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Bacon Greenhouse Update


Happy Bacon Saturday!  

I thought I’d better give you the scoop on what’s going on in the Bacon Greenhouse over this past summer………….we had a great crop of bacon seedlings growing and we are a week away from HARVEST time.    Our usual Greenhouse Crew has been working hard maintaining, fertilizing, raking, hoeing, weeding and in general keeping the place looking fabulous as always.    Here are some photos I took so I can share them with you!!

Our greenhouse from the outside

Our greenhouse garden supervisor





Things have been popping right along all summer so the crop is looking good – here are some photos from shortly after the planting to a photo I snapped yesterday!

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So as you see, it’s time to harvest since the bacon buds are popping open……………………so we will be having that promised BACON HARVEST PARTY – WHEN?


If you would like to pawticipate in the harvest and the “after party”, all you have to do is send us a photo of you in your HARVEST outfit – something suitable for working in the greenhouse – and we’ll put you to work!     You can pick out your own stuff to wear, but here are some possibilities if you need some help!


We will enjoy some harvest fun after we finish working…………….you may remember if you were at last harvest that we WORKED HARD but we also reaped the rewards of our hard work with a wonderful feast and fun.

Angel Sammy will be here to drive the official tractor…..!!

Here in Baconia we take harvesting our precious bacon seriously!   Join us for some fun next Saturday, September 30th and make sure and send your photos to us by Thursday, September 28th…………

We sure will next Saturday!!!!

Your King…….

p.s.  If you need help with your photo – send us a full body picture of YOU and we’ll dress you!

But if you CAN photo edit, please “do it yourself” !!  Please send photos in .jpg format if you can!


P.P.S.    My sweet friend Phoebe from 15andMeowing could use some purrs and encouragement – she has Stage 4 kidney disease and her Mom and Dad are trying everything they can to help her get her appetite back……….if you have a minute, please click HERE and visit – we know they would appreciate a HUG!!

Phoebe as Rapunzel!

Teddy’s First Birthday





I can hardly believe that this little guy is turning ONE today but he is…….and it’s HIS day to shine.    He’s brought so much fun and joy to our house and I find that I no longer have to ask for day passes from the Bridge just to stop by to cheer up our parents all the time – they have Teddy to do that now.   

So let’s stop talking and PARTY – OK?   How about some music?


Feel free to  kick up your heels (oops I mean paws) and dance! 

OR maybe you would like to have something to eat – we have a “loaded” buffet – purrrlease have your fill……

HELP!!!!!!! I can't get UP!!!!

HELP!!!!!!! I can’t get UP!!!!

Oh boy! Seafood!

Oh boy! Seafood!

Fresh sushi......

Fresh sushi……

Roast beast.......

Roast beast…….

Meatloaf with Bacon and BBQ Sauce!

Meatloaf with Bacon and BBQ Sauce!

Ribs, cole slaw, the works!

Ribs, cole slaw, the works!

Oh yeah! BURD!

Oh yeah! BURD!

Dessert bar with everything you can imagine!

Dessert bar with everything you can imagine!

Oh baby!!!

Oh baby!!!

A fully equipped bar – step right up and order what you like!!!!

There's always one who doesn't know when to stop! HAHA

There’s always one who doesn’t know when to stop! HAHA

OR fruit juices of ALL flavors!

OR fruit juices of ALL flavors!

Turning one is a big deal…..and Teddy will probably party it up and need a nap soon – you might too so feel free to park your tushie on one of the many sleepy spots we have for those “dozing off” moments you get when you EAT, DRINK and be MERRY too much!

Yep - it happens to the best of us!

Yep – it happens to the best of us!

uhhuh.....we know how you feel!

uhhuh…..we know how you feel!


If you need a ride home – we can do that!  

Yep - I'll be happy to drive you.......

Yep – I’ll be happy to drive you…….


Thank you friends for coming to my very FIRST Birthday Party!   I’ve had so much fun but I am POOPED!   (YAWN)  I hope you had fun…..I sure did!    Thanks to my big Angel Brother Sammy for my pawty – I will NEVER forget it – EVER



Love, Angel Sammy and Big Boy Teddy


I got some birthday cards!  Thank you!

From Miss Pix!!

From Miss Pix!!

From Pipo, Minko, Mr. Jack Freckles!

From Pipo, Minko, Mr. Jack Freckles!

From Kitties Blue!

From Kitties Blue!


From Da Phenny!

From Da Phenny!

From Gracie, Anya and Miss Stephanie!

From Gracie, Anya and Miss Stephanie!

Another one from Gracie, Anya and Miss Stephanie!

Another one from Gracie, Anya and Miss Stephanie!

From Raz and Allie!

From Raz and Allie!

