Sam’s Tuesday Morning Ramblings…..


Hi People (and Cats!)…..yesterday Mom and I sat at the computer and she visited a lot of other cat blogs so we could get some ideas for what I can write about.  There are some really super sites and fun photos of other cats (of course I’m the cutest one) and maybe one day MY blog will be as popular as some of the others are.  But, while that would be nice, and I love being the center of attention of course, I’m just happy to share what’s going on in my world – which often isn’t very exciting – every morning.  I enjoy sitting on Mom’s lap while she helps me do my blog and deciding what photo to post with it.  It’s “our time”. 

Today’s photo isn’t of me – it’s of the plants around our front door on the porch… of my favorite spots is that porch and I love the flowers.  I sniff each pot of flowers every morning just in case a juicy bug might be lurking – something I need to “take care of” (if you know what I mean…yum!):

Potted plants on Sam's front porch.

The entrance to MY house....well, OUR house to be exact!

Also, Mom and I got some inquiries from people about yesterday’s blog post – the story of little Dedo the Gargoyle.  Anybody looking for their OWN Dedo can just to a search online for Dedo sculptures and a LOT of sites pop up that sell them.  Mom says we might need to get a new Dedo one of these days since my own little buddy is getting a little bit…..well…..crumbly!   The actual story of Dedo is longer than what I posted yesterday – Dedo actually saved the life of a little boy who got lost in Notre Dame and wound up out on the roof – he slipped and his shirt or coat got stuck on Dedo’s toes! 

Well, I’m off to go demand – er – I mean ASK for some breakfast.  Gotta keep my energy level up….takes a lot of that to keep this house going……it’s a BIG job, but I’m just the guy to do it!

Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

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    • Hi Miss Bonnie! Hey – Mom and I enjoyed seeing your drawing of one of the characters in your book – WAY COOL………thanks for the compliment on our house entrance. One of my fave spots (although I have to admit I have a LOT of those!). Come visit me any time………..OK?



  1. Sorry I got off this morning without writing on your blog, Sammy. That Dedo the Gargoyle sounds very interesting. I was sure I posted this morning. I’m not feeling well, so this is going to be short. Later.


    • Mom and I are sorry you’re not feeling good Uncle Jerry…..hope you are better soon…..Yep – Dedo is one of my best buds even if he IS made out of stone – hey, at least he doesn’t growl or bark at me!!! HAHA



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