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Staying WARM!




Hello and Happy COLD Friday – well, at least it’s COLD here in Virginia – not sure if it’s cold where you are but since it IS so cold, Mom and I thought we’d take a peek courtesy of Mr. Google and find some “interesting” ways we keep warm……………and there are a lot of them believe me.    This is just a small sampling!

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I love these!   ALL of them………..do you have a favorite?

I myself have been doing the FLEECE THING………..I also recently got a “reflective heat” fleece covered mat which so far I’m ignoring (Mom got it for me thinking I’d like it!)…..but there’s HOPE for it because I’ve WALKED across it twice so that means at least I’m “testing” it.   Anyway, we have friends who have them and love them so Mom said “WHY NOT!?”.

What do you do to keep WARM?    Hug your human?   Cuddle up with a fur sibling (I don’t have one!)?

Whatever you do, do it because winter is only just beginning and we’ll have lots of super cold days ahead………………….BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Love and Warm Hugs,



Where’s My Hot Water Bottle??

Sam Keeping Warm in a Blanket

This is OK but I prefer having Mom's legs as my own personal hot water bottle......

It’s all fine and dandy to go outside pre-dawn with Mom for a walk but it was beyond cold out there this morning.  Brrrrr……so of course when we got back inside, Mom fixed some hot chocolate for herself and while she was doing that, she wrapped me up like a little sausage (pig in a blanket??) on her recliner so I could get warmed up. 

I look good enough to eat – right?  Well, maybe not but there’s one thing for sure……..I look cozy. 

Here’s the thing though……while I’m certainly warm on TOP of me, I’m not warm NEXT to me or UNDER me.  That takes one very important ingredient which was missing while Mom made her hot chocolate.  Her LEGS!  My own personal hot water bottle! 

You’ve seen enough pictures of me on Mom’s lap or legs to know that’s my favorite spot – especially on a chilly day.  She’s my Mom and I love her dearly but she’s also my source of WARMTH….she’s my cozy spot.  I’d probably sit on Dad’s lap too but he’s too squirmy for me.  Mom can sit still with me on her legs for HOURS while she reads or watches a movie or something…..and I stay nice and warm and toasty.  A guy learns these things from kittenhood you know – where the best place in the world is to take a snooze.  Yeah, sure – the sunny spots are fine, the window perches are great, Mom and Dad’s bed is nice and soft and yummy, even the front porch on a warm summer morning is grand but – quite honestly – the BEST place is with Mommy the Human Hot Water Bottle!!!

Oh goodie – here she comes – she’s about to read the Sunday paper…..that means she’ll be here for a while…..I can relax…..I can snooze….zzzzzzz

Happy Sunday Morning Peeps!

Sammy, One Cozy Pig In A Blanket……….