Thankful and Poetic Thursday


Happy Thankful Thursday everybody.    I hope everyone has recovered from LAST Thursday’s mega meal and are ready to start prepping for Santa’s visit.    We put our tree up today and I’m thankful for that because I can park myself under there for my favorite kind of naps – – – TREE NAPS!    We’re thankful for all we have – especially when there are many who have so little.   We do what we can to help those who need it though and always will.     I’m also very thankful that Mom, Dad and I are all healthy and doing our best to stay that way.    Another of our thankfuls is that our friend Brian and his family host the BLOG HOP every week so all of us can FOCUS on what we are thankful for.

I received Angel Sammy’s POETIC THURSDAY email and you’ll find it below!

♥ ♥ ♥ 

Hello from the Bridge!   

Always look forward to sharing some time with my poetic friends – those of you who participate in this day’s activity of writing a poem based on a photo are SO GOOD at what you do.   Isn’t it fun to read everyone’s poems?   I sure find it fun – remember to put your LINK to where everyone can read your poem in my comments so our friends can enjoy your poetic effort!

Below is the photo I gave you to use for today’s poem sharing AND following the photo is MY own poem for the day:

“Please Don’t Trip!”

Poem by Angel Sammy Kimmell    ©November 30, 2022


This lady’s mission gives me concern

With all those baskets or pots or urns……

She seems to know just what she’s doing

If she drops just one her balance she’ll ruin!

Walking along easy as she pleases

I sure do hope she doesn’t get the sneezes!


I bet this lady is taking her wares to the local market……..and they all look perfectly shaped – they look like clay pots…..probably the sum total of several days work.   I love that she’s smiling as is the gentleman behind her.    I’m sure she’s smiling for the camera but I’m also sure she’s smiling because she enjoys her craft.

SO – how about another fun photo for NEXT Thursday?   We have a week to come up with a poem to share based on this photo:

Looks like this guy has HIGH HOPES but I’m afraid that’s about ALL he’ll get is hopes!    I think we can have fun writing a poem for this one.

Before I go I want to say that December 2 will be the anniversary of my trip to the Rainbow Bridge.    It was a sad day for Mom and Dad and while they don’t talk about how much they miss me, it’s ALMOST every day my name comes up!     This is the post Mom wrote on December 2, 2016 which was my farewell.      CLICK HERE

Now – I hope everyone has a fabulous week ahead and save some time for poetry – we’ll meet here again next Thursday and why not give writing a poem for this photo a try if you’ve never done it before – trust me – it’s fun.


I am the Angel Poet in the green beret…..and I hope you join me for POETIC FUN each week!

Love and Light, Angel Sammy

♥ ♥ ♥

Thanks for joining us again today Angel Sammy……………Mom and Dad do talk about you often……..and even though I never met you I THINK of you often and how much fun we would have had together.    Rest easy dear Sammy – I’m taking care of Mom and Dad…..I promise.

Love and Hugs, Teddy

Teddy and Angel Sammy


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  1. First of all, I send you big hugs and lots of wags from the pups…as you think a lot of Sammy today, on his RB anniversary, its always a hard day when we have remembering days. ♥

    We too are thankful for the measure of health that we have, in spite of the setbacks we get or detours we have to take, I just had a call from my brother…he is worried and still thankful, he just got a diagnosis of Melanoma, caught in an early stage, so hopefully it was all gotten out. He may choose to have a lymph node dissection to determine if there was any spread, but his doc doesn’t think there was. Sheesh:(

    I couldn’t come up with a real poem, but I did pen some ditties:

    These pots on my head…
    I’m very glad
    They’re not filled with lead!

    My posture is sublime
    I have to walk tall and straight –
    Cause I’m balancing eight-
    No WAIT!
    There’s nine!

    I walk tall and steady
    With these pots on my heady.
    Soon to be filled with water…
    I’ll be extra careful
    Else they’ll slosh!
    Oh My Gosh!!

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    • Your poems are amazing – PERFECT in fact! We send your brother a hug – my Mom as you know had melanoma then recurrent melanoma and they did remove some lymph nodes then and (knock on wood) hasn’t had another recurrence since.