Sammy’s Post-NYE Party



Happy New Year everyone!    So glad you could make it……………………I decided to host a “new years day recovery” spot for all of you who maybe partied a BIT too much as well as those of you who came to party some more to celebrate with me my 16th birthday.    SO, pull up a bed if you need one, or hit the buffet table…………mimosas, hot chocolate, just help yourself and let’s bring in the new year together!

Sam's Birthday 2012

Can you tell I’m excited?

First a thank you to my friends who sent me birthday cards yesterday!   WOO HOO!!!!   I started celebrating yesterday which was totally cool……………!

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Now please help yourselves to the breakfast buffet if you’re hungry…………………………!

YUM......fresh fruit!

YUM……fresh fruit!

Fresh baked pastries!

Fresh baked pastries!

Homemade blueberry bread!

Homemade blueberry bread!

An omelette station - just add what you like!

An omelette station – just add what you like!

Shrimp and grits?

Shrimp and grits?

Yummy casseroles....

Yummy casseroles….

Breakfast pizza? Oh yeah!

Breakfast pizza? Oh yeah!

Bacon -mania! YAY!

Bacon -mania! YAY!

Breakfast sausages....

Breakfast sausages….

Seafood galore if that's your favorite!

Seafood galore if that’s your favorite!



Bloody Sammys (hahaha)

Bloody Sammys (hahaha)

Fruit Juices of ALL kinds!

Fruit Juices of ALL kinds!

Hot chocolate bar

Hot chocolate bar

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and Tea

AND….when you choose to snooze?


Save some room for a little bit of SWEET after you eat!

Minion cupcakes.......

Minion cupcakes…….

Lemon poppyseed birthday cupcakes!

Lemon poppyseed birthday cupcakes!

When you feel ready to leave,

go knowing your pal Sammy

appreciated you stopping by

to celebrate the new year and

his SWEET SIXTEEN birthday party!  

Love you all, Sammy

Thanks for coming!!

Thanks for coming!!


That Time Again!



AND SO DOES SATURDAY!!!  Roll them up together and I’m double happy!

Guess what we tried yesterday for breakfast?   Remember those pancake strips where you put bacon in the middle and more pancake on top and cook them?  It works!   Mom and Dad had those and they were delish.

Dump on some syrup and you're READY!

Dump on some syrup and you’re READY!

I’m not allowed to have syrup – too sugary – but I DID get the bacon and some cooked pancake…..now that’s a good combo – no wonder humans like it!

It’s super duper cold out this morning…….Mom and I bundled up and went out as usual (well Mom bundled and I was BRAVE)…….I made a couple of deposits in the yard to mark my territory and we popped back inside where I immediately did something I haven’t done in literally YEARS………I ran around in circles like a crazy cat!   Mom says the cold weather is perking me up – she might be right.   I usually start out that way when the weather changes but in deep dark winter I don’t move much at all…….I can’t go outside but just for a few minutes at a time, and my arthritis acts up more.   I’m a mess.  But right now – I’m loving it!

I got a couple more entries for my Sam-O-Ween Costume Contest.  Don’t wait until the last minute – you have to have your entry in to me by the 28th and today is the 17th!  GET CRACKING FRIENDS!   You know you want to win the prize package right?   We’re gonna have a ball at the party too.   Remember that YOU will be voting for the “BEST COSTUME” yourselves on my poll and whoever gets the most votes will find out they WIN at my party on the 31st!   Wanna see what I’m wearing to the party?   Since I can’t be in my own contest, I’ll show you now what I’m wearing!


Cool huh?  Scary?  Good!   After all, it’s SAM-O-WEEN!!!

Send your costume entries in to me at junekimm(at)aol(dot)com


I thought you might enjoy a “flash from the past” too – here are some of you in costumes you wore to my previous SAM-O-WEEN parties!   Maybe these will inspire you!!

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Memorial Day !


Hello Everybody……………….today is the day we remember all those who have fought for our country in the military or in any other capacity to make us the “land of the free”.    Before I bring on the Memorial Day Picnic goodies (of course I have food!), I want to take a minute to  remember my Grandpa………….my Mom’s Dad was a career Air Force officer and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.   My Mom has the flag that draped his casket and keeps it in her studio in a case so it stays beautiful forever.

Grandad's Flag

Mom With Her Dad In His Uniform

This is my Grandpa two years before he went to the Bridge, escorting my Mom down the aisle when she married my Dad!

My Mom wrote this poem in memory of her Dad several years after he passed away……………


Pamela June Kimmell

Time has softened the razored edge of loss

His final breath is no longer my first memory

I can see things now that I couldn’t see then

For I was young and always right

Now I appreciate the words of wisdom he spoke

For what they really were…..

A Father’s hope for his daughter’s happiness.

We hope all of you have a special day of memories and love – and however you choose to acknowledge or celebrate it,  remember the reason for the holiday!

NOW – on to my Memorial Day Picnic/Party!!!!

