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Teaser Tell All


Hello Teaser Fans!

Remember I started out my blog yesterday announcing the Teaser as one that I thought would be easier than last week’s “rub out” Teaser??? Well it actually WAS an easy one because bunches of you got PART of the answer right. Here’s the photo again:


Where was it snapped? Ireland – CORRECT!! But where in Ireland? I had several good guesses……BUT nobody guessed what town and actually I think that would have been fairly impossible unless someone had SEEN this cottage with their own eyeballs like my parents had in BUNRATTY FOLK PARK, BUNRATTY, IRELAND!! The Folk Park was this 47 acre park full of replica or in some cases actual historical cottages and outbuildings authentic to the past of Ireland. Lots of people wear costumes and “act” in the park and conduct business like feeding livestock kept on the grounds and harvesting cottage crops, etc. Very cool spot – and my parents started their wonderful trip to Ireland by seeing Bunratty Castle and this folk park on their tour.

As I said, lots of you guessed “Ireland” but the FIRST to guess that was our Teaser Tycoon, EASY !   So he definitely gets the First Right Guesser Award but ALL of you who guessed Ireland get the Sammy Hug…….CONCATULATIONS all of you who recognized the thatched roof and cottage style as Irish.  That it was lads and lassies – Aye – that it was me darlins’ !

The Much Coveted "First Right Guesser" Award....this week is EASY's!

The Much Coveted “First Right Guesser” Award….this week is EASY’s!

The "I Guessed RIGHT!" award......goes to all of you who guessed IRELAND!

The “I Guessed RIGHT!” award……goes to all of you who guessed IRELAND!

Congratulations Lads and Lassies!!! 

As all of you know, there are tons of things going on right now in Blogville – the latest one involves two dear, sweet cats named Rachel and Ray Charles who have started out their lives in very pitiful straits but who have been helped with their situation by a lot of really caring people.  I read about them on Savannah’s blog – you can read about them too and help to spread the word perhaps to help them find a home.  They will have a tough enough road ahead and a caring home should be the LEAST of their worries!   If you click on this badge that I got from Savannah’s blog, you can go visit her blog to get the story.


Also, Mollie is still having a great raffle to benefit Benny – to help him with his HUGE medical bills for his cancer treatments so make sure and visit Mollie too!

If you can’t keep up with all the activities going on around the blogosphere there are lots of great spots you can join to keep aware – I only talk about a FEW of them on my blog but there are TONS of them.  Cat Blogosphere and BlogPaws are only two BIG sites that have information on what’s going on.  I’m sure there are others but I belong to both of those.   In fact (tee hee, snicker) I’m going to be in the 2014 Cat Blogosphere Calendar for the month of December!!!  Just one of other kitties featured in that month of course but I’ll be there nonetheless – how cool is THAT???????

Well, I hope you all have a fabulous day – – – – – I think I will – – – – – right now I’m waiting for Mom to undertake the job of changing the sheets on her and Dad’s bed so I can enjoy playing in the new sheets and prevent her from putting the quilt back on.  Just another little FUN thing I do every Thursday to keep OLD MOM on her toesies!

Kitty Hugs, Your Teaser Dude, Sammy



Well!  Yesterday was quite a banner day for me because I received TWO – count ’em – TWO blogging awards!  My friend Pedro honored me with The Versatile Blogger Award:

WOW...another award!

Thanks to my friend Pedro

 http://pedrothecat.com  Thanks!

 AND, if that wasn’t enough blogging bling to received in a day, I also received THIS one from my friends Isobel and NotCat:

More award bling!

Thanks Isobel and NotCat

http://isobelandcat.wordpress.com Thanks!

I’m just plain overwhelmed – really – I’m quite excited to have received two awards to add to my ever-growing list of accolades.   The requirements for both awards are the same:

1.  Thank the person who sent the award with a link back;

2.  Pass the award on to 15 bloggers you’ve discovered and let them know they have been included in our blog post; and

3.  List seven things about myself

The only thing is – Mom and I don’t have 15 other blogs we visit or have gotten to know in the short time we’ve been blogging!  But in the spirit of the awards (and so I don’t have to give them back…sniff….sniff…) I’m going to nominate those few that I DO know and have come to love.  The other “complication” in the list of blogs I’m enjoying these days is that several of them already HAVE these awards.  Makes it tough because I don’t want to award someone an award they already have – right?  If I’m putting a link here to someone who has one of these awards (and I just don’t know about it), please forgive me.  Just goes to show how “award-worthy” you are! 

Here they are – in no particular order – my FAVES!



http://pedrothecat.com (Pedro you have the Versatile Blogger award but not One Lovely Blog I don’t think….?)

http://isobelandcat.wordpress.com (Isobel you have One Lovely Blog but not the Versatile Blogger award I believe….?)

So, please take what you don’t have and don’t take what you do have (huh???).  This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO confusing.

Now, here are seven things about me!

1.  I hate thunder, doorbells, telephones, strangers, bears

2.  I love my parents, naps, blueberry yogurt, bacon, QUIET, watching football on TV

3.  I like to play games like hide and seek and fetch

4.  I’m a polydactyl cat with extra claws on my front paws

5.  I do NOT like water….except in puddles

6.  I’m not crazy about the barky beagles next door

7.  My eyes change from brownish to greenish if I’m REALLY happy

Happy Awards Day to everyone!

Sammy, One Highly Honored and Flattered Cat

Sam’s Tuesday Morning Ramblings…..


Hi People (and Cats!)…..yesterday Mom and I sat at the computer and she visited a lot of other cat blogs so we could get some ideas for what I can write about.  There are some really super sites and fun photos of other cats (of course I’m the cutest one) and maybe one day MY blog will be as popular as some of the others are.  But, while that would be nice, and I love being the center of attention of course, I’m just happy to share what’s going on in my world – which often isn’t very exciting – every morning.  I enjoy sitting on Mom’s lap while she helps me do my blog and deciding what photo to post with it.  It’s “our time”. 

Today’s photo isn’t of me – it’s of the plants around our front door on the porch…..one of my favorite spots is that porch and I love the flowers.  I sniff each pot of flowers every morning just in case a juicy bug might be lurking – something I need to “take care of” (if you know what I mean…yum!):

Potted plants on Sam's front porch.

The entrance to MY house....well, OUR house to be exact!

Also, Mom and I got some inquiries from people about yesterday’s blog post – the story of little Dedo the Gargoyle.  Anybody looking for their OWN Dedo can just to a search online for Dedo sculptures and a LOT of sites pop up that sell them.  Mom says we might need to get a new Dedo one of these days since my own little buddy is getting a little bit…..well…..crumbly!   The actual story of Dedo is longer than what I posted yesterday – Dedo actually saved the life of a little boy who got lost in Notre Dame and wound up out on the roof – he slipped and his shirt or coat got stuck on Dedo’s toes! 

Well, I’m off to go demand – er – I mean ASK for some breakfast.  Gotta keep my energy level up….takes a lot of that to keep this house going……it’s a BIG job, but I’m just the guy to do it!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat