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Teaser Tell All & Shopping!


Hello Class!   Welcome Back!



What a great Teaser huh?   We sure did get a lot of SUPER DUPER guesses but of course only ONE of those could be RIGHT and we’ll tell you WHO that is in just a bit……..first though I must say that dear SuzieQ has been called back to Rehab – Even Grizelda had to admit that they hadn’t done a good job with Suzie’s “ATTITUDE”……….I told them that she had a long way to go and if they thought they could give her the 24-hour rehab experience they were sadly mistaken.    She’s now in a strait-jacket different program at the facility – and no it doesn’t involve electro-shock threrapy although that MIGHT have been wise but instead she will be shown the error of her ways and they will TEST her before dumping her back here she’ll be allowed to come back to us here.

I am confident Suzie will do just fine!   Aren’t you?    We all love Suzie – she’s a bit unpredictable but she’s fun……..in a warped sort of way!

So lets get to the reason we’re gathered here today in class – let’s see who won what AND most of all – where was that photo taken and who was our GUEST TEASER??????

Here’s the photo again to refresh your memory!


Pretty spot right?   Well this beautiful photo was sent in to us by Miss Rachel of Three Chatty Cats!   If you don’t know this blog you should – it’s wonderful and Rachel had TWO nominations for Blogpaws Nose to Nose awards this year – for a new blog – that’s a big WOW.    Where did she take this photo???    CATALINA ISLAND in beautiful CALIFORNIA!!!!!    This is for you Miss Rachel!   Thanks for the great photo:

Thank you Three Chatty Cats for the Teaser Photo of 6/28/16!

Thank you Three Chatty Cats for the Teaser Photo of 6/28/16!

Know what?   Several of you figured it out but only ONE of you figured it out FIRST……………

Before I tell you who – let’s talk about FIRST COMMENTER………….BIG WOW again – we had FOUR of you whose “comment” was logged in on WordPress at the same minute of the same hour – that’s right – four came in at 9:05AM……………Easy of Easy Weimaraner, Raz of Friends Furever, Kitties Blue of The Cat On My Head, and Madi of Madi and Mom Down Home in NC !!!   FOUR FIRST COMMENTERS – you guys ALL get one of these badges to brag about:

I was First Commenter on Sammy's Teaser of 6/28/16 with THREE other bloggers!

I was one of FOUR First Commenters on Sammy’s Teaser of 6/28/16!

Concatulations all four of you!!!!

Now, who was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER???????????????????????   Well yesterday’s FIRST RIGHT GUESSER was quick as a bunny rabbit with a guess – in fact he IS a bunny rabbit – he’s our favorite FAST bunny SPEEDY at Speedy Cheeky House Bunny YAY………..concatulations – here’s your award for being so speedy:

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Sam's Teaser on 6/28/16

I was FIRST RIGHT GUESSER on Sam’s Teaser on 6/28/16

But there were a BUNCH of you who guessed Catalina AND because you did, you will get the RIGHT GUESSER award……..so please take one if you were right!

I wasn't FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of 6/28/16

I wasn’t FIRST but I was RIGHT on the Teaser of 6/28/16

Don’t feel bad or sad if you didn’t guess right – because even if you don’t know the answer you’re still the winner of a GREENIE which as you all know by now is a VERY popular award!

I didn't get the Teaser right on 6/28/16 BUT I tried!

I didn’t get the Teaser right on 6/28/16 BUT I tried!

SO – concatulations everybody!   You all did VERY VERY WELL…………………..next week who knows where we’ll be with our photo of the week………….could be anywhere!   If you have a photo you think would trick everyone and be a real TOUGHIE – send it to my Mom at junekimm(at)aol(dot)com.

Let’s hope we see Suzie next week – but something tells me “intensive rehab” might last longer than one week………….know what I mean??????????????????????

Well Done Class!!

See You Next Tuesday Class!!!!!

See You Next Tuesday Class!!!!!






Bacon and Fozziemum’s monthly round up of recipes and food prices from all corners of the globe…………………and this month we are to post ANY RECIPE for ANYTHING that we want to!    That’s right – WHATEVA!

How about an EASY PEASY dessert?    Mom makes this from time to time – after all, she’s a chocoholic and who doesn’t love an éclair if they’re a chocoholic right?

Easy Peasy No Bake Chocolate Éclair Cake

Eclair Dessert_In Dish


2 (3.5 oz.) boxes vanilla instant pudding   (Jello Instant Pudding $1.19 per package)
3 c. milk  (2% Milk 128 fl. oz. for $2.75)
1 (12 oz.) container Cool Whip (Lite Cool Whip 8oz. $1.99)
Graham crackers (Harris Teeter Honey Grahams, 14 oz. $2.99)
1/3 c. cocoa (Toll House Cocoa Powder, 8 oz. $3.59)
1 c. sugar  (Harris Teeter Granulated Sugar, 2 lb. $1.89)
1/4 c. milk (same as above!)
1 stick butter (or margarine) (Harris Teeter 16 oz. butter, $3.59)
1 tsp. vanilla (McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract 1 oz. $4.79)
For the filling: Mix pudding and milk; beat. Stir in Cool Whip. Place a layer of graham crackers in the bottom of a 9×13″ dish. Spread 1/2 of the pudding mixture over the graham crackers. Repeat with another layer of graham crackers and pudding; then top with a final layer of graham crackers.
For the topping: Bring cocoa, milk, and sugar to a boil; boil about 1 minute, stirring very frequently. Remove from heat and cool one minute. Add butter and vanilla; stir until butter is melted. Pour over the top layer of graham crackers. Refrigerate over night.
See what I mean?   EASY PEASY!!!!!!
Thanks Bacon and Fozziemum for sponsoring this Shopping Adventure every month!!!!!

Thanks Friends!


Hi Everyone – another exciting week off to a grand start huh?   Well, at least it’s starting – who knows if it will be “grand”!

I need to say THANK YOU to two of my friends who nominated One Spoiled Cat for blog awards in the past week.   I have both of these awards already but one should ALWAYS thank those who honor them in some way even if you have received the honor before.   At least that’s what I think!

First The Mad Hooligan Chronicles nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award.   Thank you Bo and Kobi!


The rules are:

1.  Mention who nominated you for the award and link back to them.

2.  Display the award image above your post.

3.  Share FIVE random facts about yourself.

4.  Nominate as many blogs as you wish (with a minimum of five) and notify them of their nomination   (in this case, please if you would like to have this award for your VERY own, take it from this post with my love and hugs as I really don’t know who would and who would not enjoy receiving it!)

5.  Pass the Rules on to your nominees.

Here are my FIVE Random Facts!

  1. Even though I’m “out there” on my blog, I’m a very shy guy in person…..I recently extended my boundaries though when we had company and allowed petting and carrying of my ginger self!
  2. I can say several words (at least Mom thinks they sound like words)…..I say “OUT”, “MAMA”, and “YOYO” (yogurt).
  3. I am part “watch cat” – if a neighborhood cat comes on my front porch, I will yell “MAMA” until my Mom comes and shoooos the visitor away (or feeds him or her!).
  4. Most of you know I’m a polydactyl kitty – I have SIX toes on my front paws and the regular amount of toes on my back paws (just in case some of you didn’t know!).
  5. I enjoy being a Cat Scout.   Cat Scouts have a whole lot of fun – we go on trips, earn merit badges, make new friends and do service projects just like human Scouts do!

The second award I received was from my friends Dezi and Lexi at Dezie’s World.   They nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.   Thank you ladies!!


This one requires that you nominate 15 blogs and I have a terrible time nominating ANY blogs as I have so many of you that I follow and don’t want to leave anyone out – I usually just say please take this award with my blessings if you would like to follow the rules!

All you have to do beyond that is:

  1. Mention who nominated you, thank them and link back to them.
  2. Display the award on your blog.
  3. List THREE things that inspired you in the last week.

The three things that inspired me this past week are:

  1. Meeting a blogger friend of my Mom’s and learning to TRUST a stranger – I rarely let anyone even SEE me if I don’t know them but my Mom’s friend inspired me to be brave.
  2. Reading the blogs of so many of my friends who are unwell yet carry on with a smile and a cheery message to the world in spite of any sorrow or discomfort they may have.
  3. Waking up every morning and realizing that I’m traveling into my senior years in better shape than many of my older friends……this inspires me to put one paw in front of the other every day.

