Teaser Tuesday Class Time!


“Another frosty Tuesday gang….but the school property is secure so let’s head inside!”

Hello Students!   Here we are ready for Teaser – HAVE YOU COMMENTED YET?

Always remember before you sit down to make sure and comment because you MIGHT get a badge if you do………..now if you’re all ready – let’s get underway!

Today we have a Graphics Department Teaser photo for you.   It’s super interesting too.   At least WE think so and hopefully it’s a toughie for all of you as well.     Before we start let’s review the rules AND the badges you might win.

“We’re READY!”

This week’s badges:

“Rodney and Leroy you two better sit down and behave or you’re headed to the Principal’s Office!”

Now – where were we………oh yes…………let’s talk TEASER PHOTO!    Security – please bring in today’s challenge!

“Here’s today’s photo Professors!”

“Where was this photo taken??????”

We Professors think this could be a toughie……………..prove us wrong and be our FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!

“WOW – all we can say is we bet there are plenty of mousies down there to chase!”

Well see if you can come up with WHERE this place is OK?   That’s the name of the game.    Cheer Team?   Please come get these students’ brains working will you????

It’s a little cold if you ask us
But we’re here to cheer – not raise a fuss!
This Teaser today looks like it was made for cats!
Lots of hidey holes and plenty of rats!
We have a feeling this Teaser will be awfully tough
So prepare yourselves to feel a little bit rough!
Tomorrow we’ll be back to give you the scoop
Now pull yourselves together and be a SMART group!

Hopefully your cheer has inspired the students……..we see a lot of confused expressions and we’re not sure if that’s GOOD or BAD!   Let’s see a little enthusiasm from you class!!!

That’s better!

Now who’s ready for lunch a meal in the cafeteria??????

Step right up!  Time to eat!

The Menu of the Day:

Good Luck Students!  See you tomorrow for TELL ALL!

Your Professors……………………

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    • We did not see the catacombs of Paris – we had a wait as well and since we were on a tour we couldn’t just hang out and wait – we had to keep up with the tour. Wish we’d seen them though because I doubt we’ll go back. As for your guess – we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see if it’s Rome!


  1. A lemon tart and some baklava, please. Too early for those yummy onion rings! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh


  2. Well Teddy I’m late and I wrong on the location but I will tell you it looks like the parking deck I had to park in last week at the mall. I made the mistake of going too close to lunch time, it was raining. I had to park on the basement level and there was water running in
    Hugs Cecilia


  3. You never want to meet up with a hoodlum in a dark alley… but this is a dark alley even the criminal element is afraid of. A mugging is gonna feel like paradise compared to getting rolled by a man-eating otter with a switchblade and a dinner fork…


  4. Late again! I need to put post its all over my monitor telling me it is Tuesday. No idea where it is, but it looks very old. That looks rather like an open sewer. YUK! The type of building reminds me of Pompeii so possibly ancient Roman somewhere.


  5. I was searching for some coal mine in England or Scotland – OMG!!! I’m afraid I got completely lost… What a relief that I can find my way to the cafeteria! Could I have a Shrimp AND Crab Salad Sandwich, 3 baklavas, and a tea?


    • Be careful wandering around in coal mines!! Glad you made it out of the dark and into the light of the school cafeteria! Enjoy those shrimp and crab salad sammmmmmmiches AND the baklavas and tea. You need all the help you can get recovering from your adventure!


    • Hey Gang! So swell to see you all! We’re absolutely fine and dandy and hope you are as well! Happy Nude Year (oops….I don’t think that’s right is it?!). We’re giving you a double order of spaghetti with a pile of flounder on top – need any parmesan cheese with that??? Always great to have you stop by class – it’s a nice surprise!!

      hugs and fish The Ted O Nator


  6. Hello everyone who beat me to class!! I am slinking into the classroom via the back door…

    Well…not at all first…more than likely last! I had to do homework for my work…as we have to do required ‘education’ every so often…and then I forgot all about school here!

    And I will concur with those who guessed Colosseum in Rome, Italy
    It sure looks spooky , not very lovely…I think I prefer the outside views, LOL!!

    May I please have a club sandwich with sweet potato fries and some onion rings…and that lemon tart looks yummy! I hope there is still food to be had as per my request…and add a coffee please, I need to clear my head from all that medical junk I was doing earlier.


    • Hope you do well with all that homework you had to do!! I think this lunch of yours will help to “re-fortify” you mind and body!! We’ll find out tomorrow if the Teaser is the Colosseum in Rome……wherever it is you won’t catch ME there – Teddy might enjoy it though!

      Hugs, Pam

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  7. HHHMMMM cuud this bee a foto of THE Cattycombss inn Paris, France Professor Teddy?
    May wee have Spaghetti an Meatyballss Pleese Missus Dee an Miss MaryAnn?
    May mee have 3 plain Shrimpiess pleese?
    Fore ‘ssert may bee have Baklava an a nice cuppa tea fore BellaSitaMum. Mee just have a bit of water two! Many thanx!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an 🙂 BellaSita Mum


      • Ha, oh no! I remember that bit about how there was a plexiglass guard between Harrison Ford and the cobra. And he got run over by the plane IRL because he did a lot of his own stunts. Or so the “gossip” goes! Snakes pretty much go about their business…it’s just being aware of your environment. I remember once, though, having grown up in Florida, I got pretty nonchalant about snakes and gators. Once, I went “hiking” (more like wading in waist-high water) in the swamps, and a group of water moccasins showed up. We just stood very still and pretended we were trees. They just swum all around us and paid us no never mind, and then took off. 🙂


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