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Now if you want to continue with some fun – head over to my friends Raz from Friends Furever AND Gracie from Goodness Gracie – because THEY have even MORE Memorial Day fun in their blogs!!!!    Just click the posters for each blog and ENJOY YOUR DAY!


Me, Allie, Gracie, Raz

Me, Allie, Gracie, Raz

See you all tomorrow for TUESDAY TEASER!!!!!!!

Hugs, Sammy

The Haunted House






Happy Halloween………………..do come in everyone and make yourselves comfy and cozy……………have a walk around the house…………….if you dare………………there are snacks in the dining room and before you leave (if you CAN leave of course….hahahahaha) make sure and see who the winners of the 2014 Sam-O-Ween Funniest Costume contest are as picked by YOU!!!


Be careful of the candles now – I wouldn’t want you to get……HURT……


No worries – all my guests are VERY well behaved……..



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After you eat you might like to continue touring the house?????


Better to be safe than sorry you know………I also think it best if you do NOT go out the back door…….


Now my friends for the moment you’ve ALL been waiting for (I hope!) – I’ll happily announce the winners of

the 2014 SAM-O-WEEN Funniest Costume Contest!  We have THREE winners – the TOP THREE entries with the MOST votes – and YOU chose them in the poll!







Let’s hear it for pirates, spaghetti and meatballs and of course GIN AND TONIC!!!!!    Hip Hip Hooray and congratulations!

For EVERYONE who entered in the contest – I made this for you to have as a souvenir of this year’s Sam-O-Ween contest……..please copy it for your blog or wall or bathroom closet or wherever you wish to display it!!


Gosh – you have to go so soon?   Looks like some of my guests would like you to STAY a while……..


Oh I understand….you’re tired….you wanna go home and eat your trick or treat candy…..OK…..I hear ya!!


Hopping In Late


Hi All……….well, this old cat is just a bit bleary-eyed this morning – last night was the Cat Scouts Sock Hop and the entire night I was being reminded that I am getting older by the second!   All the young Scouts really danced up a storm and I tried my best to keep up………..I guess I must have done fairly well because my girlcatfriend Sundae and I won a dance trophy!   There was a four-way tie for winning in fact with us being one of the couples…..cool?  Oh yeah……..


But there was tons of other fun to be had and I put together a little slideshow to show you some of the highlights………………I have a bazillion photos from the night and couldn’t possibly load them all up but here’s a SAMPLE!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Just because we partied hearty last night though doesn’t mean I don’t get my BACON fix this morning – oh no – Mom knows that the best way to get over a little too much partying is to KEEP IT GOING!!!   BACON anyone??

Surrounded by it!

Surrounded by it!

Happy Caturday!  I’ll be snoozing it up BIG TIME!

Your Pooped Buddy Sammy

Happy 4th!!



We live too far away from DC to see them but they're SPECTACULAR!

We live too far away from DC to see them but they’re SPECTACULAR!


Today will be a long day around here…………..Mom and Dad are going next door later for a cookout with friends, then coming back over here for fireworks and croquet……….where will I be?  INSIDE TAKING COVER!   Actually I’m not scared of fireworks so who knows – maybe I’ll ask Mom to let me sit on the front porch while they do their thing way down in the front yard.


THANK YOU so much everyone for sending purrs and prayers to my friend Raz’s Dad who had a cath and surgery yesterday.  He’s fine and will get to come home today after a successful “repair”……….obviously his family is relieved but so are ALL of us.   When something is wrong with one of us – it’s wrong with all of us right?   Anyway, HUGS to you all for your thoughts – I know Raz appreciated that.

Today the 4th of July is being celebrated all over the blogosphere but one spot where I’m involved is the Tabby Cat Club – with my friends Raz and Gracie and all of you kitties who are tabbies and part of the club.   We’re having a blast – you don’t have to be a member of the Club to see the photos and comment if you like so come on by to visit us HERE.   Now if you ARE a tabby cat and would like to join?  Please do!  We have tons of fun.


We’re also celebrating the 4th on Cat Scouts (I’m a busy guy aren’t I???) – with an all day picnic and a float parade.  Floats?  Yep – like the Rose Parade only with cats…hahaha…My Troop is called The Wildcats – I’m the Troop Leader and all four Patrols in my Troop are making floats for the parade.  I’ll share photos with you on Saturday’s blog!


Over and above these celebrations my Mom can’t help but think about her Dad today – he was VERY patriotic – he loved serving in the United States Air Force, which he did for his entire career.   Whenever he had the occasion to, he was in his uniform proudly saluting as the flag or a member of the Armed Forces walked by in a parade or at an event.  Maybe nobody else noticed, but my Mom did – often a tear would escape his eye because he was so full of pride when he saw the flag…..my Mom got that sense of pride of country from him.  Of all the songs written about the USA or celebrated by people in the USA, this remains her favorite:

GOD BLESS AMERICA (by Irving Berlin)

God Bless America,
Land that I love.
Stand beside her, and guide her
Thru the night with a light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, white with foam
God bless America, My home sweet home.