So, thank you to my friends – and remember, if you’d like to have either or both of these awards, I hope you can do a better job of fulfilling the requirements than I have done – as I said, I have a hard time nominating “just five” or “just 50” of my friends………I would give it to EVERYONE if I could………….

Love and Hugs






For ME? Gosh, Thanks!


Hi Peeps…………………..well I’m here to tell you that even this old guy occasionally still gets a blog award that he has NOT already received.  I kind of thought I had them all and it’s been a while since any “made the rounds” but I was quite excited to receive TWO blog awards this week from a Romance Writer who follows my blog – Diane Wickles!   BUTTTT, before I tell you all about that, check THIS out – GUESS WHO IS CAT OF THE WEEK AT BIONIC BASIL’S ?????   That’s right – yours truly…………….. CLICK HERE !    Thanks Basil for making me the star this week.  How cool!

NOW………..What are the awards I got you ask (you DID ask – right??)……………….well they are the “REAL NEAT BLOG AWARD” and the “PREMIO DARDOS AWARD”.    Here’s what she sent me for the “rules” on both awards………………

The rules for the Real Neat Blog Award:

  1. Put award logo in post.
  2. Answer 7 questions by person who nominated you (my questions are at the end of this post).
  3. Nominate any number of bloggers (with their links).
  4. Let these bloggers know you nominated them by commenting on their blogs.

Rules for the Premio Dardos Award:

Premio dardos means “prize darts” in Spanish. It is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing.

  1. Post award on your blog with the name of the person who gave you the award and link to their blog.
  2. Pass the award onto 15 worthy blogs.

Cool huh?

Needless to say, I’m particularly interested in the Premio Dardos because it has a lot to do with my actual writing of my blog (which of course I do myself without Mom’s help because I not only have THUMBS so can operate the keyboard well, but I’m exceptionally SMART………you knew that, right????).

Here’s what the awards look like:


So since it’s been a while since I’ve done this, HERE are my Mom’s answers (in Red)  to the questions that Diane asked for her recipients of the “Real Neat Blog Award” !

  1. Would you rather read a book or watch tv? What are some of your favorites?     Read a book…..I love all thrillers/mysteries….Jonathan Kellerman, Kathy Reichs, Agatha Christie – and trust me the list goes on and on and on.
  2. Are you a morning person or a night owl?  Morning – definitely – we get up at 4AM every day!
  3. Where have you traveled and do you have a favorite place/trip? Have traveled extensively in Europe and the USA – lived both in Europe and Far East……favorite place is Venice, Italy
  4. Do you have any pets? One very spoiled 15 year old, polydactyl, ginger tabby cat
  5. Do you believe in romance?  Yes….totally
  6. Would you rather get a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of wine?  Can’t I have BOTH???  If not, I’ll take the wine please – a nice light Prosecco
  7. If you won the lottery what is the first thing you would buy? I wouldn’t buy anything as a “first thing” I’d give a huge pile of it to the shelter in Sammy’s name then I’d probably do some remodeling of our house and re-landscaping of our yard!   Selfish?  Maybe but this is where Sam, my husband and I intend to STAY FOREVER.

I’m going to offer this blog award (since there’s no requirement as to how many) to anyone who would like to fulfill the rules of acceptance………..which are easy peasy.  Some of you do awards and some don’t but ALL of you in my mind deserve the award so please take it if you want it!!!!

For the other award, “Premio Dardos”,  I have put Diane Wickles link above but will repeat it here AND thank her again for the honor of nominating Sammy!  No questions to answer.  I’m also supposed to pass it on to 15 other bloggers and again, not knowing who wants awards and who doesn’t, I’ll leave it to you if you’d like to have it for your award collection!

Now, here are MY seven questions that should you choose to accept the Real Neat Blog Award, you will need to answer in your blog for ME!   Got it?????   (if you’re accepting the award and don’t have a pet, you can answer them for yourself, otherwise your pet should answer!)

  1.  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you want to live and why?
  2. What’s your all time FAVORITE gift you EVER received?
  3. What scares you the most?
  4. Do you think animals and humans reincarnate?
  5. Do you think there’s life on other planets?
  6. What’s your FAVORITE food?
  7. Do you enjoy OUTDOORS or being INDOORS the most?

