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Today it’s Memorial Day in the US of A and Mom and I are doing some remembering.  It’s a day to remember all those who have served in the armed forces and really just remembering how much they sacrificed for all of us.

As many of you who know me and Mom know, my Grandfather served in the Air Force.   This is him when he was just a lad in high school (I think it’s his high school graduation photo):


He joined the Army Air Corps before there even WAS an Air Force and he really REALLY wanted to be a pilot.  Back in those days though unless you had perfect vision, you couldn’t fly a plane and he was rather upset about that!   He loved flying (and actually DID fly thanks to some of his buddies…tee hee).   He also loved traveling and seeing the world and after he married my Grandmom and they had kids they traveled as a family.  They lived in Germany, Taiwan, several places in the United States and traveled on vacation to many, MANY more places.   He loved serving his country until he retired and remained a very VERY patriotic man for all of his days.

My Granddad passed away in 1992.  He’s buried in the absolutely gorgeous Arlington National Cemetery.


The flag banner to celebrate Memorial Day!

The flag banner to celebrate Memorial Day!

There are many people who have tales of having served in the armed forces – but today in my house  we’re thinking of my Granddad and how much he loved wearing that Air Force uniform – my Mom still has his “dress uniform” hat in his old footlocker…..Memorial Day is just one day out of many that we honor him and all who served.

Have a super Monday!  Whatever it is that you’re doing today………………stop and REMEMBER……………………..

Long may she wave....

Long may she wave….



Memorial Day Activity


So yesterday was another hot and sunny day….lots of holiday activities going on around our neighborhood.  There was a big soccer game over at the elementary school, there were cookouts all over the place (ahhhh the smell of charcoal wafting through the air), and the little neighbor boys next door enjoyed their kiddie pool by having a contest to see who could splash the most water OUT of it when they jumped into it! 

I’m not sure how many of you have seen this photo I posted on my blog last year of my Cousin Toby (who lives in West Virginia with my Aunt Carol) in his back yard pool.  Toby loves the pool AND the water hose equally well:

Cousin Toby is a Shih Tzu and he loves playing in the water!

I think he thinks it’s a great big water dish. 

A small herd of deer came out of the woods this afternoon and ate some stuff from Mom’s garden – or – as she calls it – the “All You Can Eat Salad Bar”………

Deer helping themselves to sunflower seeds in the birdfeeders

So it really was an eventful day………..I didn’t do much except go out on the front porch with Mom a couple of times until I got too hot…..and watched her put some more Memorial Day patriotic decorations up – a big red/white & blue bow on our porch railing where the shiny banner is AND a red/white & blue windsock hanging from a tree branch in the front yard.  Turned out the deer who were munching in the backyard walked around to the FRONT yard after they ate and stopped in their tracks when they saw the windsock blowing around with its’ long streamers!  They had no idea what it was……their eyesight isn’t all that great……they stared for a minute then turned around and ran back into the backyard and disappeared in the woods!   Silly deer!

I told Mom she should hang some windsocks around her gardens so maybe the deer would go to someone else’s “All You Can Eat Salad Bar” for their meals from now on……..I’m so full of GREAT ideas aren’t I ?Happy Monday Peeps!Sammy


Sam’s Memorial Weekend


Ahhh…Saturday morning….Mom and I had a nice cruise around the yard early in the cool of the day – sure was nice!  I ate some grass, chased a couple of moths, then rested with her on the front porch for a little bit before Dad found us out there and joined us with his cuppa coffee.  Anyway, here we are listening to all the traffic out on the highway…people going somewhere for the holiday weekend or going into Washington, DC to various activities for the holiday.  We’re staying home! 

About Memorial Day…..I never met my Mom’s Dad but he was an Air Force officer and Mom says he loved being in the service more than anything.  He liked being part of the armed forces and was very patriotic (big word but I know what it means!).  Mom used to go to National Cemetery on Memorial Day to put flowers on his grave and she said the sight of all those American flags at each and every grave of someone who had worn a uniform or served their country in someway was really something.  I bet it was.  We live too far away for Mom to visit these days.  But in honor of Memorial Day, Mom said we could post this picture of her on the day she married my Dad, with HER Dad taking her down the aisle.  It was the first time he’d worn his old uniform since he’d retired and it still fit him like a glove!  Happy Memorial Day Granddad – I never knew you but I’m proud of you because Mom sure is……

Mom With Her Dad In His Uniform

Mom With Her Dad In His Uniform