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SPARK on Memorial Day


Although Annie at McGuffy’s Reader is taking a well-deserved break from hosting McGuffy’s Reader’s SPARKS on Monday, her idea to spread light and inspiration to start each week goes on.    We will continue to honor that idea and Annie by posting a quote that touches us and that we hope will touch those who see it as well.

Today is Memorial Day…………..and as a woman who grew up in a military household with an extremely patriotic father who spent his life serving his country, I have always carried in my heart admiration for those who choose to dedicate themselves to serving.    My Dad was a guy who would get teary hearing the Star Spangled Banner – who wore his uniform proudly every day of his active service and who was wholeheartedly patriotic.   I carry that spirit with me thanks to him.    I have his old footlocker which is filled with HIS memories, many of which relate to his career and once in a while I open up this treasure box and feel close to him once more and become “re-infused” with that love of country.   I’m sure I will do that all the rest of my days.

My spark is in the spirit of patriotism………………and love of my country…………and for him.

Love, Pam