There you have it kiddos……….I hope some of you decide to take the awards………..I’m serious when I say you ALL deserve them – you’re all my friends and I SO appreciate that you follow my humble little blog……………….you’re the BESTEST!


A reminder that tomorrow is Bacon and Fozziemum’s “Shopping Around the World” blog post day…………………here are the items you need to list the prices of in your blog tomorrow – by the way, if you can’t get the prices at your local store, just look them up online!  That works too!   Then link your blog post to Bacon’s and enjoy seeing all the prices for the SAME STUFF from around the world!

Items to price this month:

  • Random condiment of your choice.
  • Random frozen meal of your choice.
  • Random dessert/something sweet of your choice.
  • Random Fruit of your choice.
  • Random Item of your choice.

Tons of Hugs

Sammy the Shopper!

Teaser Tell All


Oh boy – I had fun watching the Teaser comments yesterday – did you?  I know some of you find the comments more fun than guessing the Teaser (hahahaha).    Well, Mom and I were at the computer when the Teaser went live – we wondered who would chime in first – and who would chime in first with the right answer (which isn’t always the same person!!!).

First let’s review the photo!


Where on earth was this photo taken?   Well, it was indeed the Black Forest region in Germany – Gutach specifically – and it’s one of the many buildings on the site of a wonderful park/living museum with examples of different types of homes and homelife around the region.  Each of the buildings had occupants who showed visitors their way of life and gave a guided tour of the homes.  Totally neat thing to see says Mom.  They went there right after they visited the site of the biggest cuckoo clock EVER which was located right by a great gift shop where Mom and Dad got lots of souvenirs while on their trip.

World's largest Cuckoo Clock!

World’s largest Cuckoo Clock!

WHO guessed right first?   It was EASY that’s who!   WOO HOO…………He guessed it EXACTLY right although the first to guess Germany was Bad Cat Chris!   Chris gets an honorable mention for guessing Germany first……….Easy gets the First Right Guesser Badge…..

This is for you Easy:

For the FIRST to guess right!

For the FIRST to guess right!

And this is for you Chris:

Sometimes somebody gets this one...not always!

Sometimes somebody gets this one…not always!

And this is for all the rest of you who either googled Easy’s answer and found he was right (!!) or guessed the same answer on your own!


This last little gem – I’m calling it the EMERALD GREEN award (hahaha), goes to all of you who didn’t have the slightest idea where the Teaser photo was taken OR guessed incorrectly!

For the clueless or wrong guesses!

For the clueless or wrong guesses!

Now wasn’t that FUN?  Sure it was………..and it will be fun NEXT week too……….who knows where on the globe I’ll be with my Teaser…….could be anywhere……….so brush up on your geography between now and then or take a page from Easy’s “Handy Dandy Teaser Solving Kit” and get a pile of travel brochures to study so you’ll have an idea where the photo MIGHT be taken!

So until next week……………….



Your Master of Teaser Ceremonies,



Tuesday Teaser


WOO HOO!!!!   SURPRISE!!!!  Here we are at a random time of day to make you go crazy figuring out where today’s vacation snaps were snapped (or something like that!).

These are not from a “Guest Teaser” – they are from my Mom’s photo album – but WHERE were all the photos in that album taken?  That’s for ME to know and for YOU to guess……………….ready to look?


Please remember that in order to be RIGHT, you have to say where these were taken – it was the same place – but if you know town/city and country/state then you will truly be right……………..send your guesses in today because tomorrow is the Teaser Tell All and the distribution of these INCREDIBLY AWESOME badges Mom and I did for all you Teaser fans to show off on your blogs – – – – after all you have bragging rights to have known the Teaser photo on my blog – QUITE AN HONOR!!

Here are the awards in case you have forgotten………………one of these babies will be YOURS no matter what – – – but which one????

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Does the universe know you’re a fan of my Tuesday Teasers?  What?  They don’t?  Then perhaps you should add this adorable (cough cough) badge to your blog sidebar……….after all, anyone who is ANYONE has this on display.


See you guys and gals tomorrow for the announcements of who’s happy and who’s not so happy about what they guessed today on the Teaser………..meanwhile – HAPPY TUESDAY!

Hugs, Sammy