…….Friday is of course monster day around here so I’ll be SCARCE.  Look out basement, here I come!!

On "stand-by"....waiting for the Monster then I'm heading to the basement!

On “stand-by”….waiting for the Monster then I’m heading to the basement!


Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀

Some Days Are UnBEARable….

Hey....hand me my sleep mask will ya?

"The Great Escape"....Napping

Sometimes my days are so busy, I just have to “shut down” for a while and take a VERY long snooze.  Yesterday was one of those days. 

It started out with Mr. Lawn Guy stopping by and doing the fall lawn treatment thing – I know THAT means noisy machinery.  He was here for about 45 minutes and finally he was gone.  Just about when I came back upstairs from my hidey hole in the basement, the doorbell rang AGAIN.  Back to the basement.  Mom talked to some guy who’d stopped by to see if we needed firewood then he left so back upstairs I came.  Whew.  Just as Mom and I settled in on her recliner with me comfortably snuggled on a throw across her legs, the phone rang!  Mom had to “dump” me on the foot of the recliner while she answered the phone.  It was my Auntie Carol and they chatted for 20 minutes then Mom came back, pulled the throw (with me wrapped in it) back onto her legs and I slept a little bit while she read a book.

Later in the afternoon I happened to be downstairs in the basement.  I have a cool spot I like to nap in down there – Mom set up a chair right in front of the french doors out to the backyard and there’s a nice old blanket on it for me to curl up on.  It’s right AT the door so I can see everything in the backyard like squirrels, birds, deer and other cats!  Mom and Dad were watching TV upstairs.  All of a sudden there was a BIG noise (so says Mom) and that noise was ME, leaping out of my chair in the basement – knocking it over in the process – running as fast as possible UP the stairs to tell my parents that there was a BIG BLACK BEAR in our yard!  We’d heard reports of bears around here – saw photos in the newspaper of bears around here – knew a bear had been in our backyard raiding the birdfeeders during the night – but hadn’t SEEN a bear in our yard……….that is until yesterday. 

Mom and Dad mostly were worried about me – I was all bushed up like a raccoon – tail, body, everything was “on end” – and Mom said my eyes were HUGE like two big golden saucers!  I was truly scared and had no idea what that big black thing was.  By that time, Mom and Dad were looking out the front window by the door and saw the bear in our front yard.  It was about ten feet away from MY front porch!!!   It was a big bear and was slowly moving down the front yard towards the woods at the bottom by the street. 

That was of course the subject of much discussion all afternoon and evening and Dad was popping up out of his chair every 15 minutes to look out in the front and back yard to see if the bear was there.  He was looooooooooooooooong gone by then (we hope).

See what I mean?  A guy has a tough time around here in the nap department some days.  Yesterday was definitely ONE OF THOSE DAYS.  Hopefully today will be – – – more BEARable! 🙂

Never a dull moment…………

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (who’s not too crazy about big black bears)


Whole Lotta Quakin’ Goin’ On!

Hey...this thing isn't just good for camping - it's good for HIDING toys too!

Minding my own business when the walls started shaking!

Gee…..who’d have thought that a nice quiet afternoon in my tent would turn into an EARTHQUAKE…..but it sure did!  My tent walls didn’t move around much but the rest of our house was twisting and rumbling and making all kinds of scary noises.  SO – you know where I went the minute I knew something was happening right?  Yep – MY BASEMENT SAFE PLACE.  I stayed there for a couple of hours too even though Mom and Dad came to reassure me all was well.

We had pictures fall off the wall, and Mom’s computer screen fell off her desk – a couple of things COULD have broken except we have mostly wall to wall carpeting so they fell on something soft!  It seemed like it lasted a long time too – all that noise and rumbling – for a ‘fraidy cat like me it was pretty traumatic.  When Mom and Dad went outside of the house after it stopped, EVERYBODY was outside their houses checking for damage to foundations and stuff like that………..we heard people felt it all up and down the East Coast too so I hope all of my friends out there who visit my blog and live where you could feel it are OK???? 

I missed out on some good nap time yesterday afternoon because I was squished flat under the sofa in the basement hiding until I felt safe………so I’m hoping today is NICE AND QUIET and I can catch up on sleep.  YAWN…….I do need my beauty sleep you know! 🙂

If you felt the earth quake yesterday – let me know what it was like for you!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (who isn’t too crazy about earthquakes!)

p.s.  Kitty Hugs and Kitty Kisses to those of you who emailed me and Mom to see if we were OK……XXOO

Sam’s “Safe Place” – The Basement!

Sam up on our bed - staking claim to his favorite corner - must be nap time!

Was that the doorbell? Darn - I was just settling in for a nap on Mom's bed!

Sometimes it’s not easy being me!  I’ve always been a nervous guy – especially about stuff like the doorbell or telephone ringing – or hearing strange voices – or when a helicopter flies over the house!  You’d think after twelve years I’d be used to all of that stuff but it still sends me to the basement every time…….my safe place. 

Know why the basement is my safe place?  Well, the story starts twelve years ago when Mom and Dad brought me home from the shelter.  We have a big house – I’d been in a tiny cage since I’d found my way to the shelter….Mom figured I’d be overwhelmed in a BIG space so she’d made me a nice little spot in the basement.  Comfy little bed, my new litterbox, some toys and a view out the french doors all fenced in with boxes or furniture so it was a confined and safe small space for me to get used to.   BUT.. when she first sat me down on the floor I ran – I ran and ran and ran all around the perimeter of the basement trying to find a way out – I was so scared…….I found the stairs but was too little to climb them and just wanted to find a hole to crawl into!  My parents let me do what I needed to do but I finally stopped running and Mom picked me up and put me into the little “home” she’d made me in that smaller area of the basement.  There was a chair there that I crawled under – I finally felt safe.  My parents were in the basement with me a lot that first week – I would come out from under the chair and finally trusted them enough they could pet me and hold me and play with me…….and after a week Mom took the barriers down so I could explore the whole basement.  WOW…..so much room!!!!

After a few weeks I got big enough to climb the stairs and ALL of us remember when I first got a look at the upstairs and all that room with all those windows……THEN I kept going and went up more stairs to another whole floor with more stuff to explore and see!  One tiny kitten and all that room…..it was pretty scary for me.  If I felt overwhelmed I knew I could go to my basement and feel safe. 

I haven’t changed.  Oh yeah – I have the run of the joint both inside and out – but whenever I’m feeling uncertain about anything – down to MY basement I go.  It was the very first place I ever felt safe when I came to live here and it still is my sanctuary to this day. 

Nervous?  Maybe I am…..but I prefer to think of myself as CAREFUL and CAUTIOUS……it’s a big joke with my parents’ friends though because they hardly ever see me!  They tease Mom and Dad about it and say “oh sure! you guys have a cat…uh huh…yeah….tell us another one…!!”   I’m known as Mom and Dad’s “invisible cat”!   

Kinda makes me even more special – don’t you think????

Happy Saturday from Sammy, One Spoiled and Invisible Cat