Some Days Are UnBEARable….

Hey....hand me my sleep mask will ya?

"The Great Escape"....Napping

Sometimes my days are so busy, I just have to “shut down” for a while and take a VERY long snooze.  Yesterday was one of those days. 

It started out with Mr. Lawn Guy stopping by and doing the fall lawn treatment thing – I know THAT means noisy machinery.  He was here for about 45 minutes and finally he was gone.  Just about when I came back upstairs from my hidey hole in the basement, the doorbell rang AGAIN.  Back to the basement.  Mom talked to some guy who’d stopped by to see if we needed firewood then he left so back upstairs I came.  Whew.  Just as Mom and I settled in on her recliner with me comfortably snuggled on a throw across her legs, the phone rang!  Mom had to “dump” me on the foot of the recliner while she answered the phone.  It was my Auntie Carol and they chatted for 20 minutes then Mom came back, pulled the throw (with me wrapped in it) back onto her legs and I slept a little bit while she read a book.

Later in the afternoon I happened to be downstairs in the basement.  I have a cool spot I like to nap in down there – Mom set up a chair right in front of the french doors out to the backyard and there’s a nice old blanket on it for me to curl up on.  It’s right AT the door so I can see everything in the backyard like squirrels, birds, deer and other cats!  Mom and Dad were watching TV upstairs.  All of a sudden there was a BIG noise (so says Mom) and that noise was ME, leaping out of my chair in the basement – knocking it over in the process – running as fast as possible UP the stairs to tell my parents that there was a BIG BLACK BEAR in our yard!  We’d heard reports of bears around here – saw photos in the newspaper of bears around here – knew a bear had been in our backyard raiding the birdfeeders during the night – but hadn’t SEEN a bear in our yard……….that is until yesterday. 

Mom and Dad mostly were worried about me – I was all bushed up like a raccoon – tail, body, everything was “on end” – and Mom said my eyes were HUGE like two big golden saucers!  I was truly scared and had no idea what that big black thing was.  By that time, Mom and Dad were looking out the front window by the door and saw the bear in our front yard.  It was about ten feet away from MY front porch!!!   It was a big bear and was slowly moving down the front yard towards the woods at the bottom by the street. 

That was of course the subject of much discussion all afternoon and evening and Dad was popping up out of his chair every 15 minutes to look out in the front and back yard to see if the bear was there.  He was looooooooooooooooong gone by then (we hope).

See what I mean?  A guy has a tough time around here in the nap department some days.  Yesterday was definitely ONE OF THOSE DAYS.  Hopefully today will be – – – more BEARable! 🙂

Never a dull moment…………

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat (who’s not too crazy about big black bears)


16 thoughts on “Some Days Are UnBEARable….

  1. First, Sammy, let me say that I definitely am in love — that picture of you is so adorable! (sigh…meow)
    What a disturbing day you had yesterday…..we had lawn guys here too. How CAN they make so much noise? And I slept on Mom’s lap for a while too (kept her from doing housework).
    But that bear??!! Wow – that’s something else. I can imagine how terrified you were – and probably your mom and dad too. Hope you don’t have any more bear visits!
    Wishing you a more bearable day!


    • Oh Sundae you should have SEEN that big bear! It’s been getting bigger every time I tell the story (haha). Really though it was a big one and I wasn’t sure WHAT to think when I saw it. I guess there are a lot of them around here this year for some reason because lots of reports have been in the newspaper about them in our area. I’m going to have to keep a close eye on my parents AND stay on the alert as I make my rounds inside the house to look out the windows. By the way, thanks for the compliment on my snoozy picture. I think you’re adorable too (hubba hubba) 🙂 !!

      Kitty Hugs
      Sammy, Chief Bear Patrol Officer


  2. Boy, you’ve had a rough day. Allegra sympathizes – she doesn’t like loud noises and disruptions, either. I can’t even imagine what she would do if there was a bear in our yard (I can’t imagine what I would do, either!).


    • Hi Miss Ingrid….I never thought I’d see a bear either but there he was – BIG!! Mom went to the grocery store this morning and was telling the checker about it – the other two people in line said THEY’ve seen bears too in their yards. This place is turning into quite a wildlife sanctuary….HAHAHA We’re going to be very careful though – nobody wants to tangle with a big old black bear!!



  3. You don’t want to be a bear snack, and neither does mommy, so you keep a good lookout for that bear while you guys are out walking. You’ll be able to “sense” or smell it long before mommy, so keep a watchful eye and ear and nose open.


    • Don’t worry Uncle Jerry…..I’m going to take good care of Mom (and Dad) and ME when we are outside. We don’t go out much anymore but when we do, we’ll be careful I promise. My nose is really super at detecting danger or unusual animals and now that I know those big old bears are around, I’ll be extra vigilant!



  4. Wow, Sammy, that sounds pretty scary! Last night Mattie was up all night long howling in the back yard. Mommy wondered if she saw some critter wandering around in the night. We don’t know what we would do if we saw a bear, but I suspect we would run for cover! I hope all three of us wouldn’t get stuck in the doggie door going through it at the same time! Love, Eddie (the JR), Simone (the collie) and Mattie (the foxhound)


    • Hi Eddie, Simone and Mattie……I bet Mattie DID see something out there – maybe a skunk or a possum or even a cat like me…..hopefully NOT a big old black bear like I saw yesterday. You guys be careful when you’re outside in your yard – you never know what might sneak up on you!!



  5. Great picture (and the one of Sammy Kitten is very sweet).
    But my goodness, bears in the garden. and to think I get worried about Not Cat tangling with the foxes in ours…

    There was a fabulous documentary about black bears a while ago showing they are not as ferocious as people believe. I’ll see if i can find a link.


    • Hi Miss Isobel……thanks for the compliment about my “baby” photo…..We have foxes around here too but as our neighborhood has grown, I see them less than I used to. The bear thing is something NEW – never had them around our area until now. Black bears aren’t mean by nature I hear, but I think if they’re hungry enough or protecting their babies they can be a big rough. Thanks for those links though – Mom and I are going to watch the one about bears for sure!

      We hope you and Not Cat have a super day………thanks for visiting me again!
      Sammy, One Spoiled Bear-Watcher


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