Celebrate the day………..be careful…………have fun………..!

Your Pal, “Uncle” Sam (haha)


My Monday Post!


I guess you noticed that ONE SPOILED CAT is flooding your inbox today – with TWO blogs for the price of one!    I took pity on my poor Mom and allowed her to use my blog for her OWN purposes in posting a “Blog Hop” which she is participating thanks to her friend Miss Dianna (my girlcatfriend Sundae’s Mom!).   Anyway, please forgive us just this once for dumping more mail in your inbox OK???    Purrrrrrrlease????


Now, onward………….of course today I am here to remind you that tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser and guess what…………..go on………guess………what?   Not in the mood to guess?  Oh alright – I’ll tell you……..I have a GUEST Teaser again.  Just two photos of the same spot but maybe if one doesn’t inspire you the other will.    Not sure if it will be a tough Teaser or an easy Teaser – you’ll have to decide………AND on top of that, remember it will be posted at a SURPRISE TIME……you won’t know when it will hit your inbox……….so stay tuned!   Remember Leo was first right guesser last week but this week – who knows?!?!


The other thing I must tell you is that I am so excited about July 4th this year…………………Mom and Dad are going next door for a cookout but after dinner everyone is coming here to MY yard and Mom and Dad are going to have fireworks!!!   Why am I excited about that noise???  Because they don’t get the noisy, ear-splitting, EEEEEKY fireworks – they get the PRETTY stuff……the kind of stuff I can stand at the front door windows and SEE without running to hide.  Mom seems to think that’s what I’ll be doing………I probably will!    Mom and Dad used to do fireworks in their front yard every year but it’s been about four years since they did……………the two little boys next door are going to be at home this year instead of visiting relatives so that’s the REAL motivator!!

My Mom loves colorful fountains (quiet ones!)

My Mom loves colorful fountains (quiet ones!)

We’re also having a big all day picnic on Cat Scouts………….we know how to have fun on Cat Scouts you know……………..we’re going to have BBQ and fried fish and other food that people will bring because it’s a pot luck……..and volleyball, and even a cake walk (remember those???).  Should be a blast……….If any of you kitties are interested in knowing more about Scouts – just ask me!  I’m a fountain of knowledge (well…….I’m a Troop Leader anyway if not a “fount” !!).

The field where Cat Scouts will be celebrating the 4th!

The field where Cat Scouts will be celebrating the 4th!

Hear ye....hear ye.....Cat Scouts are partying again!

Hear ye….hear ye…..Cat Scouts are partying again!

That’s about it so until tomorrow when I tease your socks off (haha), have a GREAT Monday and don’t forget to read that boring blog of my Mom’s……….well, alright……..maybe it’s not totally boring but I know MY blog is WAY MORE interesting anyway………..right?

Monday Hugs,






HAHAHA!!  I know – I’m being quite silly aren’t I?  Well, I can’t help it – I’m starting to get excited about our trip to the Moon and it’s still a while away…………………….there’s lots of planning to do and things to arrange – I need to pick out the PERFECT rocket ship for us to travel in……anyway, we need to get through the Valentine’s Ball FIRST right?

Speaking of that, you must have noticed that my blog header is a photo of me and my girlcatfriend Sundae practicing our dance moves for the party.   I think we’re ready.  Meanwhile I’m spending some time checking out some limos for our ride down to North Carolina to Madi’s for the Ball…….The company I’m using is giving us a beautiful black stretch limo but I have a choice of interiors….which do you think she’d like the best?????



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next item of business is to show you some photos of our outdoor cat Stevie in her new heated house!  She’s been spending lots of time in it……..so many of you asked me to capture a photo of her IN the house – I had to do that from inside the house because the minute I open the door she pops out of the house to see me SOOOO here’s a shot of her loving the heat!

Nice and TOASTY!!

Nice and TOASTY!!

This is the house we got for Stevie with the heated pad!

This is the house we got for Stevie with the heated pad!

Moving on – I must give you my reminder that tomorrow is what day????   Hmmmm????   Come on now – you know it as well as I do………………..


So, be sure and stop by and see if you can guess where the photo(s) were taken…………..last week as you know my buddy Easy got it right FIRST but several of you did recognize where the photo was taken…….AND it fooled a bunch of you too – in other words I’d say it was a SUCCESSFUL TEASER!

Before I go, I wanted to show you this pretty sunrise Mom got with her camera on Saturday morning……..it’s a beauty…………she had to take it from INSIDE the house – out the guest room window (which has a screen) so it looks a bit blurry from the screen but you get the idea – it was BEAUTIFUL…….cold (brrrrrr) but beautiful!