      Hugs, Teddy

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  3. Great poem! Ooops! I think I must have misinterpreted the photo: I thought she was carrying jugs of water!!! Oh well, that’s what my poem is about! Will be thinking of all of you tomorrow on the anniversary of sweet Sammy’s passing over Rainbow Bridge. I remember that day well, and how sad it was for your parents, Teddy. I’m glad you adopted them and are bringing them such joy! Here’s the link to my blog post today:

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    • We left a comment about your poem – remember that everyone who sees a photo has their own “mind’s eye” interpretation of it – there’s no such thing as a “misinterpretation” because we each have our own imagination and creativity so we SEE photos differently. We thought your poem was super – and she very well may have had water in those pots OR even was on the way to GET water….who knows…?! It’s the words that count and you did a great job.

      Hugs, Pam and Teddy


  4. I loved your poem. And I had tears reading Angel Sammy’s goodbye again.
    That poem written for him on that day just was the most perfect I have ever seen for when our little ones fly away from us.


  5. We had to stop by to bring you Soft Pawkisses as you remember your sweet Angel Sammy, Teddy and Pam. We can’t help, but we have to cry now too😿 We’ll be back later/tomorrow with our poem as we have to write one first, Angel Sammy..🙈😸 Yours was extremely funny, we sure hope she doesn’t sneeze…MOL…Soft Pawkisses for a Peaceful Day to the both of you🐾😽💞


  6. Angel Sammy, I went back and read the post. It made me teary but I know you know how many people loved you and you assuredly know how much your Mom and Dad loved you and still do love you! You are missed. You and your Mom and Dad are on my mind and in my heart. Be thinking of you all tomorrow, too. You wrote a good poem for the photo, Angel Sammy… hope she doesn’t get the sneezies.. LOL!


    • Thank you Auntie Pix for missing me…..I am fine and your Angels are with you always of course, but I also stop by to make sure you and Mr. SSNS are OK too! My Mom and Dad miss me and I visit them in their dreams. Teddy is doing a good job of being a guardian now. I am proud of him and how he’s growing (and growing…haha) up! Poetry Thursday is a wonderful way for me to keep my paw in the action back on Mom’s blog. Glad you have fun reading my poetry!!!! Sending you and Mr. SSNS a big HUG for caring….

      Hugs from Heaven, Angel Sammy


  7. Deerest ‘angel’ Sammy wee miss you alot butt wee nose you are safe an free inn Purr Land. An you are still heer inn spirit with all yore poe-emss!
    Mee-yow ’bout poe-emss; today’ss poe-em was ucte an adoorabell.
    Yore furry creeative!
    Teddy mee an BellaSita werked on American Catmass cardss today an yoress’ iss on THE way….. 😉
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an {{hugss}} BellaSita Mum


  8. I understand. I still miss Tubby and this year is hard with losing Cashew too. Always love your poems. That photo amazes me. I wonder how she got them up there in the first place?


  9. Excellent poem from Angel Sammy. I probably couldn’t even carry one without breaking it. Thanks to your mom for finding such great prompts. XO


  10. Sammy we remember back when you went OTRB…and how your Mom has written how much you liked to lay under the Cristmas tree and watch the train run around…so yesterday when Teddy talked about how much he likes to lie under the tree we knew you two were thinking together.


    • Angel Sammy taught me a lot of things to prepare me to take over as “Guardian of Mom and Dad”……the under the tree napping and train watching was the FUNNEST thing but I do lots of things like Angel Sammy taught me to. I guess it’s just passing on the duty of keeping Mom and Dad happy which is my favorite thing!

      Hugs, Teddy


    • Mimi your poem was GREAT – you always knock it out of the park!! As for decorating – we don’t do as much as I used to do. Tree inside – a few other things inside – wreath on front door and some lights on the porch railing. Other people have blow up things all over their yard and animated stuff – not us. We do enjoy the tree though!

      Hugs, Pam


  11. You’re a great poet, Angel Sammy. We have an Angel Sammy too, and he’s a dog. Maybe you’ve seen him…
    Anyhoo, we are very impressed with your poetry skills and can’t wait to read what you do with the picture for next week!


    • Thanks!! Your Angel Sammy and I are members of the Sammy Angel club up at the Bridge so yes I know him and he misses you just like I miss my family….BUT – also like me, he visits you in your dreams. We are never far away from you….ever. I hope you’ll join me in writing a poem for one of my Poetic Thursday posts! Poetry is FUN!!!!

      Hugs, Angel Sammy

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