Sam’s “Safe Place” – The Basement!

Sam up on our bed - staking claim to his favorite corner - must be nap time!

Was that the doorbell? Darn - I was just settling in for a nap on Mom's bed!

Sometimes it’s not easy being me!  I’ve always been a nervous guy – especially about stuff like the doorbell or telephone ringing – or hearing strange voices – or when a helicopter flies over the house!  You’d think after twelve years I’d be used to all of that stuff but it still sends me to the basement every time…….my safe place. 

Know why the basement is my safe place?  Well, the story starts twelve years ago when Mom and Dad brought me home from the shelter.  We have a big house – I’d been in a tiny cage since I’d found my way to the shelter….Mom figured I’d be overwhelmed in a BIG space so she’d made me a nice little spot in the basement.  Comfy little bed, my new litterbox, some toys and a view out the french doors all fenced in with boxes or furniture so it was a confined and safe small space for me to get used to.   BUT.. when she first sat me down on the floor I ran – I ran and ran and ran all around the perimeter of the basement trying to find a way out – I was so scared…….I found the stairs but was too little to climb them and just wanted to find a hole to crawl into!  My parents let me do what I needed to do but I finally stopped running and Mom picked me up and put me into the little “home” she’d made me in that smaller area of the basement.  There was a chair there that I crawled under – I finally felt safe.  My parents were in the basement with me a lot that first week – I would come out from under the chair and finally trusted them enough they could pet me and hold me and play with me…….and after a week Mom took the barriers down so I could explore the whole basement.  WOW… much room!!!!

After a few weeks I got big enough to climb the stairs and ALL of us remember when I first got a look at the upstairs and all that room with all those windows……THEN I kept going and went up more stairs to another whole floor with more stuff to explore and see!  One tiny kitten and all that room… was pretty scary for me.  If I felt overwhelmed I knew I could go to my basement and feel safe. 

I haven’t changed.  Oh yeah – I have the run of the joint both inside and out – but whenever I’m feeling uncertain about anything – down to MY basement I go.  It was the very first place I ever felt safe when I came to live here and it still is my sanctuary to this day. 

Nervous?  Maybe I am…..but I prefer to think of myself as CAREFUL and CAUTIOUS……it’s a big joke with my parents’ friends though because they hardly ever see me!  They tease Mom and Dad about it and say “oh sure! you guys have a cat…uh huh…yeah….tell us another one…!!”   I’m known as Mom and Dad’s “invisible cat”!   

Kinda makes me even more special – don’t you think????

Happy Saturday from Sammy, One Spoiled and Invisible Cat

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  1. WoW! I can quite understand your fear when they first brought you home after being locked up in that tiny “cell” for so long. That was all you knew, and to be presented with all … that . . . space . . . Wow! It musta have been terrifying to you, guy.

    But you finally got used to it, and have made that house on the hill your personal domain. Now that they are trying to downsize and get another place, you will have yet another house to discover and check out. Maybe it won’t be so traumatic for you.


  2. Dear Sammy,

    My name is Jasper and I live with a very big over confident guy named Sammy too. However, I am a lot like you when it comes to doorbells and strangers and any unfamiliar noises. MY “safe place” is under my Mom & Dad’s big king sized bed !! Boy !! I can get there in a flash !! No one better get in my way! Everyone always laughs about it, but I KNOW where I feel safe. I’ve been known to stay there as long as there is a stranger in my house. Sometimes my legs are crossed because I have to go potty. But in the bathroom right next to MY bed is my potty box. Whew ! I know how you feel.

    Keep up the blog, Mommy & us guys enjoy it, Jasper


    • Hi Jasper!! I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only guy who gets a little nervous when a stranger is around! I like going under my parents’ bed too – but usually it’s just so I can hide and leap out and grab someone’s ankle when they pass by……We all know where we feel safest and as long as we have understanding humans around (and we both DO!), we don’t care what the rest of the world thinks – am I right???? Yeah!!!

      I’m also glad you guys enjoy my blog every day…….I have fun writing it and hearing from all my friends out in “space” …… thanks for stopping by Jasper…..and tell your Mom that all of us here in MY house hope your Dad’s better REAL soon!

      Kitty Hugs


    • Hello again Miss Dianna…’s a BIG step from tiny little cage to big house as Sundae knows but because we both live with understanding humans, we’ve made the move with no problem….I’m glad (and I know Sundae is too) that you found each other at a shelter. I’m so happy that I was adopted – life is way way cool here!



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