Where’s My Hot Water Bottle??

Sam Keeping Warm in a Blanket

This is OK but I prefer having Mom's legs as my own personal hot water bottle......

It’s all fine and dandy to go outside pre-dawn with Mom for a walk but it was beyond cold out there this morning.  Brrrrr……so of course when we got back inside, Mom fixed some hot chocolate for herself and while she was doing that, she wrapped me up like a little sausage (pig in a blanket??) on her recliner so I could get warmed up. 

I look good enough to eat – right?  Well, maybe not but there’s one thing for sure……..I look cozy. 

Here’s the thing though……while I’m certainly warm on TOP of me, I’m not warm NEXT to me or UNDER me.  That takes one very important ingredient which was missing while Mom made her hot chocolate.  Her LEGS!  My own personal hot water bottle! 

You’ve seen enough pictures of me on Mom’s lap or legs to know that’s my favorite spot – especially on a chilly day.  She’s my Mom and I love her dearly but she’s also my source of WARMTH….she’s my cozy spot.  I’d probably sit on Dad’s lap too but he’s too squirmy for me.  Mom can sit still with me on her legs for HOURS while she reads or watches a movie or something…..and I stay nice and warm and toasty.  A guy learns these things from kittenhood you know – where the best place in the world is to take a snooze.  Yeah, sure – the sunny spots are fine, the window perches are great, Mom and Dad’s bed is nice and soft and yummy, even the front porch on a warm summer morning is grand but – quite honestly – the BEST place is with Mommy the Human Hot Water Bottle!!!

Oh goodie – here she comes – she’s about to read the Sunday paper…..that means she’ll be here for a while…..I can relax…..I can snooze….zzzzzzz

Happy Sunday Morning Peeps!

Sammy, One Cozy Pig In A Blanket……….


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  1. Nothing better than “Mom” that’s for sure and you do look pretty cozy. You really are such a loved/spoiled cat and of course I mean *spoiled* in the best possible way. 😉
    Have a great Sunday and enjoy that paper!


  2. Happy Sundae, Sammy!
    We sure are lucky aren’t we? I’m learning to like Mom’s lap…but it’s taking awhile. She’s wishing you could give me lessons, so it would happen quicker!
    love, Sundae


    • Well Sundae, you know what? I wasn’t a lap kitty right off the bat when I came to live with my parents. For one thing I was too little to hop UP on a lap back then, but also I had to learn what a nice, warm, SAFE place Mom’s lap really was. You’re getting the idea – I’m sure before long you’ll have the fine art of lapnapping down pat!

      Love, Sammy


    • I agree. Mom takes extra good care of me and since she knows I love being cozy, the blanket works as a substitute until she “lands” back in the chair again. There’s nothing like a human hot water bottle!!



    • Aw shucks…thanks Miss Caren…I do enjoy it when Mom puts a blanket around or over me but I have to admit – I usually get too warm and have to “untangle” myself and move to a cooling off spot. But when Mom comes back into the room I’m right back on her lap lickety-split and we start all over again with blankets and warm laps, etc. Ain’t life GRAND???? 😉 Some of us like blankets and some don’t…I’m glad your BoBo and I share that love though!! WINK

      Kitty Hugs, Sam


  3. I think you look more like a Sammy burrito than a pig in a blanket. 😀 Humans are the best way to get warm. My personal favorite is curling up on my human’s shoulder when she’s lounging. Legs are good, too… Stay warm, Sammy!


    • Pedro! A Sammy burrito huh? I like it. There was something bothering me about Mom’s reference to me as a pig. Not that there’s anything wrong with pigs mind you – in fact they’re kind of cute in their own porcine way. I’ve never thought of curling up on my Mom’s shoulder but I also don’t think there’s a snowball’s chance in (enter hot location of your choosing here) that I would FIT on her shoulder. Leg napping allows me to stretch out. Congrats again on the 100 posts and 8K visitors dude. I just noticed yesterday I’m over 8K myself – thanks for pointing that out.

      Your Bud in Virginia
      Sammy Burrito Boy


  4. Awww, that’s so sweet, all snuggled together against the cold. I use my kitties as my hot water bottles. I used to have a real hot water bottle but Chun got jealous and chomped on it.


    • The “keeping each other warm” thing works for me….! I think my Mom still has an old hot water bottle – one of those old rubbery things – I bet when Chun took a bite of yours he wasn’t too thrilled with the taste OR the hot water!!

      Kitty Hugs


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